_mup_Bug #1195537 was filed: "type: local" doesn't work in host with kernel option 'ds=nocloud' <juju:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1195537>03:03
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DavieyAnyone else seen this with juju-core? http://pb.daviey.com/WKch/08:57
Davieyevilnickveitch: Hey, I see the docs are updated.. but i noticed https://juju.ubuntu.com/resources/ the menu on the left doesn't work09:01
evilnickveitchDaviey -ok, will look at that10:15
AskUbuntuMAAS. Adding nodes | http://askubuntu.com/q/31379010:32
Akira1good morning and happy friday all, anyone around?12:18
Akira1hmm perhaps not, I've got an issue, trying to update/upgrade a charm I have deployed due to additional config elements i've added to a config.yaml for that charm12:26
Akira1turns out the /var/lib/juju/units/<service unit>/charm contents are not being updated12:27
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Akira1still crickets?13:05
paragladeAkira1: did you the value in the <charm_home>/revision file?13:08
Akira1hmm actually no!13:10
Akira1however, everytime I attempt an upgrade, it is incrementing the internal revision13:11
Akira1i.e. this was earlier: 2013-06-28 08:01:54,406 unit:cdh4-master/0: charm.upgrade DEBUG: Replacing charm local:precise/cdh4-17 with local:precise/cdh4-18.13:11
Akira12013-06-28 08:01:54,415 unit:cdh4-master/0: charm.upgrade DEBUG: Charm has been upgraded to local:precise/cdh4-18.13:11
Akira1i'm honestly not entirely sure what is in the charm cache at this point, the hook scripts are missing things that should have been there in every revision13:12
Akira1is there a way I can workaround this and force update the hooks on each deployed service unit manually?13:12
paragladewell I am not sure.  Might be a good idea to wait for one of the more seasoned folks to jump in. :)13:14
Akira1fair enough ;)13:14
Akira1everything had been working swimmingly until last night =/13:18
ehgAkira1: my (go) juju upgrade-charm has a --force option, not sure what it actually does though :)13:18
ehgi bump the number in the revision file sometimes to get it to update stuff13:19
Akira1well my understanding was they'll hash out most things13:19
Akira1basically what is happening here is we keep on needing to add config params13:20
Akira1so we keep updating config.yaml, and updating the hook to deal with the new params13:20
Akira1i've done it about 6 times now13:20
ehgwe had to use juju set --config=<file> <service> to get the new config values in13:20
Akira1but the params i added last night aren't getting picked up13:20
Akira1I inherited all this stuff from someone else so I didn't do this from scratch13:21
Akira1the hook script is missing a config-changed hook =/13:21
ehgAkira1: the unit isn't in an error state is it?13:25
Akira1it sure is now13:25
ehgi think juju queues up hook runs until you resolve it13:25
ehgso juju resolved <unit> may resume upgrades13:25
ehgnot completely sure :)13:26
Akira1im giving that a shot now too13:26
Akira1i was doing resolve -retries all night13:26
Akira1so that does make things run again13:28
Akira1and fail13:28
Akira1it is so weird, I'm actually on the service unit itself, blowing up teh charm dir13:28
Akira1forcing it to redownload it13:28
Akira1and it redownloads the wrong one everytime13:28
ehgbit you increase the revision number in the revision file?13:29
Akira1you know13:31
Akira1you might be on to something here13:31
Akira1my revision # in the charm was out of sync with what juju thought it had13:32
Akira1when you do a juju upgrade-charm it will increment the number no matter what13:32
Akira1so I was on local:precise/cdh4-20 even though my revision file said 1013:32
Akira1i just bumped up the value in revision to 3013:32
Akira1and the juju dry-run says it will upgrade: 2013-06-28 08:31:29,783 INFO Service would be upgraded from charm 'local:precise/cdh4-20' to 'local:precise/cdh4-30'13:33
ehgwe have problems because they are multiple people on different machines doing stuff with the local juju repo13:33
Akira1similar type of stuff?13:33
Akira1well lets cross our fingers13:33
Akira1well you guys don't have to, but I sure as hell am13:33
ehgyeah :)13:34
Akira1omg omg13:34
Akira1i think this worked!13:34
Akira1that sure is messed up13:34
ehgso in the juju docs somewhere it mentions local repos causing weirdness if you have multiple people using them13:35
Akira1im going to have to dig that up13:35
ehgimho it's something that juju should just support13:35
Akira1juju site got updated last night13:35
