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c10udhey, I'm trying to use the nvidia-experimental-310 driver in precise with backported raring 3.8 kernel09:38
c10udbut dkms fails09:38
c10udi've seen there's a patch for raring: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-310/+bug/116663909:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576648 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1166639 package nvidia-* failed to install/upgrade: nvidia-* kernel module failed to build (Unable to determine the target kernel version.)" [High,Triaged]09:38
c10udany chance it can be backported too? if you could tell me where that conftest.sh is I could update it by hand and see if it does the trick here09:39
tseliotc10ud: if you can wait, we'll backport the latest stable driver09:45
c10udtseliot, I can wait, I was just wondering what was wrong..that patch doesn't seem to make dkms happy though09:48
tseliotc10ud: we'll just go with the 319 series and drop 31009:49
c10udnow I get meaningful errors atleast http://pastebin.com/5bvVJSXn :)09:50
c10udtseliot, any ETA/ppa?09:50
tseliotc10ud: they are already in Saucy. I think they will be available in July in a PPA and then in the 12.04.3 release in August09:50
c10udew, I'll see if I find some prepackaged nvidia-319 for precise or I'll revert back to 3.2.0 then, thanks09:53
c10udalright, in precise kernel 3.8 + nvidia 319 from xorg-edgers work perfectly :)10:04

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