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rmg51some people are just so full of themselves..... all caps?11:23
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkey and everything else12:06
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JonathanDHey ChinnoDog15:21
JonathanDnot a lot.15:22
hackfu-i found a major bug in facebook15:27
ChinnoDogWhat bug is that?15:28
hackfu-it allows me to completely takeover accounts, without needing to interact with the user.15:28
hackfu-I reported it, took them 5 days to fix.15:29
hackfu-well one day actually.15:29
hackfu-but 5 days to response.15:29
ChinnoDoghmm. Whose account did you hack?15:32
hackfu-I didnt, just reported PoC using a ghost account.15:32
hackfu-There was 20k bounty on this.15:34
JonathanDthat actually seems like a pretty good response.15:34
ChinnoDogSo you made 20k?15:34
JonathanDThey don't reply right away because they'll want to investigate further before doing so.15:34
JonathanDand see if there are related vulns.15:35
hackfu-Maybe, but If you look at what they eventually did its quite simple.15:35
hackfu-yep ChinnoDog15:35
hackfu-JonathanD 5 days is not bad really, I remember wiating 9 months for a response from Ms once.15:36
hackfu-but that was certainly much more severe.15:36
hackfu-Theres the post.15:37
ChinnoDogI wish I could make big bucks with arbitrary hacks15:40
hackfu-I have a small infosec company and we do it in an organized and customized fashion.15:42
MobileTurkeyyou make custom fashion products?15:44
hackfu-we specialize in cyber security offensive and defensive, researching vulnerability, protection from cyber threats CNO/CNA15:44
hackfu-MobileTurkey every tool and research is in house product.15:44
hackfu-a lot of it is research and dev.15:44
hackfu-We release about 15-20 binary analysis and exploits/POC's every month and that allows client to evalues and quantify risk and protect from attacks.15:45
hackfu-its not available for any client obviously...15:45
MobileTurkeywhat's your company called?15:46
ChinnoDogThat does not look like you. Looks like someone beat you to it.16:00
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ProfessorKaos64Finally found this channe again , its been a while20:31
ChinnoDoghi ProfessorKaos6420:31
ProfessorKaos64I am just gonna be around for a sec, wanted to get my IRC channels setup again20:31
ProfessorKaos64Bought me a ticket to FOSScon :)20:31
ProfessorKaos64Im on the east coast, which is not as cool as Cali for cons20:32
ChinnoDogI am not really into cons. They seem nice in principle.20:33
pleia2woo fosscon20:34
JonathanDHowdy ProfessorKaos6420:43
ProfessorKaos64Hey JonathanD20:44
ProfessorKaos64It's nice to at least have some ppl are are local, I missed that over the years20:47
waltmanJonathanD: when's pleia2 heading "back to sf" so we can have normal weather here again? :)20:51
waltmanIt's nice that you want pleia2 to feel at home, but 3 straight days of downpours during the pm rush is a bit much20:54
ProfessorKaos64Its been terrible here20:56
ProfessorKaos64Painting my porch has been a physical challenge20:56
ProfessorKaos64Mother nature playing games with me...20:56
ChinnoDogMother nature is telling you that the natural color is better.20:58
ProfessorKaos64That woman rained on me as I walked 3/4 mile home...she LOVES me... :P20:59
JonathanDwaltman: good question :)21:03
JonathanDProfessorKaos64: welcome.21:10
ProfessorKaos64You just told me that hahahaa21:11
ProfessorKaos6411 lines up21:11
ProfessorKaos64But howdy again!21:11
JonathanDI'm very welcoming.21:13
ProfessorKaos64Im so lazy, ive yet to setup SSH yet since I installed MINT, so busy with the house and other things, as well as my blog.  Someday lol21:14
pleia2waltman: don't blame me, it's been nice up here23:48
pleia2well, warm and humid, but not rainy!23:48

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