cjwatsonstgraber: hm, yes, weird - well, I moved things around by hand for now and am publish-releasing now04:43
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rbasakfacter 1.6.5-1ubuntu1.1 is in precise-proposed, approved and awaiting testing. Looks like I'll have to do it. I have another fix for facter in bug 986973 for which a fix has been identified, so I'd like to add that too. It'd be nice for me to test all of this at once, so can I just add another patch to a 1.6.5-1ubuntu1.2 and get that uploaded, and once approved test all the fixes at once?09:24
ubot2`Launchpad bug 986973 in facter (Ubuntu) "Facter bug causes puppet to hang" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/98697309:24
rbasakie. I guess I want to trump a version of facter that's already in precise-proposed but is verification-needed.09:26
Davieyrbasak: I think doing both fixes in one upload is acceptable. Please do continue09:43
Davieyrbasak: Please ping me when you upload the new one, so i can trump the status on the original09:43
rbasakDaviey: OK, thanks.09:54
ogra_could some archive admin unleash ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd from binary NEW ?10:51
ogra_seb128, would you mind unbocking me ^^^ ?11:53
cjwatson12:15 -queuebot:#ubuntu-release- New: accepted ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd [armhf] (saucy-proposed) [0.2]11:53
cjwatsonsomebody already did11:53
seb128ogra_, /me "bocks" ogra_11:53
seb128great, less work for me ;-)11:54
ogra_that kind of drowned in the noise, sorry11:54
seb128ogra_, if you need something that was already one by somebody else, feel free to ping me :p11:54
* ogra_ notes down on his whiteboard on the wall 11:54
ogra_mustard ?11:55
xnoxsomebody please accept shadow [armhf] which was slow to arrive to be accepted with the rest of them =)11:56
StevenKLaney: Nein, die Antwort ist falsch11:56
StevenK(Am I close enough, ogra_?)11:56
ogra_perfect !11:57
xnoxStevenK: Ja, alles ist klar!11:57
ogra_though i hink Laney is right ... i would want mustard with my bockwurst11:57
seb128Laney, nein, wiener schnitzel11:57
* xnox ponders about German as default language for ubuntu desktop 14.04. Look even seb128 speaks it!11:57
StevenKHmmm, Duolingo was using deutlich as clear, rather than klar11:58
LaneyI just looked up "chipolata" in German11:58
Laneycocktailwürstchen ♥11:58
ogra_StevenK, i would translate "deutlich" more as "precise" than clear11:59
Laneynot sure that's an entirely correct translation though11:59
ogra_it is11:59
Laneyit doesn't appear to be the same thing11:59
ogra_it is "mini bockwurst"11:59
Laneycocktail sausages aren't the same as chipolatas11:59
Laneybut maybe you do indeed use the same word11:59
Laneythat might be enough OT for now :P12:00
ogra_dict translates chipolata with chipolata :)12:01
ogra_ogra@chromebook:~$ cd branches/lovecd-rootfs12:48
ogra_bash: cd: branches/lovecd-rootfs: No such file or directory12:48
ogra_there are days where i like my typos :)12:48
xnoxogra_: there is a similar eastern egg in android build system.12:54
* iulian wonders where the western egg is.12:54
ogra_in ubuntu kylin indeed !12:55
iulianThat's still in east! :)12:57
ScottKFYI, there are several KDE related libs that are NBS due to poor timing and things being forced: libkipi10, libmarblewidget15, libokularcore2abi1, and libsolidcontrol4abi2.  There are uploads of KDE SC 4.11 Beta 2 and the newest Digikam release planned for the next few days that will resolve these (I took care of the rest), so don't worry about rebuilds for those.  They'll resolve themselves shortly.14:18
ScottKActually, that's not quite true.  There's one package, contour that needs some porting.14:20
cjwatsonOK, thanks14:20
tseliotinfinity: hi, can you approve nvidia-settings-319-updates and nvidia-graphics-drivers-319-updates in Saucy NEW, please?14:53
jdstrandhey, I just uploaded a new source (apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu). this is going to ship some data formerly in apparmor16:30
infinityjdstrand: So, just a simple package split?16:30
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jdstrandinfinity: yes-- out to a new source though16:30
infinityjdstrand: Yeah, I got that part. :)16:30
jdstrand(as opposed to what I did the other day with a new binary)16:30
jdstrandright, so simple package split. I haven't uploaded the new apparmor yet, cause I wanted to have a dependency on apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu16:31
infinityjdstrand: Did these templates previously ship in another package?16:33
infinityHrm, doesn't look like.16:35
jdstrandinfinity: yes, but in a different directory16:35
jdstrandapparmor ubuntu16 in saucy should have those16:35
infinityjdstrand: Yeah, I meant the exact paths (for breaks/replaces), not conceptually.16:35
jdstranderr, apparmor-easyprof16:35
cjwatsonis having them both simultaneously installed bad?16:35
jdstrandwon't need a Breaks/Replaces in this case16:35
cjwatsonis having them removed from the first without the second being installed bad?16:36
jdstrandthe new apparmor I've yet to upload them won't happen to ship them, but there is no problem if it does16:36
