yofelQuintasan: any chance of looking at it tomorrow? I think we're done otherwise00:29
Quintasanyofel: not really, I'm going to be busy tomorrow, care to take a look at that?00:31
yofelwill do, if nobody else gets to it first00:32
* yofel off to bed, good night00:40
ahoneybunvalorie: hey03:12
valoriehi ahoneybun03:12
valoriehow are things?03:13
ahoneybunvalorie: got a skin for my phone, got more things for my ps vita03:13
valoriei'm good; getting ready to leave for Spain next week03:14
valoriethink about coming along to Akademy next year03:15
valorieit's a great experience03:15
ahoneybunwhat me?03:16
ahoneybunvalorie: I might think about it, would be awesome just not sure if I could03:17
valorieit's a great way to get to know all the upstream people03:17
ahoneybunthere has been some sad talk about kubuntu on the dev list03:17
valorieubuntu-devel ?03:17
ahoneybunabout the mir and wayland talk03:18
valorieoh, I haven't hit that one yet03:18
valoriewell, it's a big deal03:18
ahoneybunI understand but one person was talking about jumping ships and that kubuntu devs don't care about fixing this and that03:19
valorieI hope that Canonical thinks very deeply about what forking away from Debian will mean03:19
ahoneybunvalorie: Canonical is forked already03:19
ahoneybunnot all the deb files will work with ubuntu and other buntus03:19
valoriewe've been part of the deb. ecosystem for a long time03:20
ahoneybunbut it has been degrading slowly03:20
valorieof course03:20
valoriepatching is always a part of life03:20
valoriewe submit patches to Debian all the time03:20
ahoneybuntbh I would not put it past ubuntu to go on it's own package format03:21
valoriethe ubuntu devels used to do so as well03:21
valorieI hope that continues03:21
ahoneybunbut they do not have the force to do it03:21
valorieso what do you think we, kubuntu, should do?03:21
ahoneybunvalorie: I would like a debian base so we can work together better with upstream03:22
ahoneybunI always liked the LMDE03:22
valorieleaving ubuntu would mean leaving LP and PPAs behind03:23
valoriealso, does Debian need another derivative?03:23
ahoneybunno but it is a excellent base03:23
valoriepersonally, I want us to remain part of ubuntu, and KDE03:24
ahoneybunthat's why there are so many03:24
valorieof course03:24
valoriethat and the community are why I chose Kubuntu in the first place03:24
ahoneybunI like where we are it is just annoying to be thrown to the side by ubuntu03:24
valoriesure, but how best to respond?03:25
ahoneybunbuild a better relationship then they have with GNOME03:25
valorieand i don't think they are "throwing us to the side"03:25
valoriesure, I agree we need better relationships with all the flavors03:25
ahoneybunthey are not thinking of other derivatives when making moves03:26
valoriethey are forging ahead on their effort to have Unity on all devices03:26
ahoneybunanyway this is offtopic maybe lol03:26
valorieI don't think so -- this is kubuntu development03:26
ahoneybunyea guess so03:26
valorieunfortunately, they are not doing so in an open, community manner03:27
ahoneybunno that is for sure03:27
valoriethis makes it more difficult to work with them03:27
ahoneybunno one knew about mir till recent months03:27
ahoneybunI kinda which ubuntu was a monthly release a bit03:27
ahoneybunlike work on this make it awesome and then release that in jan 03:28
valoriesee this article and the followups: http://lwn.net/Articles/554758/03:28
ahoneybunthen work on something else03:28
valoriewe can't package monthly03:28
valorienor does that follow KDE release scheds03:28
ahoneybunKDE is releasing updates monthly03:29
ahoneybunor 3 months?03:29
ahoneybunanyway I saw Thomas's work on G+03:29
ahoneybunI see it this way03:30
ahoneybunwork with ubuntu to get kwin up to speed with mir, work with debian to get wayland up to speed, keep x somehow or crash03:30
ahoneybunmaybe 3 months then?03:31
valorieI suggest you read what martin has to say in the followup to the LWN article03:31
valoriethat isn't to say that a year down the road, he won't change his mind, IF other distros also adopt mir03:32
valoriebut I think that possibility is vanishingly tiny03:32
valorieand Canonical isn't making it easy or even hardly possible for them to do so03:33
valorieanyway, you and I can't solve this03:33
ahoneybunno way for sure03:33
valorieeither time or our devels will solve it, or we03:33
valorie'll have decisions to make03:33
valorienothing any of us can do about it all now03:34
ahoneybunI'm scared of having to go to a different distro when the time comes03:34
valorieI'm not worrying about it, because that does nothing03:35
valorielife changes03:35
valoriethat's always true03:35
ahoneybunwell not now but letter03:35
valorieno point in worrying03:35
ahoneybunonly Chakra and openSUSE have focus on KDE like I want03:35
ahoneybunand they are not debian base03:35
valoriein 9 months or so from now, things will be much more clear03:36
ahoneybunyea once 14.04 starts taking shape03:38
valoriethat's too far in the future to worry about03:38
ahoneybunanyway I did not get digikam to build yet03:41
ahoneybunI just renamed all the installing pages03:41
ahoneybunto installation03:41
ahoneybunI'm not a packager by any means lol03:42
valoriewhat do you think of my suggestion about doing subpages for the various choices a person can make in preparing the disk?03:42
ahoneybunthat would be sub-sub pages lol03:42
ahoneybunas it is a sub page of the /Installation/DiskSetup/FullInstall03:42
ahoneybunor something in those lines03:43
valoriethey don't have to be OUR pages, but I think we should at least point somewhere03:43
ahoneybunLinks to other pages?03:43
valorieI searched but didn't find good pages to point to03:43
valorieso we might have to do it ourselves03:43
ahoneybunI see03:43
ahoneybunI do agreed it is the most important step03:44
valorieanyway, we'll get it all done03:44
valorienot sure how much time I'll have for the next month however03:44
ahoneybunI've been really slow on work tbh03:44
valoriewe started early, so no stress03:44
ahoneybunalso those screenies are 13.04 not 13.1003:44
ahoneybunyea it was like the month after the release03:45
valorieplaceholders for now03:45
ahoneybunbut that is easy to change 03:45
valoriealthough they aren't likely to change greatly03:45
ahoneybunjust need to get them before release03:45
valorieall images will have to be checked at the end03:45
valorieand the wording checked for accuracy03:45
ahoneybunseems Riddell is working on the server03:45
valoriebut that's much easier than writing it all at the last minute03:46
ahoneybunhe is on the board on trello no03:46
ahoneybunhe made 2 cards and marked one done03:46
ahoneybunfor sure03:47
ahoneybunseems someone is working on a script to get the wiki on to the server03:47
ahoneybunthe text03:47
ahoneybunmanchicken  it seems03:47
valorieso you think that's the way to go?03:48
valoriejust html/css?03:49
valorienot a CMS?03:49
ahoneybunfor a server, yes03:49
ahoneybundon't know cms03:49
valoriedrupal etc.03:49
ahoneybunidk what it does and such03:49
* ahoneybun is clueless03:49
valorieif you want to see a site built in it, look at Linuxchix.org03:49
ahoneybunthat would be nicer03:50
valorieediting tools are builtin, so rather than sshing in to work on pages or transfer work up03:50
valoriethose with the proper login just go in and fix03:51
ahoneybunthat sounds awesome03:51
valorielots of plugins, etc.03:51
ahoneybunmaking helping easy too like how the wiki made it03:51
ahoneybunlooks pretty too03:52
valoriewe never got to a discussion on the list about it03:52
valorieor if someone did, I missed it03:52
ahoneybunthe server is still young so03:52
ahoneybunI could really make it look nice ;)03:53
ahoneybunI also fixed the links for the name change to Installation03:54
valorieyes, you said03:54
valoriejust catching up on the trello03:54
valorieany more thoughts about the best place / how best to do social media?03:55
valoriemaybe even on Welcome?03:55
valorieesp. if we get buttons03:55
ahoneybunwell I have the G+ covered but no clue on 03:55
ahoneybunI did place a G+ on the welcome page03:55
ahoneybunthe main index I mean03:56
valorieah, I saw that03:58
