skellatOkay folks, note about data received from FirstEnergy00:00
skellatThere are roughly 60,000 customers within Northeast Ohio without electricity00:01
skellatI'm technically "On The Run" at a fast-food joint somewhere outside the affected area and am using their WiFi00:01
skellatPower has been out at home for me for 3+ hours00:01
skellatStay strong, keep an eye on ##weather-us-oh and if you have one keep a NOAA Weather Radio or compatible receiver turned **ON**00:02
paultag   ♥00:02
paultag   ♥00:03
skellatpaultag: We had a wicked line of storms come through00:03
paultagthat sucks :(00:03
skellatpaultag: FirstEnergy was kinda emphatic that, no, it was out of the question to even ask for an ETA for power restoration at this point00:03
skellatI'm ticked because, now that I'm somewhere with WiFi, the number of people who actually bothered to report the outage locally is pretty low00:04
skellatSo Ashtabula is gonna get triaged as a low priority possibly00:04
skellatI gotta go, though, as I gotta return home to start filling oil lamps for the evening00:05
skellatWell, at least I'm prepared for a scenario like this00:05
Unit193Dang, I didn't get any storms. :(00:05
skellatUnit193: Enjoy it00:06
* skellat says goodnight and resumes being "On The Run"00:06
Unit193I would if I had one...00:06
Unit193paultag: Free in two days?  I should have an update if he doesn't release another bugfix. :P00:28
paultagUnit193: yep00:29
skellat.weather 4400403:34
jenniOvercast ☁, 66.2°F (19°C), 29.95in (1011mb), Light Thundery Rain, Mist, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KYNG, 02:51Z03:34
skellat.weather KERI03:34
jenniClear ☼, 20°C, 1014mb, Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - EETN 03:20Z03:34
yano.wiki EETN03:34
jenni"Tallinn Airport (Estonian: Lennart Meri Tallinna lennujaam) (IATA: TLL, ICAO: EETN) or Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport, formerly Ülemiste Airport, is the largest airport in Estonia and home base of the national airline Estonian Air." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EETN03:34
yano.wiki KERI03:35
jenni"KERI (1410 AM 'Faith & Family 1410 AM') is a radio station broadcasting a Christian radio format." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KERI03:35
skellatKERI is the ICAO code for the closest airport to me which is in Erie, PA03:35
skellatKCLE would be the code for Hopkins in Cleveland03:36
Unit193Temp: 79 F (26 C) ~ Clear ~ Heat index: NA ~ Humidity: 74% ~ Alert: Severe Thunderstorm Watch03:36
skellatThis is the metar output for Erie International Airport just over the line in PA from me: KERI 260251Z 22004KT 10SM CLR 21/18 A2988 RMK AO2 SLP114 T02110183 5800303:37
skellatmetar -d KERI decodes it if you have the package installed03:38
yanoweird, jenni is converting KERI to EETN03:38
skellat.weather 1650103:38
jenniOvercast ☁, 66.2°F (19°C), 29.95in (1011mb), Light Thundery Rain, Mist, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KYNG, 02:51Z03:38
skellat.weather 4413503:39
jenniOvercast ☁, 69.8°F (21°C), 29.92in (1010mb), Light Thundery Rain, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KCLE, 03:27Z03:39
skellatYeah, the KYNG code says it is a weather report coming out of Youngstown-Warren Regional which is totally the wrong way away from Ashtabula or Erie03:40
skellatThe ICAO code for Ashtabula County Airport is KHZY03:41
Unit193This looks bigger....05:00
thafreak.weather 4425614:02
jenniOvercast ☁, 73.4°F (23°C), 29.91in (1010mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - KCLE 13:51Z14:02
thafreakSo, I'm back...for now14:02
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Unit193thafreak: Welcome back.14:18
skellatGood morning15:25
skellat.weather 4400415:25
jenniOvercast ☁, 69.8°F (21°C), 29.91in (1010mb), Light breeze 4kt (↑) - KYNG 14:51Z15:25
Unit193I wouldn't call it "good", but greetings.15:25
skellatUnit193: Why isn't it good out your way?15:27
yanoDOMA is dead15:27
yanoso is prop 815:30
skellatLet me put it this way15:32
* skellat notes for record that in any given year for up to six possible days per year he is a Precinct Election Official designated as a Republican15:32
yanoand the other 359 days?15:33
skellatyano: I just don't get to wear the poll judge hat with power to order arrests and authority to conduct elections15:34