Akira1so a bunch of google'd links are 404s now13:35
ehgalthough i was wondering if we could run our own juju repository13:35
Akira1well anytime you have something like that, you could try and fake out the remote repo13:36
Akira1or maybe use launchpad?13:36
Akira1it'd be pretty neat to be able to pull from git or something too13:36
Akira1since we obviously have our own git repo, svn, etc13:37
ehgyeah, no bzr pls :)13:37
Akira1you guys know if anyone is doing any consulting in this space?13:37
Akira1i've got 6 days left with this team and I'm afraid juju is going to die with me when i leave13:38
ehgmaybe canonical?13:39
Akira1yeah im thinking of calling them on monday13:39
Akira1as with any services org, I'm sure they will SAY they can do something13:39
Akira1and then send someone out who never saw it before13:39
Akira1I saw that soooo many times with IBM13:39
Akira1"oh sure we're sending you an expert!, only $250/hr!"13:39
ehghaha, well i think juju is pretty important to them13:40
ehgso hopefully they can help13:40
Akira1yeah, we shall see13:41
Akira1while folks are feeling chatty... what platform are you running against, have you tried this stuff against MaaS?13:42
Akira1i'm using maas and things are going sort of swimmingly, but I get occasional http 401 errors from juju commands due to oauth failures13:42
ehgec2 for us13:42
ehgwas MaaS easy to set up?13:43
Akira1actually, yes13:44
Akira1I ran into a couple weird things13:44
jcastrohey so we should have the doc 404 links fixed soon13:44
Akira1awesome :)13:44
Akira1with maas you can theoretically install it right from the OS boot media13:45
Akira1but it doesn't work13:45
ehgusing PXE?13:45
Akira1but if you install that way you run into some chicken/egg scenarios with services coming up in the right order13:45
Akira1so I blew up the machine, just installed 13.04 on it13:46
Akira1THEN installed maas and it worked fantastically13:46
jcastrowaas the maas in 13.04 different than the one you used before?13:46
Akira1this was setting up a fresh cluster jcastro13:47
jcastroalso in today's news, Frank has an OSX build13:47
Akira1some folks had submitted a bug on what i saw, and the bug was supposedly fixed13:47
Akira1but alas, such was not the case13:47
ehggoju compiles fine on OS X - pretty cool13:48
jcastroI think all we need to do now is find out where to put it13:50
ehgmy OS X using colleagues would love it if they could go "brew install juju-client" or something similar13:54
jcastroyep, that's what we should do13:56
jcastrohas homebrew pretty much taken over the package manager space on osx?13:57
ehgi'm not the best person to ask that, but it seems homebrew is preferred to macports in our office at least13:58
jcastrothese homebrew formulas look pretty simple13:59
paragladehas anyone used Tsuru - http://www.tsuru.io/ ?  “juju” is the default provisioner used by Tsuru and claims that "It’s a extended version of Juju, supporting Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)."14:03
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jcastrohey EvilBill14:23
jcastroI mean evilnickveitch14:23
jcastrodo you think we could toss a 404 page up in the meantime?14:24
jcastrosomething like "We've redone our docs, click here to get to the main page"14:24
evilnickveitchjcastro, sure. well, we should have a redirects file14:27
jcastroYeah but I don't think Marco gets back to work until like Monday right?14:27
evilnickveitchjcastro, yeah, I can put a dummy page in there to do a quick redirect and get it in before the next sync, that should hold us off until monday.14:32
evilnickveitchjcastro - are there any others you can think of?14:32
Akira1sounds like someone needs to write some redirect rules!14:34
Akira1btw new layout looks nice, good work guys :)14:34
evilnickveitchAkira1, thanks! We have the rules, but they are in someone's draft folder until they get back from holidays14:35
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evilnickveitchjcastro - done that one, btw14:39
* jcastro nods14:41
jcastroevilnickveitch: ok, so what am I to do with getting-started?14:42
jcastroyou wanted that to redirect to the doc page right?14:42
evilnickveitchjcastro - yeah, that would be best14:42
evilnickveitchand the other getting started too14:42
jcastrowhat other getting started?14:42
evilnickveitchI thought there were 2 in different places on j.u.c14:43
evilnickveitchor maybe I am mad14:43
jcastroyou're probably thinking of the one on normal ubuntu.com14:43
evilnickveitchah, ok14:43
evilnickveitchjcastro - can you change that link?14:44