valoriea link on top doesn't look very good03:58
valorieI think we need buttons on the bottom03:58
ScottKAnyone got commit rights for calligra?03:59
ScottKExcept for kubuntu_build_calligraactive.diff is looks like all our patches should be upstreamed.03:59
ahoneybunvalorie: yea03:59
valorieahoneybun: https://drupal.org/node/116353604:06
ahoneybunthats for the code not a wiki04:08
valorieyes, just a for-instance04:08
valoriewe have to be sure to have some caretakers for the sites we link to04:09
valorieor it ends up being bad04:09
ahoneybunyea I'm doing the G+ so far04:11
valoriehttp://mashable.com/2011/03/11/add-social-sharing-buttons/ is a nice general article04:12
valoriehuh, you are linking to G+ page for documentation04:14
valorierather than the Kubuntu Community page04:14
valorieI disagree with that choice04:14
valoriethe place for the G+ Doc link/button, is where we discuss getting involved with documentation04:15
valoriefor the general readers, that won't be helpful04:15
ahoneybunvalorie: fixed the links btw04:37
valorielooks great!04:42
valorieinteresting, I guess we have no fb presence04:43
valorienot too surprising I guess04:43
valoriehmmm, nothing pops up in twitter either04:44
valorieI wonder who owns that?04:44
valoriethere is nothing there04:44
valoriethe other one has lots of images04:45
ahoneybunpretty yes04:45
ahoneybunStephen P Mazzitelli kubuntu has been undersold for too long as a great KDE distro (suse usually gets all the credit)04:46
ahoneybunthe person was born in 2004?04:47
ahoneybunmakes them what 9?04:47
valorieThis Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic. See More04:47
ahoneybunvalorie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ps2_linux_contents.jpg lol04:50
ahoneybunseems we need a official page04:53
valoriethat would be good, IF we have a person to keep it current/clean, etc.04:54
valorieI can't do that04:54
ahoneybun maybe me04:54
valorieif you have time, that would be great04:55
ahoneybunI can update daily or so, I usually have at least a few hours to work wit04:55
valorieand be sure to send info to the council04:55
ahoneybunshould send info about that g+ doc page too lol04:56
ahoneybunyou are part of the council lol04:57
ahoneybunwhat the devel list?04:57
valorieI spoke too soon; there are some twitter accounts04:57
valoriethe devel list is public04:57
valorieplease don't send login info there04:57
ahoneybunno no04:57
ahoneybunjust asking about making it and inform them of the g+ doc page04:58
ahoneybunNow I am off05:02
valoriebtw, this hasn't been updated for months: https://twitter.com/kubuntu_news05:04
valoriesweet dreams05:07
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=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 WIP, most of 4.10.80 in saucy, moving ones stuck in -proposed to -release, raring: kubuntu-ppa/beta | 4.10.4 in raring-proposed | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
smartboyhwWow, no red light in http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.10.90_saucy.html :O05:58
valoriedo the oranges still need work, though?05:59
smartboyhwvalorie, yes. well, maybe a few only.06:00
valoriesounds good06:01
valorieahoneybun said he had no build success with digikam06:01
ScottKQuintasan: Please update smokekde from bzr before uploading.06:10
bkerensahttp://prism-break.org/  <--- Can Kubuntu be added?06:15
apacheloggerask them, not us? :P06:16
apacheloggerProject ERROR: Module does not define version.06:23
palassobkerensa, I think they added only distros that fully adhere to FSF's guidelines06:27
bkerensapalasso: they added Linux Mint which does not06:27
* mgraesslin thought debian was not FSF compliant06:27
bkerensayeah 06:27
palassowhoups! they changed that list from last time I checked....06:27
bkerensaapachelogger: it would need to be proposed by Kubuntu06:28
bkerensaapachelogger: Clem did Mint's Pull Request06:28
palassoBefore a week they had FSF endorsed distros... Now they changed it completely... Yes Kubuntu is very valid to be put there!06:28
apacheloggermgraesslin: the compliance part is for the first distro06:28
apacheloggernot all of them06:28
apacheloggercertainly mint is not fsf compliant either ^^06:28
bkerensaAlthough I call Clem on saying they avoid the privacy issues Ubuntu has06:29
valoriehttps://github.com/nylira/prism-break/issues/126#issuecomment-19898104 is Mint's application06:29
apacheloggerbkerensa: feel free to add kubuntu then06:29
bkerensaapachelogger: ok06:29
bkerensahttps://github.com/nylira/prism-break/issues/194 <-- Kubuntu06:32
smartboyhwvalorie, meh:(06:33
smartboyhwvalorie, unhappy of ahoneybun not able to package.06:33
valorieI think he ran into trouble and no one was around to help06:34
valoriemaybe tomorrow....06:34
smartboyhwCan someone really think of an idea to make dh_python2 install kajongg into /usr/bin/games? I can't make it out...06:38
apacheloggerah the mails I have to read06:38
mgraesslindon't complain - I had 17 unread bug mails this morning in my inbox06:41
apacheloggersmartboyhw: dh_python2 - calculates Python dependencies, adds maintainer scripts to byte compile files, etc.06:41
apacheloggerno, because it does not do install stuff :P06:41
apacheloggermgraesslin: it's not the amount it's the bullshit in them :P06:41
mgraesslinget a coffee, something nice to eat and enjoy reading06:42
ScottKvalorie: digikam can be a tough one.06:44
ScottKmgraesslin: FSF is not DFSG compliant either.06:44
mgraesslinthat I did not know06:45
ScottKThe GFDL with invariant sections that the FSF endorses for documentation isn't DFSG free.06:46
ScottKAt the FSF, code wants to be free, but documentation, not so much.06:46
* mgraesslin has never read the GFDL06:47
mgraesslincc is just much easier to setup06:48
ScottKbkerensa: "Note: Mozilla Firefox is technically not completely free software, as Mozilla recommends non-free add-ons on their website." is pretty much nonsense.06:48
bkerensaScottK: Where is this non-sense located?06:50
bkerensanonsense even06:50
bkerensanvm found it06:50
mgraesslinwtf is icecat?06:50
ScottKOne of the rebranded mozilla products.06:51
ScottKsunbird maybe?06:51
mgraesslin"GNU IceCat is the GNU version of the Firefox browser."06:51
apacheloggernice kitteh06:51
ScottKWeird.  DIdn't know that.06:51
mgraesslinme neither06:52
valoriethey seem to be mixing two issues there06:52
ScottKAt least.06:52
valorieone is opting in/out of prism06:52
valoriethe other is FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:52
ScottKSo now isn't trisquel the distro that is so committed to user's freedom that they thought it was essential to make it impossible for users to load the firmware to get their hardware to work?06:53
bkerensahah icecat06:53
* apachelogger sighs06:53
apacheloggerone cannot make dpkg-source leave .git inside the tar apparently -.-06:54
ScottKOf course I think it's cute how everyone seems to be convinced pretty much every technologically capable country on the earth isn't doing the exact same thing.06:54
ScottKMost of avoiding having your information collected is about how you transmit data and where it goes to.06:55
ScottKWhat OS you run is pretty much unrelated.06:55
apachelogger^ same thing I thought06:55
apacheloggerit also mentions tor though06:55
apacheloggerway down on the page :P06:55
bkerensaScottK: Unless the OS transmits you're data by default06:56
apacheloggerScottK: it certainly helps not havign your OS call home though ^^06:56
bkerensaHar 06:56
ScottKSure even06:56
mgraesslinif I got correctly my complete communication is intercepted in britain - OS or tor won't change that06:56
apacheloggeralso I think the data OSes transmit are not the problem really06:56
bkerensaI have a gripe against KDE btw :)06:56
apacheloggerit's more user space applications calling home with questionable data06:56
bkerensaAkademy should not be in the summer06:56
mgraesslinwell sending all your thoughts to Amazon might be a problem ;-)06:57
ScottKBut, for example, when Firefox is giving you search recommendations, those come from the network.06:57
bkerensaYou guys steal valorie in the prime of the Conf Season :)06:57
ScottKSo using firefox doesn't help much.06:57
apacheloggermgraesslin: but I need porn recommendations from amazon :(06:57
