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cskater55Hey everyone i have a quick question about porting can anyone here help me?01:22
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NoizeHello, i'm doing a manual install of Ubuntu-Touch02:41
NoizeWhich files do i need? Using Nexus 4 (make)02:42
Noizeboot and what else?02:42
wilee-nileeNoize, The channel header has the install info, for touch and saucy.02:44
NoizeI understand that, yet there are many images02:44
Noizeeach different in their own way02:45
Noizei need the armel and phablet?02:45
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Noizehow long does it take to load ubuntu UI first time?03:26
Noizeas well after the adb reboot recovery, is it suppose to go to my recovery mod or into ubuntu UI?03:26
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:30
ubot5Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/03:30
Noizewhen i do manual install, i complete the steps, do the finall reboot to recovery03:39
Noizeand it shows clockworkmod recovery again03:39
Noizewhat have i done wrong?03:39
RAOFNoize: What device are you running?03:43
NoizeGoogle Nexus 4, Mako, unlocked03:44
Noizefrom Google Play store03:44
NoizeRAOF: I'm also using CWM recovery v6.0.2.303:47
RAOFHm, ok.03:48
RAOFDoes it work if you use phablet-flash?03:49
Noizeno didn't, popey helped me attempt with the phablet-flash03:49
Noizeit didn't work03:49
Noizestill booted previous rom03:49
RAOFHm. Well, I'm not particularly familiar with this, so I'll leave it for someone else who is.03:51
NoizeRAOF what recovery mod do you use?03:56
RAOFWhatever phablet-flash pushes.03:57
NoizeRAOF what did you use to root your device?04:04
RAOFfastboot unlock, IIRC.04:04
RAOFWhatever it says on wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install :)04:04
Noizeits now working :)04:36
Noizeok so i'd like to run this cmd 'phablet-flash -d mako --flipped04:38
Noizebut i cannot because my device isn't showing up in recovery mode04:38
NoizeWhat currently works in Ubuntu Touch?04:45
Noizedoes music?04:45
RAOFI believe the music app does; I don't think it's installed by default yet.04:48
NoizeRAOF how do i send a sms04:53
RAOFFrom the phone app.04:54
Noizewhat is the sudo password for phablet?05:02
Noizethank you :)05:03
Noizegotta get some saucy updates :)05:04
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seb128mardy, hey, are you still around today (Ken said you are on holidays next week but he didn't know if that started yesterday or today)08:08
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JAMESTAITGood morning all, happy Friday and HAPPY CAPS LOCK DAY! :-D08:23
ogra_oh my08:23
* ogra_ goes to look for his earplugs if that goes on all day from everyone now :)08:24
JAMESTAITogra_, :-P08:25
JAMESTAITogra_, I would have totally missed it if it hadn't been for other freenode staffers.08:26
JAMESTAITogra_, the best daysoftheyear.com came up with awas Auto Insurance Day.08:27
JAMESTAITAs if that's worthy of a day of celebration.08:27
cjwatsonogra_: I got a respectable way through merging do-zip-android into cdimage on the train, so hopefully will get that deployed today08:44
ogra_oh awesome08:44
cjwatsonogra_: Is it OK for me to copy the relevant bits of /home/ogra/utouch-android/ into /srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/utouch-android/ ?08:45
ogra_i would just have hooked a subprocess call into the code that makes the build skip debian-cd08:45
cjwatsonJust so things are marginally more self-contained08:45
cjwatsonEh, debian-cd is already skipped08:45
cjwatsonOr should be08:45
ogra_yeah, by using the code of core08:46
ogra_and in that snipped i would have called it08:46
ogra_if you copy the files omit the .zip and .tar.gz in that dir08:46
ogra_they are leftovers from early testing08:46
cjwatsonOh, in utouch-android?08:46
cjwatsonI only need zip and phablet-build-scripts08:47
ogra_also last_stamp or how it is called08:47
cjwatsonInvoking your code via subprocess wouldn't help much; it would need adjustments anyway.  So it wasn't that much more effort to rewrite the relevant bits of the shell script in Python08:48
cjwatsonAnd move the web-indices-related bits into where those indices are generated in the first place08:48
cjwatsonI must say I don't understand why you're running sed -i s/^M//g over .htaccess :-)08:48
ogra_the behavior of the QA tool changed though .... the 155k file i suddenlu got stems from the fact that my script assumed current to always be a link, it used it as input .... when current became a dir the input was  always the last build08:49
cjwatsonThat's just because you were dumping extra files in there post-publication and you confused it08:49
ogra_well, these files have been there since weeks08:49
cjwatsonOr something confused it08:50
ogra_it didnt cause issues until tue.08:50
cjwatsonAnyway, I don't think investigating that will be a useful avenue08:50
cjwatsonIt'll be easier to just do properly and then I bet this will go away :)08:50
ogra_well, i was curious why it suddeny broke ...08:50
ogra_it was never meant to stay :)08:51
cjwatsoncurrent is a directory if cdimage thinks that things are out of sync between architectures, and when I investigated the things that were allegedly out of sync appeared to be the extra files that you were inserting08:51
cjwatsonSo I'm fairly confident that pushing those further down into cdimage will fix it08:51
ogra_so i triggered the dir creation08:51
ogra_which then broke my setup08:51
ogra_that was the missing piece :)08:52
ogra_(i added additional img files on monday)08:52
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didrocksogra_: hum, I don't have my nexus 4 booting at all (long press on the power button). I plugged it on my usb laptop for more than an hour and still nothing with the long press. Any idea, has it already happened to you?09:22
beidldidirocks same issue here on maguro with flipped images09:22
didrocksbeidl: I mean, I don't even have the google logo or anything and I didn't update for days09:23
beidlno adb access?09:24
beidlmaybe it's already booted and froze09:26
beidlhad that once, only pulling the battery helped in that case09:27
beidlan upstart job hanging on stop maybe?09:27
didrocksbeidl: you can't pull the battery out on a nexus 409:28
beidlyeah, I know09:28
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ogra_didrocks, i dont have a nexus409:33
ogra_there are certainly discharge issues with it09:33
ogra_beidl, whats your issue and which image is that ?09:34
didrocksogra_: ok, I found that it went in hibernation mode09:35
ogra_didrocks, if the google logo doesnt come up at all, that points to a battery issue ... make sure to regulary charge the n4 on a wall plug09:35
didrocksholding power for 60s forces it to unhibernate09:35
ogra_a laptop port will only provide 500mA09:35
didrocksogra_: I did that for quite some time without any luck either09:35
didrocksso only the power for 60s worked09:35
beidlogra_, maguro is stuck on the google logo with flipped images, but I've got adb access. I guess I tried all of the currently available ones on cdimage.u.c09:36
cjwatsonogra_: I think it'll work out as http://paste.ubuntu.com/5807269/, but I'll need to try that out; I'll do that after we finish the key generation work here09:36
ogra_beidl, grep apparmor /proc/cmdline09:36
ogra_beidl, does that return anything ?09:36
beidlbeidl, I'll reflash the flipped one in a sec09:37
beidlogra_, maaan I'm dumb09:37
beidlogra_, too tired to type09:37
ogra_cjwatson, if the copying happens early enough i dont think we need the md5sum files at all, the images should all end up in cdimages MD5SUM and friends09:38
cjwatsonogra_: I have a TODO for that, but phablet-flash needs to be fixed to actually look there first09:39
ogra_oh, forgot about that, yeah09:40
cjwatsonAnd indeed it should prefer SHA256SUMS09:40
ogra_popey, stop gaming in your worktime !09:45
