diploMorning all07:02
TheOpenSourcererThank any arbitrary deity for Feedly :-)07:11
* popey went for newsblur07:13
TheOpenSourcererGReader in iGoogle died today for me :-( iGoogle was my kind of "start" button for the Internet each day...07:13
MyrttiiGoogle was supposed to die ages ago07:14
TheOpenSourcererNovember IIRC07:14
TheOpenSourcererHah: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2013/06/army-restricts-access-to-the-guardian-in-the-wake-of-nsa-leaks07:17
ali1234firefox user unaffected07:32
knightwiseTheOpenSourcerer: yeah .. I'm still coding around the demise of Google reader07:36
dwatkinsI switched to newsblur, it seems okay.07:37
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popey /nick POPEY08:06
MooDooeveryone changing their nic to capitals today?08:08
knightwiseand why is that ?08:09
TheOpenSourcererWhere's JamesTait when you need him? Maybe it's "Change you NIC to CAPITALS Day"?08:10
MooDooknightwise: lol I was just having a joke, not a funny one I might add08:10
knightwiseMooDoo: i wansn't expecting that much coming from you :p08:10
TheOpenSourcererMaybe popey's cat stood on the caps lock key...08:11
MooDooknightwise: why thank you08:11
knightwiseFacebook does not appear to support updating via email for me.08:13
knightwisethat ruins some of the automated promotion scripts i had in mind08:13
MooDoobloomin facebook, I discovered the other day that there is another place where I can see messages, apparently I've missed 5/6 job offers....sigh08:15
mungbeanjob offers via fb?08:15
MooDoomungbean: I'll rephrase, photography enquiries08:16
mungbeanmy place is hiring like crazy atm, but probably best suited to junior sysadmin who wants to step up08:16
MooDoohave you advertised mungbean ?08:16
MooDooI didn't realise that there was an OTHER section in the messages bit,so missed a lot08:17
mungbeani am not directly involved in that dept, but they advertise on jobs.ac.uk08:17
MooDoowork at a uni/school?08:17
brobostigongood morning everyone,08:17
mungbeanuni MooDoo08:17
MooDoomungbean: nice08:17
mungbeantoo many munters08:17
mungbeanand numpties08:17
mungbeaninterspersed with talented people who aren't listened to because they aren't contractors or project manager types08:18
MooDoostill nice to work at a uni08:18
mungbeanits getting me down a bit tbh08:18
mungbeanthe eejits are taking over08:18
MooDoomungbean: oh dear, how come?   just to many numpties?08:18
MooDoomungbean: ever read BOFH?08:19
mungbeanused to in the 90s08:19
MooDoomungbean: there you go then, get a PFY and have a little fun ;)08:19
mungbeanthere's a few old guard neckbeards like that, they are retiring now though08:19
dwatkinsthis sounds depressingly familiar08:19
MooDoomungbean: which uni?08:20
knightwiseLol , just checked that section08:20
knightwisegot some podcast listener feedback stuck in there08:20
knightwisefrom 201108:20
MooDooyeah got it thanks08:20
mungbeanprobably better not bee any more specifc about the problems but meh08:21
MooDoosome nice jobs there08:22
dwatkinsI was reading the other day about how things are at Microsoft (I work for a large company also), and I guess this kind of thing is somewhat inevitable in a big company.08:22
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JAMESTAITGood morning all, happy Friday and HAPPY CAPS LOCK DAY! :-D08:23
mungbeanyes, i've worked at a lot of companies and banks of aroudn 100-250 staff08:23
mungbeangenerally the techie is the PM too and they have to deliver08:24
mungbeanand it works well08:24
dwatkinsI used to work for a relatively large company, but things seemed to work well there for the most part, as it wasn't huge.08:24
mungbeansometimes its possible to find a niche in a large company where you are fairly autonomous08:24
mungbeanmy previous role in the large company manged that and was my best job ever08:25
dwatkinsin support, we constantly have to justify our existence, and log time spent in some way or other08:25
MooDoodwatkins: you at a uni/school as well?08:28
Laneyxnox: you coming tomorrow?08:37
MooDooLaney: you're in notts aren't you or am I going mad?08:38
Laneyyou've asked me that quite a few times before :P08:38
MooDooLaney: armed forces day?08:38
MooDooLaney: i'm old and senile ;)08:38
LaneyI'm asking him about https://hackntalkjune.eventbrite.com/08:38
MooDooLaney: /me shuts up08:39
LaneyI got annoyed yesterday with the city council's incessant tweeting about armed forces day08:40
mungbeanLaney: seems http://www.reddit.com/r/britishproblems/ is up your street08:40
