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brouschHm http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1320575205/handibottm-a-smart-digital-power-tool12:37
snap-lGood morning13:12
snap-lOr some reasonable equivalent13:12
widoxhey hey13:13
rick_hstupid world13:41
brouschHobo eat your shoes again?13:45
rick_hthe storm killed my run for ice cream last night since everyone was without power13:46
rick_hthen this morning it killed my coffee run because of no power at starbucks of kroger13:47
rick_hso I'm sans ice cream, sans coffee, and I'm looking for someone's code to review so they can pay for the trouble mother nature has caused me!13:47
* rick_h goes to look at brousch's github.13:47
brouschWe didn't get any storms yesterday13:48
rick_h<3 this http://sideeffect.kr/popularconvention14:02
rick_hwow, the fact that java is 92% within 80 chars floors me14:04
brouschNow if only they'd link to the offending projects so you could beat them with the pep8 rubber snake14:04
brousch5% tabs in python14:05
* rick_h notes to get a pep8 rubber snake14:05
rick_hyea, I bet it's those tab-loving science types messing that up :P or people with default windows editors that use tabs ootb14:05
jcastrohey jrwren14:08
jcastrohow's your Golang and Windows skills?14:08
_stink_and this is github code only, where i'd expect people to follow convention better than in many other cases14:12
_stink_so i bet these numbers are higher than they should be14:12
brousch_stink_: Github is full of a lot of little projects no one cares about, so I'd expect it to be less strict14:14
_stink_i'd expect lots of code on github to be written by open source nerds that care about pep8 :P14:14
snap-lrick_h: http://www.metalinjection.net/latest-news/maynard-james-keenan-will-auction-off-his-platinum-records-for-chairty15:02
snap-lsomething for Erica to get you for Christmas. :)15:03
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brouschI'm sitting today due to heel pain. Thinking of trying the ball chair next15:16
brouschsnap-l: This sounds like your kind of thing http://grand-con.com/15:25
hackfu-i found a major bug in facebook15:27
greg-gyay, another site outage last night!15:28
greg-gfor about 40 minutes :(15:29
hackfu-it allows me to completely hijack accounts, without needing to interact with the user15:29
greg-gI don't think I know you, hackfu-, have you been in this channel much before?15:31
hackfu-Not much.15:31
hackfu-it took them about 5 days to response, and instafix.15:31
hackfu-after I reported it that is.15:31
greg-goh, cool15:34
hackfu-blogpost aboutit15:38
* greg-g only skimmed15:40
snap-lbrousch: Wow, Ed Greenwood will be there? That's unreal.15:44
snap-lInteresting they also have Tracy and Laura Hickman15:46
rick_hsnap-l: :)15:46
rick_hbrousch: 2hr shifts. It's what I do15:46
rick_hbrousch: I can't make it a full workday so I stand 2hrs, sit 2, back/forth15:46
rick_hactually fits with my typical work day workdflow nicely15:47
brouschI have to move 3 large boxes, 4 small ones, and a steel plate to set up my standing desk15:47
rick_hgreg-g: 40min? ouch15:47
rick_hbrousch: which takes 5min?15:47
brouschAnd a stack of boxes in my office15:48
rick_hbrousch: so a good 5min break every 2hrs seems just the thing :P15:48
brouschI'll try that next week15:49
brouschI should duct tape the whole thing together15:49
jrwrenjcastro: my colang and windows skills are non exist :)15:50
jrwrenwhy? what up?15:51
jrwrenI should really get a windows box up somewhere :)15:51
rick_hjrwren: juju on windows :)15:52
* rick_h guesses15:52
jrwrenI'm not looking for work, well maybe moonlighting.15:52
jrwrenjcastro: my golang windows skills are superior if you are willing to pay me part time.15:53
snap-lbrousch: You might have sparked me going to Grand Rapids after all15:53
snap-lArtPrize is going on the same time15:53
greg-grick_h: yeah, late evening deploy by the high profile feature team :(15:54
greg-gluckily we have one of our site architects in Australia who got back from lunch to help fix it15:55
rick_hah, nice15:55
rick_hyou deploy it you stick around for it I always say :P15:55
greg-gthat's our rule too, but this team is a little.....15:55
rick_hpull the reins!15:56
rick_hooh, I did spell that right, go me15:56
brouschsnap-l: FTR, those events are separated by several miles15:56
snap-lYeah, you depoloy, you get to ensure it lands15:56
snap-lbrousch: That's no biggie.15:56
snap-lGR isn't like Columbus or Detroit15:56
hackfuI need to get to france15:57
snap-lThey're actually polite on occasion. ;)15:57
hackfueither tomorrow or today15:57
brouschright, but you won't be walking from one to the other15:57
snap-lbrousch: Oh no doubt15:57
snap-lIt's not Holland. ;)15:57
snap-lActually, Holland isn't walkable outside of the downtown area.15:58
snap-lNot in "and get there within reasonable time"15:58
jrwrenholland is west michigan's royal oak.15:58
jrwrenyou can drive there and walk15:58
snap-lYeah, 90% of it15:59
jrwrenbut walking out of it is not something you do.15:59
brouschFirst weekend of ArtPrize is a mad house downtown15:59
hackfuI have submitted a chain of bugs to the Chromium security team, including code execution with full user privilige.16:00
snap-lCan't be any worse than Amway opening the secret vaults to air them out. ;)16:00
snap-lWe mustn't be entertaining enough for long visits.16:02
snap-lI <3 German game designers16:03
snap-lhttp://zmangames.com/nouvelles-details.php?id=314 "You must skillfully manage your glass and brick production in order to build the right structures that help you to keep your business flowing. Cut the forest to keep the fires burning in the ovens, spread and remove ponds, pits and forests to supply yourself with the items you need. There are 15 specialists at you side to carry out your orders...16:03
snap-lbtw: New Club Metal released last night / this morning18:08
snap-lWahoo, I won a caption contest on Metal Injection20:36

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