CorruptedHelix_Damn ghosts.00:00
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, graphics are back to normal?00:00
CorruptedHelix_Okay, that worked, my eyes are no longer bleeding00:00
CorruptedHelix_Which means, yes00:00
CorruptedHelix_fglrx was the cause of GNOME 3 defaulting to GNOME 2, as well.00:01
Ari-Yangyeah, fglrx is good for gaming, but 2d acceleration is horrid compared to the open source drivers (what you're using now)00:01
CorruptedHelix_Honestly? Ubuntu is a great operating system, and I love the feel of it, but it's a pain in the ass at times like these.00:01
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix_, http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM5NjE you mind find that interesting to read00:02
CorruptedHelix_My computer doesn't have proper support and Ubuntu doesn't have support for my USB headset. You can also say Plantronics doesn't support Ubuntu.00:02
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litepoolhttp://i.imgur.com/Id5rq8P.png look at this screenshot, i have no idea where the load is comming from00:02
wilee-nileeCorruptedHelix, Bro this is support not therapy.00:02
CorruptedHelixMind sending me that link again?00:03
DuPelitepool: install mytop ?00:04
Ari-Yang@ CorruptedHelix http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM5NjE00:04
CorruptedHelixOkay, thanks.00:04
Ari-Yangyou should also join #ubuntu-offtopic00:04
Ari-Yangcuz what I linked is kind of off topic....00:04
bitcoin849Howo do I avoid error "W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY D46F45428842CE5E" when I follow the instructions at https://launchpad.net/~bitcoin/+archive/bitcoin00:05
Picilitepool: are you aware that a load of 2 on a server with 8 cores is just fine?00:05
CorruptedHelixOkay, but is the Radeon HD Mobile 4200 supported?00:05
CorruptedHelixI mentioned it to someone and was laughed at because of how outdated it even is. :p00:05
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litepoolpici i don't think it is, its using too much00:05
litepooldupe i installed mytip00:06
litepooldupe i installed mytop00:06
zykotick9litepool: you basically take 2 and divide by 8 - so really, your system isn't being stressed (at all)00:06
nogalreisio: hey -- just got a little hacked together solution if you're interrested00:07
nogalreisio: using lightdm00:07
litepoolok i see, however mysql seems to be stressed out i think00:07
reisionogal: nope :)00:07
DuPelitepool: 2 isn't a problem. if you look at "vmstat" you will see why it's sitting at 2, if stuff sitting in iowait for instance, that's bad.00:08
DuPelitepool: search for mysqltuner. it's a script that will look at your mysql load and make some suggestions on how to tune it. default mysql config is very poor nowadays00:08
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, R600 = Radeon HD 290000:09
Ari-Yangso yes00:09
CorruptedHelixOkay, how exactly will this work out for me, as in, obtaining it once it's ultimately ready? In an Ubuntu update? I'm a bit of a noob here.00:09
histoCorruptedHelix: obtaining what?00:11
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, you don't have to worry about it now. you're on 3.04, so you'd either upgrade to 3.10 (which will be kernel 3.11 I think) and the update will simply be provided for you00:11
CorruptedHelixWhichever term... The new kernel.00:11
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, or you can update your kernel00:11
litepoolDuPe, http://i.imgur.com/OJ5Gj0h.png do you see anything criticle#?00:11
Ari-Yangand keep 3.0400:11
CorruptedHelixMight as well.00:11
Ari-Yangif you just want to update your kernel and not your distro http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/00:12
CorruptedHelixI don't know how to do any of this, honestly.00:12
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, google00:12
Martijn-NLUbuntuhhhhhh (H)00:12
Ari-YangCorruptedHelix, just google how to install kernel from ppa .deb files or something lol it's easier than compiling it yourself00:13
DuPelitepool: optimize table but that's actually a lot cleaner than i expcted. there's also mysqltunngprimer script that may give you better advice.00:14
Martijn-NL.. or use the software centre - click, click & finished!!!00:14
mnemonlitepool: yes, you need to set the ip forwarding flag00:14
litepoolmnemon works now00:14
CorruptedHelixhttp://linuxg.net/how-to-install-3-9-kernel-on-ubuntu-13-04-12-10-12-04-and-linux-mint-15-14-13/ I'll take it this will work, as long as I replace the steps for the 64bit version with the files from the link you gave to me?00:15
mnemonlitepool: good good, no rule modifications just the sysctl enabled?00:15
litepoolyeah mnemon00:15
CorruptedHelixAri-Yang: http://linuxg.net/how-to-install-3-9-kernel-on-ubuntu-13-04-12-10-12-04-and-linux-mint-15-14-13/ I'll take it this will work, as long as I replace the steps for the 64bit version with the files from the link you gave me?00:18
crc43/msg NickServ hi00:19
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zipyi tried to run tor + privoxy + squid 3 with this instructions: http://evilzone.org/anonymity/setup-your-own-proxy-with-squidprivoxytor-on-debian-like-distros-%28tutorial%29/ but after step 10, when i want to start squid3 "with squid3 -z" i get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5805967/ can someone help me? i changed my squidconf now to: pastebin.com/D1Jx4SHM and get this error now: http://pastebin.com/JZdfKNTf00:24
IC73   00:34
pupithi all. how tro reset root password ? passwd command not found.00:34
reisiopupit: really? locate passwd00:35
pupitreisio, there is no passwd command00:36
Amr_i need your help00:36
Amr_can anyone help?00:36
zipyhttp://pastebin.com/JZdfKNTf <-- does someone know what this means?00:36
pupitjgmdev: nope00:36
reisiopupit: that's unlikely00:36
reisiopupit: 'locate passwd' is a command, btw00:37
reisioAmr_: no, but many can00:37
pupitin recovery mode, trying to reset it00:37
saiarcot895Amr_: just ask what you need help with00:37
Amr_who can?00:37
OiCoryHey guys, general linux question. I'm on a differenct version of linux. and 1 have 2 hdds, one for /home, and one for everything else. So if I install another distro, home will be uneffected correct?00:37
saiarcot895Amr_: if someone can help, they'll respond00:37
bazhangdice-man____, ##linux00:37
OiCoryas long as I dont format or do anthing dumb with my /home hdd right?00:37
bazhangOiCory, ^00:37
bazhangsorry dice-man____00:38
pupitreisio, why would i use 'locate' when im in recovery mode with user root?00:38
Amr_ok sure when i try logining in with my account to the store it says the authentication failure, why is that?00:38
reisiopupit: because you want to _locate_ something00:39
saiarcot895OiCory: my guess is that it won't, but you might have extra unnecessary files or missing files (that will probably be created upon first use)00:39
saiarcot895Amr_: store?00:39
Amr_the place that you can download apps from00:39
jgmdevpudim, maybe you have to mount some partition00:39
jgmdevpupit *00:40
pupitjgmdev: it is mounted00:40
Carlinhosqt applications are in my local language even though i set english as the system language. how can i fix this? everything else looks good, only apps like clementine and smplayer act this way.00:40
jgmdevls /usr/bin/pass*00:41
Amr_i mean software center00:41
jgmdevpupit,  if it is not on that location then maybe you accidentaly deleted00:42
jgmdevand I'm not sure apt-get can solve that00:42
jgmdevmaybe some apt-get install base-something00:42
jgmdevanyway you dont need to change the root password00:43
jgmdeva sudo su would do00:43
Amr_when i try logining in with my account to the software center it says the authentication failure, why is that?00:43
pupitjgmdev: nope, there is no such command00:44
pupitanyway Im off00:44
pupitthanks for help jgmdev00:44
roastedQuestion - am I under the correct understanding that if I have a GPT table and install using guided partitioning, Ubuntu will auto install the proper efi partitions and whatnot? I'm finding on this laptop (Lenovo X130e) that I cannot install using EFI. The only way it'll succeed is if I disable UEFI and then install... I just thought that with UEFI enabled, Ubuntu would work, but I just go into a boot loop when installed with UEFI enabled/guided00:45
roastedpartitioning. Eh?00:45
reisioroasted: you probably could've found out by now00:45
reisioyeah, two hours would've sufficed00:46
