hatchkewl single inspector stuff is done with a config factory00:02
gary_posterhey luca.  when you have a moment, I'd love to have a hangout with you on the scrolling behavior.  it sounds like you have something in mind that I will like a lot, but I just don't understand it yet.12:41
lucagary_poster: sure, I'll hopefully be free in a bit, trying to get the service blocks done12:43
gary_postercool thanks luca12:43
gary_posterarosales, we still need to actually release the GUI so the contest's export instructions work.  Please let me know ASAP when you all have verified that it works as you need, so we can start the qa for making a release12:59
rick_hgary_poster: it looks like the updated staging isn't updating the css. I'm not getting my changes for the related charms stuff on there atm but it shows up in trunk and works locally. 13:43
gary_posterrick_h, hm, ok, I'll dig for a sec13:44
gary_posterrick_h, poking at things and not sure what to look at to see if I did anything. :-) what do I check?13:48
rick_hgary_poster: so a manual force would be to rm build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js && make build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js13:50
lucagary_poster: did you want to discuss scroll bars?13:50
gary_posterrick_h, but what do I need to look on uistage at verify that the update happened?13:50
gary_posterluca, on call for the next 39 min.  Will you be available then?13:51
lucagary_poster: sure13:51
rick_hgary_poster: so the trouble. is that the juju-gui.css is out of date. I guess we can verify it's timestamp vs the lib/views/browser/*.less13:52
rick_hgary_poster: there should be a badge_approved_17.png in that combined css file coming from the lib/views/browser/charm-token.less file13:54
rick_hfor a quick grep-able bit to look for13:55
gary_posterrick_h, ran out of time just forced.  fixed on uistage?13:55
rick_hgary_poster: yes, thanks13:56
gary_postercool welcome13:56
rick_hmorning hatch 13:56
hatchgary_poster: re your dec email - none are showing up for me in CA - should I do it or is it broken? :)14:10
gary_posterhatch, we have to add them ourselves in CA14:11
hatchohh ok, I misunderstood14:11
hatchannnnd done14:15
teknicoyou can review a 4K lines diff in about 30 seconds! great opportunity, today only, don't miss it! https://codereview.appspot.com/1074604314:16
hatchteknico: can we really trust you? :)14:17
hatchmaybe you put h4x0r code in there14:17
hatch*shifty eyes*14:17
teknicohatch: thaaat's the question, isn't it? ;-)14:17
teknicohatch: you have the tools to catch that, but it will turn the review into a 90 sec one ;-)14:18
teknicohatch: thanks14:24
arosalesgary_poster, I have tested a gui only / gui-wordpress-mysql / gui-wordpress-mysql-mongo-ceph14:40
arosaleson aws14:40
arosalesthe yamls look correct, but I haven't yet been able to re-import with deployer just yet14:41
arosalesgary_poster, I'll check on HP cloud this morning, and check the status of the deployer with hazmat and then sync up with your on our 1x1.14:41
sinzuiorangesquad, I want to have another 15 minute chat in 20 minutes. We can reuse our standup hangout to discuss the big picture for July and maybe August14:42
gary_posterarosales, ok cool.  ideally I'd wait till we have that confirmation before we release, but I may start optimistically before then so we have enough qa time before eod.14:42
gary_posterluca, guichat?14:43
gary_posterhopefully fast :-)14:43
arosalesgary_poster, agreed, from my testing it is looking good14:43
gary_postergreat thanks arosales 14:43
lucagary_poster: sure, let me grab a room14:43
arosalesthanks for delivering that in a release no less :-)14:43
gary_postercool thanks14:43
gary_posterarosales glad to help! thanks for promoting gui14:44
arosalesliterally its our pleasure14:44
hatchgary_poster: could you do me a favour and check out my branch to see if you can actually get the error you brought up?14:48
hatchI thought it wouldn't work either14:48
hatchbut I can't make it break14:48
gary_posterhatch on call will try14:48
hatchthanks - I just want to be sure I'm not missing something obvious14:49
