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CoreyWe still want the webchat quieted?03:05
Piciwe'd need to have the floodbots updated to work nicely with the new webchat change03:06
IdleOneDid the changes make it so floodbots are not setting +e ?03:07
Piciwe do have 329 active bans :|03:09
IdleOneis that all03:10
IdleOneI'll try to be more active.03:10
k1lunban ALL the trolls \o/03:11
CoreyTempting to clear the ban list and start over./03:50
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LjLPici, now that the hostname is back in the gecos, the floodbots should work normally. on the other hand, since bans by IP are apparently now effective on webchat as well as on access from hostname or ip, i guess it would be nice if either all bans were done by IP (with scripts or something to help), or if the floodbots or other bots could automatically change them into such (or add an IP ban, but that would mean twice the amount of bans).11:45
LjLthe floodbots aren't very suited to do that, though, due to lack of threading in PHP, which means that since hostname-to-IP lookups can take time, the bots may freeze11:46
ikoniaLjL: would a dns lookup on either the host/ip and ban that way help11:46
ikoniaif we uniformed the scripts across irssi/xchat etc to do dns lookup +b $result11:47
LjLikonia: yes that's what i meant to say as "option 1". i can see it might be a problem to implement it on *all* clients ops use though, and maybe there would be "cosmetic" drawbacks to having the entire banlist be by IP (but that would be a problem with "option 2" as well)11:48
ikoniait may actually help to have a uniform ban list of all ip or all hostname11:49
ikoniamakes bantracker searchers easier/better11:49
ikonialittle bit of effort I think the core clients could be updated, more so if it's irssi/xchat/quassel....what else11:50
LjLikonia: i'm really not sure about that. usually it tended to be "best" to ban as... whatever the user showed up as. if i have a hostname in the /whois, then i'll tend to look for the hostname, if i have an IP in the /whois, i'll look for the IP. that's kinda natural11:50
ikoniaI could update irssi, I know pici is much better with python than he lets on, so that's xchat11:50
ikoniathat part I know nothing about11:50
ikoniaweechat is the same as irssi isn't it ?11:51
LjLit's a console client but i don't think it has to do with irssi11:51
ikoniabut I take your point11:51
ikoniaI thought it was a fork of irssi for some reason11:52
ikoniajust get a list of what everyone uses and see what can be done11:52
LjLother issue - since again DNS lookup can be slow (not just for the floodbots), it might mean that even if an op bans a spammer fast, the ban gets only set later when they have spammed more.11:54
LjLan "option 3" could be to have a bot monitor webchat joins, and ban on the fly if it notices a match11:55
ikoniawhat about option 411:58
ikoniahost a rbl type ban list and implement option 3 as you suggested11:58
ikoniathus keeping the ban list cleaner and floodbots being a bit more dynamic11:58
ikoniabut that maybe over kill11:58
LjLikonia: i don't get the difference between that and "option 3"12:01
ikoniaperhaps I've missunderstood option 312:02
LjLikonia: i meant like, you ban *!*@host.name, ubottu or floodbot looks host.name up, sees it's, then if it ever notices joining from webchat, it bans *!*@
ikoniaok, so same idea12:12
ikoniaI just didn't grasp it12:12
LjLikonia: when i say "the floodbot" though, i again mean not-the-floodbot, because of the problem with DNS lookup latency. this has actually been an issue with a number of my past experiments, when i had bots querying RBLs and stuff - i just couldn't integrate it with the floodbots because of lack of threading12:14
ikoniaah, so the lack of threading and the wait for the lookup puts load/delay on the bots12:35
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DJonesikonia: Keep an eye for 16:36 >>> Bird!~Thunderbi@ new nick of the kingsoft office spammer15:37
bazhangalso fish_bird15:38
ikoniasay him15:38
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PiciUbuntu Ultimate :(16:29
k1lyes :/16:30
bazhanghe knows it offtopic but will discuss it anyway!   YAY!16:30
Piciin private, hopefully16:30
bazhangwhy not 5800017:01
k1lwhy not a billion? :)17:01
bazhangand beyond!17:02
PiciBut umask says 022, and thats close to 21, so lets talk about changing that instead.17:03
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bazhang<mamed> hello ubuntu youtube problem.19:14
bazhangI like that. concise.19:14
DJonesWell, it narrows it down somewhat19:15
ubottuIn #ubuntu, wilee-nilee said: !uefi > pzn here is a wiki as well.19:47
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