cjohnstonroaksoax: ping12:17
roaksoaxcjohnston: here!17:17
cjohnstonhey roaksoax.. I commented on one of the testdrive bugs that it's still valid in raring and just wanted to chat with you about getting the fix released17:18
roaksoaxcjohnston: ill get to it 17:21
cjohnstoncool thanks.. do you need any help with testing or anything?17:22
roaksoaxcjohnston: not really... but appears strange to me it dorsnt install http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~testdrive/testdrive/trunk/view/head:/debian/control17:23
roaksoaxcheck testdrive-common17:24
balloonsohh solving testdrive bugs :-)17:24
roaksoaxso thismight be a change in the qemu-kvm package17:24
cjohnstonI installed kvm and it installed qemu-kvm17:25

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