gary_posterjujugui call in 10, kanban now14:50
arosaleshazmat, on that note is there a branch I can test the deployer import on charm store charms?14:51
hazmatarosales, ~hazmat/juju-deployer/python-env/14:52
arosaleshazmat, thanks.14:52
hatchjujugui creating relations is broken in trunk14:53
Makyohatch, works for me..14:54
* hatch clears caches14:54
hatchlooks like it's my branch and bad cache14:55
hatchdarn and my branch doesn't appear to have any reason that would break14:57
gary_posterjujugui call now14:59
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett, adeuring, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/cf491220dfb7736cee2876baf29110eeb52f599715:02
MakyoGood thing I can hear everyone.15:23
Makyocloser to the new style, gary_poster, just minus some styling and checkboxes.  i.e. interaction.15:23
rick_horangesquad: heads up that they're working on the power around here after the storms last night. Things are flickering and lost it twice now. I might come/go a bit15:45
jcsackettrick_h: ack.15:46
hatchrick_h: above ground power?15:52
rick_hhatch: well when I got back from the vet all the lights were out with trucks around the poles and power's gone out and hit the UPS twice so far. 15:53
rick_hhatch: so yea...I guess it's above ground15:53
rick_hor it's the block's below ground, no idea. 15:53
hatchahh - around here the power is under ground in residential areas except where there is the transformers15:54
hatchusually it's those things that go in storms here15:54
rick_hhatch: yea, I mean they're clearly working on local power. We kept it through the storm, but a block away didn't. So I'm not sure what's up. 15:54
hatchthat video looked like it was a good storm too :)15:56
rick_hyea, I was surprised/happy we kept power tbh15:57
jcsackettrick_h: got a sec to hat on hangout?16:01
rick_hjcsackett: sure thing16:02
jcsackettgary_poster: any chance we can get the templates rebuilt/recompiled on staging? they have not, and so despite the flag being gone the share button will not render.16:07
jcsackettwhich causes other fun problems for the sharing widget, as you might imagine. :-P16:07
gary_posterjcsackett, tell me what command to run and I will do so.  big extra points for figuring out what needs to be fixed in Makefile.  I'd look but other priorities atm16:07
rick_hjcsackett: I'd ping bac but I don't think he's around today. I wonder if someone else has access to the staging setup?16:07
rick_hgary_poster: that same command you ran for me needs running. What command is the staging server running on a new version update?16:08
rick_hgary_poster: rm build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js && make build-shared/juju-ui/templates.js16:08
gary_posterrick_h, jcsackett done16:09
gary_posterrick_h, make build-prod16:09
hatchoop another make error....time to switch to grunt /troll16:10
rick_hhatch: well I'm guessing some command wasn't moved to the new location when staging was split up. 16:10
rick_hhatch: as it was working well on the old url for a long while16:10
hatchnope this is clearly a make error16:10
rick_hhatch: shush16:10
jcsackettrick_h: huh, it's not fixed.16:11
rick_hbefore you get assigned to fix it 16:11
rick_hjcsackett: yea, looking16:11
hatchso my insurance company lets us renew our insurance online.....but we have to go into the branch to set up an account :/16:11
hatchconvenience gain.... 016:11
rick_hgary_poster: any chance the command was on the wrong checkout? 16:12
rick_hjcsackett: can you check if the css file has all the rules in your branch that was deployed out? http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/juju-ui/assets/juju-gui.css16:12
rick_hjcsackett: I'm guessing something is missing since the share widget has the li dots on it16:12
jcsackettrick_h: i can, but there aren't rules to make the share button not render.16:12
gary_posterrick_h, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5808236/16:12
rick_hjcsackett: right, but just checking if the file's up to date or not. 16:12
rick_hgary_poster: thanks, will do a test here with that and see if there's a build step missing. 16:13