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jcastrojuju charm school in 5 minutes!16:55
jcastrofollow along on http://ubuntuonair.com16:55
jcastroPLease post questions in this channel once we get started with the walkthrough17:07
jcastroone sec17:12
arosalesjcastro, looks to be back now17:13
robbiewcharms *are* code...so document them well :)17:18
jcastrothe guy with the stable net connection ends up being the worst one17:19
negronjlI guess I'm scaring the crowd :)17:19
jcastrostand by please!17:19
henningewhere are the docs for the juju-tools? (unit-get etc.)17:20
robbiewjcastro: it's fine for me17:21
arosalesjcastro, back now17:21
niemeyerTalking about docs, two quick plugs:17:22
henningejcastro: It's me ;-) Hi! https://launchpad.net/~henninge17:22
niemeyer1) The technical documentation for juju was *just* updated, and looks so much better: http://juju.ubuntu.com/docs17:22
henningeniemeyer: Hi! Yeah, but I am missing stuff or not finding it.17:23
niemeyer2) I've you've missed it, last week I've published a long due high-level blog post about what juju is: http://blog.labix.org/2013/06/25/the-heart-of-juju17:23
niemeyers/I've you've/If you've/17:23
henningeThe hooks docs seem to be gone as well.17:23
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niemeyerhenninge: Fair point, we'll look into this and see if the new documentation has dropped content17:24
jcastroYeah I think that page is missing17:24
jcastroI can't find it anywhere17:25
arosalesfyi, old docs are still available at17:25
niemeyerThe writing a charm document seems pretty light17:25
henningearosales: Great, thanks!17:25
arosalesso if you find a missing page please file a bug  via https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug17:26
jcastroyeah it's still under construction17:26
jcastrothe write charms part17:26
arosalesjcastro, but all content should be in the new docs ported from the new docs17:26
arosalesspecifically the old docs and new docs should have the same content17:26
arosalesif something is missing that is a valid bug17:26
arosaleshenninge, thanks for trying out our docs :-)17:28
niemeyerThere we go again17:29
niemeyerOh, it's back17:29
henningeThere is also pages like this that now have dead links:17:29
jcastrothe rewrites haven't been deployed yet17:29
jcastrothose will be fixed on monday17:30
arosalesredirects that is17:30
robbiewjcastro: I'm seeing  negronjl17:30
negronjlrobbiew, fixed ?17:30
henningeAh, good to hear ;-) Great work17:31
henningenot fixed for me17:31
henningeNo, it's fine now17:32
niemeyerjcastro: Do we have a fallback deployment of the docs?17:32
niemeyerjcastro: Having no docs whatsoever about a lot of those topics is a step backwards :(17:32
arosalesniemeyer, yes the old docs are still at http://jujucharms.com/docs17:32
niemeyerarosales: Sweet, thanks17:33
niemeyerarosales: We need a link from the new docs there17:33
arosalesniemeyer, please file any bugs you find for missing content17:33
niemeyerarosales: Well, that sounds backwrads17:33
niemeyerarosales: The content is there.. whoever is rewriting it should make sure that things are being dropped on the floor17:33
niemeyerare not17:33
arosalesniemeyer, yup we'll udpate jujucharms.com when the docs have some more run time on juju.u.c17:34
henningeI can read17:34
arosalesniemeyer, agreed17:34
arosalesniemeyer, I am saying we have tried to port all content over17:34
arosaleshowever if you notice missing content please let us know via a bug report17:34
jcastroI don't think we ever documented the juju tools did we?17:34
arosalesniemeyer, the task before going live with the new docs was to make sure all "old" content was available in the "new" docs17:35
arosalesso all content ~should~ be there, but I am sure we will find some issues here and there as we use the new docs :-)17:35
henningeWhere does private-address get set? Is that automatic?17:36
niemeyerarosales: Sorry, but that's not realistic17:37
niemeyerarosales: Just look at https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/authors-charm-writing.html17:37
niemeyerarosales: and compare that with jujucharms.com/docs/charm.html17:37
niemeyerarosales: A *ton* of important information was dropped17:37
hazmatand formatting there is a bit off as well17:38
hazmatniemeyer, that new doc is a straight copy of.. http://jujucharms.com/docs/write-charm.html17:38
arosalesso we are still polishing :-)17:39
jcastroyeah I don't think Nick considers the Writing a Charm section complete17:39
arosalesbut please file a bug even if it is saying content is missing from this page and we'll track it down17:39
