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mazalMorning everyone05:10
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Kiloshi superfly mazal and others07:07
Kilosand HawkiesZA 07:07
Kilosi mailed 8ta again and asked what upgrading they are doing here07:08
Kilosill show the reply07:08
HawkiesZAMorning Kilos 07:08
KilosPer description of problem that indicates a reference to previous incident 3382229, site has been upgraded, but there is iub limitation found on site (12mb). Site needs iub upgrade. 07:08
Kilos 07:08
KilosHack solution. Pending 30meg upgrade07:08
Kiloswhat does that mean07:09
Kiloswhats an iub07:10
superflyhaven't a clue07:15
superflybut it sounds like the site doesn't have a big enough connection07:15
HawkiesZAWikipedia is insanely helpful07:17
HawkiesZA"The IUB interface between BTS and RNC in UMTS"07:17
tonberryE352some engineer somewhere is giggling now07:18
Kilosso its the supply to the site that needs upgrading07:19
Kilosand what do they mean by "Hack solution. Pending 30meg upgrade"07:19
mazalMore oom Kilos 07:20
KilosMaaz, define BTS07:23
MaazKilos: BTS Base Transceiver Station entities (BCF, BS, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, mobile-systems) , BTS Bug Tracking System07:23
superflyMaaz: define IUB07:24
Maazsuperfly: I don't know about IUB. Maybe you meant Bub, Cub, Dub, Fub, Hub, Jub, Nub, pub, Rub, sub, Tub, IUD, cub, dub, hub, nub, rub, tub, uub, iud, ib, iu, fub, iab, imb, idb, iup, iur, iuk or iut?07:24
superflyMaaz: IUB is the interface between BTS and RNC in UMTS07:24
Maazsuperfly: One learns a new thing every day07:24
superflyMaaz: IUB07:24
Maazsuperfly: IUB is the interface between BTS and RNC in UMTS07:24
KilosMaaz, define RNC07:24
MaazKilos: RNC Radio Network Controller (mobile-systems, UMTS)07:24
Kilosthanks for the help guys07:25
superflyThere, now we don't have to worry anymore about what IUB is. Maaz will tell us.07:25
Kilosty superfly 07:25
HawkiesZAOk, so from what I can tell07:26
HawkiesZAThe RNC controls the BTS07:26
HawkiesZAMobile devices talk to the BTS07:26
HawkiesZAAnd IUB is the interface between RNC and BTS07:26
HawkiesZAi.e. it's how the controller talks to the thing that talks to your device07:27
HawkiesZAThat make sense?07:28
Kilosyea to me anyway07:32
Kilosis the upgrade needed a hardware one like better cabling of what do they mean by hack solution07:33
HawkiesZAIt could be a hardware upgrade. It could also be a firmware upgrade07:35
Kilosto me it seems like firmware because how does one hack hardware07:36
HawkiesZADuct tape07:36
HawkiesZALots of it07:36
Kilosmaybe changing old cables underground to fibre is what their eventual aim is07:37
Kilosi think its all the duct tape thats caused the prob07:37
Kilosbad joints etc07:38
Kilosnot soldered07:38
Symmetriaprobably a stupid question but i know next to nothing about perl08:00
Symmetriawhy am I getting this every time I execute perl:08:00
Symmetriaperl: warning: Setting locale failed.08:00
Symmetriaperl: warning: Please check that your locale settings:08:00
SymmetriaLANGUAGE = "en_ZA:en",08:00
SymmetriaLC_ALL = (unset),08:00
SymmetriaLC_CTYPE = "UTF-8",08:00
SymmetriaLANG = "en_ZA.UTF-8"08:00
Symmetria    are supported and installed on your system.08:00
Symmetriaperl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").08:00
Symmetriaand how do I fix it :)08:00
Symmetriaits annoying as hell08:00
Kiloswhat is you keyboard settings08:01
Kilosenglish - usa08:01
Symmetriaits english south africa I think 08:02
Symmetriaits a server box 08:02
Kilostry the usa08:02
Kilossome guys have had probs using english-za08:02
Symmetriahow do I change it :)08:02
Kilosi dunno where to find settings without a gui08:03
Kilosthere must be a command way to change08:03
Kilosalways use english-usa when installing08:04
Kilosyoull have to wait for one of the clever guys to help or google08:05
HawkiesZAsudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration ? 08:05
HawkiesZAexclude the "?" in command line08:05
Kiloshi psyatw zeref 08:34
psyatwhi Kilos08:34
psyatwhi zeref08:37
charlgood morning08:37
psyatwhoi charl08:37
charlMaaz: coffee on08:37
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:37
psyatwhello magespawn08:37
charlhi psyatw 08:37
Kiloshi charl 08:37
zerefhi psyatw, charl 08:37
Kilosohi magespawn 08:37
KilosMaaz, coffee please08:37
MaazKilos: Okay08:37
charlhi magespawn 08:38
charlhi Kilos 08:38
KilosMaaz, larger08:38
Maazinna bucket for you Kilos08:38