hatchgary_poster: I'm going to switch to the settings page - so just let me know whwnever you have a moment to do that QA, no rush16:13
gary_posterthanks rick_h 16:13
gary_posterhatch if someone else verifies for I am AOK with it16:13
jcsackettrick_h: looks like it.16:13
rick_hjcsackett: looks like it's up to date? or out of date?16:14
jcsackettthat is to say, looks like all the rules are there.16:14
rick_he.g. so the dots should be there?16:14
* rick_h is confused16:14
jcsackettthey get cut off by sizing, not decoration.16:15
jcsackettrick_h: and again, no css rules were changed in this branch, so even an out of date css file could have all the rules.16:15
hatchMakyo: bcsaller either of you guys have a moment for a quick QA?16:16
=== frankban_ is now known as frankban
gary_posterluca, try again in guichat? :-)16:21
gary_posterfrankban, i privmsg'd you, in case it didn't ping16:21
jcsackettrick_h: what did you do? it's working.16:25
rick_hjcsackett: nothing atm. I don't have access to the staging server. I do see some issues though. Subapp tempaltes aren't part of the makefile's template list. 16:26
* jcsackett wonders if there's a delay between templates rebuilding us getting them, even with cache clearing...16:26
rick_hjcsackett: and not sure if there's a cache on the server side?16:26
jcsackettrick_h: there's almost certainly a server side cache, come to think of it.16:26
jcsackettrick_h: probably worth filing a bug about the subapp templates in makefile's template list.16:27
rick_hjcsackett: trying to see if the css files are keyed in the makefile as well since ours are in a subdir16:27
rick_hjcsackett: yea, trying to finish tracking down bits and maybe I can get my find-fu on to fix it. /me is spoiled by zsh **/*16:27
rick_hI never use find any more 16:28
rick_hjcsackett: so there's en ETAG on the js file, but that sohuld have changed/updated when the source was updated. 16:29
teknicowhy use find when you can F9-c-f? ;-)16:29
rick_hteknico: huh?16:29
teknicorick_h: no midnight commander, eh? :-)16:30
rick_hteknico: heh, no. ls app/**/*.(handlebars|partial)16:30
MakyoI always forget about midnight commander until I typo `mv`16:30
rick_hteknico: and I don't think out Makefile will be able to run mc16:30
teknicooh, ok, missed the context16:31
rick_hand man I can't wait until we get to scss and can ditch this treating the css files as a template build step. Just call scss on the files in the makefile themselves. 16:32
teknicoand I'm also going to miss you all for ten days: wish me a happy Europython! :-)16:32
rick_hteknico: jealous!16:32
rick_hjcsackett: well now that it's showing make sure to let jcastro see the sexy he's been wanting :)16:33
jcastroI just realized with the oscon reveal that that means I shouldn't take videos of deploying stuff with the gui?16:34
rick_hjcastro: I'd say not :/16:34
rick_hjcastro: http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/precise/ceph-11/ for your enjoyment16:34
jcastrorick_h: which part is different today?16:35
rick_hjcastro: share button16:35
jcastroI don't see it16:36
rick_hjcastro: next to add?16:36
rick_hjcastro: clear cache maybe?16:36
jcastronot in FFx16:36
rick_hjcastro: hmm, in FF here. Bet it's a cache issue16:37
rick_hjcastro: ok, so the template list is incomplete and there's no actual make target on the css files so it doesn't rebuild when that's all that changes. 16:38
rick_hoops, jcsackett ^16:38
jcastrogary_poster: oh hey, that Discourse charm gui bug, I'd like to demo it at oscon16:43
jcastronot a hard requirement, but dang it would be awesome16:44
gary_posterjcastro, I figured, but we haven't gotten to it.  probably no time before we have to make a release for you.  will see if I can squeeze it in.16:45
jcastroman, this drag and drop16:45
jcastroI am just sitting here dragging shit into the ui16:45
jcastrofor no reason other than just doing it16:45
hatchout of curiosity what's the discource gui bug?16:46
jcastroit doesn't deploy from ~marcoceppi/blah blah16:46
hatchohh the local charm thing16:46
jcastrono I mean from cs:~marcoceppi blah blah16:47