infinityI was assuming easyprof-ubuntu is a superset of easyprof and the former wants to depend on the latter, is that not true?16:36
jdstrandapparmor-easyprof is going to lose all its ubuntu templates. it is going to Depends on apparmor-easypro-ubuntu16:37
jdstrandto get them back again16:37
infinityOh, the dep's going that direction.  Kay.  Doesn't that seem backward?16:37
infinitygeneric Depends specific means no one can take just generic without altering it.16:37
jdstrandI considered both directions16:37
jdstrandon the hand that you are referring to, it does seem backwards16:38
jdstrandbut on the other hand, dh_apparmor depends on apparmor-easyprof, and we are going to want these templates there. same will be said for the click package hook16:38
jdstrandI guess I culd adjust the dh_apparmor (and future click) dependency to depend on apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu instead of apparmor-easyprof16:39
infinityWell, I'm not wildly fussed.  It's just a bit downstream-hostile to have the dep this direction.  But it's more work to go the other way and fix up seeds/deps to make sure *we* always have what you want installed.16:39
jdstrandbut that is unfriendly to Debian16:39
infinityI suppose if people just need to alter the one dependency, that's not a big deal.16:40
infinityLicense: GPL-216:40
infinity^-- Really?16:40
infinityNot 2+ or 3?16:40
infinityOh, I geuss that comes from the original apparmor license mess.16:42
infinityjdstrand: Do me a favour and upload that new apparmor nowish.  I'm NEWing this to main, and I don't want someone dropping it back out when nothing depends on it. :P16:43
jdstrandinfinity: yes, original licensing16:44
jdstrandinfinity: thanks!16:45
jdstrandI have another change I need to test, then can upload16:45
infinityI don't know how I lived without the lesspipe hook for debs before I found out about it...16:51
xnox*_* for debs!16:52
infinityxnox: It just triggers dpkg-deb -I and dpkg-deb -c, but it's wildly useful.16:52
xnoxinfinity: I don't have it, is it in the archive?16:52
cjwatsonthat is handy :)16:52
infinityxnox: Of course you have it.  "less foo.deb"16:53
xnoxinfinity: i get crazy binary output.16:53
infinityxnox: Using a custom .${shell}rc that doesn't eval lesspipe?16:54
infinityxnox: See /etc/skel/.bashrc for the lesspipe eval.16:55
cjwatsonHe wouldn't be the only one with custom shell init files that date back years, although mine do at least eval lesspipe ...16:55
xnoxsame here. same snippet is evaluated.16:56
cjwatson(I have VCS history for mine back to 2002, and I think they originate in more like 1999 or so)16:56
infinityI gave up on managing fancy custom shell inits when I realized that default was almost good enough now.16:57
infinityAnd I just tack on DEBEMAL and DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS on new installs.16:57
xnoxinfinity: I started pushing my minimal changes to ~/.bash_aliases such that I know I can take fresh ~/.bashrc any time.16:58
jdstrandinfinity: ok, uploaded. there may be another one later today, but that chouldn't concern you :)17:30
jbichatoday's Ubuntu GNOME daily image build failed, can I just use the iso tracker to request a rebuild?18:25
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phillwHi, a very quick question... Someone installs 10.04 via the netboot / mini.iso from, say, http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/ and then drops a DE onto it. They will get no security updates for the DE, but they will they still get kernel updates?20:34
ScottKphillw: Is the the security team's channel?20:35
ScottK(or the kernel team's)20:35
phillwScottK: I'm not sure... the note is signed "On behalf of the Ubuntu Release Team,Adam Conrad "20:36
phillwwhich I think is here?20:36
ScottKTrue, but I don't understand what needs clarifying.20:37
phillwBut, i will go ask on kernel :)20:37
phillwI think that they will, but as I'm updating a wiki page, I wanted to check :)20:37
ScottKNo publisher run this half hour?21:40
infinityphillw: Which part of the EOL announcement wasn't clear?22:07
phillwinfinity: it is clear, my question was does an install via netboot get (i.e. have the repos) for server kernel updates which will continue for approx 18 months.22:09
infinityphillw: Of course.  Of course, people could install from desktop media too, it's not like I reached through the internet and deleted everyone's ISOs when I sent the announcement.22:10
infinityphillw: But, in either case, things are set up with -updates and -security turned on by default, and nothing changes.  We just stopped pushing updates for non-server stuff.22:11
phillwinfinity: thanks, I was 99% sure, but as I was clearing old releases out in readiness for 13.10, we keep 10.04 hanging around in lubuntu for legacy kit. :)22:11
phillwit is quite clear that they do not get DE updates and they have to look after that them selves :)22:12
phillwthanks for giving me the 100% :)22:12
infinitycjwatson: Hrm.  I thought britney/autopkgtest was meant to trigger as soon as amd64 binaries were available?23:15
infinitycjwatson: Looks to me like linux only triggered the eglibc test once it was available on all arches, rather than 6 hours earlier.23:16

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