valorieI think that comes from using students for free labor, bkerensa06:57
mgraesslinapachelogger: use nepomuk!06:57
bkerensavalorie: vAkademy problem solved then you can come to OSCON/CLS06:57
valoriealso, the prime conf here is LFNW06:58
valoriepff on oscon06:58
bkerensaI am getting Mozilla to sponsor LFNW next year06:58
apacheloggermgraesslin: https://plus.google.com/101588423559652288894/posts/K1pT2YEyj7N :P06:58
bkerensaLanyard and maybe a party06:58
valoriethey used to sponsor; that will be nice06:58
valorieFriday night party!06:58
bkerensaI will def be there next year06:59
bkerensaand hopefully bring more Mozillians06:59
bkerensavalorie: I might be up there more often though :) applying for a job in Seattle06:59
bkerensaok sorry for turning kubuntu-devel OT07:00
apacheloggeryofel: so, getting the qt5 meta source to build will require foreach x in find -type d .; mkdir $x07:07
apacheloggerwhich will of course fail to work as soon as something starts expecting other crap within .git07:07
apacheloggerbut that problem exists pretty much regardless of whether it's atomic or monolithic source07:07
apacheloggerthe problem is that dpkg-source eats .git and there is no way to not have it do that (i.e. .git is part of the default excludes but one cannot explicitly mark .git for inclusion)07:08
apacheloggerother option would be to make it a non-native source07:09
apacheloggerthen .git would supposedly be preserved07:09
apacheloggeryofel: thoughts?07:09
ScottKSomeone please port contour to work with the NM stuff in p-w-nm.07:44
apachelogger!info contour07:47
ubottucontour (source: contour): a context centric shell for the Plasma Contour Active workspace. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.0-0ubuntu1 (raring), package size 77 kB, installed size 380 kB07:47
apacheloggerScottK: poke sebas?07:48
yofelapachelogger: "fun"07:50
apacheloggeractually I think we need non-native07:50
apacheloggerI am still getting the no version defined error with empty .git07:50
apacheloggergoing to try with the entire .gits07:50
yofelif it works go ahead. I know that non-native totally did not work for our recipe'd stuff07:50
yofelbut your script is probably fine07:51
apacheloggeryeah I think you cannot have non-native recipes07:51
yofelyou can, but then bzr dailydeb tries to be "intelligent"07:52
yofelI'll leave the rest to your imagination07:52
apacheloggerpython software being smart07:52
smartboyhwyofel, well can you have a look at the status page and see what packages need to be fixed (for symbols and install files) so I can fix it and make it into saucy today? :P08:11
yofelsmartboyhw: I'm sure you'll enjoy kopete08:12
yofelthe thing Quintasan gave up on08:12
smartboyhwyofel, why did he give up again?08:12
smartboyhwyofel, !?08:12
smartboyhwWhat's ENOTIME?08:12
yofelhe was busy with other things08:12
smartboyhwyofel, oh alright.08:13
smartboyhwMy happy time then. Sigh.;P08:13
yofel(read as ERROR_NO_TIME)08:13
yofelsystem error codes are cryptic like that, like ENOSPC ;P08:13
apacheloggerwhy that's cryptic :P08:15
debfxis that the error code for "no space for proper error names"? ;)08:15
yofelthat would be ENOPROPERRCOD no?08:16
valorienot enough fish08:17
debfxmore like ENPRPCOD08:17
smartboyhwyofel, is it that when it's a fuzz we refresh patches?08:31
yofeldpkg-source fails otherwise08:32
smartboyhwGuys, uploading kopete ~ppa1 but am expecting to fail. It is just a test build ONLY since I know it failed but dunno where it failed so I want to look at the more-easier to read LP logs.08:44
smartboyhwIn file included from ../../libkopete/private/kopeteviewmanager.cpp:37:0:09:01
smartboyhw../../libkopete/kopetecontact.h:242:28: error: 'virtual QList<KAction*>* Kopete::Contact::customContextMenuActions(Kopete::ChatSession*)' cannot be overloaded09:01
smartboyhw  virtual QList<KAction *> *customContextMenuActions( ChatSession *manager );09:01
smartboyhw                            ^09:01
smartboyhw../../libkopete/kopetecontact.h:237:43: error: with 'virtual QList<KAction*>* Kopete::Contact::customContextMenuActions(Kopete::ChatSession*)'09:01
smartboyhw  virtual KDE_DEPRECATED QList<KAction *> *customContextMenuActions( ChatSession *manager );09:01
smartboyhwLooks like kopete has bad code.09:01
afiestas_ScottK: That directory does not exists anymore09:03
apacheloggersmartboyhw: signature clash09:07
apacheloggersmartboyhw: paste .cpp and .h of that file09:07
apacheloggeryofel: seems to work with .git, so I'll go non-native09:14
yofelsmartboyhw: that might be from the do_not_break_api patch09:15
yofelI think there was some talk yersterday about it09:16
smartboyhwyofel, oh yeah?09:26
apacheloggerdh_auto_clean gets stuck -.-09:51
apacheloggerbecause qtwebkit loops on itself :@09:53
apachelogger:@ WEBKIT :@09:53
smartboyhwapachelogger, yofel the kopeteviewmanager.cpp: http://paste.kde.org/784688/10:05
smartboyhwThe kopetecontact.h http://paste.kde.org/784694/10:06
BluesKajHey all10:12
smartboyhwHmm, Riddell can you make opencv 2.4.5 publish?10:52
smartboyhwAh, it's in NEW10:52
Riddellsmartboyhw: I'll fix it properly before doing that11:15
smartboyhwRiddell, alright:)11:37
soeesmartboyhw, hows the work on beta2 going ?11:37
Riddellsoee: http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.10.90_saucy.html11:38
soeeah so only kopete left ? the yellows are 'fine' right ?11:39
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
smartboyhwsoee, kopete only.11:41
smartboyhwHeck, we have problems with patchs it seems..11:41
smartboyhwsoee, some are fine. (Mostly at least)11:41
soeewhat i wonder is if kopete worked fine before (beta1) what happend that now it failes ?11:42
smartboyhwsoee, patch.11:44
yofelsmartboyhw: what's failing now?11:44
smartboyhwcode problems.11:44
smartboyhwyofel, uh, you didn't see what I said?11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> In file included from ../../libkopete/private/kopeteviewmanager.cpp:37:0:11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> ../../libkopete/kopetecontact.h:242:28: error: 'virtual QList<KAction*>* Kopete::Contact::customContextMenuActions(Kopete::ChatSession*)' cannot be overloaded11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw>   virtual QList<KAction *> *customContextMenuActions( ChatSession *manager );11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw>                             ^11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> ../../libkopete/kopetecontact.h:237:43: error: with 'virtual QList<KAction*>* Kopete::Contact::customContextMenuActions(Kopete::ChatSession*)'11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw>   virtual KDE_DEPRECATED QList<KAction *> *customContextMenuActions( ChatSession *manager );11:44
yofeldidn't you look at yesterday's log?11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> !?!?!?!?!?!?!11:44
smartboyhw<smartboyhw> Looks like kopete has bad code.11:44
smartboyhwAnd you said it was the patch.11:44
yofelIIRC that patch was added in 4.10.8011:44
smartboyhwyofel, I can't find the relative ones11:44
yofelcheck if it's still needed as I recollect a discussion on packagers between Riddell and some kopete dev11:45
smartboyhwyofel, rm the patch?11:45
yofelsmartboyhw: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/06/27/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t10:06 11:46
yofelI'll take a quick look, but I'm rather busy here at work today so can't help much11:47
yofelsmartboyhw: if I read git right that patch is half-applied upstream11:50
yofelthat's where your issues come from 11:50
smartboyhwyofel, yeah, I'm cherry-picking that patch soon.11:51
yofelnono, that's already part of 4.10.9011:52
yofelthat's why you're having problems11:52
cortexA9u know that installer crashed on the daily ?12:02
RiddellcortexA9: nope, what happened?12:03
Riddellwhich daily?12:03
cortexA928 june12:03
cortexA9it crash with an error12:03
cortexA9i tried it12:04
cortexA9seems an ubiquity error12:05
Riddellubuntu-bug ubiquity  should do the right thing for reporting it12:05
yofelhm, seems like the upstream commit fixes the ABI relevant parts of the API12:07
yofelsmartboyhw: so I guess you can drop it12:07