mrtAkdenizGuys I have a problem00:46
mrtAkdenizI have a wireless mouse, and It was not working on ubuntu00:46
Amr_when i try logining in with my account to the software center it says the authentication failure, why is that?00:46
Amr_hello help please00:46
mrtAkdenizI wrote lsusb on terminal, then un-plugged and plugged again, and wrote again.. there was a new option as "Xenta"00:47
reisiomrtAkdeniz: and?00:47
roastedreisio: doesn't seem to be any specific documentation on this particular unit00:47
mrtAkdenizreisio, then my mouse laser started to light, and my mouse started to work00:47
reisioroasted: found out by just trying it, I mean00:47
roastedreisio: my methods that failed on this unit have been 100% identical to many others that worked fine00:47
reisiomrtAkdeniz: and?00:47
mrtAkdenizreisio, I used my mouse for 1 hour00:47
roastedreisio: I've doen about 12 installs today with different options00:47
reisioroasted: :/00:48
mrtAkdenizreisio, Then I rebooted my computer, and it is not working again, I did what i did before00:48
mrtAkdenizBut it is not working still..00:48
saiarcot895Amr_: can you log in through a web browser (or is that what you're doing)?00:48
reisiomrtAkdeniz: maybe your usb port, cable, mouse, or batteries are bad00:48
roastedreisio: UEFI only, fail. UEFI + Legacy (UEFI first), fail. Legacy only, success. That's the only way it works. BUT, Ubuntu supports UEFI, no? So, how this no work on this particular unit yet two dozen others I tested were fine00:48
* reisio shrugs00:48
mrtAkdenizreisio, It is working perfectly on Windows00:48
mrtAkdenizreisio, and batteries changed 2 days ago- Duracell00:48
reisiobatteries changed a minute ago I'd trust, new from a package, maybe00:49
reisioroasted: afraid I don't use either Ubuntu or UEFI00:50
Amr_i can login on a web browser. no am asking about the software center when ever i try logging in with my account it doesnt work not even the ubuntu one it says the authentication failure00:50
mrtAkdenizreisio, My mouse is everest, but in lsusb on the session before that, it said Xenta00:51
withnaleI'm using rhythmbox but I've got the global appmenu at the top switched off. It works for all of my other apps I use, but not rhythmbox. Any ideas how I can get the menu? I would have expected to either have it at the top of the screen or in the window, but I'm not getting one at all00:51
roastedreisio: I'm just saying, it's peculiar that my methods with this system yields different results vs countless others. Then again, I've had nothing but a trainwreck of problems with Lenovo in general before you even introduce Linux to the mix. The good days of Lenovo are over I'm sensing, but that's a conversation for OT.00:51
reisiothe good days of lenovo? Were IBM's :p00:52
reisiowhat's wrong with 'legacy' mode?00:52
wilee-nileeroasted, Best uefi support is on the ubuntu forums here is a link that might help, start a thread there. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729500:53
mrtAkdenizGuys is there someone who can help me?00:53
reisiomrtAkdeniz: you're dual booting?00:54
saiarcot895Amr_: you might have to create a new account; let me look around00:54
wissam_Hi, how can i redirect the output of a command to a file and add tab in the beginning of every line of that file?00:56
withnale ls  -1 | sed 's/^/\t/'00:56
withnalefor tabbing ls output for instance00:57
wissam_wheaties466: ok thnx00:58
saiarcot895Amr_: not sure on this00:58
wheaties466no problem00:59
mrtAkdenizreisio, yes00:59
wissam_withnale: ok thnx00:59
mrtAkdenizreisio, Windows 7 and Ubuntu 13.04 Gnome00:59
roastedreisio: nothing is wrong with legacy mode at all. It's more of a question of WHY this particular unit isn't working whereas others are. That;s all. :)01:00
reisiomrtAkdeniz: so if you reboot right now without touching the mouse, it will work in Windows?01:00
roastedwilee-nilee: appreciate it. :)01:00
mrtAkdenizreisio, yes01:01
amr_am back sorry dc01:01
amr_did u know how to help me01:01
mrtAkdenizreisio, But sometimes I have to touch, because it has a battery save mod and If I don't touch for 7 seconds, it is closing itself01:01
excelsioraSo I'm thinking I need some new hardware to run Ubuntu on. I don't want to blow a lot of money. I'm thinking about two things: a box I can set up at home and use for NAS, media, and bitcoin mining, and a tablet I can attach a keyboard to. Suggestions?01:01
bazhang!helpme | amr_01:03
ubottuamr_: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude01:03
bazhang!hcl | excelsiora01:03
ubottuexcelsiora: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection01:03
usr13excelsiora: The best computers are made by01:03
usr13........... computer users.01:04
pred_preianyone here running Linux/Ubuntu on a Macbook Air? I'm wondering how the trackpad drivers are doing these days.01:04
mrtAkdenizreisio, Do u have an idea?01:05
Seven_Six_Twolol. the best computers are made by computer users? not on average. The best ones are made by engineers, and broken by users.01:05
reisiomrtAkdeniz: yeah, embrace wires01:05
reisioSeven_Six_Two: might mean 'assembled by'01:05
saiarcot895amr_: I was able to login online to the Ubuntu Single Sign-On, but not through the Ubuntu Software Center01:05
saiarcot895amr_: not sure if it was because I didn't buy anything or something else01:06
mrtAkdenizreisio, you mean?01:06
Seven_Six_Tworeisio, oh. that's a difference worth noting.01:06
usercheck_is there small app in ubuntu for write flowchart?01:06
amr_saiarcot895 i didnt understand you01:06
amr_<saiarcot895> amr_: I was able to login online to the Ubuntu Single Sign-On, but not through the Ubuntu Software Center [09:06] <saiarcot895> amr_: not sure if it was because I didn't buy anything or something else?01:06
Seven_Six_Twousercheck_, yes, Draw01:07
saiarcot895amr_: Basically, I wasn't able to solve the problem01:07
Seven_Six_Twousercheck_, sorry, it's called Dia01:07
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reisioyeah, dia is smaller by far01:07
amr_is there any other way i can download programs from?01:07
reisioalso plenty of markup based flowcharting to be done, no doubt01:07
saiarcot895amr_: You can still download free programs through Ubuntu Software Center01:08
saiarcot895amr_: You don't need an account for that01:08
usercheck_Seven_Six_Two,  thx, i will trying review it.01:08
saiarcot895amr_: but for recommendations and buying programs, you do need an account.01:08
Seven_Six_Twoamr_, you can also download from ppa's, sourceforge, git, individual's svn01:08
mrtAkdenizreisio, Sorry, I didn't understand you.01:08
amr_it doesnt work for me i cant download anything i tried vlc and google chrome but nothing is being downloaded01:08
mrtAkdenizreisio, What you wanted to say?01:09
usercheck_reisio, thx too.01:09
reisiomrtAkdeniz: if you want a reliable mouse, get a wired one01:09
amr_i am using ubuntu 13.0401:09
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amr_i just downloaded it today01:09
Seven_Six_Twowired is the way to go. I've been using a wired logitech trackman for a decade without issue01:09
saiarcot895amr_: try opening Terminal and type in "sudo apt-get install vlc"01:09
Seven_Six_Twostill the best I've ever used.01:10
amr_i cant even lsn to mp3 songs with it01:10
amr_not even videos01:10
amr_ok i will try that01:10
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mrtAkdenizreisio, why? It is working sometimes, it means there is a problem on Ubuntu, am I right?01:12
reisioSeven_Six_Two: too bad they don't still put them on laptops01:12
reisiomrtAkdeniz: it's pretty hard to say, there are so many more variables with wireless01:12
mrtAkdenizI used Mint01:13
mrtAkdenizThey said it too, get a wired mouse...01:13
mrtAkdenizAnd now using Ubuntu01:13
mrtAkdenizThey are saying it again, Is there someone who knows this OS well?01:13
OerHeksIt is the special powersaving mode that is bugging, not a lot of chance to stop this.01:14
reisioeven if it's a bug, and even if there's not a lot of chance to fix or avoid it01:14
reisioyou should still get a wired mouse :p01:14
mrtAkdenizDo you know someone who good at hardware on ubuntu? I want to talk with him01:15
mrtAkdenizI don't want stop using Ubuntu for a mouse.01:15
reisiomrtAkdeniz: I think you're going to have trouble convincing people that this isn't a hardware problem01:15
OerHeksmrtAkdeniz, Fastest way to get develpment responce is to file a bug report01:16