LaneyI follow something like that on twitter08:41
directhexi am the king of british problems08:42
directhexthe trick is it needs to be something utterly insignificant, and entirely uncommon to any other culture08:43
directhexlike... "my digestives keep dissolving in my tea before i can eat them". that's a canonical example08:43
LaneyThere's definitely one around tasters of real ale08:43
LaneyTry two. Hate them both. Order a pint of one anyway because you don't want to admit it.08:44
mungbeanfunction of weather,marmite, tea, crisps, beer prices,08:44
directhexmungbean, yeah, you got it!08:45
directhexe.g. http://www.reddit.com/r/britishproblems/comments/uw37p/i_need_to_empty_the_bins_but_its_really_rainy_out/08:45
mungbeangets dull after a while08:45
mungbeani downvote all the tea ones08:45
directhexi liked http://www.reddit.com/r/britishproblems/comments/1fkm5t/four_shires_magazine_is_available_in_five/ that's one of my best08:45
mungbeanmainly cos i hate tea, thats a british problem in itself08:45
directhexit's painfully middle-class, for an extra boost08:45
directhexand related to http://www.reddit.com/r/britishproblems/comments/1204ii/the_only_magazines_at_the_doctors_surgery_are/08:46
* DJones wonders if its worth starting a petition to move Wimbledon Fortnight and Glastonbury to wintertime, every year it comes around and the uk weather turns very wet, at least if they were in winter, we'd expect the rain and it wouldn't ruin the annual 2 weeks of sunshine08:51
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:52
bigcalmWah, new version of Chromium has window decorations08:52
bigcalmFear change08:52
JAMESTAITDJones, +108:52
diploHi guys, any help would be appreciated09:00
diploof one anyway because you don't want to admit it.09:00
diplohmm :/09:00
diplopaste fail09:00
diploBasically, I want to extract data from that page from the span class=Label3309:01
diploAnd all child elements, from everywhere I read that works09:01
diploBut.. it only displays the first element09:02
diplo_any_ help would be aprreciated, I've tried loads of different ways.. I either get the whole page or just the first element.09:03
mungbeanit has to be python?09:10
popeyoh, wrong thing09:13
JAMESTAITdiplo, have you tried iterating over results instead of just printing it?09:15
JAMESTAITdiplo, it could be that it's doing something funky in __str__09:15
diplomungbean: Anything :) - will check that link09:16
diploJAMESTAIT: Yep, but all I've read is it wants to know specific tags09:16
diploDifferent pages have different results09:17
bigcalmSomebody, who isn't me, suggesting a PHP route? What is the world coming to?09:17
JAMESTAITdiplo, actually, looking at the source for that page, there is only one span with class="Label33"09:24
JAMESTAITOh, ignore me.09:25
MooDooJAMESTAIT: who what? ;)09:25
JAMESTAITIt's the children you're after. :)09:25
JAMESTAITMooDoo, shhh, you'll blow my cover. ;)09:25
diploYep :/09:27
xnoxLaney: i'm not =( well... i can pop in for an hour between 11 and 12, but then I'm off to http://londoncommunitypride.org/09:28
Laneyhaha, that was a surprising lead image to see :P09:29
=== schwuk is now known as schwuk_away
bigcalmLaney: really?09:31
Laneyoh sorry I lied about being surprised09:31
Laneythanks for correcting me09:31
bigcalmYou go to a Gay Pride website and are surprised so see that image. I'm surprised by your surprise09:32
MooDoodoes good still change the search bar when you type in gay?09:34
MooDoogoogle i meant09:34
MooDoocool :)09:34
bigcalmMooDoo: as do 'lesbian' and 'lgbt'09:35
mungbeanwow, go away for 5 mins and the convo is not about php any more...09:35
MooDoobigcalm: just read about it on the news the other day, think it was due to something about same sex marriage in the us or something09:35
JAMESTAITdiplo, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5807267/09:35
directhexsearch for "tilt"09:35
mungbeanbarrel roll09:36
bigcalm+do a09:37
directhexpeppy hare has a lot to answer for. teaching kids that an aileron roll is called a barrel roll09:37
bigcalmmungbean: it even did it on my phone!09:38
mungbean2 different things09:38
diplothank you JAMESTAIT, just locating pyquery09:42
bigcalmJAMESTAIT: are you in a shouty mood today?09:42
MooDoobigcalm: it's CAPITAL letters day09:42
JAMESTAITbigcalm, did no-one tell you?09:43
JAMESTAITbigcalm, it's CAPS LOCK DAY! :)09:43
popeyxnox: looks like the weather might hold out for pride tomorrow!09:43
* JAMESTAIT ignores popey.09:43
MooDoohope it's ok in Nottingham it's ARMED FORCES DAY!09:44
