smartboyhwGuys: The Kylin Alpha 1 builds are up in http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/297/builds10:07
smartboyhwypwong, hey, I respinned Kylin to make it appear on Alpha 1 page:)11:23
ypwongI have to update my image right?11:24
smartboyhwypwong, yes ofc.11:24
smartboyhwypwong, which testcase will you work on?>11:25
* smartboyhw shall work on others:)11:25
ypwongsmartboyhw, i won't personally11:25
ypwongI suppose maclin, et al will do11:25
smartboyhwypwong, you mean for the Kylin Office's hard-core computers?11:25
smartboyhwypwong, ...11:26
smartboyhwypwong, tell them on the forums please:)11:26
ypwongi like email that's more lightweight11:27
smartboyhwypwong, eh but most of the community lives on the forums...11:27
smartboyhwThe Kubuntu Alphas haven't been respinned (archive problems) so have time test Kylin.11:27
ypwongpeople who help likely also on mailing list11:28
smartboyhwypwong, maling list?11:28
smartboyhwypwong, ah that. I will tell them.11:28
ypwongyou will? cool then i hold off sending11:28
smartboyhwypwong, you send then:P11:30
ypwongoh JackYu is here11:36
ypwongJackYu,  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/297/builds11:36
JackYuI see.11:37
JackYusmartboyhw, ypwong, thanks.11:37
smartboyhwJackYu, I am supposed to testing it, then the Kubuntu guys tell me to fix debian/copyright files, damn.11:38
JackYuthanks. I will ask other guys to test it.11:38
ypwongJackYu, 那5个包已 upload 了?11:46
ypwongfreeflyi1g sponsor吗?11:48
smartboyhwypwong, JackYu it probably is stuck because release team blocked it for alpha 1.11:51
ypwongalright that make sense11:51
smartboyhwypwong, JackYu you can ask the release team to lift the blocking and let these 5 packages go through, but you will need another respin (sigh)11:55
ypwonglet JackYu decide :)11:56
smartboyhwypwong, I just can't seem to get fcitx working in Dash.12:20
ypwongsmartboyhw, again?12:22
smartboyhwypwong, again.12:22
ypwongthat sucks12:22
smartboyhwIt works OK on gedit.12:23
smartboyhwIs there a pre-existing bug of this problem so I can report it?12:23
ypwongsmartboyhw, yes it is12:23
ypwonghold on12:23
ypwongsmartboyhw, 98325412:24
smartboyhwypwong, alright.12:25
ypwongsmartboyhw, do you have ubuntu 13.10 alpha handy, just for  cross check?12:25
ypwongnot uK12:25
smartboyhwypwong, yes.12:25
smartboyhwYou mean, run fcitx in Ubuntu 13.10?12:26
ypwongsmartboyhw, yep12:26
smartboyhwypwong, I will try to run through other application tests for uK first.12:27
smartboyhwypwong, only the fcitx fail for uK. Now booting the Ubuntu 13.10.12:32
ypwongthat's interesting12:33
smartboyhwypwong, yeah. Other applications worked flawlessly.12:34
smartboyhwypwong, albeit, try making it work for HK next time :P12:34
smartboyhwypwong, I have to install fcitx on Ubuntu right?12:34
ypwongsmartboyhw, yes please12:39
smartboyhwypwong, do I have to install anything in Ubuntu atop of fcitx?12:43
ypwongsmartboyhw, nope, just turn on the input method in language settings12:44
smartboyhwypwong, ? still can't make it work (at all)12:48
smartboyhwTrying in local computer.12:48
ypwongeverywhere or just  dash?12:48
smartboyhwypwong, everywhere.12:48
smartboyhwypwong, forget it, I know the problem now.12:50
ypwonglogout and re-login?12:50
JackYuI will ask the release team.12:58
smartboyhwypwong, no luck....13:23
smartboyhwYou should try it yourself actually, I don't know the proper way to set it up13:23
smartboyhwJackYu, after it moves to -release I would kick another rebuild.13:25
smartboyhwAnd BTW, fcitx doesn't work for me in Dash:P13:26
smartboyhwHey maclin start testing:)13:34
smartboyhwAnd BTW, can you confirm that fcitx doesn't work in the dash (again?)13:34
maclinhi, smartboyhw, I am doing that13:34
smartboyhwmaclin, thanks:)13:35
maclinI see your bug report13:35
smartboyhwmaclin, cheers:)13:39
freeflyi1gypwong: :)13:44
ypwongsmartboyhw, ok, thanks for trying13:47
ypwongfreeflyi1g, 你来围观啊13:47
smartboyhwypwong, JackYu maclin I want to seek some advice. Have a read of http://people.ubuntu.com/~smartboyhw/Ubuntu_ISO_Testing_CLASSROOM.pdf and see if you don't understand anything:)13:47
ypwongfreeflyi1g, do you have problem with fcitx in dash on 13.10?13:47
* ypwong reads 13:48
maclintks, smartboyhw, i will read it.13:48
maclinthe fcitx works well in i386 image13:48
smartboyhwMaybe human stupidness from me:P13:49