mrtAkdenizreisio, Is that a system problem?01:16
OerHeksand some user to confirm this01:16
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mrtAkdenizOerHeks, I did it 4 times... I opened 2 topics on forums...01:17
FanshaweHello everyone. An application that was working earlier today now doesn't start up. It's called 'Labyrinth', a mind-mapping tool. I think it's a problem with Python, but beyond that I'm not sure. Can someone help me get it to run? I'll post the output from the terminal in pastebin in a moment.01:17
excelsioraSo what if I want to get a model that will be supported well on the cutting edge (the rolling releases?)01:18
FanshaweHere's the terminal output when I try to run the application: http://pastebin.com/axa8wjeA01:18
reisiomrtAkdeniz: I think you're going to have trouble convincing people that this isn't a problem with your mouse, mouse receiver, batteries, usb cable, or usb port01:19
mrtAkdenizreisio, I can say my mouse is working very well on Windows?01:19
reisiomrtAkdeniz: you can, and have01:20
mrtAkdenizreisio, Oh god, I just plugged my phone via USB01:21
mrtAkdenizAnd it is not visible on Computer01:21
mrtAkdenizand lsusb01:21
OerHeksFanshawe, python 2.6 is old, precise 12.04 lts uses 2.701:21
reisiomrtAkdeniz: oh god01:21
mrtAkdenizreisio, I think there is a problem with my usb ports with ubuntu...01:22
FanshaweOerHeks: Thanks, I didn't consider that there might be an update. Is there anyway I can update Python without upgrading to 12.04?01:22
mrtAkdenizreisio, Is there a problem to fix it?01:22
mrtAkdenizreisio, my usb storage device is not working on computer, too.01:22
reisiomrtAkdeniz: how is it not working?01:23
mrtAkdenizIt is not visible on computer01:23
OerHeksFanshawe, not sure if backports do that. why not upgrade?01:23
mrtAkdenizOnly other parts of my HDD01:23
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excelsioraAnyone tried a lenovo yoga?01:24
reisioexcelsiora: ask #richppl01:24
bazhangexcelsiora, ##hardware01:24
bazhangdont poll here excelsiora01:25
reisioor: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22yoga%22%20site%3Aubuntuforums.org01:25
excelsiorawell dangit, why not?01:25
excelsiorathanks reisio01:25
FanshaweOerHeks: There's not enough space on my SSD to comfortably upgrade right now. I just about squeezed my current version on, it's not a process I want to repeat.01:25
bazhangexcelsiora, its' ubuntu tech support not hardware selection, thats why01:25
excelsiorawhy does ubuntu forums use Personal Home Page technology?01:28
reisioexcelsiora: what did you have in mind?01:29
excelsioraHTML5 and extjs?01:29
reisiodoes anyone use extjs for forums?01:29
excelsioraI don't know, I'm not that good yet.01:30
reisioI think not01:30
excelsiora I'm using it at work, though01:30
reisioas to why they use vbulletin and not something open source, though, is a real mystery01:30
excelsioraAll written in Python actually.01:30
reisioalthough not that great of a mystery, Canonical being a for-profit company, after all01:30
reisioexcelsiora: that sounds better01:31
FanshaweI'm still not clear why the program would run the first time, but then not upon closing and reopening. I can't really interpret the terminal output.01:31
excelsioraYou bet it is.01:31
excelsioraWe have a lot of linux servers, but I think they're all redhat.01:32
reisio:/ :p01:32
excelsioraI'd install Ubuntu on my desktop if I could01:32
excelsioraI don't know how to get cleared to do so... yet01:33
wilee-nileeexcelsiora, This is support chat is at #ubuntu-offtopic01:33
excelsioraYou're supporting my Ubuntu habit. :)01:33
bazhangexcelsiora, take it there01:33
Teh_Bucketanyone know how to setup the widgets in compiz?01:34
Teh_Bucketi managed to add only one window at a time, can't add more than 101:34
excelsioraok, support this: my laptop is a Dell studio 1558, and the backlight doesn't respond to the special dimmer keys. What's up with that?01:34
excelsioraoh yeah, 13.04, 64 bit.01:35
excelsioraalthough the keyboard lights worked on install, go figure01:36
excelsioraWhen I installed 11.10, the keyboard lights didn't work, but the screen dimmer did.01:37
excelsioraWhy can't hardware guys standardize?!01:37
harrisubuntu 13.04 power saving makes pc pop01:37
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mehworki don't have the command 'add-apt-repository' in my ubuntu. How can i get it?01:39
newborntry "aptitude search add-apt-repository"01:40
harrisubuntu 13.04 power saving makes pc pop01:41
mehworknewborn: i did and it didnt turn anything up01:41
excelsioraharris: what the hell are you talking about?01:41
xanguaare you on server¿01:41
xangua!find add-apt-repository | mehwork01:41
ubottumehwork: File add-apt-repository found in software-properties-common01:42
harrisit makes a pop noise01:42
harrisits the sound card turning on and off01:42
harrishow do i stop it01:42
mehworkthanks ubottu01:42
excelsioraI don't know, I've never had that issue01:42
excelsiorayou have the proper driver?01:42
excelsioraI don't know all the bash commands to figure out your hardware01:43
harrisfixed it01:44
BAMbandahow do I close a process similar to task manager in windows?01:44
newbornis there a command like "yum provides *bin/add-apt-repository" to search packages that provides the file "add-apt-repository" on ubuntu?01:45
excelsioraBAMbanda: top01:45
BAMbandalike if something is not responding, firefox says there is a process already running and I have to close it01:45
excelsioraand kill the pid01:45
BAMbandaafter top, how do i quit a specific app01:45
BAMbandaok gotcha01:45
wilee-nileeBAMbanda, I often use killall "app" if you find the pid you can kill with that.01:45
excelsioraI think01:45
excelsioranewborn: ??01:46
excelsioranewborn: what's your error message when you try to run it?01:47
OerHeksnewborn, that command is given already > aptitude search add-apt-repository01:48
newbornnot works for search files in packages,it just search package name or pack description OerHeks01:49
OerHeksnewborn, oh i see, dpkg-deb -I <filename>01:50
excelsioraIs it bad to use the command line to sudo apt-get update or should I just use the GUI?01:51
Jef91Anyone here know if Ubiquity in 13.04 uses python2 or 3 gtk bindings?01:52
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trismJef91: python3 (apt-cache depends ubiquity-frontend-gtk;)02:06
KriShaNsinwhy is there a windows network folder under browse network? i never did a samba or nothing. this is a clean install.02:16
KriShaNsinhow on a clean install, can there be a windows network folder under browse network?02:17
_______________-KriShaNsin, do you have a windows machine?02:17
=== tgm4883_ is now known as tgm4883
KriShaNsinwhy cant i get Blluetooth applet to show up under startup applications even after running the sed onliner?02:17
KriShaNsinno i dont have a windows machine but my neighbors do02:18
KriShaNsinevery time i try to set my pointer speed it resets back to default under system settings mouse ad touchpad.02:18
bazhang!enter | KriShaNsin02:19
ubottuKriShaNsin: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:19
_______________-KriShaNsin, perhaps you once connected to a network with a windows machine, and now your computer keeps the folder there so that it doesn't have to recreate it?02:19
KriShaNsinbazhang: they are seperate wuestions02:19
KriShaNsinI never connected to a windows machine . i thought i made it clear that this is a CLEAN install02:20
zipywhat is the ubuntu cmd for tracert in windows?02:20
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, That windows folder has always been there, don't worry about it. Also you want to address one issue at a time is all.02:20
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: oh ok thanks wilee , i didnt know you were around sorry02:20
TheLordOfTimein the command line is there a way to launch a program and *not* have it run in an active console screen, like maybe forking to the background?02:21
bpszipy: traceroute or mtr02:21
_______________-TheLordOfTime, add " &" after the command eg "nautilus &"02:21
dr_willisTheLordOfTime:   command &02:21
guest11111this the ubuntu irc channel right?02:21
_______________-guest11111, yes02:22
wilee-nileeguest11111, Support yes.02:22
dr_willisTheLordOfTime:  look for bash job controll  tutorials for details02:22
_______________-TheLordOfTime, yes, job control. ctrl-z and fg/bg are awesome02:22
excalibrHey any idea why $XDG_DATA_HOME value is empty on Ubuntu?02:22