skellatLife rolls on15:34
skellatWe live in extremely interesting days.  As Robert Heinlein would have put it, these are The Crazy Years.15:35
skellatEnduring through the strange things as well as the economic dislocations is going to require quite a bit of strength regardless of where your political views take you.15:35
skellatIn the end, though, things will get better.15:36
skellatFrankly watching the federal government mess around with issues of tertiary importance right now when there are issues of greater importance like getting the economy righted bothers me greatly.15:39
skellatAnd to discuss the matter further, add the XMPP ID of skellat@fastmail.net and we can talk OTR15:40
skellatSo, what's happening technologically around our great state?  How are people recovering from the storm?15:50
yanoi don't do XMPP, but i have been meaning to set that up15:52
Unit193I have it, and torchat. :P16:26
Unit193There's nothing to recover from, storm wise.16:26
yanoi've played around with crypto.cat16:35
Unit193Bah, Xorg is being crappy...16:39
thafreakUnit193: why don't you run Mir then? :-P17:58
Unit193Hah, what so I can make it 100% unusable?17:59
thafreakbut lxde and xfce run on it via xmir now :)18:00
Unit193Sure, and you can keep cool in the heat by dumping ice cubes down your shirt every half out, doesn't mean it makes sense. :P18:02
Unit193(OK, that one makes more sense then shipping a flavor using XMir.)18:03
* Unit193 looks at the channel name.18:03
* paultag giggles18:03
Unit193I mean, all hail Mir!18:03
paultagoh you guys18:03
thafreakI'm burning a centos 6.4 iso right now...18:04
* thafreak looks at channel name...18:04
* Unit193 wouldn't use Cent. :P18:04
thafreakwhy not? cause you hate yum?18:05
paultaguse moar Debian18:05
thafreaki'm giving centos 6.4 a try, cause it still uses a 2.6.32 kernel18:05
* thafreak is looking for alternatives to proxmox ve18:05
Unit193Not fond of yum, even with EPEL it's quite lacking, etc.  Debian is me backup in case everything breaks, and if that's too stale I may try Arch.  (I keep wanting to try that anyway.)18:05
paultag(Debian testing is a godsend)18:06
Unit193Can be quite stale, good on my headless though!18:06
Unit193(Debian doesn't care as much about Xfce as it does Gnome. :/ )18:06
thafreakwell, proxmox ve is wheezy based...but i dunno18:06
paultagTesting rarely gets stale, Unit19318:07
paultagat least, not with the big stuff.18:07
paultagperhaps some corners get dusty, but a chance for you to step in as a maintainer!18:07
paultagit's 10 days behind unstable, which is often mostly in-sync with upstream18:07
Unit193Thing I keep looking at right now: http://packages.qa.debian.org/i/icecast2.html :/18:08
jenni[ Debian Package Tracking System -icecast2 ] - http://j.mp/18gtjED18:08
paultagaren't there legal issues with that or something18:08
paultagOh no, just RC bugs18:09
Unit193Yep, translations, or something like that.18:09
paultagyou should poke it18:09
paultagyell at the maintainers18:09
Unit193http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gcalcli.html is also old, but already updated locally a while ago. :P  (Wouldn't want to poke, as they may go too new and pickup the new API you need to register an API with Google to use.)18:10
jenni[ Debian Package Tracking System -gcalcli ] - http://j.mp/18gtuj518:10
Unit193paultag: I did actually email the one interested in http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=648256 with some work on the package to at least bring it up to current version and fix some issues, haven't heard back yet.18:11
jenni[ #648256 - ITP: cherokee -- Very fast, flexible and easy to configure web server - Debian Bug report logs ] - http://j.mp/18gtBLB18:11
thafreakcherokee...why is everyone all about cherokee?18:35
thafreakI was more confused by cherokee's web based config system than nginx's config file syntax...18:36
Unit193Everyone?  Pretty sure it's just me...18:39
skellatOh, heck no: "Unit193: [14:03:46] I mean, all hail Mir!"21:07
skellatUnit193: We need to talk to micahg and mrpouit about getting a test re-build done with XMir instead of X just to see how it runs21:10
* paultag sighs21:13
paultagI ♥ NIH21:13
skellatI don't mind where it is invented21:18