maclini am trying  it in amd6413:49
smartboyhwJackYu, when do you sleep?13:53
smartboyhwAnd if you are sleep, maclin or ypwong or me can do the job:)13:53
ypwongsmartboyhw, very clear13:53
smartboyhwypwong, \o/13:53
smartboyhwGood then:)13:53
JackYusmartboyhw, I'm not sure. maybe 2 am...13:54
smartboyhwJackYu, eh? By 2 am he would have certainly done it already.13:54
JackYusmartboyhw, that's would be great... I am just worry about that.13:56
smartboyhwJackYu, heck, ypwong doesn't seem to have the access rights to respin...13:56
smartboyhwJackYu, eh, if you are too worry, I will wake up at 7:00 a.m. tmr morning to respin.13:56
JackYusmartboyhw, thanks, if needed:)13:57
JackYuypwong, you can join ubuntukylin release team to get that rights:)13:58
JackYuypwong, it's https://launchpad.net/~ubuntukylin-release-team13:59
freeflyi1gypwong: I'm not on 13.10 yet13:59
ypwongJackYu, guess you just added me :)14:00
ypwongfreeflyi1g, 不可能14:00
ypwongyou always use the latest and greatest14:00
JackYuypwong,  seems that it's a Moderated Team, I added you just now.14:00
freeflyi1gypwong: why not14:00
ypwongsmartboyhw, how long does it take to build image? half an hour?14:01
smartboyhwypwong, I think so.14:01
smartboyhwShouldn't take two hours:)14:01
ypwonggot it14:01
freeflyi1gypwong: about to release?14:03
smartboyhwfreeflyi1g, tmr.14:03
smartboyhwWe have to respin soon actually...14:04
ypwongyeah tmr alpha 114:04
freeflyi1gwhat does tmr stand for?14:17
smartboyhwfreeflyi1g, tomorrow:P14:17
freeflyi1gsmartboyhw: got it, thanks :)14:17
smartboyhwWow, since when did you guys got a council? You should really opt for making the council an official Ubuntu one and can approve people to actual memberships:p14:18
smartboyhwypwong, ^14:18
ypwongsmartboyhw, interesting that you ask this question, it's just been under planning14:19
ypwonggood timing14:19
smartboyhwypwong, well, actually it's because I looked at your LP page;P14:19
ypwongI'll put the plan on wiki14:20
ypwonghmm, why tty-wqy-microhei is in build-dep of chinese-calendar14:23
ypwongfreeflyi1g, do you know ? ^^14:23
smartboyhwypwong, if one build-dep exists, it MUST have some reasons.14:23
ypwongit's so weird14:24
smartboyhwypwong, meh, how come the chinese-calendar buildlog is so short?14:25
smartboyhwI package KDE SC apps, and they are filled with lintian warnings or missing files or wrong symbols...14:25
ypwongsmartboyhw, it's just a simple application14:26
ypwongoh my god14:26
ypwongtypo in changelog :P14:27
smartboyhwypwong, heck, you guys don't know the complicatedness of the packaging I do:P14:27
smartboyhwypwong, typo is OK.14:27
smartboyhwThat's 100 time less worse than what my packaging mistakes do.14:27
ypwongsmartboyhw, oh well, that doesn't mean it's okay14:27
ypwongjust less not-okay :)14:27
smartboyhwypwong, yeah.14:28
ypwongfreeflying didn't put effort in making their packages in good shape, haha :P14:28
freeflyi1gypwong: frankly, I didn't14:32
ypwongmotu :)14:33
ypwongmaclin, hi14:33
maclini am back14:33
ypwongmaclin, 五个包已经发布了,需要 respin image 吗?14:33
maclin那就重新来一次吧,是不是request a rebuild就可以?14:37
ypwongmaclin, yes, 你有权限?14:37
smartboyhwypwong, you have, I have, maclin has14:37
smartboyhwJackYu, we are respinning.14:42
JackYusmartboyhw, great:)14:44
ypwongmaclin, JackYu: 收否翻译还没更新?15:03
maclinimage is ready15:08
JackYuplease check if these 15 bugs are fixed:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntukylin/+milestone/alpha-115:10
ypwong用不到 30 分钟15:10
ypwongJackYu, nice15:11
maclinypwong, smartboyhw, can you test the amd64 image? I am downloading i386.15:22
smartboyhwmaclin, I'm about to get asleeeeeeeeeeeeep.15:22
freeflyi1gsmartboyhw: :)15:23
maclinyes, it is time for sleep. tmr is ok:P15:23
maclinI will check the fcitx bug on amd64 tmr15:24
smartboyhwI will come back tmr, no worries:)15:24
maclintks, good night!15:26
maclinJack, ypwong,怎么感觉包没有更新啊,plymouth显示还是13.04,壁纸也还没有换15:42
smartboyhwmaclin, JackYu ypwong that's a fail:P15:44
maclinsmartboyhw, 可能是主题包的bug,关于对话框中是换过来了15:46
smartboyhwmaclin, JackYu you guys are switching to Chromium that early?16:04
JackYunot really. we just add it as candidate16:04
JackYumaclin, I'm downloading... and will go to sleep a awhile:)16:11
=== a16g_ is now known as ypwong
ypwongI think I should kick off a rebuild to hopefully get the new packages21:03

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