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pleia2added chilicuil's slides to the calendar (and yeah, 5 minutes head of time is not enough time, I'm traveling this week!)03:45
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DanChapmanGood Morning :-)08:46
pittihello DanChapman08:46
DanChapmanpitti, \o08:47
jibelGood morning DanChapman08:54
DanChapmanMorning jibel :-)08:56
jibelDanChapman, did you try to synchronize the Ubiquity test on the state of the buttons?08:57
smartboyhwHello DanChapman09:00
DanChapmanjibel, yeah it worked a treat :-) Thanks for that.09:02
DanChapmansmartboyhw, \o09:04
jibelDanChapman, glad it helps :)09:06
DanChapmanpitti, great work on the autopilot improvments. I was pleasantly surprised when I just opened vis on ubiquity :-)09:19
pittiDanChapman: nice :)09:30
smartboyhwpitti, check your inbox.09:55
pittismartboyhw: the interview? got it, thansk09:58
smartboyhwpitti, hey, don't talk about it here...09:59
smartboyhwGuys, remember we also have a few classroom sessions on today and Monday!!!!10:27
phillwsmartboyhw: one has already run :) http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2013/06/28/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t02:0012:15
smartboyhwphillw, alright:)12:23
smartboyhwBut we still have!12:23
phillwindeed, and my KVM is backed by a very detailed Wiki ! https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM12:26
phillw*KVM Session*12:26
smartboyhwphillw, and my is backed with a slideshow with screenshots! Have you reviewed it BTW?12:27
phillwnot yet, your's and Jackson's are on my TODO list :) I'm only proof reading it :D12:28
smartboyhwphillw, heh12:34
smartboyhwphillw, review Jackson's first, his session is earlier than mine.12:35
phillwI've just done his... you're next :P12:40
knomestgraber, oops, i get an error when i try to enable the qatracker module on a new drupal installation ;)12:52
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phillwsmartboyhw: looks good to me!13:20
balloonsDanChapman, nice to here. I haven't opened vis on a gtk app yet.. I need to do it :-)13:24
balloonsdoes anyone know the binary name of the screen resolution gui in ubuntu?13:47
jibelballoons, "gnome-control-center display" ?13:48
balloonsjibel, ahh! right it's in the control center now13:49
smartboyhwphillw, yeah!13:52
balloonswhew, ok, back to open source drivers, with a sensible resolution :-)13:56
balloonssmartboyhw, your pdf goes with the " Using your preferred testing system with Test Cases " session?13:59
smartboyhwballoons, yeah:)13:59
smartboyhwI'm using ISO testing.14:00
smartboyhwSince I LOVE ISO testing.14:00
balloonsphillw, I'm a little confused why the intro to testscases is in this section, but :-)14:00
phillwballoons: same place as it was last time :) I think the reasoning back then was to mention test cases and the use of VM's (certainly early in the cycle), moving onto to the VM's and then using the one they choose for testing :)14:06
balloonsit works wherever it is :-)14:06
balloonsdid jackson ever get his new testdrive page linked in properly on the wiki?14:09
balloonsalso was the 'using the development release' pages ever fully developed?14:09
balloonsphillw, smartboyhw ^^?14:09
phillw20 mins to your session balloons :)14:09
balloonsyou guys see the new stuff on the iso and package trackers? I added bug links and tables in there too ;-)14:14
phillwballoons: you may want to replace the 'installer bugs' table with a link to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Overview/Install_Bugs as it has been recently been added to....14:19
balloonsphillw, ty14:19
balloonsI added it as another line14:20
phillwty... I added in the stuff from Brian as to how to cope with no internet :)14:21
balloonsperfect, yep perfect example of stuff encountered by folks testing14:21
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smartboyhwballoons, dunno15:24
balloonselfy, just fyi.. all of your and jackson's changes are synced up nicely to the tracker now16:35
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DanChapmanballoons, hey \o17:56
chilicuilballoons: happy birthday! (according to google+)18:29