popeyogra_: well done, you're the first to say that today ☻09:46
popey(it's usually jcastro, but he's asleep)09:46
beidlogra_ ok, everything seems fine now, I cleared my downloads folder, reflashed using phablet-flash and everything seems fine now (even though it flashed the exact same version)09:56
AskUbuntuIs there any touch version of UBUNTU? | http://askubuntu.com/q/31377509:56
ogra_beidl, ok, there awas a bug in that version i fixed post build, good to see it worked for you10:02
beidlogra_: awesome, thanks!10:11
ogra_well, thanks for re-testing :)10:11
ogra_wow, rsalveti did a full spring cleaning on lxc-android-config :) rsalveti thanks !!!10:14
popeyhmm, unity8 eating the CPU on my nexus 410:37
popeybut nothing on screen, and I can't wake it10:38
ogra_it's dreaming10:38
davmor2ogra_, popey: is there a bug about the inconsistent app close behaviour?10:41
popeycan you be more specific?10:42
davmor2popey: open 5 apps, press an hold so you get the crosses,  close the last app, it closes, close the 2nd app it closes close the first app and now it open what was the new second app10:43
popeyi dont recall seeing such a bug10:46
davmor2popey: so what do you file it against is the next question10:46
davmor2popey: thanks10:47
lello107hi to all10:49
lello107anyone has installed touch on p3110?10:49
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices10:50
ogra_see the wikipage, it should list all existing ports10:50
lello107thanks it's supported10:51
lello107but phablet-flash told be not supported..10:51
ogra_yeah, ports cant use pahblet-flash currently10:52
ogra_(there are plans to make that possible though)10:52
lello107ok thank so i have to use clockworkmod recovery?10:52
ogra_the p3110 specific wikipage should have install instructions, or links to them at least10:52
ogra_cwm recovery should work10:53
kalikianaogra_, a shame there's no unitybash.org for gems like that10:57
ogra_kalikiana, :)10:58
davmor2popey: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/119568911:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1195689 in Unity "Inconsistent behaviour closing apps in unity8" [Undecided,New]11:05
ogra_hmm, is the new wallpaper settings stuff supposed to work ?11:06
ogra_it doesnt even seem to keep the settings i select11:06
* ogra_ thought there would be gsettings in the backend ... 11:07
ogra_Laney, seb128 ^^^ do we miss anything in the image ?11:08
Laneyno it is not supposed to work11:10
ogra_ah, k11:10
ogra_i dont see a gsettings daemon running either11:11
ogra_i guess we should start seeding that :)11:11
LaneyI need to find out if unity 8 lets you change the wallpaper yet11:11
Laneyit's surely not looking at the normal gnome gsettings key11:11
ogra_right ... just dont forget that touch images dont install recommends ... if you add a package dep it shoould be a full dep11:12
ogra_or we need to seed it11:12
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popeydavmor2: confirmed11:20
davmor2popey: ta11:23
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xnoxCan I add online accounts on grouper somehow to see friends app in action?11:35
ogra_xnox, in the system settings app11:38
ogra_only facebook and twitter though (as far as i can see)11:38
davmor2ogra_, xnox: that's all friends really supports, it has other backends but those to are the popular ones11:39
xnoxtwitter adding from cmd line just hangs there doing nothing....11:40
seb128ogra_, system settings is mostly UI so far, we just start getting the infrastructure for the backend code11:42
ogra_yeah, i noticed now11:43
ogra_after looking around a bit11:43
seb128ogra_, not to mention that stuff like wallpaper, click packages, update, images, etc are still work in progress11:43
seb128so it's hard to plug into those11:43
ogra_yup, and we'll rip out your foundation while to work on fixing it :P11:44
seb128I don't expect less from you guys :p11:45
jdstrandif I upgrade my mako and grouper devices now, will they have the new apparmor enabled? I looked in ubuntu_stamp for today and the 2 from yesterday and didn't see it (or lxc) mentioned11:47
ogra_jdstrand, flipped doesnt use ubuntu_stamp :)11:48
jdstrandwell, what should I look at for flipped?11:48
ogra_i didnt rebuild yet11:48
ogra_so it still has apparmor=0 on the cmdline11:48
ogra_but you can easily disable it. the lxc fix is in our package11:49
jdstrandis there a changelog for flipped somewhere like ubuntu_stamp?11:49
ogra_abootimg -i /dev/disk/by-name/LNX |grep cmdline11:49
ogra_no, only a manifest file11:50
ogra_we will pull in the changelog stuff over time11:50
ogra_the above cmd is for grouper11:50
ogra_to update the cmdline:11:50
ogra_abootimg -u /dev/disk/by-name/LNX  -c "cmdline=console=tty1"11:51
ogra_similar for maguro but with "boot" instead of LNX11:51
ogra_(and without the console=)11:51
jdstrandogra_: what about mako?11:51
ogra_same thing ... also "boot" ... check the existing entry first before modifying so you dont drop other essential stuff11:52
* jdstrand nods11:52
jdstrandogra_: thanks! :)11:52
ogra_(i think we only have something in grouper though)11:52
AskUbuntunexus 7 3g won't flash Ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/31383612:24
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sergiusenspopey: do I need a special user status on askubuntu to reply to a question instead of answer it?12:35
popeyjust login with your launchpad account12:36
popeyuh, sso12:36
sergiusenspopey: yeah, I can do a _Your Answer_ ... I may just be failing to find the link to reply to a post or answer (for clarification)12:37
popeywhich question?12:37
sergiusenspopey: the one that just showed up :-)12:37
popeythere's "add comment"?12:37
sergiusenspopey: yeah I don't have it12:38
sergiusenspopey: might be because you are a trusted user and I'm just giving an initial stance at this12:38
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popeydoesn't look likee that?12:39
netcurliyou need 50 reputation before you can comment12:39
sergiusensthat explains it :-)12:39
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Noizepopey are you awake? lol13:03
Noizepopey it did install finally, i had to stock my phone then do phablet-flash -b for the first time, now i'd like to do 'phablet-flash -d mako --flipped' but when i go into recovery it doesnt see my device13:10
popeyI don't know why that is Noize13:12
ogra_adb kill-server; sudo adb start-server13:13
ogra_try that one13:13
sergiusensNoize: what version of the adb package do you have?13:13
Noizelatest build of yesterday at 11 pm13:14
Noizeogra_ that worked!13:14
* ogra_ guesses a re-plug might have worked as well13:15
sergiusenswell if you need to use sudo, it most likely means you have an old adb13:15
sergiusensogra_: you told him to use sudo ;-)13:15
ogra_sergiusens, it sometimes seems to also hapen when the adb on the device changed13:15
ogra_sergiusens, yeah, eeeek !13:15
sergiusensogra_: yeah, that could be the root cause for the now unrandom breakage13:16
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ogra_sergiusens, so with my recent uploads  all images now use the initrd.img from ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd for the boot.img, now we just need to switch the ports to it13:22
sergiusensogra_: I'm guessing we can just make it a default in the android build, once we officially switch that is13:32
ogra_sergiusens, right, we still need to have something that converts the ueventd rules into udev rules and make sure we copy that into place13:33
ogra_once we have that switching ports to flipped should just work13:33
sergiusensright, well nothing says we can't add it to the device specific repo and pick it up if there13:34
ogra_right, but we need somw conversion script or convert it on first boot13:36
ogra_either is fine13:36
Noizeapparmor < does what?13:38
ogra_guard apps so they can only do what they allowed to13:38
Noizeah ok13:39
ogra_*what they are allowed to13:39