xnoxLaney: they changed the image, previous one was less bewilderment "two brides, changing banner to two topless guys hugging"09:44
JAMESTAITdiplo, sorry, I missed your response. python-pyquery in the archives, or pip install pyquery ;)09:45
Laneyxnox: I don't see topless guys, just an extreme closeup of a snog (and further down, some dismembered feet)09:45
mungbeanalways seems to be sex and promsicuity obsessed09:45
diploCouldn't find in the archives, installed pip09:46
popey"Please note the following arrangements are strictly for older members of the LGBT+ community and are being provided by Opening Doors London."09:46
Laneyanyway, I bet such things are quite a laugh09:46
Laneypossibly in a different way to hackntalk ...09:46
popeyyeah, I'd expect so09:46
mungbeani think in a few years the gay community will regret the over sexualised image that they have created09:47
popeylike there isn't a secualised image of straight women?09:47
xnoxmungbean: yeah, makes the whole compaign for marriage weird.09:47
mungbeanwhat i mean is that sexual orientation is not related to your sex and weirdness drive09:48
xnoxLaney: yeah, they changed to a snog and I don't know why =/09:48
mungbeanbut they have created an environmnent, which TV exacerbates, that gay = camp, shagging machine09:48
directhexyou can't fill out a 44 minute tv show with "they're identical, except they like the same sex". you gotta stress differences for ratings!09:49
mungbeanas evidenced by lurid costumes and displays of snogging on this event09:49
directhexget a reacttion! make money!09:49
mungbeanlots of men in small pants09:49
directhexthat was awesomely out of context for dogmatic6909:50
bigcalmGain weight and all existing pants feel small09:50
directhexanyway, the sexualization of "gay culture" is largely an aggressive push back against being marginalized, i.e. "you want us to hide who we are and pretend we don't exist, because gayness makes you uncomfortable? LOOK AT MY FABULOUS CROTCH"09:51
mungbeanyes, which is what happened when kids came "out" at school09:51
mungbeansuddenly turned into innuendo machines09:51
LaneyI want to click "I Disagree" just to see what happens09:56
* Laney does that in a private window09:57
popeyi always close those, they annoy me09:57
Laneyit just dismisses it09:57
bigcalmThey almost always make me instantly close the site09:58
popeyyou thought it might berate you? ☻09:58
Laneyyeah, and possibly set a cookie so that you continue to get abused in future09:58
popeyIt's like when a homeless / beggar on the street calls out to you "Do you want to make the world a better place?". I invariably say "Nope!"09:59
mungbeanwhat's the beggars plan?10:01
mungbeani remember a beggar in machester i used to give to (naively)10:01
bigcalmMaking the world a better place for themselves10:01
popeyEngage in conversation I suspect.10:02
MooDoomungbean: begger wearing nikes?10:02
mungbeanthen i saw a programme where he owned a flat, he biked to "work" and parked round the corner, and begged, earning £££ tax free10:02
popeyI am not judging them, I just don't like people trying to force me to have a conversation by asking provocative questions, that's all.10:02
mungbeani blank everybody in the street10:02
mungbeanits london10:02
bigcalmThere's something about that place that makes me want to get from A to B as quickly as possible without interacting with the natives10:04
mungbeani hate travel in any form10:04
mungbeanoutside bethnal green there are 6 resident alcy's10:04
mungbeani wonder where they sleep10:04
mungbeanthey are like digby chicken caesar from the mitchell and webb prog10:05
Laneyhow bad would it be to boris bike from st pancras to the google place where hackntalk is?10:05
mungbeantry it, the good thing about boris bike is you can ditch it at a slot somwehere if you wanna give up10:06
bigcalmThe route makes you go left on City Road from Featherstone Street and then u-turn. How odd10:08
mungbeanoh near old st10:09
mungbeanJoin us at Google’s Campus workspace in the heart of East London’s Tech City for a day long technology unconference and workshop. This exciting venue is home to a number of high tech companies and surrounded by the startup rich environment of London’s Silicon Roundabout.10:09
mungbeanHackntalk will be a day full of enjoyable talks, demonstrations and hacking on fun projects with enthusiastic people gathering together to share their  experiences.10:09
mungbeanlooks good10:09
bigcalmSilicon Roundabout. Bwuhahaha10:10
BigRedSLaney: fine10:10
BigRedSit's not hugely far, but it's not a brilliant road either10:11
