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Prajeshwhat are the best practises for tuning ubuntu for apache php based frameworks like drupal03:23
mardraumPrajesh: use nginx, php-fpm and apc. there isn't anything specific to ubuntu.03:30
Prajeshthanks mardraum03:41
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PhoenixxlToday , the intodution of kernel 3.10 as default in saucy broke iscsi-dkms . I added a bug report on launchpad.. was that the right place ? Or should I report this somewhere else too ?07:35
PhoenixxlI meant iscsitarget-dkms07:37
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eramazanovHi, anyone can help me a little bit? I'm trying to install MAAS and I'm quite confused at what "commission" means and how to install MAAS properly?09:24
rbasakeramazanov: commissioning is the step where you give control of the machine to MAAS. Once commissioned, MAAS is ready to use it.09:27
eramazanovrbasak: tnx. I booted my second PC via PXE by LAN but some error message came ((. I tried to add node via web interface but after adding it what should I do now?09:29
rbasakWell what was the error message>09:29
eramazanovcannot get datasource or something like that09:29
eramazanovI am now booting it again09:30
eramazanovcan you wait a minute plz09:30
eramazanovit says : "Can not apply stage final, no datasource found! Likely bad things to come!"09:31
rbasakIs the machine connected to the same switch as the MAAS server, and on the same IP subnet?09:34
eramazanovyep. My MAAS server works as DHCP server09:35
eramazanovthey are in their own LAN network09:35
rbasakI'm not sure then, sorry. I know what the error means - that cloud-init can't contact MAAS' metadata service - but I don't know what the cause might be. Try asking in #maas.09:35
eramazanovthere is such channel? wow. Thank you09:36
bobek_balinekWhat is the advantage of using 'console owner' over 'console log' for an upstart script?10:04
caribourbasak: remember my query yesterday about the proxy setup ?12:17
rbasakcaribou: yes12:18
caribourbasak: do you know off the top of your head where that proxy definition in Maas configuration gets stored/used ?12:18
caribourbasak: I was wrong : the preseed proxy setup points to the squid port on the maas server12:18
rbasakcaribou: oh, OK12:18
rbasakcaribou: mass-import-pxe-files and maas-import-ephemerals make use of an http_proxy environment variable12:19
caribourbasak: I'm trying to make sense of that configuration option; i.e. how it is implemented & how is it used12:19
rbasakcaribou: I'm not sure what the packaging does - most of my work has been running those directly out of the build tree.12:19
rbasakcaribou: perhaps look at the config files that maas-import-pxe-files sources? Eg. /etc/maas/somehwere12:19
caribourbasak: good idea, ok will do12:20
caribourbasak: thanks12:20
rbasakcaribou: no problem. Might be worth asking some of the guys in #maas - they might know better.12:20
zulDaviey:  can you +1 https://review.openstack.org/#/c/34539/ (i would do it myself but its my MP)12:34
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N0tTh30n3I have a strange issue with on of my servers12:42
N0tTh30n3My /dev disapeared12:43
ikoniait's only tmpfs12:51
ikoniajust reboot12:51
N0tTh30n3ikonia: it's a production webserver13:05
N0tTh30n3ikonia: I'd rather not reboot now13:05
N0tTh30n3Is there a way to "remount" it the right way13:05
patdk-wk_sure, but there is much more going on than just *remounting* it13:08
hallynDaviey: perhaps we should drop the qemu-launcher package?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/119548213:09
N0tTh30n3patdk-wk_: /dev on /dev type tmpfs (rw)13:10
ikoniaN0tTh30n3: it doesn't just disaapear13:10
ikoniaN0tTh30n3: something must have happened13:11
patdk-wk_that only makes a *empty* filesystem13:11
patdk-wk_nothing in /dev will exist13:11
N0tTh30n3I think I know what happened13:11
ikoniaudev will need to populate it13:11
ikoniaN0tTh30n3: explain13:11
Davieyhallyn: is it busted in Debian aswell then?13:11
Davieyhallyn: last touched in debian 2007?13:11
N0tTh30n3I added 2 nfs mounts13:11
N0tTh30n3then I did a mount -a13:11
N0tTh30n3it mounted those nfs export just fine13:12
ikoniathat shouldn't change /dev13:12