TheLordOfTimedr_willis:  i needed it for active command line commands, like running a specific program with a specific argument, and it doesn't need run in a script02:22
TheLordOfTimebut thanks to you all :)02:22
KriShaNsinany reason why the Bluetooth applet refuses to show up in startup applications after running the sed oneliner, (all the other startups are there just not the bluetooth)02:23
zipytraceroute <- haha02:23
frisanyone using a php 5.5 ppa?02:23
_______________-KriShaNsin, I'm sorry, I don't know what the sed oneliner is, but does it include a log?\02:24
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, Your computer have bluetooth on board or do you have to use a usb antennae?02:24
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: on board02:25
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, Hmm, I will check the web and see if I see. anything02:25
guest11111i have a lot of trouble compiling programs from source in the terminal.02:25
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: it worked before but for some reason on this install things are acting funny, also when i installed from the live usb, i saw a little box in the left upper corner of my screen flash for a second and then the install continued.02:26
nightdemon666Ha! Joined this room using my phone :-P02:26
bazhang!compile | guest11111 have a read02:26
ubottuguest11111 have a read: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall02:26
KriShaNsinnightdemon666: yes there are irc clients for smart phones02:26
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, So it is not working I assume.02:26
guest11111thanks ubottu02:26
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: bluetooth is working fine, in fact it wont stop is the problem02:27
KriShaNsini dont use it and want it gone from panel and startup, in fact i would purge bluetooth capability if i could and knew how . is it safe? can i do it?02:27
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: i use open ssh to communicate with my iDevices.. but i am a babe in the woods so to speak anyway.02:28
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, This is a kill, I have not really used bluetooth much. http://askubuntu.com/questions/67758/how-can-i-deactivate-bluetooth-on-system-startup02:28
nightdemon666He he, just tickled by it :-) i just wanted to make sure i had access to this room from and android app. I like to drop by and help people from time to time.02:29
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: i looked all over and never saw this forum page . thanks let me try this .02:29
wilee-nileeDoes not appear to remove the icon though.02:29
KriShaNsinoh really? damn that icon on the panel is tdiving me nuts lol02:29
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, You can remove bluetooth from synaptic I believe it is not dependency bound I believe.02:30
KriShaNsinoh ok so use the packet manager synaptic? let me try that a i have the packet manager installed already02:30
Tapperhey guys, n00b here, I am always on the computer and do not have a tv near me so I wanted to stay updated on news, is there any good lite news apps that show system messages and hang out in the Panel? I am on 13.04, thank you for any help02:31
dr_willisany of the pa02:31
dr_willisackahe magn02:31
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, I use the terminal or synaptic generally, synaptic has a hostory that is of good use if you need to go back and see what happened.02:31
BruceSatoHi, does anyone know if i can delete my old ubuntu installation and install new one direct from livestick?02:31
dr_willisgrr..  silly keybord02:31
_______________-BruceSato, yes.02:32
wilee-nileeBruceSato, Sure.02:32
dr_willisBruceSato:  format the old02:32
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: let me try that. the cool thing about me is that i can do a clean install any time so its cool to try anything really.02:32
_______________-"package manager"02:33
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, I generally clone my installs, and save package install lists and the repos for such occasions.02:33
dr_willisthe installer asks if you want to replace  the old install  i think  BruceSato02:33
jgmdevBruceSato, the best thing is to have the /home directory mounted on a diferent partition from the / root one so reinstalling the OS does not messes your personal files and preferences.02:33
wilee-nileeand any keys for 3rd party repos.02:33
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: out of my skillset for now but will learn that then for future conveinence etc..02:33
BruceSatoi want to begin completely anew, jgmdev02:33
BruceSatono essential data on linux, im trying it to replace windows completely02:34
Th0masR0ssCan you get ubuntu without unity?02:34
bazhang!notunity | Th0masR0ss02:34
ubottuTh0masR0ss: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.02:34
jgmdevBruceSato, then it is safe to just re-install02:34
dr_willisTh0masR0ss:  that would be  lubuntu ir xubuntu or kubuntu...02:35
Th0masR0ssdr_willis: yes ok.02:35
dr_willisor other variations02:35
guest11111Is there anybody here? I just joined.02:36
jgmdevTh0masR0ss, I would recommend you xubuntu (xfce) it resembles gnome2 a lot but it is even better (more customizable)02:36
bazhang!compile | guest11111 yes read the links02:37
ubottuguest11111 yes read the links: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall02:37
wilee-nileeguest11111, To get help, a detailed description of your problem is the channel norm for help.02:37
guest11111I read it. It helped. Thank you.02:37
irmbradyHi guys, would really appreciate some help. Trying to run a custom bash script which is using python 2.7 libraries. I am getting the following error: "expat/xmlparse.c:75:2: error: #error memmove does not exist on this platform, nor is a substitute available". Googled around but cannot really find a fix. Anyone have a clue what this could be? FYI: I have python-dev and gcc installed, current python version is02:39
Tex_Nickirmbrady: if you don't get an answer here, you might try #python or #bash02:41
Tapperhey does anyone know any good news apps that just chill in the panel and auto update so I can stay current?02:42
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: well that worked. let me reboot and see if i screwed anything important up. i removed everything except for one dependant lib. pkg. and the icon is gone. high-color-icon-trigger file was the icon i think. bbl. let me reboot now.02:42
irmbradyHey Tex_Nick, thank you for the suggestion. Will ask the #python guys also!02:42
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: reboot and icon is gone, everything is running ok for now.02:47
wilee-nileeKriShaNsin, Cool.02:47
KriShaNsinwilee-nilee: nah, your cool.02:47
Tex_NickTapper: I just googled for "ubuntu panel RSS" looks like there are a few RSS reader panel apps02:47
TapperTex_Nick, thank you and Im sorry I dont know what RSS is02:48
TapperTex_Nick, i will look into it02:48
Guest27917Can I configure screen so it can be accessed by multiple users? (Not necessarily at the same time)02:48
MJ94Can anyone help me understand why I am getting this error? I've Googled, but no solution works. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5806601/02:49
MJ94Thank you.02:49
somsipGuest27917: that's pretty much what it's for. People attached to the running instance. More than one person can attach. Certainly is that way with tmux so I'd expect the same with screen02:49
KriShaNsini got a glitch with my mouse pointer speed settings, everytime i set it to slow, and then close that settings window, it goes back to default speed. anyone know of this issue?02:50
wilee-nileeMJ94, Works here.02:50
MJ94Huh, wilee-nilee. Odd.02:50
MJ94wilee-nilee: Do I need to be sudo?02:51
irmbradyYou can try it with sudo - it will most likely resolve the issue02:52
wilee-nileeMJ94, I ran it as you did in your command, I'm on a desktop though, you are not root so not sure really.02:52
MJ94irmbrady: the bummer is, I'm not sudo certified02:53
wilee-nileeMJ94, Limited user might be the problem, just a guess, would not seem to matter.02:54
irmbradyThat is probably why you are having the permission error :)02:54
lasersMJ94: What is ~/folderimin? Is it a symbolic link to /var/www or something similar? :o02:54
