jelmerfullermd: it shouldn't have to - fixing that is probably an easy fix00:12
jelmerfullermd: IIRC annotate doesn't require a working tree, it's probably just that it takes a lock on the working tree if there is a working tree00:12
lifelessfullermd:  jelmer: annotate annotates local edits too00:28
lifelessedit the file, then annotate it, local changes will show up appropriately.00:28
jelmerlifeless: that depends on the arguments though00:28
lifelessright, but thats' the default00:28
lifelessand fullermd didn't specify args.00:28
jelmerlifeless: e.g. 'bzr annotate -r3' takes a lock on the working tree where it shouldn't00:28
jelmerI didn't realize fullermd was doing a non-arguments annotate00:29
lifelessjelmer: I don't know if he is or isn't ;)00:30
fullermdI am, but even if it needs to lock to do that, it shouldn't sit around holding the lock forever   :p00:31
fullermd"bzr ci ; mmm...   ; bzr ci ; ... wtf is holding a lock?   *search* *search* *search* Oh, look, there's a ^Z's less off in another terminal..."00:31
fullermd(not that I'm _entirely_ sure why ann'ing local changes requires locking the dirstate either, but hey, locking for a second or two to do the ann is ignorable...)00:34
lifelessfullermd: so this is more a dirstate bug than annotate00:34
lifelessfullermd: because the dirstate can't be *read* safely without locking; the new one I put up a proof of concept of fixes this.00:34
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