jcastroit does work fine in the uistage though. ;)16:47
jcastrocheatin' uistage!16:47
hatchhaha yup16:47
hatchyou could demo on sandbox ;)16:48
hatch"look how fast servers spin up with juju"16:48
jcastrohah yeah16:48
=== matsubara is now known as matsubara-lunch
sinzuirick_h, jcsackett, do both of you have time to join my in the stand-up hangout?17:06
rick_hsinzui: rgr17:06
gary_posterjcastro, oh, you want discourse bug fixed for *OSCON*.  Yes, definitely plan on it.  I read it as fixed for Monday.17:08
jcastrooh ok, thanks!17:09
benjigary_poster: [I was lunching/relocating.] Sure, I'll get those entered before my EOD.17:14
gary_posterbenji, cool thanks.  we need to countersign/countercountersign before then too.17:14
jcsackettsinzui: sure.17:14
benjigary_poster: oh, in that case I'll do it right now17:15
benjigary_poster: is the target date 2014-04-01?17:17
gary_posterbenji yes17:18
hatchbcsaller: do we know what charm data is provided by default by the delta?17:20
bcsallerhatch: I *think* its just the reference id by default in the service data, I'd have to check17:22
bcsallerhatch: I think we use that Id to then go to one of the charm store apis, where that is currently the old one17:23
hatchalright so when we get a delta to create a new service we should go pull the charm data, then show the service in the UI17:24
hatchthen we can get rid of the charm.loaded flag17:24
benjigary_poster: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ReJ3RltihME#t=309s17:25
benjiI'm ready for simultanious key turn.17:25
gary_posterbenji, lol cool17:26
benjiI'm both proud and ashamed that it only took me 30 seconds from thinking of that clip to finding it.17:27
gary_posterbenji, I don't have it.  I think allhands is having issues.  I'll send an email to P&C about it17:27
gary_posterthank you for entering17:28
gary_posterfour people have issues so far17:28
benji"Objective Sheet Submitted" 17:28
* hatch holds out hand for donations to buy faster machine to run lbox_check tests17:45
hatchrick_h: I hear you just got a new machine that you aren't using :P17:46
rick_hhatch: hah, I use it to run my lbox_check :P17:49
hatchmaybe I can push my changes to your box17:49
rick_hthe rick_h lbox service...wonder if I could turn that into a startup17:50
hatchI have to admit I've heard worse startup ideas17:51
hatchbcsaller: mind taking a peek at the new code17:57
hatchthe charm.loaded needs to stay - at least for a follow-up to fix the charm system later17:57
rick_hjujugui can I get a couple of sanity checks on the small makefile change please. QA instructions included. https://codereview.appspot.com/1075604318:04
* benji looks.18:04
hatchgary_poster: if you get a moment mind taking a look at https://codereview.appspot.com/10724043/ for a followup LGTM18:21
gary_posterLGTM hatch18:22
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
* rick_h fears his 3 lines broken benji's computer 18:29
rick_hbroke, bah. come on EOD18:29
benjiI got distracted by trying to get my tests to pass.18:29
rick_hbenji: ah ok. I feared things were going bad. 18:29
benjirick_h: nope, but the review is done with QA; I had a suggestion on the regex.18:30
rick_hbenji: awesome. thanks for the suggestion. 18:31
benjimy pleasure18:31
rick_hgary_poster: landing the makefile update. Hopefully this fixes the issues we've seen today. Let me know if anyone runs across any others like it. /cc jcsackett 18:33
gary_posteryay thanks rick_h 18:33
Makyobcsaller, or hatch, I'm having a hard time binding an event in a viewlet.  Either of you have time in ~5min for a quick chat?18:40
bcsallerMakyo: in chat now18:41
hatchMakyo: in guichat18:50
hatchcome on by18:50
Makyohatch, just chatted with bcsaller, sorry.  Thanks though.18:51
hatchoh heh alright np18:51
MakyoWas defining the event on 'events', needed to be 'viewletEvents'18:52
* hatch remembers now why he doesn't do CSS19:09
gary_postersinzui, hi.  one more topic.  MS asked that uistage.ubuntu.com become comingsoon.jujucharms.com when OSCON starts.  May I ask you to add that to your IS coordination list?19:20