Noizeis there a way to add google calendar dates to ubuntu touch?13:39
* ogra_ knows it is a planned feature, i dont think it is there yet13:40
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Noizewhat else do i need to do to make my Ubuntu-Touch Homy?13:42
Noizeor take off all the preview things13:42
Noizelol i send a message via sms, keyboard is still up xD13:45
dorsatumhello, i'd set up Qt with Qt 5.0.2 , two days back and the ubuntu sdk was installed and it was working fine, however today when i started Qt, the welcome page that is there when you install the ubuntu sdk for Qt Creator wasn't there, the default currency converter app works perfectly, but there is no sign of the SDk on Qt itself13:48
Noizeany way to remove sample events under date and time?13:48
dorsatumwhen i go to the new projects page13:48
dorsatumthere is no option of Ubuntu Touch as a project type13:49
netcurlidorsatum: just checked, I got the same problem (if I remember correctly, I updated the qtcreator plugin earlier today..)13:51
dorsatumnetcurli: i updated the qtcreator plugin today too13:52
ogra_dch warning: no orig tarball found for the new version.13:52
ogra_Added ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd to touch [armhf]13:52
ogra_Removed qtubuntu from touch13:52
ogra_sergiusens, err ... did we stop using qtubuntu ?13:53
ogra_(i get this when regenerating ubuntu-touch-meta)13:53
dorsatumnetcurli: could you find a solution to this problem?13:53
sergiusensogra_: hmm not yet... ricmm ??13:57
ogra_well, in fact we never seeded qtubuntu it seems13:59
ogra_but qtubuntu-android13:59
netcurlidorsatum: when I start qtcreator from the command lin it works.. I am not sure yet why13:59
ogra_seems that was didrocks change ...13:59
sergiusensqtubuntu-android? that's new to me14:00
dorsatumnetcurli: indeed, works for me too, strange14:00
ogra_didrocks, did you forget to update ubuntu-touch-meta  after changing the seeds ?14:00
dorsatumnetcurli: do you now have a new project type called Cordovaqt?14:01
ogra_sergiusens, https://code.launchpad.net/~didrocks/qtubuntu/move_android_only/+merge/17196514:01
NoizeThere is no timer for going back to the home screen yet, besides lock and unlock?14:01
netcurlidorsatum: yes14:01
hopkinskongOK fine.14:02
hopkinskongAnyone can help me?14:02
ogra_didrocks, i dont see how that will work with x86 based android installs14:02
didrocksogra_: do we have any for now?14:02
didrocksogra_: we can change it back to arch: any14:03
netcurlibzoltan: ping14:03
ogra_no, but people constantly ask for ports, its a matter of time until someone does a port14:03
didrocksogra_: did you see my MP for qtubuntu?14:03
ogra_yes, got it in front of me14:03
didrocksogra_: I have no problem setting it to arch: any but mzanetti did a full speach yesterday that it was idiot to build on !armhf as it's useless14:03
sergiusensjust shared it with me14:03
ogra_didrocks, it totally isnt, there are more and more x86 android devices14:04
mzanettididrocks: :D14:04
ogra_while we have no ports yet, they will come14:04
mzanettididrocks: not quite... but yeah... there is something that I don't think is right14:04
dorsatumnetcurli: and this is after the update, right?14:04
didrocksogra_: at least, the package name change makes sense? I can revert to arch: any14:04
ogra_didrocks, mzanetti is right if it comes to plain PC like x86 tablets ... but not for android based x86 devices14:05
didrocksogra_: yeah, hence the name change14:05
sergiusensI guess the timing is just bad :-)14:05
ogra_(and i guess the latter we will see more often soon)14:05
didrocksand the mocks will provide the same virtual package14:05
sergiusensI'm ok with the package name change14:05
mzanettididrocks: ogra_: the problem I have with it is that it builds on !armhf but then fails to execute14:05
didrockssergiusens: it can wait for Monday I think14:05
didrockssergiusens: feel free to revert the seed change and we can transition on Monday14:05
netcurlidorsatum: I didn't have the project type before.. and the about screen of qtcreator says: Built on Jun 26 2013 at 19:21:1114:06
didrocks(that's why I did the comment on the bzr commit message)14:06
ogra_mzanetti, make it depend on the container package that provides the android side then :)14:06
sergiusensogra_: exactly +114:06
dorsatumnetcurli: yep, i've got the same date14:06
sergiusensogra_: well, wait for flip to become official!14:06
mzanettiogra_: so we should all depend on the android side for everything14:06
didrockssergiusens: ogra_: FYI, push arch: any on my qtubuntu branch14:07
ogra_mzanetti, for everything that needs it, yeah14:07
mzanettiogra_: so no more unity8 without android?14:07
ogra_if you have code requiring android bits, just depend on lxc-android-config with your package14:07
ogra_huh ?14:07
ogra_how is that related14:07
sergiusensogra_: I guess it escalates a bit more14:07
sergiusensogra_: they depend on qtubuntu and I guess the rule is dep on qtubuntu if armhf (which is something we want to avoid)14:08
ogra_mzanetti, if there are code snippets specific to android, make sure they are in a package depending on android ... very simple14:08
ogra_and keep the generic code in a generic package14:08
mzanettino. its code depending on the qtubuntu api14:08
sergiusenswhich also means I can't run unity8 in our chromebooks :-)14:08
ogra_just dropping all arches isnt really a proper solution14:08
mzanettiimho that abstraction should happen inside qtubuntu14:08
mzanettiand if we're on something without android, do it without android in there14:09
sergiusensdidrocks: we had this conversation in the past for hud, did we retake on it for the proper solution?14:09
didrockssergiusens: yeah, hud is converging back to a better detection story14:09
didrockssergiusens: and we promissed the release team that we'll remove this hack ASAP14:09
didrockshence I don't want we introduce more14:09
sergiusensdidrocks: so we probably need that for unit8 as well14:09
ogra_mzanetti, i think we mean the same, i'm just not happy about the way you take to get there :)14:09
mzanettiotherwise all our apps and everything needs to duplicate code that only loads qtubuntu if android bits are14:10
mzanettithis imho is not the right thing to do14:10
didrockssergiusens: no, we found a proper solution with Saviq this morning, but it needs this renaming :)14:10
didrocks(with the current code)14:10
sergiusensdidrocks: I'm ok with the renaming btw14:10
ogra_mzanetti, the prob lies in qtubuntu not having the android related properly separated into an extra package here14:10
didrockssergiusens: ok, you meant that the transition is in a bad timing? I'm ok with Monday, knowing that I have to leave early today…14:11
ogra_*related bits14:11
sergiusensdidrocks: also with adding it as a base dep and even removing it from the unity8 deps if even there14:11
dorsatumnetcurli: i posted a question regarding this on Ask Ubuntu.14:11
didrockssergiusens: yeah, we are going to have qtubuntu-mock | qtubuntu-shell in unity814:11
mzanettiogra_: once it is below the qtubuntu api, I don't mind if its split up in multiple packages or not (I probably would do that too)14:11
sergiusensdidrocks: yeah, today was supposed to be the day of full tests on the flipped image :-)14:11
mzanettiogra_: but right now the split happens above the qtubuntu api, which is the thing that I don't like14:11
didrockssergiusens: as in the touch seed we are going to install qtubuntu-android providing qtubuntu-shell, we have that dep fullfill :)14:12
ogra_mzanetti, and apparently Saviq and didrocks have a proper solution already :)14:12
netcurlidorsatum: we should probably file a bug14:12
didrockssergiusens: ok, revert, let's make the switch on Monday :)14:12
didrocks(revert the seed)14:12
* ogra_ does then14:12
netcurlior if someone from the sdk team is here, ask someone directly14:12
didrockslet me write that on the MP so that it's not merged by error as well14:12
didrocksok, commented14:14
