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hggdhIIRC: please give admin access of: #ubuntu-br-artwork, #ubuntu-br-ms, #ubuntu-br-pb, #ubuntu-br-pe, #ubuntu-br-pi, and #ubuntu-br-rr to hggdh (myself) and tiagoscd12:50
IdleOnehmm staff is going all CAPS. /me worries13:05
hggdhiirc: please give admin access on : #ubuntu-br-artwork, #ubuntu-br-ms, #ubuntu-br-pb, #ubuntu-br-pe, #ubuntu-br-pi, and #ubuntu-br-rr to hggdh (myself) and tiagoscd16:44
* hggdh now tries with lower case ;-)16:45
AlanBellhi hggdh17:08
AlanBellso they all have just freenode-staff in the access list17:08
AlanBellstaff can we get ubuntuirccouncil added with a full christmas tree of lights to #ubuntu-br-artwork, #ubuntu-br-ms, #ubuntu-br-pb, #ubuntu-br-pe, #ubuntu-br-pi, and  #ubuntu-br-rr17:09
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hggdhAlanBell: Actually, one of them I cannot even see the access list17:35
hggdhAlanBell: on #ubuntu-br-ms I get chanserv saying I am not authorised to see the access list17:36
FUCHSthat is because it is set to PRIVATE17:37
FUCHSthat doesn't really matter, since the Ubuntu GCs  (IRCC, in this case) has the right to claim anything in their namespace17:37
hggdhnice :-)17:38
FUCHSAlanBell: you might want to try #freenode or -gab instead, as people (read: erry) are more active there17:42
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LjLi will make a browser called Feuerfuchs and claim the name20:07
FuchsI will do things to your dead body in front of your children *nods*20:08
* LjL backs away20:08
PriceyAlanBell: All done.20:25
hggdhPricey: in your debt20:26
hggdhPricey: but #ubuntu-br-ms is still private?20:27
Priceyhggdh: Yes. I've just done what AlanBell's asked. 'ubuntuirccouncil' would be able to undo that if they wanted.20:28
hggdhPricey: ack, and thank you20:29
AlanBellthanks Pricey21:07
PriceyNo probs.21:08
ubot5In #ubuntuforums, tenstargrill said: ubot5: Error: "Please" is not a valid command.22:45
ubot5In ubot5, tenstargrill said: Error: "Your" is not a valid command.22:45
darkxstHi, I am the technical lead for Ubuntu GNOME, can I get access to be able to change the channel topic on our IRC channel?23:06
IdleOnedarkxst: you are on the access list for #ubuntu-gnome, you should be able to op up and set the topic23:09
darkxstIdleOne, Oh right, how do I "op up"?23:12
IdleOne/msg chanserv help op23:13
IdleOneso /msg chanserv op #ubuntu-gnome darkxst23:13
darkxstIdleOne, great, thanks...23:15
AlanBellhggdh: you should have ops access to all those channels and -br-ms is not private now23:21
hggdhAlanBell: thank you very much. A Q in sequence: I think the ubuntuirccouncil should be in all our channels, am I correct?23:25
IdleOneit is recommeneded but not obligatory23:25
hggdhdoes not hurt, and allow for the ircc to intervene if needed. OK. Will take care of it23:26

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