mungbeanlame name investned by poltiicians10:11
Laneyseems ok from the map10:11
BigRedSyou basically go down pentonville road to old street and turn right10:11
Laneyi saw that silicon roundabout last time i was in london10:11
Laneylooked pretty grim to me10:11
mungbeanhipster territory10:11
mungbeanit is well grim10:11
bigcalmSounds slippery10:11
Laneyegads my train is at 072810:12
davmor2Morning all10:25
davmor2Happy Friday10:25
MooDoomorning davmor210:26
davmor2MooDoo: tis nearly the weekend \o/10:28
MooDoodavmor2: indeed :)10:30
MooDoodavmor2: linux install fest weekend lol10:30
bigcalmMorning davmor210:30
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davmor2MooDoo: oh that sounds fun :)10:33
bigcalmdavmor2: fed up with the SGS3 freezing so frequently, I'm going to send it back to t-mobile for 2 weeks10:37
davmor2bigcalm: I blame it being white ;)10:38
MooDoodavmor2: nah not really10:39
davmor2bigcalm: I'd lend you mine for a fortnight so you could see what it's like when it works :D10:40
popeywant to borrow my iphone ☻10:40
davmor2MooDoo: oh come on it'll be fun10:40
bigcalmI'm actually going to be using my old Nokia I had sold to my Dad10:40
xnoxLaney: that cycle ride is fine.10:41
MooDoodavmor2: yeah it will, fedora always rocks :p10:41
davmor2MooDoo: and that's why you install Ubuntu right cause it's stable no rocking there at all :D10:42
Laneyxnox: sweet10:42
Laneyxnox: I expect getting lost will be a bigger problem than the roads themselves10:43
MooDoodavmor2: fedora is stable too, don't knock it, it's just different that's all10:43
davmor2MooDoo: you said it rocks not me ;)10:44
MooDoodavmor2: :p smart arse10:44
davmor2MooDoo: it's sitting on the #naughtystep all the time that does I blame czajkowski10:45
czajkowskiyeah yea :)10:47
MooDoodavmor2: czajkowski is always naughty according to you10:48
MooDooczajkowski: how's the mongo stuff going?  you enjoying yourself?10:49
davmor2MooDoo: that's cause it's always czajkowski that tells us to go to the naughty step :)10:51
MooDoodavmor2: well i think czajkowski is lovely :p10:52
xnoxczajkowski: everyone on ubuntu/debian is waiting for https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/SERVER-8886 to be resolved =) than we can have "normal" mongodb in the archive with ssl support ;-)10:52
davmor2xnox: just assign the bug to czajkowski and ask her everyday if she has fixed it ;)10:54
* davmor2 braces himself for the impend wallop10:55
xnoxdavmor2: the assignee is correct. I'd wish czajkowski could make it part of the 2.4.5 & 2.5.0 releases, instead of .6 and .1 ;-)10:55
davmor2impending even10:55
davmor2xnox: :)10:55
xnoxdid you think we would stop annoying you about $work stuff on $non-work channels? =)))))10:56
davmor2xnox: That sentence is too long, you can cut it before the about :D10:57
* davmor2 hugs czajkowski 10:58
MooDoodavmor2: careful, she'll wallop you11:00
czajkowskixnox: you asked in #mongodb11:00
xnoxczajkowski: nah, they all hate me =)11:01
czajkowskiI do love jira though11:03
mgdmyou're weird11:04
bigcalmIs there a trick to get paste.ubuntu.com to syntax highlight PHP code?11:13
mungbeanwow..."Though Windows 8.1 Preview ships with the optional $10 Media Center pack (and its DVD-playing capabilities) installed, Microsoft has still given no indication that the release version will restore the ability to play DVDs. And you can't even install the Media Center pack unless you're running the $200 Windows 8 Pro, which costs $80 more than the vanilla version of Windows 8"11:13
bigcalmStep away from Windows and everybody gets to live11:14
bigcalmhappy lives11:14
MooDoomungbean: doesn't work for en-GB users without having to manually install it, then it's a 2.5 gb download11:15
MooDooand tweak stuff11:15
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mungbeanor VLC11:16
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
dogmatic69anyone know why the system monitor does not have the 'system' tab anymore?12:20
directhexit was scary and complicated!12:21
dwatkinsit gave people the fear12:26
mungbeanare the spec.org results per core or a sum over all cores12:40
mungbean(i think its the latter)12:41
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awilkinsCould one of the Americans in the channel send me the SHA-256 fingerprint of the google.com SSL cert?13:17
awilkinsNot sure how to get hold of it from the UK when google.com always redirects to google.co.uk13:17
dwatkinsI get redirected to google.ie, but it asks if I want to continue using google.co.uk13:21