arosales https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug17:39
jcastroI think this first drop was to concentrate on the end user bits17:39
arosalesformatting, or any isses you see :-)17:39
jcastrothe docs are html5, if someone wants to just mass copy and paste and then mark up the old content and submit a MP that would be awesome17:40
henningeWhat was the hook you were editing?17:40
hazmatnegronjl, i'm here huckleberry17:40
henningeThe one on the left17:40
niemeyerhazmat: Yeah, but it has been repositioned to be the only content about charms17:42
henningeThanks, I got it ;-)17:43
niemeyerarosales: Sure, but that approach has some serious issues. Important content just went away17:43
niemeyerarosales: and external links are now broken17:43
jcastrothe links will be fixed on monday17:43
arosalesniemeyer, yes redirects land on monday17:43
arosalesniemeyer, we'll review our process, and the feedback is much appreciated17:44
niemeyerarosales, jcastro: That doesn't solve the problem if the content is different!17:44
arosalesniemeyer, what I am saying now is if you notice something let us know via a bug and we'll work to make it better17:44
niemeyerarosales: For example, have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/82683/what-juju-charm-hooks-are-available-and-what-does-each-one-do and try to imagine how little sense will that response make with the new content that the links will point to17:45
jcastroniemeyer: nick is working fulltime on the issues you're talking about17:45
jcastroand unfortunately the guy who wrote the redirects went on vacation, so the links will be busted for 2 days, tops17:45
jcastrolet's discuss this after the charm school17:45
henningeSo, I just did something like that today but I put the lib (or rather a python package) inside the hooks dir.17:46
henningeSince the hook is excuting in that directory, it will find it.17:46
henningew/o messing with pythonpath17:46
niemeyerjcastro: I don't really have much else to say.. as I responded on juju@, I appreciate the new work, but suggest rolling back the new docs until they cover at least the most relevant portions of the old documentation17:46
niemeyerhenninge: The hook executes on the charm directory17:47
hazmathenninge, CHARM_DIR is available to hooks17:47
henningeoh, ok17:47
niemeyerhenninge: The documentation is misleading.. I sent a note about that to the list a couple of days ago17:47
hazmathenninge, for adding libraries.. ie $PYTHONPATH=$CHARM_DIR:$PYTHONPATH17:47
hazmatniemeyer, yeah.. that section part was wrong17:47
henningehazmat: A good, I'll try that17:48
henningeI guess that's what I remembered17:48
hazmatjcastro, yes17:51
Akira1we've expanded the hadoop charm over here to work with the cloudera cdh4 distribution, btw17:54
jcastrowait, what!17:54
jcastroAkira1: dude, that is awesome!17:54
Akira1i haven't really looked at the OG one yet17:54
Akira1but i've been expanding the configs and stuff like that to make it work17:54
Akira1somehow the charm is missing the config changed hook17:54
Akira1it is pretty slick and works great17:55
Akira1one thing we can't figure out is how to deploy a secondary name node on another instance, right now the secondary namenode stuff runs on the same box as the primary namenode which is kind of a no-no17:56
Akira1yeah that'd be slick wouldn't it...17:57
Akira1sadly im not sure we did it that way...17:58
Akira1big paste inc:17:58
Akira1configure_sources () {17:58
Akira1    source=`config-get source`17:58
Akira1    juju-log "Configuring hadoop using Cloudera repo..."17:58
Akira1    wget -q                                                                    \17:58
Akira1    https://archive.cloudera.com/cdh4/ubuntu/precise/amd64/cdh/cloudera.list   \17:58
Akira1    -P /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:58
Akira1    wget -O -                                                                  \17:58
Akira1    https://archive.cloudera.com/cdh4/ubuntu/precise/amd64/cdh/archive.key     \17:58
Akira1    | apt-key add -17:58
Akira1    apt-get update17:58
Akira1you guys going to run out of time before you talk about the monitoring interface18:03
m_3Akira1: yes18:03
Akira1bah, that is one thing i actually want to hear about as i've been struggling with it :)18:04
Akira1may i suggest that as a topic for another one of these screencast thingies?18:05
m_3yes, absolutely!!18:05
Akira1yeah, do that18:09
Akira1i've got nagios, nrpe, etc18:09
henningeThanks guys!18:11
Akira1yeah, epic presentation, thanks18:11
