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dpmgood morning all07:39
dholbachgood morning07:48
dpmkalikiana, btw, did you find out anything else about the u1db package not building?07:55
kalikianadpm, I know how it failed, I will find out to solve it shortly08:02
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1195311 in U1DB Qt/ QML "Build failure Can't link to 'Ubuntu User Interface Toolkit'" [Critical,Confirmed]08:02
dpmok, cool08:13
om26ergusch, re: camera flat out doesn't work08:18
om26ergusch, thats grouper; Nexus 708:19
guschom26er: might be that it's still the problem of switching to saucy - we need to ask sergiusens ricmm etc.08:21
om26ergusch, its been like that since forever, we talked about that at the client sprint08:21
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* om26er talking about https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/119114008:23
JAMESTAITGood morning all, happy Friday and HAPPY CAPS LOCK DAY! :-D08:23
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1191140 in touch-preview-images "camera flat out doesn't work" [Medium,New]08:23
guschom26er: no one talked to me about that - my knowledge is that the group of ricmm sergiusens etc. take care for that08:23
guschom26er: "that" means the Nexus 7 problem08:24
guschom26er: I don't have a Nexus 7, so I can't work on that08:25
om26ergusch, ah, right. thx08:26
JAMESTAITom26er, both, apparently. And there's even a rival one on August 22nd. At least according to wikipedia, which must be right, right? ;)08:32
kalikianadpm, u1db-qt builds for saucy are there and -doc as well09:33
dpmkalikiana, perfect, I'll go and generate the docs09:46
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guschboiko: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/galley-no-startup-mediarow-update/+merge/17201813:26
boikogusch: let me take it a look13:28
guschboiko: if you need one that's a bit longer: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-file-watcher-in-thread/+merge/172011 ;)13:29
boikogusch: any easy way to test the first one or should I just do a code review?13:31
guschboiko: you can use --startup-timer for the old, and the new version13:32
guschboiko: but you need some photos (~300ms speedup with ~1000 photo on the GalaxyNexus)13:32
guschboiko: same for the second MR ...13:33
boikogusch: ok, actually I just want to make sure it stills works, I trust you have done the time measuring :)13:34
boikogusch: the first one is approved, the other I will review later13:57
guschboiko: cool thx13:57
boikogusch: btw, I have just seen that CI failed in the second MR13:58
guschboiko: some problem of jenkins with sthating X it seems - I restarted already13:59
boikogusch: ok13:59
AskUbuntuProblem with QtCreator after update | http://askubuntu.com/q/31387914:16
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AskUbuntuIssue with dynamic Quicklist in Unity | http://askubuntu.com/q/31390015:02
guschboiko: meanwhile the second MR was approved by jenkins (would be cool to get this in for my next MR)15:43
kalikianainteresting tidbit "International Caps Lock Day is in fact a testament to the small mindedness of certain Western individuals: the majority of the world’s population writes in scripts which have no concept of letter casing. Therefore it is advised to laugh at anyone who invokes this day as an excuse to dismiss local typographical conventions: they are simply making an ass out of themselves."16:24
kalikiana^^ JAMESTAIT16:25
boikogusch: I'll review that soon16:29
guschboiko: great16:29
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boikogusch: approved17:01
guschboiko: thx17:01
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guschboiko: hi - if you want to ... https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/gallery-app/gallery-more-loaders/+merge/17211618:00
boikogusch: probably in an hour or so if that's fine for you18:00
guschboiko: but it will conflict with the last MR (only small one)18:00
guschboiko: cool - 350ms faster startup - even for an empty gallery :D18:01
boikogusch: cool! if those optimizations are things that can be applied to other projects, you should document them :)18:01
guschboiko: loaders, loader, loader (using source, not sourceComponent), and lazy loading - the usual stuff18:05
Kaleoboiko: hey18:07
Kaleoboiko: so I need some help18:07
boikoKaleo: hi18:07
Kaleoboiko: with https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/phone-app/new_theming18:07
boikoKaleo: sure, what's up?18:07
Kaleoboiko: it's an attempt an adapting the phone app to the new/simpler theming infrastructure in the SDK18:08
KaleoThe ItemStyle attached property has been removed and widgets now have a 'style' property equivalent to what ItemStyle.delegate was providing.18:08