dwatkinsI'm in the UK but my internets go through Dublin.13:21
popeyyou can override the redirect13:22
dwatkinshttps://www.google.com/?hl=en-US should do it13:22
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MooDoohighfive o/13:31
dwatkins\o win13:32
mungbean\o misses13:32
awilkinsAnyone heard of Troxo software?13:33
awilkinsThe background is that we spotted that a server was connecting to a particular IP address a lot13:34
awilkinsSo, the plain page is "Database error"13:34
awilkinsThen it was a 302 redirect to google.com13:35
* awilkins wonders why this crap is on our server13:35
awilkinsThe "SYSTEM" process (basically the kernel) was connecting to an HTTPS port on their secure server13:36
awilkins(This is a Windows box, apologies for the taint)13:36
awilkinsTheir HTTPS port was handing out the cert for google.com for a while today13:36
awilkinsAnd their plain port was redirecting to google.com13:37
awilkinsTo me it just smacks of rootkit13:37
jpdsawilkins: Shut down, everything.13:37
popey"IISPassword by Troxo is the add on for Microsoft IIS which password protects contents without using system user accounts. "13:38
awilkinsYes, we seem to have that13:38
awilkinsIt's .htaccess for IIS by the look of it13:39
shaunothat's what that address is giving me; an expired cert for secure.troxo.com13:39
shaunoexpired in 2010 :/13:40
popeythe company got bought by the look of it13:40
popeyso they probably lapsed as they moved over to their new domain at atomia13:40
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awilkinsThis all stimulated by a sudden flurry of warnings from our server monitoring which keeps deciding our web servers are down13:44
awilkinsI'm guessing this is because the monitor is in a different datacentre to the web servers and the network has it's knickers in a twist, because they are all vsible from the Greater Internet13:45
awilkinsBut networks said "Hey, that server keeps trying to connect to <that IP> but we're blocking that at the firewall"13:45
mungbean5 of us in the office, nobody spoken for 1 1/2 hours...peace :D13:46
mungbeanmakes a change from the last office i just moved from which was like a pub13:46
popey1 of me in the house, nobody has spoken for 7 hours13:47
dwatkinsthe guy who sits next to me hums randomly, he doesn't even realise he's doing it13:47
dwatkinsI ask him to stop, he apologises, it stops for about 30 seconds13:47
mungbeanare you even dresed popey13:47
popeyyes ☻13:47
mungbeanif i worked at home i would buy more pyjamas13:47
mungbeanchange into the work pyjamas to start the day13:48
dwatkinsget a pyjama suit13:48
shaunoif I worked at home I'd probably get fired :/   I'm not sure it's for everyone13:49
mgdm"The internet, where no-one knows you're sitting at home in a onsie"13:49
dwatkinsI sometimes work from home if I have a delivery or something like that, or I'm on-call at the weekend. I try not to do it too much, in case I suddenly need to have a day at home at a moment's notice.13:50
* awilkins is at home pounding out CHVRCHES on YouTube13:50
dwatkinsI'm in a shared office, listening to Epic Trance on my phone.13:50
shaunoI just get all my deliveries sent to work these days.  works out much easier13:50
dwatkinsMost of my deliveries go to work, yeah.13:51
* mgdm is in a large open-plan office with headphones on and (currently) Orbital13:51
shaunounless it's something I really don't want to lump home, since I walk13:51
awilkinsWe're not allowed to send personal deliveries to work.. Silly, innit.13:52
dwatkinsthe guy who hums suggested I listen to http://coffitivity.com/ (people talking in a coffee shop) but it's worse than hearing humming quietly13:52
dwatkinshttp://rainymood.com/ is quite nice13:52
mungbeandoes he hum because he is wearing headphones13:52
awilkinsPink noise generate app13:53
mungbean3d gun printing app13:53
bigcalmdwatkins: is there meant to be audio with that video?13:53
mgdmdwatkins: that's insane13:53
* bigcalm kicks Chromium13:53
dwatkinsbigcalm: which video?13:54
bigcalmdwatkins: your last link13:54
bigcalmNo audio in Chromium, works in Firefox13:54
dwatkinsoh sorry, didn't think of rainymood as a video, but yes - it has audio (the sound of rain, naturally)13:54
dwatkinsI think you can turn on music as well at the bottom13:55
mungbeanclementine has rain or hypnotoad13:55
bigcalmI recall there being a utility to create sound scapes13:55
mungbeanalmost had a heart attack when i engaged hypnotoad and my speakers were on full13:55
mungbeannever again13:55
