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dpmgood morning07:39
smartboyhwGood afternoon dpm07:40
dpmhey smartboyhw :)07:42
dholbachgood morning07:48
* popey hugs dholbach 07:48
* dholbach hugs popey back07:49
jussidholbach: hows the eyes?08:07
dholbachjussi, better, but everything else hurts08:09
smartboyhwHey dholbach :)08:10
dholbachhey smartboyhw08:10
jussidholbach: I don't get it though, you are like one of the gentlest people I know...08:11
dholbachI updated the FB post some minutes ago: The boyfriend of my sister and I were in a bar nearby and two drunk guys were making trouble and going on the bar girl's (and everybody else's) nerves. When they got loud, we stepped in - that's when things escalated. The funniest thing was to hear from the cops on how to best treat pepper spray in the eyes, etc.08:11
smartboyhwdholbach, what exactly happened? Full story plz.08:12
dholbachno, I can't type too quickly, one of my fingers hurts right now08:13
smartboyhwdholbach, :(08:31
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dakerbkerensa: chromium 28 on 12.04 and 12.10 :)15:07
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone15:55
balloonsu too dholbach feel better!16:03
balloonsand no more big episodes this weekend k mate? Just for a couple days :-)16:03
dholbachhaha promise16:04
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jonoballoons, happy birthday!18:47
balloonsty jono18:48
jcastrowhat? a birthday?19:08
jcastrohappy birthday!19:08
bkerensajono: PING23:28
jbichahey, it looks like Lubuntu will *not* be using Mir in the near future: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2013-June/004793.html23:43
bkerensajbicha: thats because Jono posted a link to a non-official blog ;)23:44
bkerensajbicha: notice the poster on that blogspot announcement had a Chinese name23:44
jbichathe blog post was taken down already23:45

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