MJ94that's the real folder02:55
irmbradyMJ94: You could try running apt-get install wordpress02:55
dr_willis! info wordpress02:56
MJ94irmbrady: that wouldn't be the newest version, would it?02:56
MJ94!info wordpress02:56
ubottuwordpress (source: wordpress): weblog manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.1+dfsg-2 (raring), package size 4721 kB, installed size 12406 kB02:56
somsipMJ94: 3.5.2 is current, so it's not far off.02:56
dr_willisyou want the lastest use a ppa.  normally02:56
MJ94dr_willis: hm?02:56
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:57
MJ94so, which way should I go about this?02:57
dr_willisuse the repo version is easirr02:57
James_EppAlright guys, got an old machine with VGA. I purchased a VGA to HDMI converter. VGA and 3.5mm goes in, HDMI goes out. I plugged the HDMI cable into my 20" Monitor, worked fine with a 1024x768 resolution. Plug it into my 42" tv and no output shows. Suggestions? Can I manually set a resolution no matter what?02:57
MJ94I'm not horribly familiar with Linux, and it's my friend's machine.02:57
irmbradyapt-get is easier. Adding a ppa then installing latest shouldn't be too much hassle. I would just do apt-get though02:57
MJ94I'll wait till he can install the latest02:57
irmbradyJust to make sure it works02:58
MJ94lasers: okay02:58
somsipdr_willis: can he add a PPA without sudo?02:58
MJ94apt-get install wordpress?02:58
dr_willissomsip:  nope02:58
irmbradyMJ94: Exactly that - you might still have persmission errors02:58
irmbradyBut try anyway02:58
somsipdr_willis: 09:53 < MJ94> irmbrady: the bummer is, I'm not sudo certified02:58
irmbradyMJ94: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WordPress02:59
MJ94can't apt-get without root either02:59
MJ94er, sudo02:59
dr_willissudo grants you root rights.03:00
submanHas Ubuntu really grown in bloat so far as to be useless on netbooks now?  I'm trying to run 13.04, either Ubuntu/Lubuntu/Xubuntu and it just crawls and locks up just running Firefox!  Hard drive light never turns off.  Seems unreal.03:00
dr_willissome apps might be installable to the users home03:00
woodensoulHello. I'm looking for some help with a problem I recently encountered using Lubuntu 13.04.03:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest20294
Dougie187Can anyone point me to instructions for building a .deb for a library?03:01
Dougie187I'm trying to follow this: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-deb-package-ubuntu-debian.html and it seems a bit... incomplete.03:01
woodensoulI set it up as a file server and all was well for a couple weeks.  But now when booting up, I just get the Lubuntu loading screen and then a black screen with a blinking cursor.03:02
appleoneononecan someone explain to me why I can't talk on this channel on my laptop?03:02
appleoneononeCan anyone check to see if I'm muted on my IP address or anything03:02
appleoneononeI'm having problem after problem, and trying to get very important work done, and for osme reason I was muted a few days ago for no reason03:02
Piciappleoneonone: what nick?03:02
appleoneononeany nick03:02
Coreyappleoneonone: It seems you're not quieted now.03:03
tuxchowHelp needed. I cannot see my win8 partitions under ubuntu03:03
CoreySo, "be happy?"03:03
submansdfsdfsdfsdfsdf, no klan allowed03:03
appleoneononenick apple11103:03
appleoneononeIt keeps telling me I'm unable to send to the channel03:03
irmbradyappleoneonone: Many channels require you to register your nickname with NickServ to talk03:03
tuxchowNeither can my grub find my win8 partitions03:03
Piciappleoneonone: that nick isn't in this channel.03:04
appleoneononeThe problem I'm having is that when I su in the term, after just installing 13.04 64bit on my laptop, that its saying it the wrong password03:04
olskolircwhat was the last lts please?03:04
Coreyappleoneonone: sudo, not su03:04
Piciappleoneonone: if you're using the webchat, you cannot change your nick after you join. You'll need to part and re-entry if you do that.03:04
Corey!lts | olskolirc03:04
ubottuolskolirc: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)03:04
submanolskolirc, 12.0403:04
appleoneononeIts apple903:05
wilee-nileetuxchow, in the terminal sudo fdisk -l and pastebin all the text.03:05
wheatthintuxchow, make sure your windows 8 partition is mounted before trying to modify grub03:05
appleoneononethat just join the channel03:05
appleoneononeit keeps saying its unable to talk03:05
Corey20:05:19 -!- Irssi: Quiet against *!*@gateway/web/freenode/* matches apple9!185cb05e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
olskolirc!ubottu backbox03:05
Coreyappleoneonone: Use a real client, it won't be an issue. :-)03:05
tuxchowwilee-nilee, i m sorry but fdisk -l didn't give any output03:06
appleoneononeI just install linux mint 15, and then when I restarted it, after using it perferly fine yesturday, it freezes upright when I boot up03:06
wilee-nileetuxchow, How did you install ubuntu?03:06
tuxchowwheatthin, i only have sda sda1 sda2 sda5 under /dev/ directory03:06
Coreyappleoneonone: Mint is unsupported here.03:06
tuxchowwilee-nilee, I burnt the iso into my pendrive03:06
somsip!mint | appleoneonone03:06
ubottuappleoneonone: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:06
appleoneononeSo I decided to install 13.04 since I already had it on a flash drive and trying to hurry up and submit a paper before 12, which is in less then an hour03:06
appleoneononeThe problem isn't linux mint, the problem is now ubuntu since thats what I just ibnstalled it on03:07
submanIs there a more advanced channel for Ubuntu?03:07
somsipappleoneonone: so what is the problem?03:07
wheatthintuxchow, make sure your connections are connected properly, then check again03:07
appleoneononewhen I su, it comes back "Authentication failure03:07
tuxchowwheatthin, ehmm... do you mean the connection of my hard drive?03:07
k1ldont su03:08
wheatthinuse sudo03:08
irmbradyappleoneonone: use 'sudo'03:08
appleoneononeBut why doesn't su work?03:08
wilee-nileesubman, for addressing what?03:08
dr_willisappleoneonone:  what are you trying to do wuth su03:08
marawan2hello just making a quick pol03:08
wheatthinappleoneonone, it's cause it's password is randomly generated03:08
SuperLagI have a pair of external displays at work, and a different pair at home. I have a separate xrandr config file for each, because the work display are both oriented vertically. Is there a way to have the system automatically know which file to run, when I plug it into the dock?03:08
KuroshitaIf I setup ubuntu server to only run tiny tiny rss, ejabberd and owncloud will 512MB of ram suffice?03:08
k1lsu is not the ubuntu way03:09
somsipappleoneonone: just use sudo. Or if you have to get into a root shell, sudo -i03:09
appleoneononeSo where can I find this randomly generated password? I thought it was just the one I setup when I installed the system03:09
wheatthinappleoneonone, DON"T use SU03:09
irmbradyappleoneonone: 'su' switches to a different user03:09
appleoneononeI'm tyrin to use su03:09
=== jack is now known as Guest52201
benccI've installed libav-doc. where on my filesystem I can find the docs?03:09
k1lappleoneonone: the password is your user password03:09
marawan2do you guys thing google chrome is better or firefox?03:09
irmbradyappleoneonone: 'sudo' runs in root permission03:09
benccor should I browse them with a tool?03:09
dr_willisyou DONT use su to gain root rights03:09
wheatthinappleoneonone, please don't be ignorant, don't use sU03:09
appleoneononewhen I sudo apt-get update, it comes back E: Could not get lock var/lib// blah blah blah03:09
dr_willison ubuntu03:09
wilee-nilee!better > marawan203:09
ubottumarawan2, please see my private message03:09
tuxchowwheatthin, the output is here: http://pastebin.ca/241032303:09
appleoneononeUnable to lock the administration directory03:09
SuperLagdr_willis: that doesn't make sense...03:10
k1lappleoneonone: close other programs that use the package repos03:10
wheatthintuxchow, ok, it's there, just not mounted03:10
SuperLagdr_willis: I do it that way, on a daily basis. My coworkers do it that way on a daily basis.03:10
dr_willisSuperLag:  yes it does.  yiu can su to other users.  not to root on a default ubuntu setup03:11
appleoneononethe only programs I had up is firefox and google chrome03:11
appleoneononebut apperantly now after closing them out, it works, any reason why?03:11