dwatkinsthat website has a link to their iOS app which plays rain sounds, they also have one which plays white noise13:56
bigcalmI've just found some rain mp3s I recorded a few years ago. http://lazygnome.net/rain/13:56
* MartijnVdS has a CD with two thunderstorms from the 1980s13:57
bigcalmFunnily enough, I recorded those on my iRiver :D13:57
dwatkinsThere are some good (and some terrible) recordings of rain on youtube.13:57
mungbeanmy iriver got nicked :(13:57
mungbeanbut i got a cowon iaudio instead \o/13:58
awilkinsYou have to install the "evil" media pack for Chromium to get all the codecs, don't you14:28
awilkinsVine didn't work until I did that14:28
awilkinsI have a really old 1GB iRiver flash player I use for workouts14:29
* popey hugs his iRiver iHP-14014:35
mungbeanis that the brick?14:36
mungbeanthink thats what i had14:36
popeyblack coloured thing with joysick on the front14:36
mungbeanwith a remote control that did more than most mp3 players14:36
awilkinswell, the bloody stupid auto-update "zombie trojan" windows service episode has eaten 3 hours of my day14:36
mungbeanand optical in14:36
popeyand out14:37
mungbeanthe cowon iaudio is an excellent replacment though, only 16gb flash but amazing battery14:37
awilkinsAuto-updaters that run as the SYSTEM account - Bad and Wrong14:37
awilkinsWindows suffers so much from not having a proper package manager14:37
awilkinsall the hassle we get from our Security team can essentially be traced back to running web apps on IIS because it's such a massive PITA to keep up to date with security fixes for everything in the stack that we don't actually do it14:38
* awilkins shakes the ra-ra pom-poms for Linux14:39
awilkinsOr even running apps on Apache for Windows14:40
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xnoxBrowse the pics - it's hilarious http://www4.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/20130627752134415:17
MooDoodon't get it15:17
=== Guest74007 is now known as Monotoko
xnoxMooDoo: watch the number plates and how citroen becomes a peugeot15:18
mgdmNor I15:18
MooDooah lol15:19
bigcalmIn case there are any PHP devs in here looking for a change, we're hiring: http://hackerjobs.co.uk/jobs/2013/6/28/siftware-senior-php-developer-remote-working15:33
mgdmOh, that's you15:34
mgdm"You will be expected to come up towards Shropshire" - 'up'15:37
mgdmthere's an assumption :P15:37
bigcalmWell, people say they are going 'up' to London15:37
bigcalmShropshire is far better15:38
shaunoI've always said down to london15:39
* mgdm too15:39
bigcalmAs do I15:40
bigcalmOne goes down south and up north15:40
bigcalmI didn't write the job advert :P15:40
diploAnd it's basically east of me, not down or up :)15:40
TheOpenSourcererAye - as I live south of London I tend to go up to most places in the UK, possible down to Brighton and the west country but...15:40
diplowe’re thinking Bath, Bristol, \o/15:41
shaunokinda funny that we think of the map as being one big hill, but it works15:41
TheOpenSourcererI'm going to Plymouth week after next - that's a bloody long way down15:42
diploAll my family are from there, long drive for you, it's 2 hours + for me :)15:42
TheOpenSourcererThen up to Cardiff, then back down to home :-)15:42
BigRedSI alwas work on the assumption that everywhere else is down from London15:45
directhexmgdm, not such an assumption.15:45
directhexthe only way is up.15:45
directhexAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++ IRCer, would chat again15:46
TheOpenSourcererearworm here we come...15:46
* brobostigon returneth16:10
brobostigonsorry, wrong channel.16:10
shaunois there a sensible way to firewall per-process?  preferably something GUIish16:20
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BigRedSyou can do iptables per-user17:01
BigRedSno idea of a gui that'll help with that, or if it's anywhere near useful for your problem17:01
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davmor2That's why the weather is so rotten then, Glastonbury and Wimbledon  we didn't stand a prayer17:57
Azelphurhey folks, more issues with my 3TB hdds18:01
Azelphurjust noticed...my server seems to think they are 2TB :(18:01
Azelphurlooking at the byte count, I think it's stuck by some 32bit limit?18:03
Azelphur   Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System18:03
Azelphur/dev/sdb1            2048  4294967294  2147482623+  83  Linux18:03
dwatkinsAzelphur: what's the blocksize?18:06
Azelphurhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5808525/ there's all the info18:06
Azelphurmissing some TB's :P18:08