KaleoThe Ubuntu UI Toolkit merge request containing that change is: https://code.launchpad.net/~fboucault/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/simple_theming/+merge/17164518:08
KaleoFor testing, armhf packages of the toolkit are available at: http://people.canonical.com/~kaleo/sdk_simple_theming/18:08
Kaleoboiko: I did some testing of the phone app but I'm not very used to it so maybe I missed some bugs18:08
Kaleoboiko: and I found 2 issues so far18:09
Kaleoboiko: 1) keypad button 1, recorder symbol should be below the number18:09
Kaleoboiko: 2) going to a contact and back: no header file:///usr/share/phone-app/Widgets/PhonePage.qml:36: Error: Cannot assign QObject* to QQmlComponent*18:09
Kaleoboiko: I'd like to have your opinion and discuss it18:09
boikoKaleo: ok, let me try your packages18:10
boikoKaleo: do you have an armhf package for the phone-app with your changes in?18:12
Kaleoboiko: nope18:12
Kaleoboiko: oh wait18:13
Kaleoboiko: yes18:13
boikoKaleo: great!18:13
Kaleoboiko: http://people.canonical.com/~kaleo/sdk_simple_theming/phone-app_0.59.16_armhf.deb18:14
Kaleoboiko: after looking a bit into the code I think I know the fix for 2)18:17
Kaleoboiko: and for 1) I think KeypadBution.qml should be an AbstractButton not a Button18:19
boikoKaleo: let me see, the last time I looked into that code was long ago already :)18:19
Kaleoboiko: for 2) I think PhonePage.qml's headerContents property should be a Component18:21
boikoKaleo: for the icon in keypad, I am actually seeing two icons18:22
boikoKaleo: one in the right place and one centered, hmm, weird18:22
Kaleoboiko: yes I'm seeing two icons two18:23
Kaleoboiko: which is because it's a Button18:23
Kaleoboiko: a Button has an Image inside18:23
Kaleoboiko: and AbstractButton does not18:23
boikooh ok, so button actually has the iconSource property?18:24
Kaleoboiko: AbstractButton does; hence Button too18:26
boikoKaleo: ok, so in that case we would need to draw the texts and icons by ourselves?18:27
Kaleoboiko: which you do already18:27
Kaleoboiko: in KeypadButton.qml18:27
boikoKaleo: indeed18:27
Kaleoboiko: which is why it appears twice18:27
boikoKaleo: let me see if it fixes the problems18:28
boikoKaleo: yep, it does, so, ok, I will create a branch fixing that one18:30
Kaleoboiko: great18:30
Kaleoboiko: I have a question 3)18:30
boikoKaleo: about 2), let me check the code, I remember this header thing was very tricky18:30
Kaleoboiko: why in DetailViewContact/ContactDetails.qml do you use a custom EditToolbar?18:31
Kaleoboiko: ok18:31
boikoKaleo: workaround for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/phone-app/+bug/118133918:32
ubot2`Ubuntu bug 1181339 in phone-app "[contacts] keyboard appears over toolbar" [High,Fix released]18:32
boikoKaleo: until we get the new designs in place18:32
Kaleoboiko: ok18:34
boikoKaleo: for the header, it would be nice to have a real API for setting custom headers from within a page18:35
boikoKaleo: I think a Component is fine there, but I need to test, I am not working on phone-app itself right now, so I will fix that one later if it is fine for you18:39
Kaleoboiko: page.header.style is the real API18:40
Kaleoboiko: that's fine18:41
Kaleoboiko: I just want to have this done by Monday18:41
Kaleoboiko: so that we can merge everything on Tuesday morning18:41
Kaleoboiko: (9 other apps needed to be adapted)18:41
boikoKaleo: not sure I'll be able to do that today, busy with other things I want to have done by Monday :/18:41
Kaleoboiko: by Monday I mean, Monday night18:41
boikoKaleo: ok, that I can manage to do18:42
Kaleoboiko: thanks for your help18:42
boikoKaleo: so, if you look at PhonePage.qml, I need to reset the ItemStyle.delegate after a page is deactivated, what I meant for a real API was something like a property that would be automatically checked when a page is activated or deactivated18:43
Kaleoboiko: like a property on the page iteself18:45
Kaleoboiko: right18:45
boikoKaleo: yeap, or even the page.header.style if it updates automatically when the page is activated or deactivated18:45
Kaleoboiko: I would have to speak with design to understand if it's really supposed to be like that or it's just an undesired discrepancy that the phone app has18:46
boikoKaleo: by the time it was implemented it was supposed to be like that (according to design), but the design is changing, so I think we better wait for the new design to be ready to check that18:53
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nik90Can anyone help me with an issue regarding the button?22:35
nik90I created a button with an image on the left. The code can be seen at http://paste.ubuntu.com/5809259/22:36
nik90however when I run it, I only see the image and not text.22:36
nik90Any help would be appreciated22:37
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