skellatUnit193: Seen it.  Was out at the farm for a good chunk of the day over somebody else's immigration paperwork and then I had an music festival board meeting I had to clerk tonight.00:39
skellatNOTES: 1.  OLF was sent a follow-up e-mail to see if they found space for an UbuCon.  2.  LoCo Council e-mailed about "Verified Team" status and what that involves.  3.  Haven't found a contract signer for table.  That remains pending.01:17
Unit193skellat: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines#Approval_Process01:23
jenni[ LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines - Ubuntu Wiki ] - http://j.mp/16D9qDy01:23
skellatUnit193: That's in the process of being voided in favor of something new.  As of UDS-1305 the Approved/Unapproved distinction was terminated.01:28
skellatUnit193: Let me dig up the blueprint01:30
skellatUnit193: Apparently I can't find the particular blueprint and LP is great for not being very searchable in that regard.  The Approved/Unapproved distinction did go away in May but the Wiki wasn't updated as the new "Verified Team" regime wasn't officially announced yet.01:46
jenni[ LoCo Community - what's next? : Blueprints : Ubuntu ] - http://j.mp/13bckCA01:53
skellatUnit193: The bad thing is I can't find the e-mail to the blueprint from 1305 where Jono marked off that the change was DONE.  My e-mails don't get stored for very long in any sort of accessible form.02:04
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thafreakMorning Ohio13:23
thafreakwhat'd i miss?13:25
Unit193What are you looking to miss?  I made my hackish package less bad by using diverts. :P13:26
Unit193dpkg-divert, yep.13:26
thafreakI've never delved into deb packaging...13:26
thafreakwhat's it do?13:27
Unit193Basically, I can overwrite files installed by other packages (not quite, but it's what I need to do, basically.)13:27
thafreakoh ok...cool13:41
thafreaki need to learn more about packaging13:42
thafreakall i can do now is backport packages13:42
paultagpackaging isn't hard.13:42
paultagOh, dpkg-divert. That's bad juju.13:42
thafreakyeah, just need to find the time to sit down and figure it out13:42
paultagHope you're not planning on getting it into the archive :)13:42
Unit193paultag: Indeed, but at least better than sed.  Heck no I'm not. :P13:42
paultagI've done worse :313:43
paultaghairycandy uses lots of dpkg-divert magic13:43
paultagin the worse case, it diverts usr/bin/awesome to usr/bin/awesome.real and adds a wrapepr as awesome13:43
paultagto do autostarting13:43
Unit193This is a replacement for a sed script that'd try to modify a line in place...13:43
paultagso bad13:43
paultagso bad13:43
paultagso good13:43
Unit193live-tools and pidgin-sipe use it too. :P13:45
paultagthe number of packakges in the archive that use divert must be low13:46
paultagbecause you can't divert the same file twice.13:46
thafreakso, I've discovered evilvte...13:47
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thafreakseems pretty low cpu usage...need to try it on my pi13:47
paultagwhy not use that hip one from a while back13:47
paultaghad some funny nam13:47
thafreakdunno...evilvte is in the repos13:48
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thafreakheard of some other ones, but they seem to require compiling from source...which i may still do on the pi13:49
paultagI need some hard drives to hook up to my pis13:50
paultagthan I can use them a bit more.13:50
paultagdamnit words13:50
thafreaki have one of those drive adaptors, where you just stick plug a bare hard drive in it, like it's a game cartdrige13:53
thafreaki have an old drive in it, and it keeps "disconnecting"13:55
thafreakI need to set up automount I think13:55
thafreaker autofs13:55
thafreakwhatever it's called these days13:55
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thafreak.weather 4425615:57
JENNICloudy, 77.0°F (25°C), 29.59in (999mb), Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KCLE 15:51Z15:57
skellat.weather 4400416:10
JENNICloudy, 75.2°F (24°C), 29.56in (998mb), Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KYNG 15:51Z16:10
skellat.weather KHZY16:12
JENNICloudy, 75.2°F (24°C), 29.56in (998mb), Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KYNG 15:51Z16:12
Unit193skellat: What are you doing now?  https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-us-ohio/msg01304.html22:10
JENNI[ Deactivated : Mailing list archive : ubuntu-us-ohio team in Launchpad ] - http://j.mp/12vOERQ22:10
skellatWhat I said I would22:10
skellatTrying to write a friendly reply22:11
Unit193Kicking people out?22:12
skellatGimme a minute22:15
Unit193I see, but still disagree.22:28
skellatEven if everybody gets unified to where the needs is felt to replace me quickly...22:28
skellat...good will come of this22:28
skellatIt is like watching ripples in a pond when you drop a rock in22:29
skellatStillness changes to activity as reaction radiates outward22:30
Unit193Not all activity is good.22:32
skellatWell, at least we can let it roll and I'll take the heat if any erupts22:34
skellatThat's what I'm there for anyhow22:34
skellatFamily are pulling me away to do things.  Have a good rest of the night Unit193.  I expect smoke coming out of my inbox soon enough.22:36
paultagwhen I first took over as BDFL, I wrote a script to email everyone directly22:44
paultagand reminded them where the real list is, and that we exist22:44
paultaggot quite a positive response22:45

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