gary_postersinzui, ideally uistage would redirect, but if they simply point to same machine that is OK19:20
gary_posterI suppose we could handle the redirect ourselves if they point to the same machine19:20
sinzuiI think I understand19:21
sinzuigary_poster, anyone going to uistage.ubuntu.com -> comingsoon.jujucharms.com...and the reveal one or both domains become jujucharms.com?19:22
hatchdo we have a card/ticket for removing all of the old unused css after the switchover?19:23
gary_postersinzui, anyone going to jujucharms.com goes to stable production GUI.  anyone going to comingsoon.jujucharms.com sees equivalent of current uistage.jujucharms.com:8086.  (this one is different from what I said before) finally, anyone going to uistage.jujucharms.com is redirected to jujucharms.com (the stable version)19:35
gary_postersinzui, we could have comingsoon turned on now19:35
gary_posterwe could also control the uistage redirect if desired but probably better if dns points to production gui...we can implement a redirect later so that uistage actually changes the url19:36
gary_posterhatch no.  I'll make one.19:38
sinzuigary_poster, so as I am asking for the current stable charm and the stable code to be deployed to what will be jujucharmscom. If webops and I see no issues, we should do the DNS change now?19:39
gary_postersinzui, +1 on comingsoon DNS change now.  -1 on the uistage DNS change now, but we can do that at or after OSCON19:40
sinzuiokay. Thank you for clarifying.19:40
gary_posterthank you!19:40
gary_posterhey benji, I wanna make a release.  I want your branch in it.  what's the timeline?19:42
hatchgary_poster: thanks19:42
gary_posterthank you for mentioning it hatch19:42
benjigary_poster: I just submitted it for review; I'm looking over it before soliciting reviews19:42
benjis/just submitted/am submitting/19:42
gary_posterlet's try to speed it through if we see no probs19:43
benjisounds good19:43
gary_posterMakyo, did frankban hand off to you for his constraints work?19:44
Makyogary_poster, yes.  Still working on getting modifyUnits plugged in, though.  I have events properly firing now, at least.  I have his code already branched, though.19:44
sinzuiorangesquad, gary_poster. The sun was just swallowed by a storm and I cannot hear the music over the thunder. I might loose power/net if this new house problems.19:44
gary_postersinzui, ack.19:45
gary_postercool Makyo thanks19:45
benjijujugui: I need two quick reviews so this branch can go into the pending release: https://codereview.appspot.com/1076304319:49
Makyobenji, on it.19:49
hatchbenji: i'll take one19:49
benjithanks hatch 19:49
hatchneeds QA?19:49
hatchgary_poster: http://www.sublimetext.com/blog/articles/sublime-text-3-public-beta19:52
gary_posterhatch QA yes19:53
gary_posterhatch sublime, already installed but haven't done much with it yet19:53
hatchbenji: can I request that you add this functionality to the new deploy method in trunk?19:55
benjihatch: you can request anything your heart desires19:55
hatchwell...I am asking becuase if I ask for that I won't lgtm it19:55
hatchso depends if you want the lgtm or not haha19:56
hatchor follow-up19:56
benjiI think gary_poster will want it in a follow-up.19:56
* gary_poster vites for follow-up :-)19:56
hatchalrighty then :)19:56
Makyobenji, LGTM.19:56
MakyoClosed Reitveld, will LGTM through there in a sec.19:57
gary_posterOh btw Makyo did you look at those svgs from luca?20:00
Makyogary_poster, Oh!  Yeah!  They should be fine, I think.  We'll have to re-jigger some of the margins and such, but that should be relatively easy, I think.  It helps that they don't have drop-shadows.20:00
MakyoSorry, will email.20:00
gary_postercool Makyo.  May I make a card and assign you?20:01
hatchlol re-jigger20:01
gary_postercool Makyo  thanks20:01
hatchwhat show is that from20:01
gary_posterjust a word for me20:01
MakyoIt's kind of a south/south-central US idiom.  Friend from CA laughed at it last time I used it.20:01
gary_posteretymology http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=jigger<shrug>20:03
gary_posterhttp://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=jigger that is20:03