yofelRiddell: or was there something else that the patch was fixing? As ours is longer than what upstream committed12:08
Riddellno it's just there for ABI/API12:09
Riddellit's from upstream but if they committed something different then drop ours12:09
yofelsmartboyhw: ^12:11
apacheloggerqt5 forkbombs my system12:15
apacheloggerit's really awesome12:15
apacheloggeralso apparently my sysrq is not working12:15
apacheloggerI probably should not have gotten out of bed today12:16
apacheloggerwas a terrible idea obviously12:16
soeesomeone expirienced this error when trying to lunch vm: http://pastebin.com/KDzxBhUm ?12:16
yofelapachelogger: read /etc/sysctl.d/10-magic-sysrq.conf12:18
apacheloggerI hereby declare the system as it is bullshit for development12:19
apacheloggerI shall create a package that removes bullshit and inserts development mode12:19
apacheloggerwe are at the point where you need to patchy patchy your system because it's not doing what it is supposed to do12:20
smartboyhwyofel, ah ah12:22
apacheloggerI am also not sure how exactly it managed to forkbomb considering my ulimit is 102412:24
palassoYou might be interested in this: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_xmir_benchmark&num=1 thnx again for not going mir or xmir :)12:25
apacheloggerah phoronix12:37
apacheloggerscience at work12:37
RiddellI feel that will be the killer blow for Mir12:40
shadeslayerRiddell: doubt it12:43
* shadeslayer grumbles about how k3b does not show progress info when erasing discs12:43
Riddelloh well, worth a shot12:43
Riddellyou still use optical disks?12:44
* Riddell updates kwin packaging "kde-window-manager suggests weston, advised by upstream"13:11
yofelshadeslayer: it will be a killer for the other flavours that also gain nothing by running on xmir13:14
yofellets see how much they can improve that for 14.0413:14
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1195723] 13.10 Alpha-1 Plasma Netbook Interface has no favorites @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1195723 (by Marco Parillo)13:19
shadeslayerRiddell: was checking if my drive still works13:19
shadeslayerbecause I still need the disk drive to install OS X13:19
soeethere is a strange bug in dolphin13:25
soeeif i open dolphin and have a tab with location opened after some time this tab starts duplicate13:26
soeeso i had dolphin active in background and after hour, one tab duplicated like 10 times13:26
soeei think the same will happen for each tab13:27
smartboyhwUh guys, shouldn't kopete-dbg recommend kopete instead of kopete-dbg?13:53
yofelsmartboyhw: uh, that's all sorts of wrong, yeah13:55
yofelthough I'm wondering what the best alternative would be13:56
yofeleither go the debian multi-package way and suggest libkopete4 | kopete13:57
yofelor rather depend on them = binary:Version13:57
smartboyhwyofel, W: kopete source: dbg-package-missing-depends kopete-dbg13:57
Riddellshadeslayer: it should depend on kopete13:57
smartboyhwShould I depend on kopete?13:57
smartboyhwRiddell, you pointed it to the wrong person:P13:57
Riddellso I did, working with one eye today13:58
smartboyhwRiddell, !?13:58
yofelwell, quassel does usually auto-complete shadeslayer here first as well13:58
yofeldunno why13:58
smartboyhwOK, soon to upload kopete to Ninjas.13:58
Riddellinteresting, Rebecca Black OS, a Kubuntu derivative using Wayland http://sourceforge.net/projects/rebeccablackos/14:04
BluesKajRiddell, inertesting ...wonder why the image is so large, 1.7Gb14:12
RiddellBluesKaj: download it and find out :)14:14
BluesKajRiddell, have you ?  :)14:16
ScottKafiestas_: It looks like it moved to networkmanagement and contour needs some porting.  Do you know if anyone is working on that?14:19
afiestas_ScottK: it did not, it got removed14:19
ScottKOK.  Then by coincidence, networkmanagement has almost identical code in it.14:20
shadeslayeryofel: W: nepomuk-core: transitional-package-should-be-oldlibs-extra libs/optional14:23
yofelit should14:23
shadeslayerand smokeqt probably depends on the wrong qwt package14:24
ScottKWhich one?14:24
shadeslayerI suspect it depends on libqwt-dev when it should depend on libqwt5-qt4-dev14:25
shadeslayeroh hah14:27
shadeslayer  * Remove qwt, it's not in main14:28
shadeslayerRiddell: ^^14:28
ScottKWe have packages for qwt and qwt5.14:28
shadeslayerwhy is smokeqt still in main?14:28
ScottKqwt is qwt6 at this point.  14:29
Riddellkdebindings was in main for pykde used by ubiquity14:29
ScottKThe only reason qwt5 still exists is because pyqwt never got ported to qwt6 and won't.14:29
Riddelldunno why smokeqt is but germinate knows all14:29
xnoxi somehow thought ubiquity was becoming more pure qt, maybe not.14:30
yofelshadeslayer: you fixing nepomuk-core or should I?14:31
shadeslayerIIRC I made kdeplasma-addons explicitly depend on qwt5 since depending on qwt did not make it pick it up14:32
shadeslayeryofel: can do in a moment14:32
Riddellxnox: pyqt yes indeed14:33
shadeslayeryofel: uploaded14:45
* yofel feels like killing plasma one of these days if he doesn't find out what steals his keyboard focus all the time14:45
yofelshadeslayer: plz ping me14:47
shadeslayeryofel: ssup14:47
yofelhm... again14:47
shadeslayeryofel: k14:47
ahoneybunhello all14:48
shadeslayerhi ahoneybun14:48
ahoneybunshadeslayer: whats up14:49
yofelshadeslayer: I don't get it. When I get a knotify popup, keyboard focus seems to go to plasma (with <tab> I can shift through icontasks without having much effect)14:49
shadeslayernot much, finally have a working computer again, so building a rootfs for my N714:49
yofelit's been doing that for a while now... (since ~4.10.3?)14:49
shadeslayeryofel: that seems odd14:49
shadeslayerfor me the focus is always on the window I'm typing in14:50
yofelto then focus quassel I click on the window -> focus goes somewhere else after a second -> I click on quassel again and can type14:50
yofelit's freakin' annoying14:50
shadeslayermgraesslin: pingly14:51
shadeslayerI needed to discuss the colorcorrection bug on upgrade14:51
ScottKshadeslayer: Probably report it upstream too.14:52
shadeslayerScottK: yeah, but why report it when I can just fix it myself14:52
shadeslayershould be trivial enough to write a upd script14:52
yofelwasn't that already fixed in 4.10.90?14:52
ScottKDid it happen because of something of ours or is it a more general issue?14:52
shadeslayerScottK: general issue for people upgrading from 4.10 to 4.1114:53
shadeslayerwell ... people like me who enabled color correction14:53
=== jessie_ is now known as jessie
shadeslayeryofel: I am not sure, I couldn't figure out much from the commit on bugzilla14:53
* shadeslayer emails Martin14:54
Riddell4.10.90 installs and runs good here14:56
yofelgood, then all that's left is for smartboyhw to finish kopete14:56
=== jessie is now known as JESSIE
shadeslayerRiddell: can you logout, add GLColorCorrection=true to kwinrc and login again14:57
shadeslayerRiddell: and tell me if the screen is black for you14:57
Riddellmm ok14:57
yofelRiddell: one thing, let me check if some and artwork are up to date14:57
shadeslayershould be added under [Compositing]14:58
yofelScottK: those were the ones you touched, right?14:58
ScottKI touched kdeartwork.14:58
yofelok, artwork is good14:59
ScottKyofel: Also smokekde14:59
Riddellshadeslayer: makes no change here14:59
ScottKThat should be it.14:59
shadeslayerRiddell: oh, so everythign works? awesome14:59
yofelsmoke isn't 15:00
yofelok, so we need to wait for smoke to be published, then Riddell can upload to the archive15:01
yofelI could do it later if someone got the packageset right...15:05
* yofel should look at that over the weekend15:05
shadeslayerno need to pester Martin15:06
Riddellmm, we have systemd-services on our images instead of pm-utils15:06
shadeslayerI already mentioned that :(15:07
shadeslayernot sure how that ended up 15:07
Riddellupower depends on systemd-services| pm-utils15:07
shadeslayerand from what I can tell, we want pm-utils15:08
Riddellubuntu desktop still has pm-utils on its images15:08
shadeslayernot sure why systemd-services came before pm-utils there15:08
ScottKyofel: cjwatson updated the packageset after 4.10.80 was all in so it should be ~OK.15:09
Riddellubuntu desktop only ends up with pm-utils cos checkbox recommends it15:09