Kiloslets hope magespawn dont have connection probs today again08:38
charla bucket08:39
charlKilos: are you going to be drinking your coffee like a horse? :)08:39
Kilosman its dry in the tvl in winter08:40
Kiloswe dont get rain like the coastal peeps08:40
charloh yeah, i remember it, the dead grass08:40
charli saw them spraying water here a few weeks ago, grass was also dying08:40
charlbut now it's rainy again08:41
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:41
magespawngood morning all08:41
Kilosonly evergreens not dead here08:41
charlat the moment it's like 12 degrees here, that's quite cold for summer weather08:41
charlMaaz: thanks08:41
Maazcharl: Okay :-)08:41
KilosMaaz, thanks man08:41
MaazKilos It gives me great pleasure to serve a bunch of geeks :-)08:41
magespawnMaaz coffee please08:42
Maazmagespawn: There isn't a pot on08:42
magespawnMaaz large08:42
MaazIn a beer mug just for you magespawn08:42
charllol a beer mug08:42
magespawnlooks like mweb has sorted it 08:43
charlsounds good, and telkom? they still in trouble?08:43
charli think i am going to advise my family in .za to move to mweb away from telkom08:43
magespawnwonderfully english there08:43
Kilosmweb works through telkom08:44
magespawnVince-0: was saying he thinks OpenWeb is better08:44
charlhmmm, what a mess08:44
Kiloscheapest offers i think08:44
magespawneveryone works last mile through telkom, they own the hardware08:44
charlabout 10 years ago i used to work at service agents of mweb08:44
charlthe way that company does business... i don't want to comment08:45
charlthey screwed us around a lot08:45
Kiloshi N8Wulf 08:45
N8Wulfhi Kilos08:45
charlhi N8Wulf 08:45
N8Wulfhey charl08:45
magespawnhi N8Wulf 08:45
N8Wulflol... Hey All08:45
charlbbl i need to get some work done08:46
N8WulfImportant topic or may I butt in?08:46
magespawngo ahead N8Wulf 08:46
Kilostalk N8Wulf 08:46
Kiloswhat you broke now?08:47
N8Wulfthe Server 12.04.2 AMD64 iso, do you guys know off issues with burning to Install media?08:47
N8WulfI checked Checksum onmy ISO08:47
Vince-0magespawn, yes indeed!08:47
KilosN8Wulf, use k3b08:47
zerefN8Wulf: I had no problems08:47
Vince-0it seems MWeb's fail-over from SEACOM issues sux08:48
N8WulfI used k3b08:48
N8WulfI used unetbootin to 2 Flashdrives08:48
magespawnno but i have never used the amd6408:48
Kilosoh my08:48
N8WulfI tried on different USB ports08:48
zerefI used unetbootin on flashdrive08:48
N8WulfI tried different PCs even08:48
zerefor you could get an earlier version of the server and try that?08:49
N8Wulfbut the install starts loading from the USb, then just after KB selection it gives error msg that I must check my CD Rom (install media08:49
Kilosarent the sticks booting?08:49
N8Wulfsticks boot yes08:49
Kilosand then?08:50
N8Wulfbut the install starts loading from the USb, then just after KB selection it gives error msg that I must check my CD Rom (install media08:50
Kilosunetbootin worked here08:50
Kilosoh wait08:50
N8Wulfon that ISO?08:50
Kilosi burned to dvd08:50
Kilosyip 12.04.208:50
N8Wulfi tried writing to a DVD with k3b at 4x write speed also08:50
Kilosbut not amd64 either08:51
N8Wulf"Boot Failure, Press any key"08:51
Kilosmy pc only does 32bit08:51
zerefN8Wulf: do you get this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/127398/usb-drive-install-of-ubuntu-12-04-server-fails-cant-find-components-from-cd-r08:52
Kilosoh my08:52
N8Wulfdo you think the Hardware detection picks up that it's not a Xeon but a Core 2 Duo?08:53
N8WulfBios says Intel 64 Architecture Capable08:54
N8Wulfzeref: That is exactly my issue yes08:54
zerefN8Wulf: seems like a bug was reported:08:56
N8WulfI see so... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!08:56
N8WulfThere goes my Media server build idieas for the weekend08:57
zereftry an older version of the server08:58
zerefor go debian :whistle:08:59
N8WulfI'm gonna give the suggested renaming of the File extensions a quick try09:00
N8Wulfmy issue is I wanna give www.amahi.org a testdrive09:00
N8Wulfand it only works on ubuntu 12.04 lts, or on fedora09:01
Kiloscan one mix amd and intel09:02
Kilosif cap no prob why not get the 32 bit09:02
magespawnN8Wulf: is amahi FOSS?09:11
N8Wulfnot sure about the FOSS bit09:12
magespawnit is open source, and it looks like the ubuntu versin is in beta09:13
N8Wulfthe Intel or AMD64 is the same thing, reference or use of the AMD infront still just means it's the 64bit edition09:14
N8WulfI need 64bit as my Ram is 8GB09:15