tuxchowwheatthin, I am sorry but... isn't it very strange that i dont have sda3,4 in the list?03:11
SuperLagdr_willis: Oh. that's why one of the first things I do is "sudo passwd root".... so I can do just that.03:11
submanwilee-nilee, advanced performance issues03:11
appleoneononeis firefox or chrome suppose to not allow me to sudo-apt-get upgrade/update03:11
SuperLagdr_willis: However, I'm not your average user, and I know how not to screw things up :)03:11
wheatthinappleoneonone, using any program in the userspace of root, can allow privelege escalation with the programs in memory03:11
dr_willis SuperLag  famous last words03:12
irmbradyappleoneonone: What are you typing exactly? 'sudo apt-get update' is supposed to be ran by itself03:12
wheatthintuxhcow, Umm did you make extended partitions?03:12
Tex_Nickappleoneonone: you might have a look at this when you get some time ... http://www.howtogeek.com/111479/htg-explains-whats-the-difference-between-sudo-su/03:12
appleoneononeokay thank you wheatthin03:12
SuperLagdr_willis: *shrug*... I work in *nix systems on a *daily* basis, and most of them have no sudo even installed, so su - is your only option.03:13
wilee-nileesubman, This is ubuntu support not any more advanced on freenode but ones specialized03:13
tuxchowwheatthin, i am not sure. I just follow the win8's default settings03:13
kellyguys I have ubuntu 12.04 , it is really slow when surfing the web. I'm using wired connection03:13
wheatthintuxchow, well then you wouldn't have those extended partition values in your partition listing03:14
submanwilee-nilee, I don't know what that means03:14
Seven_Six_Twokelly, is anything else slow? How many computers share your internet connection?03:14
wheatthinsdb is your windows partition03:14
=== lhx is now known as lhx5
tuxchowwheattin, sdb is my pendrive03:14
appleoneononecrypt, I slelected that when I set it up, is there isn't reason to install this?03:14
kellyonly me , i tried PCLinuxos it's good03:14
wheatthintuxchow, actuall /dev/sdb103:15
appleoneononeDoes it make it so where anyone who had my hdd would be unable to hack into it and get my files?03:15
wilee-nileesubman, Run the channel search in your client to see channels and look. This is off topic otherwise.03:15
wheatthinkelly if you want to compare os's use #ubuntu-offtopic03:15
appleoneononeand can it be hacked into, or is it pretty much impossiable to use it?03:15
Seven_Six_Twokelly, do you download anything? bittorrents?03:15
tuxchowwheatthin,  sdb is my pendrive03:15
Seven_Six_Twokelly, do you have a wireless router?03:15
kellyyes i have , alfa wireless03:16
submanwilee-nilee, maybe I misunderstood you.  I'm looking for more advanced Ubuntu help.  Is this available?  How is this offtopic?  If not available then no is the answer.03:16
wheatthintuxchow, Hmm how many physical drives do you have?03:16
Seven_Six_Twokelly, have you disabled or locked down the security on the wireless?03:16
wilee-nileeappleoneonone, Any OS basically if not encrypted can be reached easily, with a live cd.03:16
tuxchowwheatthin, I have 2 , the main drive and a pendrive03:16
kellyi don't use the wireless connection , i never tried it , i'm using wired connection03:16
Seven_Six_Twosubman, what do you mean by advanced performance issues?03:17
wheatthintuxchow, seems like you overwrote your windows 8 partition then03:17
Seven_Six_Twokelly, but if it's on and not secured, anyone else could be using it.03:17
tuxchowwheatthin, i chose the option 'replace my fedora' when installing03:17
=== s is now known as Guest46675
irmbradyappleoneonone:  Are you still getting the 'could not get lock error'?03:17
wheatthintuxchow, well like I said, it looks like you overwrote it during installation, so now no more windows 803:18
kellysorry i don't understand u03:18
Seven_Six_Twokelly, what kind of router do you have?03:18
tuxchowwheatthin, :(03:18
tuxchowwheatthin, but i still cannot understand why sda3 and sda4 are missing03:18
RJ45Hey guys, listen, I absolutely hate the direction Ubuntu has taken since 10.10, I'm currently on 10.04, and have been hesitant to migrate, but I just can't keep on living with the lack of support, and random program crashes, anyways, I'd love to move to Debian, but Debian now has Gnome 3, and let's face it, Gnome 3's a ruddy joke, so I am now planing on disdainfully migrating to Linux Mint, as it's the only half-decent OS that comes pre-loaded wi03:19
RJ45th Mate (a better fork of Gnome 2) available right now.  ...anyways, I was wondering, just in-case something goes wrong, is it easy and safe to boot from a Live USB, 'dd' my Hard Drive to a .IMG file?, and would it be easy to restore my Hard Drive to its previous state (with Ubuntu 10.04) from said .IMG file?03:19
kellyThomson TG585 v803:19
RJ45...my apologies for the lengthy question.03:20
dr_willisRJ45:  gnome shell has a gnome2 mode now..  making mate redundant03:20
dr_willisRJ45:  you can clone hds with dd.  yes.03:20
Seven_Six_Twokelly, pm me03:20
RJ45dr_willis: I can't find any setting like that in Debian!03:20
submanSeven_Six_Two, well beyond the regular installation issues, I don't seem to be able to get any reliable performance out of Ubuntu since about 10.04 on my netbooks.  Even the 'lower resource' lubuntu and xubuntu.  All seem to just drive my HD crazy running just Firefox and Gmail/Google Docs/Google News!03:20
Seven_Six_Twosubman, that sounds like a memory limitation, which eats in to swap.03:21
RJ45dr_willis: plus when I tried the new Debian, it reverted to fall-back anyways, somethin' 'bout graphics error.03:21
dr_willisRJ45:  latest gnome shell has a gnome2 mode.  on ubuntu 13.0403:21
Ben64RJ45: if you don't like gnome3, don't use gnome3, there are plenty of other options03:21
dr_willisRJ45:  i dont do debian.  its not ubuntu03:21
Seven_Six_Twosubman, use "top" to monitor resource usage, and remove unnecessary bits one at a time.03:22
RJ45dr_willis: it's not just the really shit new version of Gnome that has made me now hate Ubuntu. ..it's other evil stuff too.03:22
xangua!language | RJ4503:22
ubottuRJ45: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:22
dr_willisRJ45: rant elsewhere.  we are support here.03:22
submanI have, it is common bits.  Firefox draws a ton.  The update manager does.  Everything takes up huge resources03:22
dr_willisdebian support in #debian03:23
RJ45brb, gotta take a SHIT!  :P03:23
submanSeven_Six_Two, it all seems fine with a fresh boot then things get worse from there.  Just like Windows.  You have to reboot every 12 hours or so03:23
Ben64dr_willis: well that sure was productive :|03:24
wheatthinlol that's really ignorant when they want to curse, are told not to, and do anyways03:24
=== Tickle is now known as cedr--away
usr13Ben64: "evil stuff"?  Really?03:25
Ben64amazon most likely.. too bad he didn't just ask how to remove it instead of ranting03:25
=== cedr--away is now known as Tickle||Drunk
=== Tickle||Drunk is now known as Tickle
usr13Ben64: ... rather melodramatic don't you think?03:26
Ben64dr_willis: so how do i activate gnome 2 mode in raring?03:27
wheatthinuse classic03:27
Ben64dr_willis: i have it in virtualbox and the desktop never shows up03:27
dr_willisis that 13.04?03:28
Ben64yeah raring = 13.0403:28
tuxchowwheatthin,  i seems you are right ... sda1 sda2 sda5 add up to the size ofmy hard drive03:28
wheatthinben64 I've found that you have to install gnome-shell and then select gnome-classic03:28
dr_willisuse the latest gnome shell ppa03:28
submanWell tomorrow is another day I guess.  Good night folks.l03:28
usr13 Ranting?  Let's not and say we did.  Please...03:28
dr_willisi recall03:28
Ben64oh, it seemed like you said it was built into 13.0403:28
dr_willislatest gnome ppa is only for 13.0403:29
wheatthinben64 have you tried using gnome-shell gnome 3?03:29
dr_willisi belive03:29
=== fwilson is now known as fwilsleep
wheatthinit's really easy on the system03:29
Ben64this one? https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome303:30
dr_willisive not messrd with this in ages.  it may be for othger releases now03:30
wheatthinthat's what's great about ppa's they advance as the releases do03:31
Ben64well its a vm, so i don't care if it breaks anything03:31
Ben64i install all the newest ones so i know i'm not missing anything by sticking to 12.0403:31
wheatthinben64 it's not specific03:31
wheatthinsame ppa for both 12.04 12.10 and 13.0403:32