awilkinsWell, there's the + at the end18:22
awilkinsDoes that mean "more than this number of blocks"18:22
awilkinsPresume you have GPT partitition tables on them18:24
MartijnVdSYou need GPT partition tables18:24
MartijnVdSbecause "old-style" BIOS partition tables only go up to 2T18:24
awilkinsNot sure if fdisk -l reports block in 1k increments or 1 block (where block size is 4096 bytes here(18:25
MartijnVdSparted will tell you if it's gpt though18:25
Azelphurawilkins: don't think I do18:29
* Azelphur cries18:29
Azelphurit just does not want to behave, haha18:30
MartijnVdSAzelphur: fuser -a ?18:30
AzelphurMartijnVdS: doesn't say anything, what does -a do?18:31
MartijnVdSso it should show who/what's using it18:31
Azelphurwell fuser -a /media/012266c8-4878-44d0-8943-98db44a6a1b8/ shows nothing18:31
MartijnVdSAzelphur: in that case: umount -l ;)18:33
Azelphurcool :)18:33
ali1234i have now officially rage quit all build systems and making my own :(19:06
MartijnVdSali1234: but.. ExtUtils::MakeMaker!19:09
ali1234make sucks19:09
MartijnVdShence the wrapper19:09
ali1234also that looks suspiciously like perl19:10
MartijnVdSali1234: aww19:10
ali1234all i want is a system whereby i can define that $1-$2.out is made by running a command in the form of foo $1.in -x $219:11
ali1234make cannot do this19:11
ali1234it is probably the most requested feature of all time though judging by the number of people asking how to do it19:11
ali1234here's an example: car1.body.mesh: car1.blend -> blender car1.blend --background --python export-mesh.py body19:14
ali1234or another: car1-red.png: car1.xcf -> xcf2png car1.xcf -bg red19:14
ali1234make cannot generalize these commands into single rules19:14
ali1234yes, really19:15
diddledanthat seems somewhat short sighted19:15
ali1234i know right?19:15
diddledanI figured that was the entire point of makefiles19:15
ali1234well, it's not19:15
ali1234there are some really horrible workarounds you can use19:15
diddledanmake it in bash :-p19:16
ali1234like making a rule for every possible background colour19:16
ali1234which can be automated with more horrible workarounds19:16
ali1234i'm doing it in python19:16
diddledanI really should learn python sometime19:16
diddledanand ruby19:16
diddledanand ruby-on-rails (I specifically separate those two)19:16
diddledanyey for the xyzzy cheat code appearing yet again19:17
diddledancolossal cave was the originator of that in case you wondered19:17
diddledanor was it colossal adventure19:18
ali1234i thought it was zork19:18
ali1234but i suppose that was a loving rip off19:18
diddledanI think colossal predates it19:18
diddledanthough probably not by much19:18
diddledan"Gmail lists XYZZY as a capability when connected via IMAP before logging in. It takes no arguments, and responds with "OK Nothing happens.""19:24
diddledanthen there's the chromebook cr-48 - https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/aFmEJctDQJIfB8jhxHp00z2uFj-YG2MT90kC84ZROVE?feat=directlink19:28
MartijnVdShaha :)19:30
diddledanthere's a hidden message on that page apparently: http://blog.wellsb.com/post/6161876985/how-i-cracked-the-cr-48-easter-egg (at the bottom)19:30
redtape|renegadeYay I just bought a netbook to have a challenge with . \o/19:38
diddledanyou can still buy netbooks?19:38
redtape|renegadeHere it is .. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0090463E4/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=119:38
redtape|renegadeand here is the challenge ... ::: http://liliputing.com/2012/06/arch-linux-on-a-66-wm8650-netbook.html :::19:39
redtape|renegadeonly cost £28.00 so I can sell it again if needs be .. (usu. go for £35 on ebay)  .. but this one fell thru the net.19:39
redtape|renegadediddledan: OT : Here's why you 'can' buy them from .. http://bit.ly/18l6aRs | But you'll probably say that's pants .. which I would agree.19:42
redtape|renegademmmpft .. Everyone must be getting drunk ... redtape shrugs.19:48
diddledanjust watching the trailer of cloud atlas - looks good19:48
redtape|renegadewho's in it ?19:49
diddledantom hanks and halle berry top the list19:49
redtape|renegadeoh yeah, It's about that time/space fate thingy .. looks ok ..19:49
diddledaneven huff grant and susan sarandon19:50
redtape|renegadei'll google them ...19:50
diddledandon't tell me hugh doesn't spell huff!19:50
diddledanjim broadbent is in there too19:51
diddledanhugo weaving19:51
diddledanwritten and directed by the wachowski (matrix) brothers alongside one tom tykwer19:52