ogra_you can seed packages arch specific .... are you aware of that ?14:14
dorsatumnetcurli: probably, we should. let's just wait and see what kind of a response we get from folks at Ask Ubuntu, then we can move forward. could you gimme a mail id where i could contact you?14:15
didrocksogra_: yeah, did that a long time ago (for UNR/UNE), but you don't build the touch seed for armhf only anyway?14:15
ogra_we currently do, i plan to change that soon14:15
didrocksah ok, so it was fine for now :)14:16
AskUbuntuProblem with QtCreator after update | http://askubuntu.com/q/31387914:16
dorsatum^^that would be the question i posted :)14:17
sergiusensdorsatum: that's more of a bug than a question14:17
dorsatumsergiusens: what should be the next step then?14:18
sergiusensdorsatum: log a bug for the sdk I guess... I don't really use the sdk to give you a path to resolution14:19
pmcgowanjppiiroinen, ^^14:19
dorsatumsergiusens:ok, thanks. i'll just wait for a while to see if anyone can provide a solution on Ask Ubuntu, if that doesn't work out, i'll file a bug14:20
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netcurlidorsatum: I found the problem14:23
netcurlithe old qtcreator desktop file has  "qtcreator -noload Ubuntu" in it. you have to use "Ubuntu SDK" nmow14:24
dorsatumnetcurli: where is this file?14:25
netcurliyou can just search for Ubuntu SDK in the dash14:25
jppiiroinendorsatum, pmcgowan: there are now two different desktop files, one of being Qt Creator and other being Ubuntu SDK. When you execute the Qt Creator it will not load Ubuntu plugin.14:27
iBelievenetcurli, mind if I update my answer on Ask Ubuntu to explain that? Currently I suggest removing the "-noload Ubuntu" line.14:27
pmcgowanjppiiroinen, if I type this in the terminal it fails qtcreator -noload Ubuntu -noload CordovaqtProjectManager %F14:28
jppiiroinenthat -noload CordovaqtProjectManager should not be there14:28
pmcgowanjppiiroinen, right thats in the desktop file14:29
jppiiroinenit is not in the project trunk anymore, so i will have to check what we have in the ppa14:30
pmcgowanjppiiroinen, who decided to change this behavior?14:30
jppiiroinenpmcgowan: my bad14:31
pmcgowanjppiiroinen, not saying its wrong, we just need to be explicit and let people know14:31
dorsatumiBelieve: it works, i followed your method, and it works14:32
dorsatumi'll close the question on Ask Ubuntu then14:32
iBelievedorsatum, don't close it - mark my answer as accepted. But did you see what netcurli said about the Ubuntu SDK app?14:33
=== netcurli_ is now known as netcurli
dorsatumiBelieve,yes, i did, tried it and it worked. well, i haven't checked out properly, but it seems to be alright.14:34
dorsatumand, i'll mark your answer, thank you!14:35
netcurliiBelieve: you should update your answer to include the new information14:35
iBelievenetcurli, okay, thanks14:35
dorsatumnetcurli, thank you, too.14:36
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
iBelieveI see in the blueprint for the file manager, "Create proper icons for current placeholder icons in toolbar" - does that refer to using icons from the ubuntu-mobile icon theme?14:56
dpmhey all, I tried to flash this morning, but it failed with "error: insufficient permissions for device" -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5808037/ I'm now stuck at the recovery screen, how can I recover from that?14:58
popeydpm: adb kill-server ; sudo adb devices15:01
popeythen re-run it15:01
popey(phablet-flash re-run that is)15:01
popeydpm: does "adb devices" show it up?15:03
stgraberogra_: hey, so I'm hoping to get some testing images for flipped+loop-mount published on system-image next week (so we have them around for those who want to test/bugfix the new setup). Would you be fine with me pushing some changes to our current initrd to handle loop-mount too?15:11
stgraberbasically have the initrd switch to my code if it spots system.img on the data partition, otherwise act as it currently does (standard flipped model)15:11
ogra_stgraber, as parallel thing ?15:11
ogra_fine with me15:11
ogra_note that the initrd now requires two uploads15:11
stgraberogra_: ah?15:12
ogra_ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd is a package that ships the binary generically built initrd we will use everywhere now15:12
boost12can i flash ubuntu os on lg optimus G ??15:12
ogra_so make sure to upload that after you made changes to initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch15:12
stgraberogra_: ok15:13
ogra_i'm still pondering how to get both into the same package to prevent 4h turnaround time for proposed migrarion and publishing15:13
ogra_(until then i guess using a local mirror is faster)15:14
bobweaveranyone here know anything about zeroconf/bonjour/avahi ?15:15
ogra_!ask  | bobweaver15:16
ubot5bobweaver: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:16
bobweaverogra_,  I am using a custom plugin in my app to gather info (dude where's my mediaserver) but I can not figure it out 100% like calling the ports and the ip address15:17
ogra_hmm, cant you just attach to the client on your side and have it handle the protocol ?15:18
* bobweaver has no clue how to use big/little/endinan to make port number :/ 15:18
bobweaverYeah But i have to figure out how to register the service and if there is one on  the backend15:18
bobweaverdont know if mythtv has it like a register and what not15:19
ogra_i see libavahi-qt4-dev at least (on my precise desktop) i would expect there to be a qt5 implementation too somewhere15:19
bobweaverI made my own ogra_15:20
ogra_right, but why ? :)15:20
bobweaverbecause I had none in qt515:20
bobweaverand I was following a book15:20
ogra_well, might make sense to send it to avahi upstream then15:21
bobweaveralso my app is for way more then nix15:21
ogra_so we can get libavahi-qt5-dev15:21
bobweaverI guess I could port that later on15:21
bobweaverI am useing bonjour though15:21
Orangerballoons: Hey :) sorry to bother you again ^^' I have a problem with DBus and autopilot, can you quickly test my branch ? I want to know if this error is linked with my computer or with my code..15:21
balloonsOranger, branch?15:22
Orangerblaroche: My code, from my branch  lp:~chocanto/ubuntu-docviewer-app/autopilot-tests ^^'15:23
Orangerblaroche: Woops sorry15:23
Orangerballoons: My code, from my branch  lp:~chocanto/ubuntu-docviewer-app/autopilot-tests ^^'15:23
Orangerballoons: Just an "autopilot run -v ubuntu-docviewer-app", i get 10 exceptions "Could not get PID of name 'org.freedesktop.DBus': no such name"15:24
balloonsCalledProcessError: Command '['which', '../../ubuntu-docviewer-app']' returned non-zero exit status 115:24
balloonsI don't get dbus errors15:25
Orangerballoons: Did you qmake make ?15:26
balloonsno, I branched and tried to run :-)15:26
NoizeHow do i play music on Ubuntu-Touch, doesnt seem to work?15:26
Orangerballoons: I see ^^ Just do a simple qmake then make on root, then autopilot ;)15:27
mfischcking: lets discuss the settings here +sforshee15:29
mfischsforshee: I dont see a way to see if the get call errored out15:29
Orangerballoons: It's just to be sure of this :)15:30
mfischcking: okay try this for fun, edit /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/com.canonical.powerd.gschema.xml and change the defaults15:30
mfischcking: after that you need to run glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ and reboot15:32
mfischcking: but I dont think that this will help, but it will tell us more15:32
* cking waits for the reboot to complete15:32
dpmpopey, the device is detected, but the UI won't start (I'm on recovery mode). I think phablet-tools requires the UI to be running to work15:34
dpmany ideas anyone how I can recover from a failed phablet-flash? -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/5808037/15:35
ckingmfisch, that seems to work15:36
