crasshow long should it take for an uploaded to src pkg to show up in the ppa?00:40
saiarcot895crass: the source package should appear in 5-10 minutes00:41
saiarcot895crass: the binaries have to be built and depend on the build queue00:42
crasssure, maybe I haven't waited long enough00:42
saiarcot895crass: the wait is around 30 minutes for i386 and amd64, so binaries will appear in 30 minutes+build time00:42
crassyeah, usually longer for my recipe builds, but I was just wondering about the time till you actually see anything change in the UI (even if to say waiting to build)00:43
saiarcot895crass: are the recipes themselves waiting to build or are the builds for the arch waiting?00:44
crassno, no, forget about recipes, I was talking about a dputt'ed source pkg00:46
StevenKczajkowski: When did you upload it?00:46
crasshow can I tell?00:46
crassprobably around 10min ago, I'll wait a little longer and see what happens00:47
crasssaid successfully uploaded00:47
StevenKThat's only local00:47
crassbut I'd expect and automatic email confirming the upload, but there is none00:47
StevenKIt gets processed server side00:47
StevenKcrass: What's your LP username?00:47
wgrantcrass: You'd expect an email within 10 minuts00:47
* StevenK digs up some logs00:48
crassactually, I was thinking right away00:48
wgrantThey're still processed by a */5 cronjob00:48
wgrantNo such thing as right away in that world :)00:48
crassyep, def been more than 5 though00:49
StevenK2013-06-28 00:35:22 INFO        Launchpad failed to process the upload path '~cr00:49
StevenKCould not find a PPA named 'crass' for 'crass'.00:49
wgrantSo you'll have a rejection email00:49
StevenKYour PPA is probably called 'ppa'00:49
crassok, got a failure email00:49
crassyeah it is00:49
StevenKIt was sent 15 minutes ago00:49
StevenKOh, I wonder if indium is having fun again00:50
crassstrange, I guess its taking gmail a while to get it00:50
wgrantStevenK: It was fine an hour ago00:51
StevenKcrass: You have two much crass in your path: ~crass/ppa is what you're after00:51
kalakawhat does "Source/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed." mean? should I move the binaries to a different folder and try uploading again?00:51
StevenKkalaka: You can only upload source.00:51
wgrantkalaka: How are you invoking dpkg-buildpackage or debuild?00:52
StevenKWe do not permit binary uploads from anywhere but the builders themselves.00:52
wgrantkalaka: You need to give them the -S option to ask them to just produce a source upload00:52
crassok, that's because of a missing ~00:52
wgrantcrass: You should just want to say 'dput ppa:crass/ppa FOO_VERSION_source.changes00:53
crasswgrant: did that, I think it should be dput ppa:~crass/ppa ..., no?00:53
kalakaso just the -S flag should do the trick (w/o moving files around)?00:53
StevenKcrass: The config file includes the ~00:53
wgrantcrass: Due to various historical mistakes the ~ is implied in dput00:54
wgrantYour PPA page will show you the upload command00:54
kalakait just says dput ppa:kalaka/ppa <source.changes>00:54
kalakaI'm invoking dpkg-buildpackage, btw wgrant00:55
wgrantkalaka: Give it the -S argument00:55
kalakaok, thanks00:55
wgrantIt'll generate a PACKAGE_VERSION_source.changes00:55
wgrantdput that instead00:55
kalakabut wgrant, I have other files on that folder, should I move them?00:56
wgrantkalaka: They don't matter00:56
kalakaI see, thanks00:56
wgrantThe .changes defines which files are uploaded by dput00:56
kalakaIt says files have already been uploaded (but I'm already using the -f flag)00:58
wgrantWhat is the exact command you're using, and the exact text of the error message?00:58
crassI must upload once per distro, right?00:58
kalakaI tried several ways00:58
kalakaaccording to dput --help though, there is no -S flag00:59
wgrantcrass: Once per distro release, yes00:59
wgrantkalaka: -S is a flag to dpkg-buildpackage or debuild01:00
wgrantNot dput01:00
crasskalaka: the -S is for dpkg-buildpackage01:00
kalakaI feel pretty dumb :)01:00
kalakaYes, finally! my first ppa, thanks wgrant and StevenK!01:12
saiarcot895Are there any plans of making debdiffs so that, in the case of large debs, users only have to download what's changed?01:22
wgrantsaiarcot895: I don't think Ubuntu is working on debdelta support at the moment.01:24