hatchI'm gona speak in clicks from now on20:04
gary_poster_The Gods Must Be Crazy_20:04
gary_posterdon't remember the movie but remember liking it20:04
gary_poster(he spoke in clicks)20:05
hatchoh haha20:05
hatchI was wondering where that was going20:06
gary_posterbushman discovers coca cola bottle; hilarity ensues20:06
benjithe story of my life20:06
hatchbenji: fyi there is a conflict with trunk20:09
hatchin the less file20:09
* benji looks20:09
benjihatch: fixed (pushing merged branch now)20:10
hatchyeah it's a super small thing20:10
hatchbenji: lgtm'd I included the issues caused by the missing deploy method in the reply20:14
gary_posterbenji, I need to be out of here in 20 minutes, fwiw.  I can do the release later this evening though.  hatch, are those qa issues?20:14
* benji reads.20:14
hatchgary_poster: they are - but can only be fixed by the follow-up branch20:14
hatchunless we delay this branch to add those features20:15
hatchthat feature*20:15
benjihatch: I haven't QAed the branch after merging with trunk, are you saying that there is a new deploy method that I should be calling instead?20:17
hatchbenji: under the flag yes20:17
hatchguichat about it?20:18
gary_posterhatch, this breaks the ghost inspector, but is fine outside of the feature flag?  or, it doesn't break anything under the feature flag but doesn't work either?20:18
hatchthose qa issues were under the feature flag20:18
hatchsorry I wasn't clear there20:18
gary_posterand it doesn't break anything pre-existing20:19
gary_posterbut we need those changes in order to work with the inspector, right?20:19
gary_posterso fine to make a release with this20:19
hatchwork with the inspector from deploying by dragging20:19
hatchyes a release is fine20:19
hatchdeploy by click still works with the flag20:19
gary_posterbenji, you good on this?  You can make a card and ask someone else to do it if you like :-)20:20
benjiI'm cool doing a follow-up branch.20:20
gary_postercool thanks benji.20:21
* gary_poster brb20:21
benjiI'll also address the review suggstions there, since we are in a rush.20:21
benjiif that ^^^ is ok with hatch 20:21
hatchbenji: yep for sure - my comments were super trivial20:21
* benji lands.20:22
hatchbefore the release is rolled someone should probably do a qa on it :)20:22
gary_posterhatch, was going to do that, but will be packing for trip tonight, so if you Makyo or bcsaller were willing to do the pre-release qa that would be much appreciated20:23
gary_posterif not I will do it20:23
gary_posterif you did the release that would be cool too! :-) the docs are pretty good I think20:24
hatchok don't worry about it, one of us will be able to20:24
hatchI've never done it :)20:24
hatchnot sure I want to go alone first time on a friday night haa20:24
gary_posterok thank you.  shoot me a mail telling me how far it got20:24
gary_posteryeah friday is not the best :-/20:24
gary_posterugh the resize is broken on the internal pages again :-/20:25
gary_posterfixed at least once before20:25
gary_posterif not twice20:25
gary_posterforgot what the deal was20:25
gary_posterdarn.  I was going to talk to jeff and rick about reusing charm widget20:28
gary_posterhatch, guichat for 5?20:28
gary_posterif busy no problem20:28
* benji waits for lbox sumbit to finish20:35
rick_hgary_poster: whats up?20:40
gary_posterrick, hey.  hatch will share evil plan.  must run. :-) thanks20:40
* gary_poster runs20:40
hatchrick_h: guichat plz20:40
rick_hhatch: can you invite me? on the tablet20:41
hatchsure one sec20:41
* benji suspects lbox has frozen.20:44
benjibranch landed, follow-up branch began, bug filed: time for EOW21:11
benjiHave a good weekend all.21:12
hatchbenji: you broke the build lol21:36
benji                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   21:42
benjihatch: I'm looking at the test failure21:42
hatchbenji: oh ok I just started on it too21:42
benjiI wonder how that happened.21:42
hatchheh thought you went already21:42
hatchit only fails in FF21:42
hatch(repeated locally)21:42