diddledanI always think lana wachowski has a girl's name tho - lana always sounds feminine to me19:53
redtape|renegadeyeah, they all sound good .. I just hate it when they talk politik , as if I care !  .. redtape like's the matrix reference thou  ..19:54
ali1234diddledan: he used to be called larry19:54
diddledannow if only there was a movie download service that I could pay for it and still use/watch it in ubuntu19:54
diddledanho hum19:54
redtape|renegadedoes netflix work with vpn ?19:55
redtape|renegadehas anyone tried ?19:55
redtape|renegadefurthermore does anyone give a ***19:55
diddledannetflix is launched in the uk now19:56
redtape|renegadenot with the same catalogue <-- that's my point.19:56
diddledanali1234: he get the snip?19:58
diddledanI didn't know v for vendetta was a wachowski collab19:58
mungbeantheres a chrome plugin thing19:59
mungbeanfor US ntflx19:59
redtape|renegadeI found a a typing tutor that is helping me .. that's a chrome browser app.20:00
redtape|renegadeI never thought all the browser apps and extensions would be any good .. but they are not too bad tbh.20:01
diddledanmy favourite browser thingy is lastpass - I pay to get the mobile version on my galaxy nexus and nexus7 and iphone and ipad - makes remembering the multitude of passwords much easier, and apart from having all the data in one place it allows me to use more secure passwords for individual services (understanding that they're only as secure as my lastpass password)20:03
mungbeanthey got hacked once20:04
redtape|renegadeyep , i agree..20:04
redtape|renegadebut mungbean is right .. also i hate mobiles.. but that's my fault not yours.20:04
redtape|renegademight change with the Uber phone.20:04
mungbean^^ thats for netflix20:05
mungbeansorry wrong link20:05
diddledanso it's similar to tor?20:06
redtape|renegadewith 1/3 of a million users .. I guess it must be ..20:07
redtape|renegadeOT : I'm going to watch trains tomorrow with Nephew .. probably Thomas and the like .. http://bit.ly/14Be0Az20:12
* redtape|renegade notes to get the camera sorted out for that trip..20:13
* redtape|renegade scurries off before he feels the wrath of other nerds ...20:15
mungbeananyone know how to use factoids plugin for supybot?20:16
DJonesmungbean: How to set it up or how to just get info out?20:27
mungbeansorted it20:28
mungbeandoesn't work nicely like lubotu320:28
mungbeani have to say "bot: whatis blah"20:28
DJonesmungbean: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins#Aliasing_one_factoid_to_anotherAh20:28
DJonesI was just digging out my links to how to set a bot up20:29
mungbeanah thanks20:29
mungbeanlubotu3 has a snarfer for !commands20:29
lubotu3mungbean: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:29
diddledanI think that statement proves lubotu3 's point20:30
mungbeani run a bot in a work chan20:31
mungbeanhe is growing in ability20:31
mungbeanfavourite plugin is urbandictionary20:31
diddledanmethinks it should match "<nick><punctuation>" rather than just "<nick> "20:32
mungbeanlubotu3: meh20:32
DJonesdiddledan: Oh I don't know, I'm sure the bots are more than capeable of responding better than a lot of users20:32
mungbeanno, it matched the ! <20:32
lubotu3Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/13.0420:33
lubotu3Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:33
DJonesNormally its something like "!factoid | nickname" or "!factoid > nickname"20:33
brobostigoncool, john paul jones, playing with seasick steve at glastobury.20:33
DJonesIf you want to pipe it to a specific user20:33
mungbeanright, baby asleep time for speed painting of my spitfire20:34
diddledanthat's bound to end in disaster20:35
mungbeanjust doing second coats on some small parts20:35
* DJones moves to America to enjoy the 53C temperatures expected in Death Valley https://twitter.com/BBCNewsUS/status/350713660815048704/photo/120:36
mungbeanbaby crying20:38
Azelphurblimey, two (D)DoS attacks against my server this month, seems I'm getting popular.21:35
diddledanAzelphur: do you have anything special there that makes you so popular?21:36
Azelphurgame servers21:36
Azelphurfunny part is DDoS attacks usually come with threats/demands, these ones are just random21:36
Azelphurnot that it matters, they've had no effect on services, it's odd.21:37
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ali1234here is my amazing make replacement :)23:47
shaunobecause the world was begging for another *make ;)23:57
shaunoI think I have three, and I'm sure I'm missing some23:58

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