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thomiDoes launchpad publish packages for each architecture as they're built, or does it wait for all architectures to be built, and then publish them all at once?02:56
tsimpsonit publishes them as they are built02:57
thomiawesome, thankds02:57
thomiI'm really glad I don't have t wait for this arm build :)02:57
* kalaka *sighs*03:07
kalakaI uploaded a file into my PPA, I had some build problems so I changed the src and reuploaded but I'm getting an error saying the file already exists but has different contents03:09
kalakaI mean, I changed the src, recompiled and reuploaded03:09
kalakaI checked the wiki but I dont understand the answer03:09
tsimpsonyou should not modify the original source, but rather add patches to the build system03:13
tsimpsonor you'll have to upload the source with a newer version03:13
kalakaah, I see03:14
kalakathats what the help file should say! thanks :)03:14
tsimpsonI'm sure it's there somewhere, but I don't feel like wading through the wiki right now ;)03:15
wgrantkalaka: If you make a change to the package, you need to add a new changelog entry with a new version03:25
wgrantYou can't have two different packages with the same version; that doesn't make sense, and will be rejected.03:25
kalakaI see03:26
kalakaWhat if I just change the version slightly?03:26
kalakais that a terrible thing to do for a minor change in the code? its really just one line03:26
wgrantYour version should probably have been something like 2.0.0+git20130627-0ppa103:28
wgrantOtherwise an official version won't supersede it03:28
wgrantThen for a minor change like you're making now, you'd just increment the last digit03:28
kalakaThe official version is outdated03:28
wgrantSure, but then when the official Ubuntu version becomes unoutdated, it should surely supersede your unofficial one03:29
kalakaIt's from the SVN that was discontinued in 201103:29
kalakaOK, I understand03:29
kalakaLike, if Ubuntu developers finally build the newest version, it should replace mine03:29
wgrantIf Debian does it, it'll be 2.0.0+git20130627-1. If Ubuntu does it first, it'd be 2.0.0+git20130627-0ubuntu103:30
kalakaI already dput the package though03:30
wgrant0ppa1 is less than both 1 and 0ubuntu1, so it's a good version to use to ensure that your package is superseded by any official one03:30
kalakashould I change the name to 2.0.0+git20130627-0ppa1 and upload it again?03:31
kalakaeven if it builds correctly? can i remove the old package afterwards?03:32
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czajkowskiStevenK: when did I upload what ?03:38
StevenKczajkowski: I must of missed when I was talking to crass, I'm sorry.03:39
czajkowskiah no worries03:42
kalakahey, packages that failed to build don't really matter, right? I mean, can I delete them somehow or what should I do?03:58
kalakasorry if im being annoying with all this questions, I really have no idea what i'm doing? ^^04:00
tsimpsonif a package didn't build then there's nothing really to delete04:07
kalakaOK, i should quit IRC, im asking the most ridiculous of questions, deleting a package is super simple, there's a bunch help files04:11
kalakathanks everyone for your help, though04:11
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crassso what's the procedure for uploading source pkgs to build for multiple distros?12:38
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crassI can upload for one distro, but then for another of the same version, it says I'm uploading a tarball that exists on the server but with different contents12:38
tsimpsonjust upload the .changes and .dsc, not the source tarball12:39
tsimpsonor if you don't require a rebuild you can just copy the packages to a different series, just beware that packages built on one series may not work on another (especially older ones)12:41
crassany hints on how to do that? I don't see any such option in dput12:41
tsimpsonjust don't build your source package with -sa12:42
crassahh, ok, thanks12:42
dobeyrebuild source for each series too. and append the series to the changelog version string such as "~precise1" or "~saucy1" which will ensure upgrades will work properly for same version in different series12:51