benjihatch: maybe I should leave you to it.  Do you prefer one over the other?21:43
hatchI don't really know what the purpose of these asserts are21:44
hatchwhy does it 'need' to be 021:44
hatchbenji: I think I have fixed it21:53
benjiI am more and more of the opinion that an assert without an explanitory comment is a bug.21:54
hatchyeah sometimes it's just not very clear as to why the assert is necessary21:54
hatchok yup fixed21:56
hatchbenji: if you wouldn't mind sticking around for a bit to LGTM this for me so I can at least have a single reviewer :D21:57
benjihatch: sure21:58
hatchthanks I'll ping when lbox completes21:58
hatchjujugui could I get some reviews plz https://codereview.appspot.com/1076904322:04
benjihatch: looking22:04
benjihatch: oh, that's much better than what I had22:04
benjihatch: review done22:05
hatchhaha well it's the same idea, just removed the cruft :)22:05
hatchthanks, landing22:05
hatchlol nice review22:06
hatchok once that lands I'll QA and try and not screw up the release ;)22:07
benjithe release docs are quite good22:09
hatchyeah they look like it22:09
benjiok, I really have to go now; bye!22:09
hatchcya :D22:09
arosaleshopefully its just me but are other folks seeing the uistage load22:23
arosalescanvas and charm store nav is not coming up for me.22:23
hatchno store, canvas though22:24
hatchbut the store isn't at that url22:24
hatchdid you want this one? http://uistage.jujucharms.com:8086/22:24
arosalesah yes, that works better22:25
* arosales was just looking for a working version.22:25
hatch:) the 8086 is the sekrit version ;)22:25
arosaleshatch, thanks22:37
hatchno problem22:37
hatchjujugui - is the DD supposed to work on rapi? I don't get the (+) on the cursor and it doesn't drop22:59
hatchdrag and drop23:00
hatchI'm trying to do the release but I can't release it if that's supposed to work heh23:00
bcsallerThats very odd as thats just a UI specific way to call deploy, no?23:01
hatchthat's what I thought23:01
hatchI'm investigating now23:01
hatchmakedragstart handler is never called23:02
hatchdragstart is fired but it's callback isn't called23:05
hatchthat don't make no sense mang23:05
hatchnope that's not it23:06
MakyoWhere does createServiceInspector live?23:12
MakyoI can't grep quickly because I have stuff in vim copy buffer.23:12
hatchyup 'drop' never fires23:12
hatchMakyo: environment.js23:13
MakyoWow, that sucks.23:13
MakyoMost of today's work is moot.23:13
hatchuh oh, why?23:13
MakyoJust surrounding event stuff, which got weird when I merged with trunk.23:14
MakyoI'l ljust GUESS23:14
hatchoh hey gary23:14
hatchglad you're still here :)23:14
gary_posterso you said that dnd doesn't work with improv?23:15
hatchnoope, the drop event doesn't fire23:15
hatchthat's as far as I've gotten so far23:15
gary_posterwow that's pretty weird23:15
hatchyeah....I'm pretty blown away hah23:15
hatchif I change sandbox to true, I get a drop target, if it's false, I dont'23:16
gary_postertrying to dupe23:16
MakyoI can dupe.23:16
hatchit's a D3 issue....it's makyo's fault23:16
gary_posterthat sucks :-/23:16
* hatch runs away23:16
gary_posterI doubt that23:17
MakyoNah, not cool.23:17
hatchyeah actually it's in the YUI section23:17
hatchI KNOW!!!!23:17
hatchI KNOW!!!!!!!23:17
MakyoDo tell.23:18
gary_posteryeah I was kinda expecting a follow-up23:18
gary_posterand duped btw23:18
gary_posterit drags very nicely fwiw23:18
hatchwell my guess is that we are missing a yui module23:18
hatchoh wait23:19
gary_posternot so much wit hthe drop though23:19
hatchnope the drop whitelist is there23:19
hatchI was so excited23:19
hatchand now so let down23:19
hatchwell darn23:20
gary_posterit looks so nice in the sandbox...23:21
gary_postermy chromium and chrome are broken for some reason :-(23:22
gary_posterthey start flashing and wiggling23:22
gary_posterwhen I load a page with stuff going on23:22
hatchmaybe it's checked out for the week23:23
gary_posterheh, been that way for the whole week23:23
hatchbenji is going to be very.....irritated23:25
hatchahh getting closer23:29
hatchok I lied23:30
hatch'dragover' fires23:30
hatchso I suppose that's a little closer23:30