jcastrom_3: can you pass me along the youtube url for the recording?18:11
Akira1i've inherited all this juju stuff from a predecessor, he was working on sweet stuff18:12
henningeAre these sessions available for watching afterwards? I'll be on holiday in two weeks.18:12
Akira1integration with saltstack for one18:12
m_3Akira1: cool!18:12
jcastrohenninge: yep, I keep a list here: https://juju.ubuntu.com/resources/videos/18:12
jcastroAkira1: that is awesome man18:13
m_3henninge: yes... we're working on an actual youtube channel, but they're all available from juju.ubuntu.com/resources/videos18:13
m_3ah, jinx18:13
Akira1like i said WAY earlier, i've been left with a mess heh18:13
jcastrowell hopefully we can help!18:13
Akira1i started touching this stuff 4 weeks ago18:13
Akira1and now I'm moving on so i'm trying to leave the team with as much solidity as possible18:14
jcastrom_3: I need the youtube url for the videos page please18:14
henningejcastro, m_3: thanks18:15
m_3henninge: np... thanks for hanging!18:16
m_3jcastro: dude, I'm looking for it18:16
jcastroit's linked from ubuntuonair of course18:16
henningeI have a basic question: Is this all done using the new juju (juju-core)? I am still using 0.7 because I had some problems.18:16
Akira1i still use 0.6.118:17
Akira1so, *shrug*?18:17
jcastrohenninge: the one thing we don't have in -core is the local lxc provider18:17
jcastrofor everything else, you want to use juju-core18:17
m_3henninge: mixed actually... depends on which series you're on18:17
jcastroAkira1: you'll want to upgrade to .718:18
m_3on precise, I run 0.7... on raring, I run 1.10.018:18
m_3Akira1: yes, definitely upgrade from 0.6.1 to 0.7!18:18
henningeok, my workstation is raring, the server is precise.18:18
m_3henninge: haha, yeah... that's pretty common18:19
henningebut am i currently missing something using 0.7? Will it still get updates?18:19
m_3henninge: it's EOL'd, so we're trying to switch everybody to 1.x18:20
jcastroall new development is happening in 1.x18:20
Akira1i'll have to check that out18:20
henningewhat I expected ;)18:20
Akira1i'll go look at a changelog18:20
m_3henninge: really it depends on what you're doing honestly... most things work fine in 1.x18:20
m_3no lxc support is the biggest gap atm18:20
m_3note that we now have a nice mac client for 1.x series!18:21
Akira1is 1.x still python or is that go?18:21
m_31.x is go18:21
Akira1that coming along ok?18:21
m_3yup... it's moving nicely18:21
henninge m_3: will 1.x get lxc support eventually?18:21
m_3biggest problem atm is packaging... otherwise the juju bits are working fine18:21
Akira1i've been giving a few presentations internally about juju, we're a kind of small company, only about 30k employees...18:21
jcastrohenninge: like this next month we hope18:22
m_3henninge: yup, it's on the nearterm roadmap... with us going "you done yet?" every day!18:22
henningeYou guys rock!18:22
m_3Akira1: let us know if we can help with presentation material or content18:22
Akira1too late! :-P18:22
henningeI really like juju and it's exactly what I need here. So, thanks.18:23
m_3we can go over the monitoring stuff outside of regular charmschools too18:23
Akira1I gave my last presentation to mumbai this morning18:23
m_3henninge: awesome!18:23
Akira1I had a question way way way way earlier in the day, prolly before you guys were up18:23
m_3Akira1: dang, well we should totally hook you up18:23
Akira1which of you work for canonical?18:23
m_3well yes :)  I'm on US pacific time atm18:23
Akira1I'm on monster energy drink time18:24
m_3several in the channel... I do as well as jcastro18:24
Akira1since my cdh4 charm blew up on me last night but i fixed it this am ;)18:24
Akira1are any of you affiliated with the consulting/services arm?18:24
m_3Akira1: I'm wondering what you did with the jdk version...18:24
Akira1I submitted an inquiry out to them via their shoddy web portal, we might be looking for some paid assistance18:24
Akira1right now everything is working with openjdk even if it isn't advised18:25
m_3Akira1: we're on the products side of the house... negronjl is canonical consulting though18:25
m_3Akira1: we can certainly put you in touch with the right folks18:25
Akira1in fact, my juju deployed cluster is actually humming along smoother/faster than our older cluster that was manually deployed18:25
Akira1that being said, i've made a bunch of hacks to get stuff working18:25
m_3Akira1: great news!  I've been really dreading integrating the oracle versions18:25