N8Wulfaccording to this: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/universal-usb-installer-easy-as-1-2-3/ there is some "Fix" for the broken Server installer09:21
N8Wulfjoke about that website though is that the App in question runs on M$ to setup linux on your Schtick09:22
magespawnN8Wulf: also looks like they recommend installing on the desktop version of ubnutu09:28
N8Wulfthanx yes, I saw that bit, but it looked like it was kinda going in circles... 09:31
magespawnlooks like they have made it kinda idiot proof to set up a home media server with a vpn connection to it, nice idea09:36
magespawni wonder how sercure it is09:36
N8WulfI wont put my Home porn on it yet... only my series and movies collection09:39
N8WulfI like the addOns for any uPnP devices and for Android etc to remote view blah blah blah09:40
N8Wulfand the Library Update and renaming addOns as well09:40
magespawnif i get a chance this weekend i will also give it a try09:44
N8WulfTurns out that Universal USB installer does the trick... my 12.04 64bit is finally installing10:06
Kilosglad you found a solution N8Wulf 10:07
Kiloshi theblazehen 10:07
theblazehenhi Kilos 10:07
N8Wulffrom what I saw, there's a Long filename issue on the ISO which causes errors when unetbootin extracts to the USB10:08
N8Wulfif I had 64bit installed on my Laptop, then I would not have had this issue, is because I'm now on 32bit, trying to do the 64bit thing for my server10:09
N8Wulffrom what I read, the 32bit can not support the verylongfilenamesthat 64bit does or needs on the ISO10:10
N8Wulffrom this to that... if anybody has use for 20Gb+ free Cloud storage, please use this link for additional 5Gb SignOn bonus: https://copy.com?r=8HAeLi. and every time you refer someone to yours, both get rewarded with extra 5Gb10:18
charlcloud storage FTW - help the NSA to read your data with convenience :)11:24
charlthis nii fellow on the afrinic mailing list11:29
charlit's great to read he is getting an award but his mails are extremely incoherent and hard to understand11:29
charldoes anyone else have that too?11:30
charlhi smile4ever 11:33
mazalBye everyone , have a good weekend12:29
Symmetriacan someone do me a favour and try and resolve
Vince-0It works!12:35
charl** server can't find NXDOMAIN12:36
Kiloswhat you mean resolve12:36
Kilosi can ping it12:36
charlyou mean reverse resolve right?12:36
charlnetblock owner is the university of the free state12:37
magespawnafternoon all12:42
Kiloshi magespawn wb12:42
charlwb magespawn 12:47
Kilosyay i asked 8ta what kinda upgrading is necessary here is the reply13:25
KilosThis will be a firmware to the tower upgrade .13:25
KilosOnce this is done , feedback will be provided to you.13:25
N8WulfFeedback on my side... I got Amahi server installed on 12.04-AMD6413:27
N8WulfIt's working...13:27
Kiloswell done13:27
N8Wulfthanx... now to add my HDDs to the Pool and setup Shares, et Voila!13:29
magespawnN8Wulf: you should be able to share that over the internet too13:39
N8Wulfjip, just have to install and enable OpenVPN etc13:45
magespawnthe dyndns is part of the setup which i thought was pretty cool13:49
magespawnsome inconsiderate nasty person near has just started a braai13:56
magespawnthat along with the kfc i have been smelling all day is close to driving me insane14:03
Kilosthat sucks magespawn 14:09
magespawnlater all14:35
magespawnhome time14:35
HawkiesZAcheers magespawn14:35
Kilosgo safe14:36
HawkiesZAenjoy the weekend14:36
HawkiesZAGonna hit the road too14:40
Kilosgo well14:40
HawkiesZACheers Kilos. Enjoy the weekend14:40
Kilosyou too ty14:40
Kiloshi nlsthzn 15:52
nlsthzn\o uncle Kilos15:54
Kiloshi trender16:06
Kilosaw missed him16:17
Kiloshi kbmonkey 17:27
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 17:28
Kiloshey Symmetria does it work with english-usa17:32
georgelappiesGood evening all18:27
Kiloshi georgelappies 18:28
georgelappieshi Kilos, how are you tonight18:28
Kiloscold but good ty amd you?18:29
georgelappiesgood thanks, no complains. yeah this winter may as well bugger of now18:33
Kilosheres a good desktop buy for someone in capetown18:36
Kiloswarmer in bed. night all , sleep tight18:40
charlhere is telkom: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/411/949/f0d.jpg18:41
kbmonkeycharl, LOL18:44
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trenderyo anybody awake22:11
trendermaaz: ping22:12
Maaztrender: pong22:12
zerefweo weo22:53
aquaratdoes anyone know what happened to sakis3g ?23:22

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