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guest11111Is there anybody here? I just joined in.02:56
malaphusis lxde still using gtk 2?  namely lxpanel03:23
Unit193The one in Raring is, and as far as I know same in git.03:25
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guest11111Is threre a difference between the lubuntu software center and the ubuntu software center03:43
holsteinguest11111: i havnet checked both of them out in a while, but the sources will be the same03:43
holsteinguest11111: you have access to the packages your sources link you too03:44
guest11111holstein: thanks03:44
Unit193guest11111: Little bit, USC is heavier and LSC doesn't support paid applications.03:44
holsteinthe softare center allows purchasing apps outside of that, AFAIK03:44
Unit193holstein: Yep.03:44
holsteinif one need to, one could install the main software center in lubuntu03:45
holsteinUnit193: i guess one would do that to purchase an app?03:45
Unit193A USC supported application, or if you've already done so you can use USC to install it.03:45
guest11111i'm kind of new to linux. Is there an IRC channel that would be good for me? thanks03:47
holsteinguest11111: dpends on what you want/need.. this is a good place to ask about lubuntu.. theres #ubuntu.. #ubuntu-beginners, though that one has slowed down03:48
guest11111I know that lubuntu is ubuntu with the lxde desktop enviroment and i (now) know that there is a difference between the lubuntu and ubuntu software center but are there many other differences?03:53
Unit193Default applications differ, and so do the settings.03:54
guest11111thanks unit19303:55
guest11111I like lubuntu. It's lightweight and usable.03:59
guest11111and includes alot of programs03:59
luke1Hello Everbody.04:22
luke1Hello. I keep getting Random crash errors. like it will say lubuntu 13.04 has experienced an internal error04:24
holsteinluke1: like?04:24
holsteinluke1: what says what exactly?04:25
holsteinluke1: what i might do is just apply all upgrades.. in a terminal "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" and report any errors04:26
luke1Lubuntu 13.04 Keeps Getting Errors  on the screen. It Will say Lubuntu 13.04 has experienced an internal error. sorry about the wording of my last question.04:26
holsteinluke1: and, after applying upgrades?04:27
luke1i will try that04:27
luke1Thank You.04:28
luke1ashams are you on #lubuntu and #lubuntu-offtopic?04:30
ashamshey luke1  o/04:31
binaryhermithe/she's gone04:31
_rgni'm having a problem with Lubuntu that the volume control in the system tray doesn't work with the headphone jack. instead, i need to use surround and pcm sliders in alsamixer, anything i can do to fix this? i also had to enable Duplicate Front option for the headphone jack to work in the first place11:35
profus2can someone be of help with regard to the cups service being action in 13.04?12:02
malaphusFor lxpanel (gtk-2) themes, should I be looking at the GTK Window Border themes, or the Controls themes?13:15
phillwhi luke117:59
luke1hi phillw18:01
luke1where are most programs  installed by default?18:03
luke1what folder?18:03
wxlluke1: depends. is there a particular program?18:03
luke1not really a particular program I just thought that all programs you install went to one folder if you didn't really specify.18:06
wxlfor example, pcmanfm and cat are in two different folders18:06
wxlyou can use locate, whereis, or find on the command line if you want to track something down18:07
luke1thanks wxl18:09
wxlnp luke118:10
luke1this channel isn't very active right now.18:27
geniiI usually take that to mean that everyone's Lubuntu is running problem free ;)18:31
luke1yes genni:)18:32
luke1Hello everybody.18:54
luke1wxl: yes18:56
luke1When software updater comes up under the security updates it says lubuntu base. what is that?19:06
luke1one of the updates is called lubuntu base and it has said it muultipple19:07
luke1sorry about that last post i didn't type is all the way and pressed enter19:07
luke1hi all19:55

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