stgraberogra_: working on a couple of changes to lxc-android-config to make it work with loop-mount too, do we actually use the overrides anywhere or can I drop that?15:38
ogra_stgraber, we use it for all first boot stuff15:40
ogra_so please dont remove it15:40
pmcgowandpm, can you do that adb push manually now?15:40
ogra_stgraber, you are referring to the .override upstart file right ?15:40
stgraberogra_: no, /var/lib/android/overrides15:40
ogra_stgraber, oh, yeah thats essential for the Mir guys15:41
ogra_they need a way to disable SF15:41
ogra_(and its generally helpful for development and fiddling with the container)15:41
stgraberogra_: ah, ok, good to know, I'll spend some time to make it work with the loop-mount stuff then (currently doesn't)15:41
ogra_so please dont remove it unless you ship a replacement for it15:41
pmcgowandpm, you are at step 2 here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation15:42
NoizeHow do i install the working Music player?15:46
Noizeis it just music-app ?15:47
iBelieveNoize, ubuntu-music-app, I think15:47
dpmpmcgowan, let me try that, thanks for the tip15:48
balloonsOranger, let me know if there is anything else you need15:49
mfischcking: I have no explanation for why that worked15:49
ckingmfisch, I can understand that, it's been randomly working and not working and I can't figure out why it worked earlier in the week and not today. i've even done a clean daily install to sanity check things15:50
stgraberogra_: hey, I'll have a new pre-start.sh for you to test in a minute (testing it on loop-mount first)15:51
stgraberogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808184/15:54
stgraberogra_: works fine here on loop-mount15:55
ogra_stgraber, i wont be able to test that immediately, currently testing for actually making flipped the default15:55
mfischcking: if it doesnt work again after a clean install, I'll write up some test code for you to try15:56
mfischcking: next time you wipe the device15:57
ckingmfisch, I will totally nuke it and retry15:57
stgraberogra_: ok. Unless I made a nasty typo I'm not seeing, the code should be identical to what you have currently for flipped, so unless you shout at me by the time I'm ready to push the initrd bits, I'll just upload it15:57
ogra_stgraber, i will test soon15:57
ogra_stgraber, why the second path for the ramdisk ? i doubt we will change where it ships15:58
ogra_(and i doubt we cant actually, since it needs to be created during android build)15:59
Orangerballoons: I just needed that ^^15:59
Orangerballoons: But if you can't no worries :)16:00
stgraberogra_: in my images, /var/lib/lxc/android/system.img and /var/lib/lxc/android/ramdisk.img come from the device-specific .tar.xz (unpacked on top of the generic rootfs)16:01
ogra_hmm, k16:02
stgraberogra_: that .tar.xz contains the Android system.img for the device, the boot.img partition image and the android initrd (extracted from the Android system partition)16:02
ogra_cjwatson, you didnt merge the new do-zip code yet, right _16:02
* ogra_ gets weird results trying to downoad the images today16:02
ogra_stgraber, right16:03
stgraberogra_: ah, actually, I don't need to ship ramdisk.img in there, I can just retried it from /android/system/boot/android-ramdisk.img (maybe that's what you meant)16:06
stgraberI'll change my code to do that (using /android/system/boot as a way to check it's on loop-mounted as /android doesn't exist on standard flipped)16:07
ogra_stgraber, well, we copy it to /boot16:08
ogra_at install time16:08
ogra_and wanted to keep that as a generic place for it16:08
stgraberogra_: you won't be able to on the loop-mount/repartitioned images as / is read-only16:08
ogra_i assume you didnt port the updater-script over ?16:09
ogra_how can it be readonly at install time ?16:09
stgraberah yeah, it'll be read/write at unpack time, but we don't let any script run at that time as we want to guarantee all devices are identical16:09
stgraberogra_: anyway, can we rely on the ramdisk always being in /boot/android-ramdisk.img of the system partition?16:10
stgraberif so, then we're good16:10
ogra_atm we can16:10
stgraberwell, let's make sure it stays that way then, saves us an extra copy anyway :)16:11
stgraberogra_: updated: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808231/16:11
cjwatsonogra_: not quite yet16:11
cjwatsonany problems are not my fault :-)16:11
ogra_cjwatson, yeah, mine, already found it16:12
ogra_it is funny though that rsync doesnt sunc a symlinked file but syncs the link16:13
ogra_i just ended up with a downloaded dangling symlink here16:13
elopioHi jppiiroinen. Thanks for your reviews. I commented back on the second MP.16:14
ogra_cjwatson, lets get your stuff in asap ... i'm getting tired of this16:14
cjwatsonIf I can manage it today I will; just scrambling to finish my last June WI, and have to write up my perf review objectives16:15
dpmthat fixed my install, thanks pmcgowan!16:21
pmcgowannot sure why it lost permissions16:21
ckingmfisch, so, restored n4 back to android, clean phablet-flash with todays image, gsettings the timeout + restart powerd - failed to work. edited the  gschema xml file, reboot, timeouts still unchanged in the systlog. restarted powerd, systlog now shows the updated timeout16:26
mfischcking: ugh, can you file a bug?16:26
mfischsforshee: ping16:26
ogra_cjwatson, urgh, thanks for the livecd-rootfs fix (i would have throught its dirt on my display if i had noticed it)16:26
mfischcking: file it in lp:powerd please16:27
cjwatsonogra_: just noticed the image build failure mail16:27
sforsheemfisch: pong16:28
mfischsforshee: I think we may want to consider having a check to see if powerd is already running16:28
ogra_jdstrand, did anyone test apparmor against flipped images at all ?16:29
sforsheemfisch: okay, that sounds fine16:30
mfischsforshee: I'll file a bug for that too16:30
=== rtg_ is now known as rtg
jdstrandogra_: I'm lacking context. are you asking because of a new issue?16:32
jdstrandogra_: and the answer is 'yes'16:33
jdstrandwhat is the problem?16:33
ogra_seems we are not getting any data over the wire for some bits we read from android16:33
ogra_specifically some sensors return 0 which kills the qmlshell16:34
jdstrandand this is with the new lxc?16:34
ogra_due to image breakage we cant really tell what change it was ... but seemingly none of the qml bits were updated since apparmor came in16:35
Laneyseb128: Is the order of categories here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings#Phone_settings_interface what it should be?16:35
LaneyWe have personal, network, system currently16:35
ogra_jdstrand, right, with all changes and fixes from the last days16:35
ogra_stgraber, oh, btw, do you think of providing us an easy way to use the rootfs rw too ? else i fear development will get tricky16:39
seb128Laney, no, they are in the wrong order, feel free to fix16:39
seb128Laney, e.g we should do what is in the design16:39
LaneyI'm going to get rid of the example too16:39
Laneydon't think we need that any more16:39
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/dont-install-example16:40
Laneyo rly16:40
seb128Laney, https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/ubuntu-system-settings/dont-install-example/+merge/17210316:40
seb128Laney, if you want to ack it16:40
Laneydid you /just/ do that? :P16:40
seb128Laney, I was just saying that to Ken 15 min ago ;-)16:40
* Laney has no email about it16:40
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
jdstrandogra_: have you tried with apparmor=0 again?16:40
seb128Laney, I just hit the "propose the merge" button, I was waiting on other stuff to get merged to make sure there was no conflict16:40
stgraberogra_: yep, my change to the initrd includes a /data/.developer_mode file, if you touch it, / becomes read-write16:41
seb128Laney, I kept the source because it's the only example of cpp plugin we have atm16:41
ogra_stgraber, awesome, thanks16:41
ckingmfisch, 119580316:41