yofeloh nice. I'll check later then if nobody gets to it15:09
ahoneybunRiddell: can I get help with digikam?15:09
yofelgotta run for now, bye15:09
Riddellahoneybun: sure, what's the ec2 dns again?15:10
Riddelldpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libkface.so.215:11
Riddellthat soname version changed15:11
Riddelllet me look around15:11
shadeslayerI could upload as well if everything is done right now15:11
Riddellshadeslayer: you go for it if you're ready15:12
ahoneybunso LD_LIBRARY_PATH = "path"15:12
shadeslayerRiddell: k15:12
Riddellahoneybun: we need the libkface1 package turned into a libkface2 package for the new soname version15:12
ahoneybundifferent versions15:12
Riddellahoneybun: so change that in debian/control15:12
ScottKRiddell: Please don't upload that one as I'll be gone a big chunk of this afternoon and not available to do the New.  Let someone else upload it, so you can.15:13
geniiMore widgets disappeared again today after latest updates :-/15:14
ScottKDon't think anything in KDE changed today.15:14
Riddellahoneybun: going to make the change?15:14
ahoneybunI'm looking15:15
geniiAlso nvidia 313 fail with kernel 3.10 , had to revert to 30415:15
ahoneybunseems to have fixed that error15:15
ScottKgenii: I new nvidia 319 just got released for saucy, maybe that then?15:16
Riddellahoneybun: mm I see no activity in the byoby screen15:16
ahoneybunI did not run that...15:17
ahoneybunI knew I forgot something15:17
Riddellahoneybun: what are you doing?15:18
ahoneybunran debuild -nc15:18
Riddellahoneybun: could you stop it and run byobu so we can coordinate?15:18
ahoneybunyea how though15:19
Riddellahoneybun: now libkface1.install needs to become libkface2.install15:19
Riddelland add back the library to libkface2.install15:20
ahoneybunpulled the trigger a bit fast15:20
shadeslayerbzr: ERROR: Tag saucy already exists.15:22
smartboyhwyofel, wut? Finished already.15:23
shadeslayersaucy was tagged at rev 77? what15:24
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=77&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 77 | little Changes15:24
smartboyhwGuys, kopete done. Please release 4.10.90 to saucy.15:25
shadeslayeranalitza is giving issues15:26
smartboyhwshadeslayer, analitza?15:26
smartboyhwHmm, that's a green light.15:26
geniiScottK: Unfortunately the /var/lib/dkms/<nvidia-version>/<number>/build/make.log gets wiped with new version install. Guess perhaps I'll logoff, try install 313 to copy off the log and pastebin, then return15:26
Quintasansmartboyhw: about E_NO_TIME <-- you will get this from me when exams are near15:27
Quintasanapachelogger mostly emits E_NO_BEER15:27
smartboyhwQuintasan, same as me too:P15:27
smartboyhwBTW, 10th to 30th E_NOT_IN_HK15:27
smartboyhwJuly I mean15:27
geniiOK, back in a bit15:27
ScottKgenii: I've no idea about details, just saw it mentioned.  I don't have any systems that need proprietary video drivers.15:28
ahoneybunRiddell: that was a fast cut15:28
shadeslayersmartboyhw: fancy15:28
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.kde.org/784880/15:28
Riddellahoneybun: quirk of debhelper, if you change the .install file you need to remove the install bits from the debhelper log else it doesn't run them again15:28
ahoneybunno that you removed the text so fast15:29
QuintasanEverything built save for text-ui on i38615:29
QuintasanGod damn it15:29
Quintasanit just built15:29
Quintasanwhat the hell15:29
shadeslayerwas just about to say that15:29
smartboyhwahoneybun, oh, you faced the famous new library version problem. This is the worst of all worlds for me:(15:29
smartboyhwLOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL15:30
Riddellahoneybun: hmm15:31
Riddellahoneybun: ah, voila15:32
Riddellahoneybun: want to add the library files to libkface2.install ?15:32
shadeslayeryofel: shouldn't it tag the version?15:32
shadeslayerinstead of release15:32
Riddellahoneybun: then remove the install bits from libkface2.debhelper.log and debuild -nc15:32
Riddellahoneybun: let me do it15:33
ahoneybunis that adding the lib files?15:34
Riddellahoneybun: yeah, libkface2.install was empty I just added the name of the file for it to install15:35
ahoneybunyou did it all15:35
ahoneybunI could have tried to remove the install stuff15:36
soeeare there any chances to get 4.10.90 for raring today ?15:37
shadeslayerI can run the script for that once I upload it for saucy15:38
shadeslayerbut the flipping script isn't running -.-15:38
shadeslayerI suppose I can delete the saucy tag in analitza15:41
Riddellapoi: jtechidna: this e-mail might be for you http://paste.kde.org/784898/15:42
jtechidnaRiddell: apoi != apol :P15:42
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
Riddelloh really?15:42
JontheEchidnaRiddell: but we did get a new icon for 2.115:42
Riddellhah, sorry apoi 15:42
RiddellJontheEchidna: is that 2.0.65-0ubuntu1 ?15:43
JontheEchidnaRiddell: yup15:43
ahoneybunRiddell: so it needs libkface1 now15:44
Riddellahoneybun: who what where?15:45
ahoneybunpackage libkface1 is not in control info15:45
Riddellahoneybun: so 1 reference in debian/control and some in debian/rules to update15:46
ahoneybunchange the 1 to 2 in those files15:46
RiddellJontheEchidna: muon-discover --application firefox  really takes up excessive CPU15:47
Riddellahoneybun: yep15:48
Riddellahoneybun: debuild -nc15:51
shadeslayersmartboyhw: kapptemplate is busted?15:54
geniiI confirmed the bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-313-updates/+bug/1195667 and added the console output since it also has some messages not in the make.log15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1195667 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-313-updates (Ubuntu) "nvidia-313-updates 313.30-0ubuntu1: nvidia-313-updates kernel module failed to build" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:54
shadeslayer==Package kapptemplate from the PPA differs from bzr, continue [Y/n]? 15:54
smartboyhwshadeslayer, !?15:54
Riddellshadeslayer: view diff, continue, take note to fix up before you upload it15:55
shadeslayeryep, that's what I'm doing15:55
shadeslayerjust wanted to let smartboyhw know15:55
shadeslayerbecause it looks like he forgot to update bzr15:57
smartboyhwshadeslayer, I committed but didn't push, sorry. Pushed just now.15:57
ahoneybunRiddell: I think it worked!15:58
Riddellahoneybun: awooga!15:58
smartboyhwEh guys, I need to sleep, see you tmr.15:59
ahoneybunyea it made a .deb!15:59
Riddellahoneybun: dpkg --install the .debs to test they install16:00
Riddellahoneybun: run lintian on them16:00
ahoneybundpkg --install digikam?16:00
Riddelldh_install --list-missing  to see if there's any other new files 16:00
Riddelldpkg --install *deb16:00
Riddellahoneybun: hmm, something wrong with it16:04
Riddellahoneybun: let's rebuilt it from the start16:05
Riddellprobably all the partial rebuilds confused something16:05
shadeslayerboo, Riddell forgot to push to bzr as wekll16:06
shadeslayerplz sync, I'll skip it for now and do it manually once you've sync'd bzr and the ppa16:07
Esokrateshi, I am running saucy (installed today) ánd kde 4.11 shows a black workspace a few seconds after the spalsh screen ended with nothing but the mouse cursor16:15
Esokratesis this a known issue being worked on?16:15
Esokratesi have additionally installed appmenu krunner and now it takes a minute till my workspace shows up 16:16
shadeslayerEsokrates: known issue16:17
shadeslayerEsokrates: in ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc16:17
Esokratesso kwin crashes at startup?16:17
shadeslayerEsokrates: remove GLColorCorrection=true16:17
shadeslayeror set it to false16:17
shadeslayerwill be fixed in 4.10.9016:18
EsokratesGLColorCorrection is set false in my case by default 16:18
Riddellshadeslayer: kde-workspace_4.10.90-0ubuntu2~ubuntu13.10~ppa6_source.changes uploaded16:19
shadeslayerEsokrates: oh .. odd ... try moving the kwinrc file to kwinrc.bak16:19
shadeslayerand login again16:19
shadeslayerRiddell: bzr crapped out, so I have to run the script again -.-16:20
Esokratesdid not change anything :-(16:23
shadeslayerRiddell: can you check if kscreen 1.0 can be SRU'd meanwhile?16:23