geseryou can't upload the same package version for multiple releases (unless you copy it through the LP interface), for uploading you need different package versions (e.g. by including the targeted release name/version)12:51
crassok, so not uploading the source doesn't work?12:52
crassdobey: I do add that to the changelog12:52
dobeyuploaded version numbers have to be unique12:53
crassok, so the only way is to copy the pkg to the same ppa via LP site and select the desired release and to rebuild src12:54
dobeyyou can rebuild the source for each series as i said, and just not use the -sa option to debuild, to avoid including the tarball.12:55
dobeybut the version number must be unique for each series, hence the appendage of ~precise1 etc when rebuilding12:56
crassok, so not uploading the source _does_ work?12:56
crassdobey: ok, but the problem is that the src tarball doesn't have the version part after the '-' which is usually where you put the ~distro12:57
gesercrass: you upload e.g. mypackage-0.0-0myppa1~raring1 to raring and mypackage-0.0-0myppa1~quantal1 to quantal, mypackage-0.0-0myppa1~precise1 to precise (or a silimar version scheme)12:57
crassgeser: that's what I'm trying to do, but the issue is that for all 3 of those the uploaded tarball has the same filename12:58
dobeycrass: yes, do NOT use the -sa option for debuild -S.12:58
dobeycrass: without that, it won't upload the tarball12:58
crassok, let me see12:59
geser(but the sha1sum of that tarball has to be the same to let it work)12:59
cjwatsoncrass: the other option is that if you can get away with the same binary on all the series you care about (so no different library sonames etc.) then just upload to the oldest series and then copy-with-binaries to all the newer series once built13:04
cjwatsonbut generally wisest to copy forwards not backwards13:05
crassok, thanks, I'll keep that in mind.  I've got a script for generating and uploading the src for all the distros, which is easier than having to go through the LP UI13:06
crassso, let's say that I upload a src pkg that fails to build, how can I upload another with fixes? I have to change the upstream version? (not just the part after the '-')13:14
gesercrass: it's still the same upstream version, just a different package version (the part after the last -)13:16
geserif your 0.0-0myppa1 failed to build, fix it and upload as 0.0-0myppa213:16
crassright, so the .orig tarball should be the same? cause mine has the debian folder in it13:17
cjwatsonyou only need to change the bit before the dash if you're changing the upstream tarball13:17
cjwatsondon't put debian/ in your .orig13:17
cjwatsonbad and wrong13:17
gesersounds like a native package13:17
crassok, well, its the tools that are doing it13:17
cjwatsonif you want to maintain it all in one place then just use native versioning (no -), indeed13:17
cjwatsonno, this is a choice13:17
cjwatsonif you're using an .orig, then generate it without debian/13:18
cjwatsonif that's horribly inconvenient or unsuitable or whatever, there is the option to just put it all in one tarball and use native versioning13:18
crassI'm doing dpkg-buildpackage -S in the src dir, so the src dir shouldn't have a debian folder?13:18
cjwatsonthe directory where you run dpkg-buildpackage -S must have a debian directory13:19
crassthat's what I thought13:19
cjwatsonbut dpkg-buildpackage -S never generates an .orig for you13:19
crassoh! yes, that is me13:19
cjwatsonthe default layout is intended for the model where you're packaging software created by somebody else, so the tarballs that that somebody else produces typically won't contain the packaging13:20
crassyes, and I am doing that, but from a git repo, so I need to make the tarball myself13:21
crassso, if I've already uploaded a bad tarball, how do I get rid of it?13:23
cjwatsonnew version13:24
cjwatsonor you can also use the 3.0 (quilt) source format (controlled by debian/source/format; see 'man dpkg-source') which ignores any debian directory in the .orig13:25
crasshmm, I am using that format13:25
cjwatsonthen no problem, just change the part of the version after -13:26
cjwatsonthe debian directory in your .orig is being ignored when the source package is unpacked, overwritten by the one in the .debian.tar.gz13:27
crassok, let see if that works13:27
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