mfischcking: thanks16:41
mfischsforshee: ^^16:41
jdstrandogra_: what happened the first time was not apparmor per se, it was that lxc needed updates. of course, our testing didn't show that, and so we fixed it16:42
stgraberogra_: just done making the massive changes to the initrd I needed, running a test on my device now, I'll give you an initrd.img to test in a moment too (to check I didn't regress on standard flipped)16:42
jdstrandogra_: but at this point, with apparmor enabled, lxc's apparmor is disabled-- we don't have policy in place that should interfere16:42
ogra_jdstrand, yeah, seems the bug is also not reliably reproducable ... it doesnt happen on every boot, so apparmor=0 wont be easy to verify16:42
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
jdstrandogra_: but jjohansen tested this quite a bit yesterday on the flipped image16:43
jdstrandif it doesn't happen on every boot, it seems odd that apparmor would be to blame...16:44
ogra_well, it is one of the candidates that changed16:46
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
nik90Kaleo: ping16:53
cjwatsonogra_: I think I'll save this landing for Monday, sorry - don't have enough time to test it now and don't want to leave it potentially even more broken over the weekend16:55
ogra_cjwatson, ok, np16:55
stgraberogra_: ok, would be great if you could also test: https://www.stgraber.org/download/initrd.img-touch-0.17 and confirm your device still boots16:56
stgraberbetween that one and my updated pre-start.sh, I can boot a loop-mounted flipped device with only very minimal changes to the rootfs (two mkdir, one rm, two symlinks and an updated fstab which I'm now moving to the initrd too)16:57
jjohansenogra_: do we have a bug for the issue?17:20
ogra_jjohansen, nope, and it seems to be device specific17:20
ogra_not apparmor17:20
jjohansenogra_: which device?17:21
ogra_seems the sensorservice inside the container has issues there17:21
ogra_more likely a race than a permission thing17:21
elopioping Kaleo.17:27
elopioI need help with this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/toolbar_emulator/+merge/17172017:27
elopiocan you give me a hand?17:27
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elopiotimp: I've found an email that suggests you might be able to help me too :)17:47
esigolo3g connections only on terminal ?18:05
pmcgowanesigolo, right no UI yet18:06
esigolopmcgowan: thanks18:08
esigolo i'm thinking on buy an LG optimus G as a secondary phone and try to use ubuntu-touch on the Nexus 4 daily18:19
esigolowould be the only way to get real feedback on the issues, pros and cons18:20
jdstrandoh! /usr/share/ufw/check-requirements -f is passing now18:24
bobweaverogra_,    http://imagebin.org/262776     :)18:24
ogra_heh, nice18:25
* jdstrand hugs ogra_ and rsalveti18:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1194549 in touch-preview-images "module support is missing on phablet images" [High,In progress]18:26
NoizeIs there a way to add a feature so you don'18:26
Noize*don't send blank messages?18:26
rsalvetijdstrand: awesome18:27
rsalvetithought it would get closed automatically, but it's not an official ubuntu bug, let me close it :-)18:27
bobweaverogra_,  you where right (like most times)  all I had to do was look for the qstring that had the service for the browser and register pretty easy to use.  Now to make things like if connected to bonjour then notify stuff ect :) \o/ thanks again :)18:27
jdstrandrsalveti: thanks! :)18:27
esigoloNoize: You could install without problems yesterday?18:28
Noizeesigolo, everything is working now, i went stock, then 'phablet-flash -b', once i did that, i had to kill the server run as sudo to start then i could 'phablet-falsh -d mako --flipped'18:29
Noizei imported my contacts and such :)18:29
Noizeworking beautifully18:30
esigoloand how is it working for you?18:30
NoizeEverything works great, it's a bit slow for app loading(common though)18:30
Noizei cant get ride of the sample items under 'Date and Time'18:31
Noizei'm also assuming the live wallpaper isn't working correct?18:31
esigoloI think so18:32
Noizei'm also seeing how long the battery lasts currently, i have the phone app + web browser open18:32
Noizeit goes in and out of idle, as i use it once in a while to check battery life18:33
esigolostrange as it is what made me return to the android was the problem I had with the protective cover18:34
Noizelike a screen protector?18:35
esigoloas the cover protecting the edges I had trouble navigating18:35
Noizeit's a bit different i do have to say, the select area could be a bit bigger, but i can deal with it18:35
esigoloback cover18:36
Noizeyeah i have a cover like that18:36
Noizethe only issue i have is using my thumb to navigate, but i'm with switching to my pointer finger18:36
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
esigolowas getting really annoying trying to get slide18:37
Noizeat first it did take awhile for me18:37
Noizenow im used to it18:37
esigolobut on the subway train18:37
esigoloor bus is very hard to use both hands18:37
esigoloso you have to use the thumb18:38
Noizethis is my case: Rearth Ringke Fusion Case; http://cdn3.mos.techradar.futurecdn.net//art/features/Best%20phone%20cases/Best%20Nexus%204%20case/Rearth_Ringke_Fusion_Case_N-580-90.jpg18:38
Noizei can see that as an issue, i would just say make the touch area to activate it slightly bigger18:39
Noizeor within system settings allow you to change that size to activate it18:39
esigoloshould we report that as a issue?18:40
Noizeits not so much an issue, just a feature that needs to be added18:40
NoizeI'd happily contribute to Ubuntu-Touch, but i already have a project on my hands with Google Glass18:40
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
esigolothe best i can do is test18:42
esigoloon my real time job18:42
Noizei would say look at the tests on here:https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone-coreapps/+bugs?field.tag=needs-autopilot-test18:43
esigoloi'm working on a project18:43
Noizethen help on those18:43
esigolowe are implementing a DR plan on the company so there is alot of time spent18:43
Noizea sounds like fun18:44
esigolosure thanks18:45
iBelieveballoons: ping19:00
balloonsiBelieve, pong19:28
iBelieveballoons, The fix I mentioned yesterday for the autopilot ubuntusdk and the new ToolbarItems doesn't work for the back button. Here is a fixed version: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808682/19:29
iBelieveballoons, I also have a couple of questions about what some of the autopilot tests for file manager are supposed to do. Should I ask you here or as comments on the bugs?19:32
esigoloi think i will need some more information on how this tests works19:33
balloonsiBelieve, whew, well hmm19:33
balloonsiBelieve, alright, ty for the fix.. I had to update the original sdk because the back button was a bit backwards too :-)19:34
iBelieveballoons, but that fix is for the old ToolbarActions though, right?19:35
esigolowhere can i get more information about auto pilot tests?19:36
balloonsesigolo, I'd be happy to talk about autopilot tests19:36
balloonslet me get you some links for reading ;)19:36
balloonsiBelieve, yes it is.. however the new sdk should work with back as well19:36
balloonselopio is actually writing it and geting it worked through the merge process19:37
esigolookay tanks19:37
iBelieveballoons, okay, so you don't need problems reported to you about it anymore then?19:37
jdstrandjjohansen: can you think of any reason why this would work from the terminal app, but not from a .desktop file? - /usr/sbin/aa-exec -p ubuntu-calculator-app qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-calculator-app/ubuntu-calculator-app.qml19:43
balloonsiBelieve, no I think we're good.. but feel free to mention other issues if you find them19:43
balloonsI want to make sure everythig is included19:43