N0tTh30n3in my /etc/fstab there is an entry "dev /dev tmpfs rw 0 0"13:12
ikoniayes, but it's already mountd13:12
ikoniaso it won't re-mount it13:13
N0tTh30n3Ok, thats wierd then13:13
Davieyhallyn: I think i'd support a removal request.. but would also suggest this happens in Debian first.   It might kick someone into maintaining it there.13:13
N0tTh30n3I did a remount of /dev after it appeared empty13:13
N0tTh30n3that didn't help!13:13
hallyndunno the process for that offhand.  wnpp?13:14
N0tTh30n3Is the only way to get it back a reboot?13:14
ikoniarestart udev13:14
Davieyhallyn: Maybe ask jamespage to pursue it, he's our newest DD :)13:15
N0tTh30n3ikonia: "udevadm trigger" brought back a lot of devices13:18
hallynnear as i could tell from the shouting yesterday, jamespage is missing :)13:23
N0tTh30n3ikonia: THANKS13:31
jamespageDaviey, hallyn: around now13:34
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soahcccSorry if this is too off topic. Does anyone have a hint for me what I am doing wrong here? (Hetzner installimage with LVM) https://gist.github.com/2called-chaos/3976370be682cea751f814:46
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soahcccHow do I add an additional IP adress to my interface? I only find examples for ubuntu in which they're using those aliases but the docs of my hoster reads "Configuration with alias interfaces (such as eth0:1, eth0:2 etc.) are outdated and should no longer be used."16:36
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sarnoldsoahccc: that's a good question, if you find out, please report back.17:05
soahcccsarnold: well I just used the aliases for now :D17:05
sarnoldsoahccc: it's easy to just use ip addr add dev eth0  ... all day long and give an interface thousands of IPs..17:06
sarnoldsoahccc: but I don't know how to configure that with /etc/network/interfaces :(17:06
zericksarnold, configure what?17:39
sarnoldzerick: multiple IPs on an interface without using hacky network interfaces17:40
zericksarnold, just create another "iface eth0:0 inet static" ... and so17:41
zerickwith the IP you want17:41
sarnoldzerick: ah, that's the network interface aliases that would be nice to avoid17:41
sarnoldgranted, they probably aren't going anywhere despite being deprecated for a decade or more by now17:42
zericksarnold, they are going to listen to the same NIC17:42
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sarnoldzerick: sure, but I'd rather just give the interfaces multiple addresses, as Alexey Kuznetsov intended :)17:44
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vedicI am setting up bridge networking for KVM on 12.04 LTS. Server is remotely located and don't have access other than ssh. I want to know what is the right way to setup bridge networking without locking myself out? I have got on public ip from the server hosting provider (eg:
vedicIs the procedure given here correct? http://www.howtoforge.com/virtualization-with-kvm-on-ubuntu-12.04-lts18:53
vedicShould I replace with my public ip?18:54
soahcccDoes anyone have an better idea on this? http://superuser.com/questions/502536/how-to-depend-on-an-upstart-job-from-an-init-script-on-ubuntu-12-0418:58
vedicIs this correct for setting up bridge network for KVM based virtual machine? Host is a remote server running 12.04 LTS with single public ip address19:10
vedicAnybody to help?19:15
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zwircHi! Can anyone help me add extra IP`s to my ubuntu server?22:36
zwircedited /etc/network/interfaces22:36
zwircbut get error when restarting it22:36
sarnoldzwirc: what errors?22:42
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zwircRTNETLINK answers: File exists22:44
zwircFailed to bring up eth0:1.22:44
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mun24How to extend lvm?23:38
zwircanyne here at all?23:46
sarnoldzwirc: if you're in the mood for fiddling around, you could try adding "up ip addr add ... dev ..." commands right to your /etc/network/interfaces file23:47
sarnoldzwirc: the /usr/share/doc/ifupdown/examples/network-interfaces.gz file has some nearly-similar examples..23:47
sarnold(they add routes rather than additional ips, but it seems like a decent place to start)23:47

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