gary_posterI have a suspicion.  trying to verify23:30
gary_posterin show_environment23:31
gary_posterin app.js23:31
gary_poster            useDragDropImport: true, #this.get('sandbox'),23:31
gary_posterthat is, I bet that something is configured in the environment that ben did23:31
gary_posterwhich benji needs23:31
gary_posterand assumed he already had23:31
bcsallerthat would stop it23:33
gary_posteryes, hatch, bcsaller, that is the trick23:35
hatchhaha damn23:35
hatchcan that be on all the time?23:35
bcsallerso just never tested without23:35
bcsallerit has to be now23:35
bcsallerthats the old version of a feature flag 23:35
hatchright on23:35
bcsallerbut now its a real feature, all grown up23:35
hatchgood work gary :)\23:36
gary_posterthanks :-)23:36
hatchso.....who's gona fix? ;)23:36
hatchI can do it in a bit then do the release pending CI23:37
hatchwell and any other obscure issues haha23:37
bcsallerI have to take off in a few minutes for something or I'd offer. 23:37
hatchalright I have nothing to do tonight so I'll git-r-dun!23:38
MakyoMan, this reminds me of my last job in some pretty awful ways :P  Can I suggest no more Friday afternoon releases?23:38
bcsallerha, have a good weekend23:38
gary_posterwell, bcsaller, hatch, thank you.  mm23:38
hatchMakyo: bring it up on Friday23:38
gary_posterMakyo, yeah, this was a extra special request for arosales23:38
Makyogary_poster, Ah, alright!  I'm all for getting things out the door, just maybe not Fridays as standard practice :)23:39
gary_posterMakyo, huge +123:39
gary_posterwould not have done this otherwise23:39
MakyoOld job was Fridays at 11PM, on call until Monday at 5AM. 23:39
MakyoThey had the QA people sleeping on cots in the bathrooms testing in 6hr shifts.23:39
MakyoIt was nuts.23:39
hatchok great so I'll fix that, CI, QA, release 0.6.223:40
gary_posteryeah, I was already kind of grimacing about how this might go23:40
gary_posterif this is the worst we've got...23:40
gary_posterwe're lucky23:40
gary_posterhatch 0.7.0 pls23:40
gary_posterwe actually have two real features that people will care about!23:40
gary_posterdnd and deployer format export23:41
hatchahhh right ok cool23:41
gary_posterhatch other thoughts (bcsaller if you are around feel free to disagree):23:42
gary_poster(1) consider making card to rename importexport.js to dragdrop.js?23:42
gary_poster(2) consider passing the flag in to the import export module and disable the file part?23:43
gary_postertrying to see if it actually is separate...23:43
hatch1 - agree, will make a card23:46
hatch2 - not really sure why/when we would want to disable any of it23:46
gary_posterhatch, well tbh my first concern is that I still don't understand why the import export module needs to be there.  it only has two branches to handle a drop23:48
gary_posterand neither of them should be used for the charm drop23:48
gary_posterhatch, and then my second point is that neither of those branches are actually interesting if you are not using a sandbox23:49
gary_posterwow, yeah23:50
gary_posteryou can comment out all of _handleFileDrop23:50
hatchthrowing this out there - it might be the preventeDefault/stopPropogation23:50
hatchin _ignore on the dragover/enter23:50
hatch(sorry trying to feed the dogs right now, will test soon)23:51
gary_posterok trying23:51
gary_posterhatch, yes that appears to be it23:52
hatchhmm that's odd23:53
gary_posterhatch, so all we need to get this to work is the 23:53
gary_poster              dragenter: '_ignore',23:53
gary_poster              dragover: '_ignore',23:53
gary_posterI'd prefer to move that out of the importexprt23:54
gary_posterinto some generic module23:54
hatchyeah - I would like to know why that's required23:54
gary_posterhatch, you really cool with doing this?  I'll take the bullet if you need me to23:54
hatchnope that's fine - I don't have anything better to do :)23:55
gary_posterok hatch23:55
gary_posterthank you23:55
gary_posterI'll try to check in with you later23:56
gary_posterbut thank you!23:56
hatchno problem :) have a good one23:56

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