CarstenGHi all15:43
hannieHey CarstenG15:44
CarstenGTeXLive 2013 is available since some days...15:46
CarstenGDid anybody test it if it works with our project?15:46
hannieok. did you install it?15:47
hannieI haven't (yet)15:47
hanniePerhaps you can ask via our mailing list15:47
hannieI have installed Saucy alpha using Testdrive15:48
CarstenGNo, I did not yet install it.15:49
CarstenGBut I will try it on my saucy alpha...15:50
hannie...and publish the result on the ML :)15:51
CarstenGSure :-)15:54
godbykCarstenG: I've tested it.16:38
godbykCarstenG: There's an issue with the glossaries package.16:38
godbykCarstenG: A bug in the glossaries package was preventing our manual from compiling.16:38
godbykCarstenG: I've added a workaround to our ubuntu-manual.cls file in raring. I haven't copied it to saucy yet.16:39
godbykCarstenG: Otherwise the manual seems to compile but I haven't had a chance to fully review it yet.16:39
godbykCarstenG: (That's why I haven't emailed the list about TL 2013 yet.)16:39
CarstenGHi Kevin16:54
CarstenGThanks for this information.16:54
godbykNo problem.16:54
godbykI'll be back in just a bit.16:54
CarstenGDid you already upload the change?16:54
godbykI uploaded the change to raring ubuntu-manual.cls16:55
godbykIt's near the bottom of the file with a lengthy comment explaining it.16:55
CarstenGin wich rev?16:56
CarstenGI don't see a change after the release of TL201316:56
godbykLet me check.16:57
CarstenGI have rev 267 in raring16:57
manualbothttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring/revision/267 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring -r 26716:57
manualbot`http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring/revision/267 | http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/raring -r 26716:57
godbykHmm.. strange.16:58
godbykMaybe the changes didn't get pushed.16:58
godbykI did the work on my laptop while I was at my parents' house last week. Their Internet connection kept cutting out.16:58
godbykI'll check on my laptop this evening and push the changes.16:58

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