Riddellshadeslayer: why should it be?16:23
shadeslayerRiddell: afiestas_ wanted it SRU'd IIRC16:23
afiestas_not wanted, it fixes crashes16:23
afiestas_you don't update, kubuntu users don't get those fixes16:23
Riddellafiestas_: is there a changelog or somethin with bug numbers?16:24
shadeslayerEsokrates: sorry, out of ideas :(16:24
shadeslayerEsokrates: check if the guest account works16:24
afiestas_Riddell:  if we do releases is for a reason :s, but yes anyway http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kscreen.git&a=tag&t=v1.016:25
afiestas_specially http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=318936 is quite annoying16:25
ubottuKDE bug 318936 in kded "Crash when applying config - KScreen::Output::id (this=this@entry=0x0)" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]16:25
afiestas_since some laptop remove the screen when the laptop lid is closed16:25
Esokratesguest account works fine ... odd ... i did not change much ... it is a new install16:26
Esokratesonly thing i did which made the situation very worse was compiling and installing appmenu runner16:27
shadeslayerwell .. it's most certainly your config then16:27
shadeslayersince the guest account works16:27
Esokratessure ... maybe trying to move .kde to .kde.bak?16:27
shadeslayerlogout -> do that in a tty -> login16:28
afiestas_Esokrates: would be nice if you could pin pon the real reason16:28
shadeslayertrue ^^16:28
shadeslayerEsokrates: when you alt + tab on the black scree, do you get corrupted graphics of some sorts?16:29
afiestas_I suspect this has something to do with removing the starting song :)16:29
Esokrateswait i am trying to move kde to kde.bak16:29
Esokratesor should i try the alt tab issue before?16:29
shadeslayerafiestas_: the startup song can make your screen go black? :O16:30
shadeslayerEsokrates: please try alt + tab first16:30
Esokratesi get an empty box ... nothing else happens16:31
Esokrates(the box where the thumbnails are usually in)16:31
shadeslayeraha, so seems like kwin is running16:32
Esokratesyeah 16:32
Esokratesi suppose plasma is dead when starting16:32
Esokratesokay moving .kde now16:32
QuintasanDrawing on desktop feature in Plasma is killer feature16:33
afiestas_I can reproduce the issue16:33
afiestas_I wonder if everybody is being able to reproduce this and nobody is saying shit16:33
shadeslayerwhat issue16:33
Esokratesokay everything is fine doing that16:34
Esokratesso i am repeating all my config stuff now and logout and login after every single settings to troubleshoot16:34
afiestas_Esokrates: I can reproduce this issue with my  lapto16:35
shadeslayerafiestas_: 4.10.80 worked fine for me on first boot ( except for the black screen issue which was fixed by disabling color correction )16:35
afiestas_laptop, I never notice because I almost never removed16:35
afiestas_shadeslayer: that black screen dissapeared after a while?16:36
afiestas_what is happening to Esokrates and I I think is plasma-desktop beign executed after kplash dies16:36
shadeslayerafiestas_: I was not patient enough :)16:36
afiestas_so tehre is a moent where we don't have kplash or plasma-desktop, getting there a nice black screen16:36
Esokratesi suppose you mean me:  the black screen disappears after a minute or so16:37
shadeslayerI set about trying to figure out what went wrong with kwin since I could see some corrupted graphics when doing alt + tab16:37
afiestas_Esokrates: it depends on how fast your pc is16:37
Esokratesmy pc is damn fast 16:37
afiestas_with ssd's things can change16:37
afiestas_so ksplash is killed fast, but the boot process is not complete16:37
afiestas_in my laptop takes good 30seconds at least with an empty acc16:38
Esokratesnot sure about that, because splash takes the same amount of time as usual for me (at least it seems to be like that)16:38
Esokratesbut it has to be config related as moving .kde did the trick ...16:39
Esokratesi am playing around a bit now trying to figure out ... if i find something i will report it ... i am willing to provide as much information as you need16:41
afiestas_Esokrates: I think we'll need it16:41
afiestas_there is somethign wrong for sure16:42
Esokratesokay c ya16:42
shadeslayermakes no sense16:45
Esokratesi have figured it out: selecting start with empty session is the reason for the long wait :-)16:47
Esokratesbut the black screen shows up after the slightest config change ... but lasts only for a second16:48
Esokrateswhen selecting start with empty session for plasma the wait is 30 seconds to one minute for me16:49
Esokrateshope someone can reproduce this16:49
shadeslayerhow in the hell did korundum build when there are patches that were applied upstream still in the package @_@16:51
Quintasanshadeslayer: Maybe I didn't push to bzr16:52
Quintasanlet me check16:52
shadeslayerbad Quintasan16:52
shadeslayerbad bad Quintasan16:52
QuintasanI didn't16:52
Quintasanshadeslayer: Did you do anything to it?16:52
QuintasanI can push it now16:52
shadeslayerhaven't done anything16:53
shadeslayerfeel free to fix16:53
Esokratesshadeslayer: does that make sense with the empty session?16:53
shadeslayerI get to re run the script from top \o/16:53
Quintasanshadeslayer: I will push the initial stuff I uploaded when it built16:53
shadeslayerEsokrates: no idea, maybe afiestas_ would know16:53
Esokratesshadeslayer: can you try it on your setup?16:53
shadeslayerEsokrates: will do in a bit, working on getting 4.10.90 out first16:53
Esokratesokay thanks 16:54
Quintasanshadeslayer: Done16:54
Quintasanshadeslayer: Please also check kcron, kdenetwork-strigi-analyzers, kde-workspace and kopete16:54
QuintasanThough the rest should work16:54
shadeslayerkde-workspace was already fixed16:54
Riddellafiestas_: what's a good test case for that bug?17:00
RiddellScottK: bug 1195806 for your SRU browsing17:03
ubottubug 1195806 in libkscreen (Ubuntu Raring) "libkscreen and kscreen SRU to raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119580617:03
ahoneybunRiddell: how did it do?17:04
Riddellahoneybun: 28% :)17:05
Riddellshadeslayer: how's the upload going?17:05
ahoneybunso it is still building17:05
ahoneybunRiddell: my power reset17:06
shadeslayerRiddell: minor bumps along the way17:06
Esokratesshadeslayer: here is the bug report: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=32172317:10
ubottuKDE bug 321723 in general "Black screen at start up when selecting "Start with empty session"" [Major,Unconfirmed]17:10
RiddellScottK: bug 1195815 available for your backporting powers17:16
ubottubug 1195815 in raring-backports "Please backport amarok 2:2.7.1-0ubuntu3 (universe) from saucy" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119581517:16
Esokratesone last thing: the splash screen transistion to plasma is only smooth without a short black screen in between if you move the .kde directory. The slightest change (like moving a panel) produces a short black screen at next login 17:16
Esokratesthank you very much for helpin figuring this out 17:17
shadeslayerscript done till ktuberling17:25
=== JESSIE is now known as jessie
afiestas_Riddell: Monday bof means I won't be able to attend most probably17:37
afiestas_I will be busy with QtCS17:37
afiestas_probably the same for apachelogger at least with the bits connected to Phonon17:37
kubotuafiestas_ meant: "probably the same for apachelogger at least with the bits related to Phonon"17:37
Esokratesdamn it ... i was right ... it is related to appmenu (actually it is a combination of two settings: start with empty session and export menu to title bar button)17:43
Esokrateschecking both is responsible for a long black screen17:43
Esokratesi will edit the bug report17:43
ahoneybunRiddell: how is it goign?17:58
shadeslayerRiddell: kdesdk-strigi-analyzers_4.10.90-0ubuntu1_source.changes rejected18:17
shadeslayerkde-base-artwork_4.10.90-0ubuntu1_source.changes rejected18:17
shadeslayerRiddell: can you please upload those two?18:22
shadeslayermplayerthumbs_4.10.90-0ubuntu1_source.changes rejected18:22
shadeslayerRiddell: everything else was uploaded18:26
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
yofelshadeslayer: weird... yes it should tag the version, seems like Riddell committed something by accident a while ago18:49