balloonschilicuil, not too loud!18:31
* chilicuil hugs balloons18:32
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* elopio joins the hug.18:43
elopioballoons: happy birthday. Get yourself a beer from me, and I'll pay it double when we meet :)18:44
balloonselopio, :-) I'm a cheap date, I don't drink!18:44
balloonsI'll have a smoothie though, I love those ;-)18:44
elopioballoons: ok then. I'll have the beer today in your name ;)18:45
balloonselopio, lol.. that would be wonderful18:46
elopioballoons: would you want it to be self.main_view.get_tabs().switch_to_tab(), or self.main_view.switch_to_tab()18:50
balloonselopio, lol.. probably the simpler version.. so the latter18:52
elopiook. The problem there is that the mainview might have no tab. But I'll throw an error in that case.18:53
balloonselopio, ohh wait.. so let me understand19:03
balloonswell err.. what's the args for switch_to_tab()19:03
balloonsmaybe I want it the original way, depending on your explanation :-)19:03
elopioballoons: I'm planning to add: switch_to_next_tab, switch_to_previous_tab, switch_to_tab_by_index, switch_to_tab_by_object_name19:04
elopiowhat do you think?19:04
balloonsahh.. ok, yes that's good and makes sense19:04
cjohnstonballoons: I got you a birthday present: http://goo.gl/rMQ9L19:09
balloonscjohnston, <319:10
balloonswe need more data feeding in now right? :-)19:11
cjohnstonwe still need to get memory and bootspeed in19:13
balloonscjohnston, "My day job is a Fire Fighter / Paramedic in Florida"19:13
balloonsmight want to update your about19:14
cjohnstonya ya ya19:14
balloonsI'll reshare your stuff.. and this is very cool19:14
balloonsso what happens tomorrow?19:14
balloonsthat number I'm seeing is an avg.. so if 100% pass tomorrow it goes up?19:14
cjohnstonits the avg of today19:15
balloonsalso, what's the negative percentages next to wakup?19:15
cjohnstonso if 100% pass tomorrow then itll show 100%19:15
balloonsahh so tomorrow is a new day.. is there any historical views so to speak?19:15
cjohnstonnot for kpi19:15
cjohnstonballoons: read the help and youll see %19:15
balloonsohh.. nice19:16
elopioballoons: why do we have to do two clicks when switching to a tab?19:18
balloonselopio, try an app and see.. it was interesting but seemed to require me to tap twice19:18
balloonsI mean manually, not as autopilot19:18
elopioballoons: manually, it happens just some times.19:19
balloonsNoskcaj, howdy19:34
Noskcajhey balloons19:37
Noskcajballoons, can you remove the raring parole test from the saucy iso tracker19:59
balloonsNoskcaj, elfy can :-)19:59
* balloons ducks19:59
Noskcajballoons, i have admin on it, how do i do it?20:00
balloonsbut seriously elfy has the power to control xubuntu stuff and should do so. I can but it would be good for xubuntu to own there tests20:00
balloonsNoskcaj, you have the power too? well then good sir, have at it!20:00
balloonsunder your product is listed a testsuite for saucy20:00
balloonsedit that testsuite and set parole to disabled20:01
Noskcajballoons, i'm also Head of Xubuntu QA, and i've been an iso tracker admin for 6 months.20:01
balloonsNoskcaj, then you have the power on this!20:01
balloonslet me know if what I said doesn't make sense20:02
balloonsfeel free to curate things for xubuntu20:02
Noskcajballoons, won't removing it from there also remove it from the raring results?20:02
balloonsNoskcaj, you can use a new testsuite to avoid that if you wish, but no it shouldn't remove it.. the old results should use the tests at the time they were recorded20:02
balloonsmeaning if we update the testcase (and we have) viewing archived results shuld still show the old testcase20:03
balloonsmake sense?20:03
elfywhat we talking about?20:05
Noskcajelfy, the raring parole test20:06
elfyNoskcaj: part of a bigger issue I think - we need to look at adding package tests20:11
elopioballoons: review please: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/tabs_emulator/+merge/17215221:01
elopioand I'm going to get some lunch. bbl.21:01
phillwballoons: Ali is a fierce 'social media' guy :P21:24
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