submanAs a side note, I saw the interaction between the group here and RJ45.  Even though he was out of place with language and etiquette, it does not bode well to speak of that in an ill manner after he/she has left.  Everyone will then wonder if that happens after they leave.  Just an observation, take it for what you care to.  I just think those comments should be left out.03:33
usr13You run Ubuntu in VM?  Under win7? win8? ________________?03:33
xanguawheatthin: not the same gnome version for every release03:33
usr13Ben64: XP?03:33
Ben64usr13: ew. under 12.0403:33
wheatthinxangua, no.. it updates as you update.. same ppa source tho03:33
usr13Ben64: You run 13.04 under 12.04?03:34
Ben64yeah, and 13.1003:34
usr13Ben64: Ok.  That's interesting...03:34
Ben64thats whats good about virtualbox03:34
usr13Ben64: Yea VB is pretty cool.  I agree.03:34
kellySeven_Six_Two : back03:36
=== pred_prei is now known as aroman
submanWow, my comment drew a lot of silence.  At least from how I'm seeing it.03:43
asharasHi all! I can't X11Forward even if I allowed X11 Forwarding. Works with windows and putty but not with my laptop, I get gtk warnings03:45
cgtdkasharas: I probably can't help you, but try posting the warnings.03:46
whoeverasharas: asharas if it works with putty , what is different about laptop03:46
asharasthe laptop works with ubuntu server03:47
whoeverasharas: is the laptop wireless, and the desktop wired03:47
asharasI have one server and two laptops, one with win7&Putty, the second with ubuntu server03:47
asharasworks for win laptop but not ubuntu laptop03:47
whoeverasharas: wat is your hardware setup03:47
asharaswhoever: hardware setup?03:48
whoeverasharas: you are trying to send your windows desktop to ubuntu, or send your ubuntu desk top to windows03:48
asharasno no03:48
whoeverasharas: ie: desktop running windos, linux, wired, wireless03:49
asharasa gui application to my laptop screen03:49
asharaslet me explain better03:49
whoeverasharas: are you tring to do this on the LAN or from WAN03:49
asharasconnecting via ssh on my server (ubuntu) from my laptop (ubuntu), trying to launch, i.e, wireshark03:50
whoeverasharas: is any box wireless03:50
asharaswhoever: ???03:51
whoeversse, is terminal, you can't launch a gui unless you are in a WD03:51
whoever *WDM03:51
asharasaaaah, I need to launch xfce first?03:51
cgtdkasharas: You installed a window manager on your laptop, right?03:51
asharasyup, but not running03:52
cgtdkhow do you expect to run a graphical application without a graphical environment?03:52
asharasthe libs are there :-/03:52
madpropsthere wireshark cli03:52
cgtdkyou need X11 running03:52
whoevercgtdk: Thank you03:53
madpropsthere is a *03:53
whoevermadprops: yes but asharas wants a gui or thinks he should see aone03:54
roastedWhen doing manual partitioning on a GPT disk, does it matter what file system the first partition is that gets the bios_grub flag?03:54
whoeverroasted: no , you could  run grub on a multi boot of windows03:55
roastedwhoever: uh, what?03:55
asharaswhoever and madprops , it's works if connection ssh from xterm03:55
asharasbut I wanted something lighter, no desktop, etc... is it possible?03:56
whoeverroasted: it does not matter what fs grub is on03:56
roastedwhoever: I was curious about the bios_grub partitionin particular. "boot" itself is going to /03:56
whoeverroasted: then edit the active partition if it is wrong03:57
roastedwhoever: I'm not sure we're on the same page. I'm simply curious if I need to have the bios_grub partition set to a specific tile system type.03:57
whoeverasharas: but you were saying that "I can't get a gui "03:57
cgtdkwhoever: thanks for what?03:58
whoeverroasted: no you don't03:58
roastedokay, thanks03:58
whoevercgtdk: for exsplicitly telling asharas  with out x11 your not gonna see a gui03:59
cgtdkoh, that03:59
asharasyeah, now it works guys ;) but I was wondering if there was a lighter x11 server. Right now I'm using xfce but is there something lighter just for one window?04:00
whoevercgtdk: ya, i tried to explain it but he didn't seem to get it04:00
cgtdkasharas: openbox04:00
asharasthanks cgtdk04:01
cgtdkasharas: there is also lxde, which is a bit easier to use if you're unfamiliar with openbox04:01
whoeverasharas: xmonadx read about it first04:01
whoeverasharas: its tiling windows, you may not like it04:01
cgtdkwhoever: Don't recommend xmonad to someone who didn't know that he had to have X running to run graphical software04:01
cgtdkhe probably doesn't know Haskell04:02
whoevercgtdk: oh ya04:02
asharaswhoever: what's tiling?04:02
whoeverasharas: no stick with gnome04:02
cgtdki3 would be a better choice for a tiling window manager, but it doesn't really matter since he only needs to show one window04:02
* whoever hands asharas a windows 8 dvd :-)04:02
cgtdkahammond: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiling_window_manager04:02
asharasno stick with gnome? :-/ sorry I don't understand what you mean04:03
cgtdkasharas: Gnome is a desktop environment like Xfce04:03
cgtdkbut it's much heavier04:03
cgtdkasharas: Try Openbox if Xfce is too heavy for you04:03
cptcel23hello everyone, weird problem - just installed ubuntu on a new machine and bluetooth doesn't work at all - i've tried two different adaptors, different devices etc04:03
whoevercgtdk: yes but gotta grind somewhere04:03
cgtdkwhoever: grind?04:04
asharashum :-/04:04
Ari-Yangasharas, I'm on an i3 laptop and I'm using Enlightenment04:04
cptcel23well, actually it does everything except see other devices - bluetooth icon appears, hcidump shows activity when i scan, etc04:04
cgtdkI meant i3 the window manager, not the CPU series by Intel04:04
whoevercgtdk: its from online gaming in other words practice, hone your skills04:04
Ari-Yangasharas, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enlightenment_%28window_manager%2904:04
asharasI don't think you understand cgtdk : I'd like to get rid of a desktop, everything, I just want to open one window. Is it possible?04:05
whoevercptcel23: which version04:05
cgtdkasharas: Yes, openbox will do that04:05
asharasthis laptop is a eeePC 701 ^^04:05
cptcel23whoever, which version of what? ubuntu is 13.0404:05
whoeverand is your device paird correctly04:05
cgtdkasharas: openbox doesn't have any panels04:05
whoevercptcel23: ok, is this a laptop04:05
asharasokay, thanks guys, i'll try all this04:05
cptcel23whoever, i can't find any devices to pair - no it's not a laptop04:05
cptcel23whoever, i'm trying with built in mobo bluetooth, and also a bluetooth adapter (usb) i've used before with no problems on 13.0404:06
whoevercptcel23: do you see the bluetooth adapter up at the top04:06
* asharas throws back the win8 dvd to whoever04:06
cptcel23whoever, yes i see that04:06
asharasthis thing stinks04:06
cgtdkasharas: what thing?04:06
asharaswin8 :-D04:06
whoevercptcel23: if you right click it do you see add/ or setup new device04:07
cptcel23whoever, yes i do, and when i try it says 'scanning'.., and hcidump shows it's scanning04:07
freyHow would you cache the restricted repository on a offline machine? I am creating a LiveUSB that will be used in multiple laptops, and I really need to have many WiFi drivers available.04:07
cptcel23whoever, but i have two devices i've paired with other computers before (phone and keyboard), neither shows up after ages and ages and many attempts04:07
whoevercptcel23: then you need to have your device in pairing mode(follow the bluetooth device instructions )04:08
cptcel23whoever, i know - i have done so04:08
whoevercptcel23: try removing and repairing the device04:08
cptcel23whoever, i have paired this keyboard many times, with this same bluetooth adapter, on other computers running 13.0404:08
cptcel23whoever, i can't add the device in the first place04:08
whoevercptcel23: i had that problem, and it came down to the adapter04:08
whoevercptcel23: all i can say is try other adapters04:09
cptcel23whoever, but i've tried two different adapters.. and one definitely works on anther computer with the same bt devices04:09
cptcel23whoever also running 13.0404:09
guest11111Is anybody here?04:10
freyguest11111: No?04:10
cptcel23has anyone noticed their bluetooth scanning breaking recently?04:11
guest11111Is Unity a Different desktop enviroment or a shell for gnome?04:12
cgtdkguest11111: a shell for GNOME04:12
whoevercptcel23: go with 12.10 not bleeding edge04:12