yofelit was only 'bzr tag' before r18618:49
shadeslayeryofel: yeah well, I used --force now18:49
shadeslayerso, what do we do, write script to retag ?18:49
yofelhm, not really, just revert this:18:51
yofel-        subprocess.check_call(["bzr", "tag"])18:51
yofel+        subprocess.check_call(["bzr", "tag", release])18:51
yofeli don't think we need to remove the tags18:51
shadeslayerwhat I mean is, I already committed the saucy tag18:52
shadeslayerto all the repos18:52
yofelyeah, I don't mind that, but now the version tag is missing18:53
shadeslayeractually lemme push those, so we can sort this out18:53
yofeldo so, I can do some quick bash scripting to retag that18:53
shadeslayerI'm reasonably certain that we can delete the saucy tag and replace it with the right trag18:53
shadeslayernow, where did I put my fancy script to push everything18:54
yofelpwd=$(pwd); for dir in *; do cd $dir/bzr; bzr push :parent; cd $pwd; done18:55
shadeslayeryofel: not quite, needs --overwrite as well19:00
shadeslayerbecause tags conflict19:00
shadeslayerfor myDir in *; do if [ -e $myDir/bzr ]; then cd $myDir/bzr; echo "Pushing $myDir"; bzr push --overwrite :parent; cd $curDir; fi; done19:00
shadeslayeris what I used :)19:00
yofelfancy :P19:00
shadeslayer( curDir defined elsewhere )19:00
ScottKapachelogger: You still owe me a list of the packages we want to extend our MRE to.19:06
shadeslayeryofel: pushed, do you magic :)19:10
shadeslayer!find libvirtodbc_r.so saucy19:37
ubottuPackage/file libvirtodbc_r.so does not exist in saucy19:38
ScottKQuintasan: What is a "New upstream bet release"?19:40
yofelwhere it's a sure bet that more bugs were introduced than fixed :P19:42
ScottKyofel: That doesn't narrow it down much.19:50
shadeslayeryofel: any ideas why nepomukstorage would completely skip /usr/lib/odbc : http://paste.kde.org/785042/20:00
shadeslayer( strace output from mck182 )20:00
shadeslayermck182: this is on raring right?20:00
yofelshadeslayer: I know whe have an odbc related patch in soprano20:01
yofelcheck that20:01
shadeslayerIIRC wasn't that for unix-odbc?20:01
yofelI noticed nepomuk not working right in neon too btw.20:02
yofelI simply don't get to debug it :S20:02
shadeslayerdoubt that it's related to mck182's issue20:02
shadeslayermck182: did you compile your own soprano?20:03
shadeslayeror did you use the packaged one20:03
mck182aha...I did compile it myself sometime ago20:03
mck182but I think there was a package update for it...?20:03
shadeslayermck182: we have a couple of patches https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/saucy/soprano/saucy/files/head:/debian/patches/20:03
shadeslayermck182: make sure the compiled version is still not installed / overriding the package one?20:04
mck182good idea20:04
shadeslayerScottK: could you upload the packages that got rejected?20:05
ScottKHow many?20:05
ScottKSure.  Point me to .dsc's20:05
shadeslayerkdesdk-strigi-analyzers, kde-base-artwork, mplayerthumbs20:05
yofelre-tagging done20:06
shadeslayeruhm okay wait20:06
yofelkde-base-artwork o.O20:06
yofelah, probably because the dep was gone20:06
shadeslayerScottK: ^^]20:09
ScottKDo I need to do artwork too?20:09
shadeslayeryep, got rejected20:09
ScottKOK.  dsc for that too please.20:09
ScottKOh, nevermind20:09
shadeslayeryofel: cool ( re tagging )20:11
shadeslayerwasn't there a statistics tool that tracked the number of uploads one person does?20:12
yofelroot      1905  1.2  0.8 209100 16776 ?        Sl   22:10   0:01 /usr/bin/unity-system-compositor --from-dm-fd 10 --to-dm-fd 13 --vt 720:13
* shadeslayer can't find that anymoer20:13
yofelbware, i'm running xmir20:13
shadeslayerunsupported stack alert :P20:13
yofelI still haven't watched the latest video about it, only read the comment from martin on g+ about it20:14
yofelthis was probably the worst time to install it, because I now have no idea what it changed (with beta2 and kernel 3.10 being installed at the same time...)20:15
ScottKThe second video was better.20:15
yofelat least kwin opengl works on my netbook fine now, so i'm not too unhappy20:15
yofelshadeslayer: btw. launchpad shows how many packages you uploaded, no?20:17
shadeslayeryes, but there was another tool20:17
ScottKshadeslayer: If you were a MOTU, this wouldn't be a problem ...20:17
shadeslayerthere we go http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~stefanor/ubuntu-activity/20:21
shadeslayersecond video?20:23
shadeslayerI've only seen the one where all of the DE's were demo'd20:24
ScottKdput ubuntu *.changes is always fun.20:24
yofelbrrrrr, I need to do the rc1 initial upload20:24
yofelI'm hardly noticible in that cake :D20:24
shadeslayerhm, should I start the initial upload for raring?20:24
ScottKThose three are uploaded.20:26
shadeslayerScottK: thanks20:26
yofelif you backport, please do to staging20:26
yofelninjas raring is for 4.10.520:26
ScottKRiddell: I uploaded kdesdk-strigi-analyzers so over to you for New.20:27
yofeland use -u medium20:27
yofelotherwise that'll take a week20:27
ScottKIs 4.10.5 released?20:27
yofelnot that I know of20:27
yofeltnyblom was committing related stuff to the release tools, so they're working on it20:28
yofelmeh, I don't see what's wrong with that video :/20:29
shadeslayerI can't stop hitting print screen when I try to hit F1220:29
shadeslayerthe keys are too close together20:29
shadeslayeryofel: me neither :P20:29
ScottKWe know Canonical has to maintain the X stack in good shape for 13.10 because they need to be able to backport it to 12.04 for their hardware enablement stack.20:34
ScottKSo I think we can really just wait and see how things develop.20:34
shadeslayeryofel: did you try and backport things to Quantal/Precise20:53
sheytanJontheEchidna: Hey! I have a simple feature request for muon-updater: close the window after an update is complete without errors. Else notify the user via knotify. Why? I always hit the 'apply updates' button and minimize the window. But it's not needed anymore when the update is finished succesfull. :)20:53
yofelnot yet, there wasn't much time between finishing raring and starting beta220:53
yofelI'm not sure whether we want to backport to quantal20:54
yofelit would be a special case really as it's the only 18month support release we have20:54
shadeslayerit's still supported right?20:54
shadeslayeratleast till saucy is out20:55
yofelwell, we can try.20:55
ScottKraring is 18 months20:55
ScottKThe 9 month thing starts with saucy20:55
yofelhuh? I thought raring was 920:55
ScottKMaybe i'm wrong20:55
* yofel checks20:56
shadeslayerno raring is 9 months AFAIK20:56
yofelraring goes EOL  January 2014 20:56
ScottKIn any case, I think we should just do devel -1 for PPA backports of the new KDE version.20:56
ScottKI think doing devel -1 and current LTS is overkill.20:57
yofelwell, with the hooks it's not much work20:57
ScottKWho's doing security updates on the PPA?20:57
yofelthe question is rather whether it's doable20:57
yofel(anything I find)20:57
ScottKWith devel - 1, you can assume people will upgrade when the release happens and not worry to much.20:58
ScottKWith LTS, you have to assume people may be using the PPA packages for years.20:58
yofelthat's not much different when LTS is devel -1 though20:58
shadeslayerI don't think it's too much work with all the automation we have20:58
yofelyou would have to never to backports to LTS then20:59
yofel*never do20:59
shadeslayerand people seem to be generally happier when releases are backported20:59
shadeslayer( I've seen alot of praises for 4.10 being backported all the way to LTS )20:59
yofelI remembered another reason why I didn't backport beta120:59
yofelI  never added support for kde-release-specific backport hooks20:59
yofel2 things I know though that need thinking about:21:00
yofel1) precise needs at least boost 1.49 backport (works in neon)21:00
yofel2) NM stuff was removed from kde-workspace, pnm doesn't build in precise21:01
shadeslayerbah :/21:01
yofelbecause it needs NM >= 0.9.821:01
yofelprecise has .421:02
shadeslayernot sure if I'm comfortable about backporting boost21:02
ScottKBTW, I rescored some builds to try and get the key packages early in the dependency built.21:02