jjohansenjdstrand: in which way does it not work? Does it fail to exec, attach a profile, ...19:43
balloonsso esigolo; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing19:44
iBelieveballoons, okay, will do. I also have a couple of questions about what some of the autopilot tests for file manager are supposed to do. Should I ask you here or as comments on the bugs?19:44
balloonsesigolo, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/Testing/ContributeAutopilotTestcase19:44
balloonsesigolo, http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/19:44
balloonsand finally esigolo http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/19:44
jdstrandjjohansen: it is weird, the screen goes white and the app doesn't launch. if I update the Exec line to remove aa-exec, then it works19:45
jdstrandI wonder if I should restart the session19:45
esigoloballoons: thank you !19:45
jdstrandistr updating desktop files didn't always work immediately19:45
balloonsesigolo, feel free to ping me or ask questions here or in #ubuntu-autopilot19:45
jjohansenjdstrand: are there any apparmor messages in the log?19:46
jdstrandjjohansen: no. it works totally fine with aa-exec from the terminal app19:46
jjohansenjdstrand: the .desktop file may cause a slightly different path than from the terminal19:47
jdstrandit is only when I update the .desktop file does it not work19:47
jjohansenjdstrand: okay so why does the .desktop file not like aa-exec?19:48
ZDmitryballoons, hi19:48
stgraberogra_: any chance you can test that pre-start.sh and initrd or should I just upload (would like to get rid of that stuff before I start working on upstart)19:48
ZDmitryballoons, some things from autopilot tests of the terminal which is in progress can be interesting for you:  https://code.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/autopilot-header-and-settings19:48
ogra_will test now19:48
jdstrandjjohansen: that is what I'm wondering about19:48
jjohansenjdstrand: perhaps different env vars?19:49
jdstrandthere is a /usr/bin/ubuntu-calculator-app shell script19:49
jdstrandjjohansen: maybe... but I didn't think aa-exec would be influenced by envvars19:49
jjohansenjdstrand: aa-exec it self no, but perl is, maybe something there19:50
ogra_stgraber, script works fine19:50
jjohansenjdstrand: I am just trying to come up with a hypothesis19:50
* jdstrand adjust script in /usr/bin with aa-exec and remove aa-exec from .desktop and sees what happens19:50
jjohansenjdstrand: hrmm so no rejects at all from the .desktop right?19:51
jjohansento me that says its failing before it gets to the exec19:52
ogra_stgraber, initrd makes the booting horridly slow19:52
jdstrandjjohansen: that's correct19:53
ogra_feels like it adds 30sec to the already 1.5min boot19:53
balloonsZDmitry, ty19:53
balloonsohh.. fonts and colors :-)19:53
ogra_stgraber, i dont think such a delay is acceptable ... the maguro is already extremely slow booting19:54
ZDmitryballoons, yes. But fonts not fully covered.19:54
jdstrandso, if I use Exec=/usr/bin/ubuntu-calculator-app with /usr/bin/ubuntu-calculator-app using: aa-exec -p ubuntu-calculator-app qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-calculator-app/ubuntu-calculator-app.qml, it exec and runs and I see a pid with aa-status, but it doesn't display19:54
markthema3Will flashing Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 7 wipe my data partition? I'd like to just test it out and then restore a Nandroid backup but if Ubuntu wipes data I won't have that backup anymore.19:55
jdstrandjjohansen: well, don't let me waste your time19:56
* jdstrand keep spoking19:56
stgraberogra_: hmm, what? on flipped it should go through the exact same code as it did before, so for you it shouldn't be any slower19:57
ogra_stgraber, can you wrap your new code in a  cmdline option ?19:57
jjohansenjdstrand: sorry I didn't follow that19:57
ogra_it took about 30sec more than usual to boot19:57
jdstrandjjohansen: I'm just saying I know you have other things to do, and I'll keep poking at it19:57
ogra_and since all of that was with the google logo on screen i'm pretty sure that was the initrd19:57
stgraberogra_: can you pastebin your dmesg? I'm rechecking the code now, but the codepath for non-loop should be identical to what it was before...19:58
stgraberogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808850/ is the diff, note that everything is under an if statement...19:59
ZDmitryballoons, also I updated MainWindow emulator: added functions for work with ValueSelector, window resizing and Slider. Still functions for slider required some improvement.20:00
jjohansenjdstrand: no I didn't follow your so if I use ... comment20:00
ogra_stgraber, i see some apport oopses there, let me reboot again and see if thats as slow20:00
balloonsZDmitry, are those things possibilities to include the the sdk emulator/20:01
jjohansenjdstrand: I think it means, if you have the .desktop file use a bash script that calls aa-exec then the app starts, but it doesn't properly display20:01
stgraberogra_: based on the dmesg, the initrd was done withing 4s which seems reasonable20:01
jdstrandjjohansen: if I change /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-calculator-app to use: Exec=/usr/bin/ubuntu-calculator-app, then I change /usr/bin/ubuntu-caclculator-app to use: aa-exec -p ubuntu-calculator-app qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-calculator-app/ubuntu-calculator-app.qml, then aa-exec succeeds and there is a confined process20:01
jdstrandmeh, /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-calculator-app should be /usr/share/applications/ubuntu-calculator-app.desktop20:02
ZDmitryballoons, of course, we can move them to ubuntusdk emu.20:02
jdstrandjjohansen: the only thing is that doesn't display on the tablet20:03
jjohansenjdstrand: so it is something to do with how the .desktop launcher is calling aa-exec20:03
jdstrandI think so20:03
balloonsZDmitry, ok, let me go look20:03
jjohansendid you want to try with a binary aa-exec20:03
jjohansenjdstrand: ^20:03
balloonselopio, is working on the ubuntu sdk emulator as we speak.. feel free to share these ideas with him :-)20:03
balloonsZDmitry, ^^20:03
ogra_stgraber, yeah, go for it, i think its these apparmor oopses that make it slow20:03
jdstrandjjohansen: if it is handy20:03
ZDmitryballoons, sec20:03
ogra_jjohansen, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808851/  see the bottom20:04
ogra_i think there is still something wrong20:04
stgraberogra_: cool, just finishing to rewrite lxc-android-boot.conf to deal with read-only/loop-mount and I'll upload both packages20:04
ZDmitryballoons, lp:~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/autopilot-header-and-settings20:04
ogra_stgraber, be careful, the fstab creation puts an override for lxc-android-boot.conf in place so it doesnt run twice20:05
stgraberogra_: it won't be able to write it, don't worry :)20:05
ZDmitryballoons, or, if you want, just this one file: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~hiroshidi/ubuntu-terminal-app/autopilot-header-and-settings/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntu_terminal_app/emulators/main_window.py20:05
balloonsZDmitry, I just went there, lol20:06
PenagwinHas anybody flashed a nook tablet as of yet?20:06
ogra_stgraber, well, i dont want it to run a second time ever :)20:06
ogra_it applies all HW related fixes atm20:06
balloonsI'll be sure to share with elopio.. those are handy functions thank you!20:06
stgraberogra_: we don't have a choice on read-only for now but I'm not touching the old flipped setup so that won't impact you20:06
ZDmitryballoons, sure20:06
ogra_stgraber, well, we need to find a way to do something like that in the new flipped world20:07
jjohansenjdstrand: you could modify the changeprofile.c test, but I don't have a direct replacement for aa-exec20:07
ogra_stgraber, worst case from initrd and remount it20:07
