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Whiskey`Wonkawhat package gives me the restricted driver menu entry?04:30
ahoneybunWhiskey`Wonka: to install non-free drivers?>04:36
ahoneybunWhiskey`Wonka: search jockey04:37
Whiskey`Wonkaahoneybun: yea, had to boot another kubuntu, 'addition drivers' and google just spit the answer once i used the right term04:37
Whiskey`Wonkanow the issue is the enable button is grey04:37
ahoneybunin jockey?>04:37
Whiskey`Wonkaif thats what its called04:38
ahoneybunwell additional  Drivers04:38
Whiskey`Wonkayes that04:38
ahoneybunbut its package is called jockey and will give the same results04:38
ahoneybunthe activate button?04:39
Whiskey`Wonkait doesnt say 'activate' it says 'enable'04:39
ahoneybunwhat version of kubuntu are you on?04:39
ahoneybunsame odd04:39
ahoneybunit is a window that says "Additional Drivers"?04:40
Whiskey`Wonkayes sir04:40
ahoneybunmaybe there is no non-free drivers then04:40
Whiskey`Wonkathere are its a ati chipset04:40
ahoneybunrun lspci in a konsole window and paste it on paste.kde.org04:40
Whiskey`Wonkaits a ati rs880m04:41
Whiskey`Wonkamobility radeon hd 4225/425004:42
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ahoneybunWhiskey`Wonka: still looking04:55
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BluesKajHey all10:12
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soeeis it possible that using VM and testing there systems has any influence on normal system ?11:53
soeenegative influence11:53
cortexA9u know that installer crashed on the daily ?11:59
cortexA9i tried12:00
cortexA9and crash12:01
tsimpsoncortexA9: you should report that in #kubuntu-devel12:02
cortexA9ok tsimpson12:02
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haji_mohidini want to ask....what the different betwen ubuntu 12.10 & 13.0414:34
haji_mohidinplease help me14:34
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mparillohaji_mohidin: Since neither is a LTS (12.04 was), I think the newer one (13.04) would be 'better' for 99% of use cases.14:42
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soeehow can i remove outdated entries from krunner ?15:46
psinghWhere can I donwload the Oxygen icons shown at http://www.oxygen-icons.org/?cat=3 ?15:47
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bradleeI want to get addresses off of my kyocera presto using bluetooth...16:20
bradleeI opened up bluetooth devices and turned on my phones bluetooth16:22
bradleeI clicked search and the phone is not found yet.16:23
bradleebluetooth finds my lg motion but not my kyocera presto16:25
bradleeAfter searching I get a message "host is down" whatever that means16:25
izanagido dist-update16:26
bradleeMaybe I can try bluewho16:26
bradleebluewho found the phone16:27
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AethysiusHey guys, I got some problems, but a bitch ain't one.17:41
AethysiusMuseScore, Rosegarden and Hydrogen all do not open.17:42
AethysiusAnd I have no idea why.17:42
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Aethysiusalso, banshee keeps hanging18:03
BluesKajAethysius, ask in #ubuntu , bqanshee is a gtl app18:05
BluesKajerr gtk18:05
* BluesKaj put his glasses on18:06
smithwHello. I'm having some trouble with the cedilla on KDE. I'm using the en_US.UTF-8 locale and the "International with Dead Keys" keyboard layout. GTK applications and pure Qt applications correctly interprets the '+c key combination as cedilla (ç), but KDE ones will output an accented C (ć). Googling the issue pointed me to modify the /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8/Compose file and subsitute every ocurrence of ć by ç, which I already did, but it doe18:22
smithwsn't fix the issue. Anyone has any other ideas? Thanks.18:22
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AethysiusThey're not helping me.18:29
izanagiused google?18:31
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geniiAethysius: ubuntu-bug banshee ..if you want to file a bug18:32
geniismithw: Did you do a restart since then?18:32
AethysiusWell, it's more than just Banshee.18:34
smithwgenii, yes, a few times. I kind of found the problem, but no the solution; kde applications are using the ibus input method, which seems to ignore the Compose file. I'm now trying to figure out a way to make KDE apps use XIM for input method as default.18:34
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geniismithw: Looks like quite a bit on the subject here: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1404209.html but I'm not sure about the "unset XMODIFIERS thing " in the second posting18:41
smithwgenii, thanks a lot! I'll try it out and see if it works18:43
AethysiusRosegarden, MuseScore and Hydrogen are all provided by Kubuntu.......but why won't they work?18:45
AethysiusI simply uninstalled and reinstallled them!18:49
BluesKajand they work ?18:50
izanagiThe best solution since creation of computers.18:50
BluesKajAethysius, updating/upgrading also helps18:51
AethysiusOkay, Banshee's still retarded.19:14
BluesKajtry something else , like amarok , or clementine or even VLC19:15
AethysiusI like the way Banshee puts everything together.19:16
AethysiusThe presentation is awesome, but it does not work.19:16
mapythAre you an avid FOSS writer? Interested in presenting your thought, views and opinions on FOSS ? Then here's an opportunity to do so!19:27
mapythLINIT - The Annual FOSS Magazine of our college, is published annually to attract more and more people into the FOSS phenomena, removing myths, garnering support for Linux, proving its viability and vast potential!19:27
mapythIf interested in giving a presentation/speech/workshop we would be greatful indeed.19:27
mapythIf you wish to give us writings in general which can do general good in creating the FOSS movement more strong, your articles are always welcome.19:27
mapythSend in your articles to linit2k13@gmail.com with "Articles for Lini2k13" in the subject.19:27
FloodBotK1mapyth: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:27
mapythhttp://www.facebook.com/Linit2k13 please visit! if you are an avid FOSS writer, and word spreader!19:32
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czesiuluniui try to install kubuntu on toshiba satelite l750d from usb stick i preaper bootable usb from unetbootin i download kubuntu 12.04 iso 32-bit and when i put in computer i boof from usb (f12) i have first screen of boot menu and when i puch key the scren is freaze i cand do enything do you can help me?21:09
czesiuluniui try to install kubuntu on toshiba l750d21:12
stack_How can I upgrade kde-runtime 4.8.5 to kde-runtime 4.10 (kubuntu12.04 I am using)21:21
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ubottuGuest9627: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:27
wissamHi , How to substitute comma ( , ) with space using sed command?21:29
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