shadeslayerwhat's the default boost in precise btw?21:02
yofelit doesn't conflict with existing binaries so should be safe21:02
shadeslayerScottK: awesome21:02
yofelour backports use 1.4821:02
ScottKshadeslayer: I can tell you.  You ware not comfortable backporting boost.21:02
shadeslayerand we can't use 1.48 because?21:02
yofelcan't remember, something didn't build21:03
ScottKBetter to fix KDE to build with the older boost in the PPA than try to update boost.21:03
yofelmaybe it was fixed21:03
yofelwe can upload and see what breaks after that21:03
* shadeslayer will upload raring tonight, then try quantal/precise on Monday21:03
yofelstill doesn't change that I need to extend the backport script21:04
shadeslayeroh right, what exactly do you mean by <yofel> I  never added support for kde-release-specific backport hooks21:05
shadeslayerlike : 4.10.90_precise_hook ?21:05
yofelwell, if you edit the hooks now for 4.10.90, I can't backport 4.10.5 anymore21:05
yofelthat's why I only did  raring21:05
shadeslayershould be trivial?21:06
yofelwell, I need probably a dozen lines of code to handle "4.10.80" being mapped to 4.1121:06
yofelI can do that later, and rename all scripts21:07
yofelI'll do it now as I'm thinking about it anyway21:08
* ScottK waves a bright shiny object21:08
shadeslayera sonic screwdriver?21:09
shadeslayerthen we could just point it at kubuntu-batch-backport and things would just work21:10
yofelwon't happen unless we get sonic salamanders21:10
shadeslayeryofel: maybe an idea would be to have folders like $ubuntu_release/$kde_release21:10
shadeslayerand then you just mv $kde_release to whatever is the latest for bug fix releases and have a separate one for rc's21:11
shadeslayeri.e. precise/4.10.5 and precise/4.10.8021:11
shadeslayerplus, we already specific the ubuntu release and the kde release to the backport script21:12
shadeslayerso just add 5-6 lines and it should work?21:12
yofeloh, that would be a way, and needs 0 change to the script21:12
shadeslayeryep :)21:12
shadeslayerthen for each subsequent release you just mv the kde version folder21:12
shadeslayeror even better21:12
shadeslayercall then stable and next21:12
shadeslayerstable -> stable KDE releases21:13
shadeslayernext -> RC/Betas21:13
yofelyou don't move anything21:13
yofel  -b --hookdir <path>               location of the backport hooks [./backport-hooks]21:13
shadeslayeroh hah :D21:13
yofelbut yeah, stable/next would be an idea. or rather stable/unstable to match upstream21:15
shadeslayeryeah, unstable sounds better21:15
yofelso we move things to backport-hooks/stable, I make the script point there by default, we add a new backport-hooks/unstable folder for 4.1121:15
yofelthat we can point to by hand21:16
yofelthat's trivial21:16
shadeslayeryou could even make it a bit smart21:16
shadeslayertry and extract the last 2 digits of the version21:17
shadeslayerif those are > 80, use unstable21:17
shadeslayerwell, > 80 but not 0,1,2,3,4,521:17
shadeslayerscratch that last statement :)21:17
yofelyeah, I'll do that in the next commit after moving stuff probably21:17
shadeslayercool :)21:17
yofelfirst part done21:23
shadeslayerraring uploaded21:24
shadeslayerwaiting for email flood21:24
shadeslayeryofel: can you setup the status page for raring 4.10.9021:24
yofeluploaded where to?21:24
yofelcan do21:25
yofelhm, you upload faster than lp processes :D21:25
shadeslayerthis server has a insanely good upload speed :)21:25
shadeslayerScottK: can you rescore kde4libs in staging?21:27
yofeldone, and poke me later to give you access to that21:27
shadeslayerwill do21:27
ScottKshadeslayer: Link?21:27
shadeslayerstarts in 15 minutes21:28
yofeltell me again why you uploaded with low urgency?21:28
shadeslayerseems like the builders are pretty free21:29
yofelnow yes, can be completely different in an hour21:29
yofelah well, with some luck we'll be fine21:30
shadeslayerwell, a) weekend, I doubt there will be uploads over the weekend21:30
shadeslayeror rather, the number of uploads over the weekend would be low21:30
yofeltrue, and killing half of the neon builds probably helps too ^^21:30
shadeslayerb) seems a bit of abuse of power to bump urgency for something that isn't *that* urgent, we have 4.11 packages, so there's no immediate rush to get them out over the weekend21:31
yofelnot really, I just have a trauma from when I did that and it took me a week21:32
shadeslayerit took a week to build the packages :O21:32
yofelsure, the build queue's were like 12h most of the time21:33
shadeslayerI wish LP was more like OBS21:34
shadeslayerso many builders on OBS21:34
shadeslayerk sleeping21:38
soeei see raring is building :)21:40
* yofel moved status scripting on qa to /home/kubuntu21:41
yofelI hope I broke nothing21:41
shadeslayersoee: yeah, just uploaded it21:42
shadeslayeryofel: wfm21:42
soeeshadeslayer, how long it might take to build all packages >21:45
shadeslayersoee: anything between 12-36 hours I suppose21:45
shadeslayerwhile nothing should break21:45
shadeslayerbut if something does, people might not be around due to the weekend and breakage might  only get fixed on Monday21:46
soeeshadeslayer, already faild :S21:46
shadeslayersoee: yeah, ignore those for now21:47
yofelsoee: you want to track http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ninjas-status/build_status_4.10.90_raring.html21:49
yofeland gwenview failed because of FUD21:49
soeewhat is fud21:50
shadeslayergwenview failed because of food21:50
yofelright, lunchpad as we say21:50
shadeslayerwe did not feed the mighty lunchpad21:51
yofelit eats your builds for no reason21:51
geniiAnd your brains.21:52
ScottKhmmmm .... brainz .....21:52
soeeif i assign program to activity, than remove this activity22:02
soeethis program wont show up until i go system settings and remove its settings :<22:02
ScottKWho did symbols for kde4libs?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5809185/22:08
yofelme :/22:09
yofelthose don't show up in the ppa logs though22:10
ScottKThat's because the PPA doesn't have armhf22:10
yofeltrue, I'll upload u222:11
ScottKyofel: Once the kde4libs build on armhf is done, please fix up the armhf symbols.22:11
soeeokular and perlkde failed :<23:05
yofelsoee: as a rule of thumb: if an amd64 build fails but the i386 one is in dep-wait it's most likely archive skew23:13
yofelI'll worry once the i386 build fails too23:13
yofelScottK: just to make sure, I can mark all of that arch=!armhf, yes? http://paste.kde.org/785102/23:18
* yofel does this the proper way and actually fetches all build logs23:20
yofelthis doesn't quite seem to work :S23:24
ScottKThe symbolshelper doesn't seem to infer that no diff in a build log means the existing one is correct.23:31
ScottKSo I'm not surprised.23:31
ScottKI believe the answer to your question is yes.23:31
yofelyeah, I remembered that too. I'll upload what I have23:31
yofelthere's lots of other symbols added that look like they'll be MISSING on other archs in the next build23:31
yofelmostly templinst stuff though23:32
ScottKPerhaps through it at a PPA to check.23:32
yofelgood idea23:33
kubotuScottK meant: "Perhaps throw it at a PPA to check."23:35
manchickenHowdy howdy howdy.23:45
ScottKmanchicken: Howdy23:45
manchickenScottK: Did that thing ever build?23:46
ScottKIt did.23:46
manchickenAlso, do you know what Riddell wanted with that Python wiki script?23:46
manchickenHow bad did I screw you up?23:46
ScottKNot at all.23:46
manchickenWell that's a pleasant surprise :)23:46
ScottKI do have one question though ...23:47
ScottKI noticed that where we changed is actually already modified in a previous patch.23:47
ScottKIt's a patch of a patch.23:47
ScottKCould you look at the two patches together and let me know what we ought to send upstream?23:47
ScottKGotta run.23:48
manchickenWhich patches? Also, I don't remember the package name.23:48
soeeyofel, got my last question ?23:50
soee<soee> yofel, how is it that half of all packages waits for kdelibs5-dev and thers no such package on the list >23:50
yofelkdelibs5-dev is one of the binary packages built by kde4libs23:50
soeeah ok, thank you23:51
yofelthat's what they were really waiting for23:51

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