ZDmitryballoons, but keep in mind: drag for slider not completed yet20:07
jjohansenogra_: which device?20:08
ogra_jjohansen, maguro20:08
stgraberogra_: on read-only, I'll generate a new fstab in /tmp at boot time and bind-mount it over /etc/fstab, same thing for the udev rule file (I'll add an empty rule file and bind-mount the device specific one on top).20:08
jjohansenogra_: okay, I'll poke at it20:08
ogra_stgraber, there is far more than fstab20:08
jdstrandjjohansen: that's fine. I just got there. let me play with it20:08
ogra_stgraber, to keep dogfooding working we need to be able to apply workarounds before fixes land20:09
PenagwinHas anybody flashed a nook tablet as of yet? Or is interested in doing so?20:09
ogra_stgraber, without being able to add the rmnet_usb devices to /e/n/i on first boot there wont be 3G on mako until NM gets fixed which still can take a whi;le20:09
stgraberogra_: well, currently I see /lib/modules, a udev rule and the fstab, so I'll make those work for my read-only images. Developers can always remount read/write if they want to, as long as they don't expect image updates to work after that.20:09
ogra_stgraber, with the speed we all work at we cant do dogfooding without having the ability to apply such short term workarounds20:10
stgraberogra_: sure, and we can bind-mount a file on top of /e/n/i to workaround that NM bug, you'll just have to get used to doing a bunch of bind-mounts instead of overwriting files ;)20:10
ogra_why ?20:10
ogra_we can overwrite them from initrd20:11
stgraberwe can but we won't, I have no way of generating delta images if / may end up changing outside of my control20:11
ogra_have an overrides dir from shich you can throw stuff at the filesystem before mounting it ro20:11
PenagwinCan somebody please help me port to a new device?20:12
jdstrandjjohansen: I think I'm going to pick this up later since I know that aa-exec works in general20:13
wilee-nileePenagwin, Not without a detailed description, and that sounds like offtopic as well,20:13
ogra_Penagwin, did you read the porting wikipage from the channel topic already ?20:13
PenagwinPorting ubuntu touch to a device is off topic? Anyway Iam porting to a nook tablet, and yes ogra_20:14
PenagwinIam not extremely good at following its instructions20:14
wilee-nileePenagwin, This is support is all just a heads up, does not mean none will help. ;)20:14
ogra_hmm, i thought there was someone already with a working nook image, did you check the devices page ?20:14
wilee-nileesupport means stock stuff in general20:15
PenagwinI did not see the devices page20:15
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:16
ogra_there it is :)20:16
PenagwinThanks one min!20:16
ogra_if there is one it might not be up to date though ... for that please contact the porting person20:16
jdstrandjjardon: ah, interesting, if I use this in the /usr/bin shell script, it all works: exec aa-exec -p ubuntu-calculator-app qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-calculator-app/ubuntu-calculator-app.qml. seems there is something with how it is tracking the processes20:16
jdstrandjjardon: nm20:16
ogra_seems jj is a wide spread first name :)20:17
PenagwinThe closest thing is a WIP port for nook color20:17
esigoloNoize: how did you imported your contacts20:17
esigoloNoize: thanks20:18
PenagwinIam running a Nook tablet on Cynogen, Its android version is 2.3....20:19
esigolosudo apt-get update /upgrade will upgrade core apps also ?20:20
PenagwinDo I need the device to be in Cynogen mod 10 in order to make the port?20:21
testerhello. i have a galaxy s2 and i want to run ubuntu on it. but will i still be able to use it as a phone?20:21
esigolotester: what do you mean by that?20:22
esigolodo you mean make calls, sms, internet ?20:23
ZDmitryballoons, I'll  finish with function for drag slider on the next week. So I think more will be available from next week as well as the branch which is in progress.20:24
esigolotester: so yes20:24
testeris this ubuntu for mobiles public? i could not find a download20:24
balloonsZDmitry, excellent. I expect to have the emulator merged next week into the sdk20:25
balloonsand we'll promote it's usage even more20:25
esigolotester: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install20:25
esigolotester: please take a look20:25
PenagwinGuys does the device Iam porting to need to have cynogen mod 10?20:26
testeraww but on galaxy s2 it does not work so nicely.20:27
esigolotester: i'm using nexus 4 so20:28
esigoloi'm not the best person to help you with it20:28
testerok i gotta go buy nexus 420:29
testerwould be easiest for me20:29
ZDmitryballoons, yeah. Now I'll go. Have a good weekend!20:29
balloonsZDmitry, enjoy your weekend!20:30
esigolotester: sorry for that i Just don't know how is it working o S II never tested20:30
NoizeScreen shot with Ubunut-Touch?20:32
iBelievepopey: ping20:52
stgraberogra_: alright, pushed all my bits to the archive, now to wait for that to build and publish, then do a no change rebuild of that other initrd package and then I should get a working rootfs20:52
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esigolosome wifi networks have no name21:17
esigolotrouble to import contacts [ERROR] GLib-GObject: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed21:24
esigolo[INFO] addressbook: backend failed21:24
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esigoloNoize: have you this error authorization failed (remote, status 401)21:34
Noizeesigolo, where you attempting to adb into your device?21:38
esigolono on syncrevolution21:39
esigolosyncevolution --sync refresh-from-server Google_Contacts addressbook21:39
Noizedid you install update?21:39
Noizeatp-get update && apt-get upgrade21:39
Noizethen apt-get install syncevolution21:40
esigoloyes i did21:40
esigologoing to remove and install it again21:40
Noizeno no need21:40
Noize*no, no need too21:40
Noizeare you under ubuntu_chroot phablet?21:40
Orangerballoons: The last update of autopilot solve my problem with DBus, autopilot test for docviewer work fine now :) I think we see the end ! ... I hope ^^21:41
Noizeesigolo are you in 'su - phablet' ?21:41
esigoloyes i am21:41
esigolosu -phablet21:42
Noizecorrect email address and password?21:42
Noizetry c/p with the last 2 commands21:43
Noizeesigolo did it work?21:56
NoizeDoes Ubuntu-Touch support '.FLAC' ?22:09
aweNoize, my guess would be no right now, but I could be wrong22:11
aweNoize, that said, we're re-working our whole audio architecture, so I'm pretty sure it will at some point22:11
Noizeok, does the current ubuntu-music-app play currently, if so where do i need to store the music?22:13
aweNoize, I've been heads-down in telephony land, so can't really really answer...  music player is broken the non-flipped image I've been working with today.22:16
Noizebtw what's the diff between flipped and non-flipped?22:18
aweNoize, I imagine it will either have it's application dir for music and/or use a common /Music folder22:18
awewith eventually U1 support, which will make music transfer easy22:19
Noizecurrently under /home/phablet/Music is where i stored my files22:19
awenon-flipped == our original architecture, where Ubuntu runs inside a custom container ( similar to lxc ), and a very thin layer of Android userspace hosts the container22:19
aweflipped swaps the two, so Ubuntu is booted first, and some of the Android HAL userspace bits run inside and lxc container22:20
Noizewhich do you believe will be the final image?22:21
awethe plan is for flipped to become the default real soon ( sometime next week, once it's been fully validated )22:21
Noizeahh ok, that is what im currently running :)22:21
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Noizenot sure if this a bug, or just performance issue... While on the home screen/lock screen The notification bar is slow when selecting and dragging23:49

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