grantbowanyone else @wikimedia attending the testing meetup? https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Meetings/2013-06-2703:06
darthrobotTitle: [Meetings/2013-06-27 - MediaWiki]03:06
MarkDudepleia2, I just spoke at ITT. I was talking about how awesome the Ubuntu Community is. The instructor informed me you were speaking there in 2 weeks :D05:45
MarkDudeAfter I told the story about the person that was learning bitlebee from your site05:45
grantbowpleia2, MarkDude: +1 thanks for following up with him. I wasn't able to follow up.05:47
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MarkDudeNo stress G, I told him you were busy at the moment. I briefly mentioned Dreamfish :)06:05
MarkDudeFull of eager students there- I encouraged them to try IRC, listed a Fedora channel after saying they should go to this channel06:06
* MarkDude had Ubuntu badge also for someone that already used it. I need to make more UW fliers06:07
pleia2MarkDude: yeah, july 11th I'll be over there again (been speaking at Michael's classes for a couple years now)12:24
raevolHAPPY FRIDAY17:02
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raevoloverly honest scientific methods: http://imgur.com/a/x77kL20:26
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philballewraevol, LOLZ21:17
raevolphilballew: :D23:01

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