skellatI want it to work21:18
paultagthat's not what NIH is, skellat21:18
paultagNIH is where you rewrite something because it wasn't invented internally21:18
skellatNational Institutes of Health, not Not Invented Here?21:18
paultaglike say, Mir21:19
paultagor Unity21:19
paultagor Upstart21:19
paultagor LightDM21:19
skellatI will say weston is nice on the RPi21:20
paultagWayland is a nice idea21:20
paultagWeston could use love21:20
skellat*buntu support for the BeagleBoard is nearly gone which is why mine is on Testing now21:21
paultagwith imput devices, in particular21:21
paultagI wanted to write my own compositor called "Wellesley", my hometown21:21
paultagwhich is between Wayland and Weston21:21
skellatI'd hesitate to see a compositor named Cleveland21:22
skellatLots of flames21:22
* paultag giggles21:22
skellatCity council members getting picked up on DUIs after 2 beers & some Listerine21:22
skellat167 bullets fired at fleeing suspects21:22
skellatIt wouldn't be a happy compositor21:23
paultagbwahaha wut21:23
* paultag is scraping data on the Cleveland city council as we speak21:23
paultagliterally in the other window21:23
paultag(DUI, I missed that)21:23
skellatCouncilman Reed of Ward 221:23
skellatWasn't his first DUI either21:23
paultagdid he get his party plates?21:23
skellatNope, no yellow & red plates for him yet21:24
jenni[ Cleveland City Council - Cleveland City Council - Zack Reed, Ward 2 ] - http://j.mp/12l3QWi21:24
skellatThose still are discretionary for the sentencing judge21:24
paultagah, shucks.21:24
skellatThey get handed out around here quite a bit, though21:24
paultagthey sure do21:24
jenni[ Cleveland City Council - Cleveland City Council - Zack Reed, Ward 2 ] - http://j.mp/12l3QWi21:24
paultagShucks, nothing21:24
paultagOh damn you Thunder::Tech21:24
paultagJS without changing the URL slug. Nice.21:25
paultagso 200321:25
paultagsomeone kick them21:25
skellatMeh, try my township's website: http://ashtabulatownship.com/21:25
jenni[ Ashtabula Township, Ashtabula, Ohio ] - http://j.mp/12l48wq21:25
paultagthat's not so bad21:26
paultagI've seen worse21:26
skellatOh, like this?  SEE: http://www.twpfire.com/21:26
jenni[ Ashtabula Township Fire Department ] - http://j.mp/12l4mDH21:26
paultagstill not that bad21:27
paultagthis was at least designed21:27
skellatThe Fire Department's site is remarkably full of placeholders21:27
yano"Completely editable and will grow vertically to fit the text placed in it, but will not grow horizontally, it will just continue to wrap."21:27
paultagskellat: try this on for size21:27
* skellat wonders where the light switch is for the dressing room21:28
paultagskellat: see if you can get the sponsors for HB685 on http://alisondb.legislature.state.al.us/acas/ACASLoginMac.asp21:30
paultagWelcome to Hell21:30
jenni[ Alabama Legislative Information System Online ] - http://j.mp/12l5FCo21:30
paultag(from the 2013 session)21:31
skellatI got bupkis21:31
paultagIt's in 2013 not the insane default of 2014 which hasn't started yet21:31
paultag(just btw)21:31
skellatWhich you can't set21:32
skellatThat takes mad skillz to design dude21:33
paultagso many iframes21:33
paultagskellat: so you didn't get very far21:33
paultagbut you have to click in an *insane* order21:33
paultagto ungrey out the button to click to get sponsors21:33
paultagthat site is one of the worst in the USA21:34
paultag(btw; http://openstates.org/al/bills/2013rs/HB685/  :D )21:34
jenni[ HB 685 - Alabama 2013 Regular Session - Open States ] - http://j.mp/12qywRy21:34
Unit193skellat: 1. Wrong channel.  2. Don't you think there's enough delay now without randomly saying the devs should also do $random?21:45
Unit193Upstart and LightDM aren't actually too bad.21:45
skellatUnit193: 1.  Understood.  2.  Yeah, I know.21:46
Unit193paultag: You haz mail. :P21:57
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Unit193jrgifford: You made it!22:17
jrgiffordabout freakin' time.22:17
jrgiffordbeen away from the laptop, can't type my freenode password reliably on my phone.22:17
Unit193Don't want to send it to me in channel? :(22:18
jrgiffordnot with jandrusk around, he's a security guy.22:18
Unit193How about ^ ?   He's hiiiiding.22:19

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