Akira1tons of things in the charm aren't necessary best practices for config18:26
Akira1so my config.yaml is now... bigger...18:26
m_3yeah, that comes along18:26
Akira1and i have some issues due to maas too18:26
Akira1im sure i'll figure some of it out eventually18:26
Akira1sometimes this hadoop stuff causes you to do things that arent very... shall we say, service orchestration-y18:26
m_3ha!  was just going to ask you which provider you were running on18:27
Akira1yeah i inherited about 170 legacy physical servers18:27
jcastrohey so I don't know who you'd talk to wrt. consulting18:27
m_3Akira1: let us know what you had to do outside-of-paradigm... we can really cover a lot with config and constraints18:27
jcastronegronjl: whom should Akira1 contact?18:27
m_3I think we made negronjl late to another meeting... soudned like he had to run18:28
Akira1m_3: the maas template doesn't mount all the local storage, so I do use maas tags to constrain to a few known nodes18:28
Akira1since my hadoop nodes have additional local storage18:29
Akira1but I actually mount the storage after provisioning18:29
Akira1it all works but it isnt' 100% automagical18:29
m_3right... gotcha18:29
Akira1and the big thing that could use fixing is the secondary namenode thing18:30
m_3there're some specs in place for more control of local storage in the 1.x go versions18:30
Akira1thing is im not sure what relation would define that18:30
m_3dunno where it landed in priority though18:30
jcastroAkira1: pm me your contact info and I''ll have someone contact you asap18:30
henningebye! have a nice weekend (eventually)18:32
m_3that sounds like more of a pure constraint thing...18:32
Akira1the way the charm works, as you guys talked about18:32
m_3could maybe specify mounts after-the-fact via relations or config.. .but the constraint is the key to getting the service positioned for that18:32
Akira1oh yeah the mounts thing is definitely outside of the box18:33
Akira1and i just have to make the right tags18:33
Akira1i got that working ok via hacky ways18:33
Akira1knowing machine serial numbers =/18:33
m_3oh, sorry... so secondary namenode18:34
m_3_should_ be able to do with relation "roles"18:34
m_3but we haven't tried b/c the main hadoop charm's using an older hadoop18:35
m_3it's worth trying to add multiple hadoop-master units and fixing the relations to work18:35
Akira1it is actually in here...18:35
Akira1but i haven't figured out how to get it to fire18:36
m_3but you could also just do something like... juju deploy hadoop hadoop-master; juju deploy hadoop hadoop-secondary-masters -n218:36
m_3ah, ok18:36
m_3cool, well it'd be cool if you could push the cdh changes into the current charm18:38
Akira1it is actually in the regular charm18:39
m_3that'd totally rock18:39
Akira1not the cdh4 stuff, the secondary namenode stuff18:39
Akira1i'll try and cook up a way, ours really looks almost exactly like the regular hadoop one18:39
Akira1but it isn't configurable to use base hadoop18:39
m_3oh, sweet!18:39
m_3jamespage rocks!18:39
Akira1he's got the secondary namenode stuff in there18:40
Akira1i'll see about cooking up a way to use one or the other, shouldn't be too hard18:40
Akira1you get neat issues with that and maas too18:40
m_3secondary namenode right there... so I don't know if that was working or if that was just planning for the future, but cool18:40
Akira1yup, i see it in there, dunno wtf can trigger that relation18:40
Akira1i mean18:40
m_3yeah... um... I bet you do18:40
Akira1i should make the charm reconfigure the squid proxy for maas hhe18:41
m_3ok, I'm gonna go grab some food... later gang18:43
Akira1thx again for the presentation earlier18:44
m_3sure.. .thanks for hanging!18:44
m_3Akira1: jorge set you up with canonical contacts huh?18:45
jcastroAkira1: I'm going to have a guy mail you directly18:45
Akira1sounds good18:49
Akira1i can start a dialog with them about what we need and we can see if anyone can help :)18:49
jamespagem_3, Akira1: secondary namenode stuff did work last time I tried it19:02
arosalesnegronjl, m_3, jcastro thanks for the charm school!19:12
Akira1hmm really james?19:13
Akira1what was the relation you added to do it?19:13
Akira1we hve a running secondary namenode process, it just runs on the namenode for some odd reason19:14
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matsubarahi there, does anyone know what's the alternative for juju debug-hooks on juju-core?19:35
=== defunctzombie_zz is now known as defunctzombie
sidneimatsubara: there's none yet19:48
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