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dholbachgood morning07:48
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kokoye2007hello who can help with LoCoDnsADdmin17:32
czajkowskikokoye2007: what do you mean ?17:39
czajkowskikokoye2007: for dns issues the best place is #canonical-sysadmin but they may say email rt@ubuntu.com17:39
kokoye2007ahh czajkowski 17:39
kokoye2007first time i request to re@ ubuntu .com17:40
kokoye2007they mount to my ip17:40
czajkowskikokoye2007: best ask in #canonical-sysadmin 17:40
kokoye2007i can't setup mx ns and cname 17:40
czajkowskikokoye2007: you'll have to ask in the other channel 17:41
kokoye2007thx czajkowski see you later17:41
neo31Hello, I have already planned ReApprovalApplication2013 of ubuntu-tn for next LoCo Council meeting. Does it matter that approval expires before that date please?17:52
czajkowskineo31: no not at all just fire the council a mail and we can either do it via bug or via the next meeting which ever suits :) 17:53
neo31I already did czajkowski , I have sent an email on loco-contact mailing list and a copy to jono and sergio. bhavani already responded on the mailing list that it's been scheduled for next meeting.17:56
czajkowskineo31: ok wondered why it went to the contacts list :) 17:57
neo31yet i am not sure if it should be approved before it expires (through launcpad bug) or if it could wait until next meeting17:57

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