cptcel23atm i have to sit on a cold floor using my ps/2 keyboard and it's killing my back - getting bluetooth working would be really good ;)04:12
cgtdkguest11111: Although it could be considered its own desktop environment despite being a shell for GNOME04:12
whoevercptcel23:  get a chair04:13
guest11111thanks cgtdk04:13
wilee-nileeguest11111, Not correct unity is a plugin in compiz running in top of gnome 3.04:14
phixguest11111: I am not here04:16
guest11111ubuntu releases are released every 6 months right?04:16
phixhmmm I get random crash notifications poping up every now and then04:16
cptcel23whoever, thanks for that helpful tip.. is there a wiki page i can add that workaround somewhere? bluetooth keyboard isn't working - buy a chair and a ps/2? ;)04:16
phixcptcel23: Gold advice :)04:17
cptcel23well if anyone has any ideas on how to make my existing furniture compatible with ubuntu it would be super appreciated04:18
asharascgtdk: I installed openbox but it can't run because failed to open display04:18
cptcel23i would also add - if i set the computer to discoverable, my phone can't detect it either, so it doesn't work in either direction04:21
cgtdkasharas: I have no idea what that means. Try querying your preferred search engine if no one else can help you.04:21
scubasteveso i thought 13.04 didnt have wubi anymore, so i downloaded 13.04 iso and... i see wubi. im confused?04:22
wilee-nileescubasteve, Not usable though.04:22
scubastevethen why is it in the official iso?04:22
asharasalready searching ^^04:22
wilee-nileescubasteve, Just a remnant.04:23
scubastevehm alright. i thought i maybe had the wrong version or something some how. thanks04:23
wilee-nileescubasteve, I believe though that inspite of it not being supported a loaded 13.04 version somewhere.04:24
wilee-nileescubasteve, http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.04/04:25
wilee-nileebottom of list04:25
scubastevei see ty04:26
phixok, playing music on Rhythmbox over wireless network, it keeps stopping to buffer, can I increase buffer size in Rhythmbox?04:33
luke1hello everybody04:33
felixonmarsHi, could I find a kernel for lucid that >=3.0 and built for i386? (not i686 as the backport lts one)04:35
=== baze is now known as teak_wiki
james41382phix: are there a lot of people with wireless networks near you?04:36
wilee-nileefelixonmars, lucid dektop is end of life and not supported, the server is though.04:37
felixonmarswilee-nilee: yeah, i meant for the server04:37
felixonmarsi need 6rd thus >=2.6.35, and R6040 driver which only enabled in even newer ubuntu kernels, but the machine does not support cmov04:38
phixjames41382: 3 devices on the same 802.11n router (openwrt, dlink something)04:38
phixjames41382: I have decent reception, just wondering if I can increase the buffer so I get a smoother playback04:39
james41382i am not sure about increasing the buffer size with rhythmbox, but crowded channels when you are using wifi can put a damper on connection speed.04:40
james41382at least where i am there are a lot of wifi networks in my area. almost all 2.4 ghz, but 5 ghz is much less common.04:41
james41382phix: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127612404:41
phixjames41382: yeah I suppose that will work04:43
asharascgtdk: Dude, thanks, I love openbox, ultra minimalist interface :-D04:44
=== macwolf74 is now known as piewala
cgtdkasharas: Yeah, it's nice :)04:45
roastedHello friends. Question... I have a GPT disk with several partitions on it. 100MB (previously for EFI), 15GB Ubuntu /, 15GB Fedora /, and 200GB /home, along with swap as well. I formatted the 100MB EFI partition to FAT32 and gave it a bios_grub flag, but even after reinstalling, it didn't work. Is this setup incorrect?04:46
tannjiwhen installing from a usb drive, should the drive being installed to be mounted, or not?04:46
wilee-nileefelixonmars, Here I believe. https://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/04:47
wilee-nileeI have not loaded a kernel in awhile so not sure a tar is what works here04:48
=== Grmcrkrs is now known as unintelligible_g
asharascgtdk: Beeing able to just right click to exit the DM, I love that :)04:52
cgtdkasharas: You should try a tiling window manager one day, it's even better (if you have multiple windows)04:56
unintelligible_gany way to encrypt your hardrive after youve allready installed ubuntu and windows on a drive?04:56
antonio_hey folks04:59
antonio_For some reason I cannot find my copy of virtualbox on my computer...seems like it has been uninstalled.  What can I do?04:59
antonio_the .virtualbox folder is still in my home directory05:01
=== jack is now known as Guest18662
fyuckwackwhere can I find 2-3 year old issues of playboy's special editions online05:01
cgtdkfyuckwack: stay on topic please05:02
unheedinghelp i need ttys back after installing nvidia drivers, when i switch to a tty, i'm able to log in, but i cannot see ANYTHING except a blinking cursor that looks like an underscore05:02
wilee-nileeunheeding, You familiar with nomodeset?05:04
unheedingthe grub option?05:04
unheeding;_; but my uptime05:04
wilee-nileeunheeding, Lol, really.05:05
cgtdkuptime is for people who don't like patched systems05:05
unheeding 23:05:35 up  2:48,  5 users,  load average: 0.23, 0.27, 0.3105:05
unheedingmuh 3 hours05:05
unheedingok i'll try it, see you guys on the flip side.  i won't leave the room though since i am using a bouncer. ;)05:06
wilee-nileeI'm not up on graphic drivers I have never had to load any, but I often see people from the tty fixing this.05:06
dr_willisframebuffer on the console and the nvidia drivers can fight also.  wonder if he is just on fhe wrong console05:08
jony_easyriderhow can it be deleted the command history in terminal?05:08
dr_willishistory command  has options05:09
unheedingdr_willis: no, i can go to tty2, log in, and see that i'm logged in with the who command05:10
unheedingbut i cannot see anything except for a blinking underscore05:10
unheedingit still happens when i use nomodset05:10
mnemonjony_easyrider: history -c05:11
dr_willisweird.   as a test try installing fbterm and run that on the console05:11
jony_easyridermnemon, can be deleted only a part of it?05:11
dr_willis!info fbterm05:11
ubottufbterm (source: fbterm): A fast framebuffer based terminal emulator for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2 (raring), package size 59 kB, installed size 184 kB05:11
mnemonjony_easyrider: yes.05:12
unheedingfbterm doesn't work, but i can't see the output05:12
dr_willisyou dont have 2 monitors do you?05:13
jony_easyridermnemon, how, pls?05:13
unheedingno, i just have one giant monitor 2560x144005:13
unheedingi can paste my xorg.conf, i had to hack it up05:13
dr_willisthere goes one idea.  odd.   you could try all the old options like    "nomodeset nofb text"05:14
silv3r_m00nif i have a repository in sources.list ..... deb url precise partner ........ then i upgrade ubuntu to next version that is raring, will the repository in sources.list be upgraded to deb url raring partner ?05:15
mnemonjony_easyrider: you can do unset HISTFILE to prevent the history from being written to .bash_history, and use history -c to clear out the current volatile history(won't clear the .bash_history file) and edit the .bash_history05:18
wilee-nileesilv3r_m00n, An upgrade changes the sources.list to the upgrade.05:18
dr_willis if it doesn't  silv3r_m00n  just fix it?  it may comment out all nonstandard  repos05:18
unheedingokay, with the option "nofb" i can now see the system output on my ttys05:18
unheedingi can still log in, but I can't see the login prompt05:18
unheedingI just see all the kernel bootup info05:19
dr_willisyou see other text.  if yiu login blindly.05:19
unheedingno, the text remains the same05:20
dr_willisso the _ dodent change or move down the screen05:20
unheedingno, now with nofb05:21
unheedinginstead of the _, i see messages from the bootup05:21
unheedingfrom 0.592378 to 0.60335905:21
unheedingtalking about the usb devices.05:22
Guest27917How could I extract a bunch of zip files in subdirectories to the directory they're in?05:22
dr_willissame on alt ctrl f1 through f6 also? no login:05:22
unheedingyeah all my ttys are like this05:22
dr_willisGuest27917:  use of the  find   command  can handle that i imagine05:25
OctalGenesisdo i need to install envy in order to make my asus 4850 card to work? or are there a better way to do it05:29
dr_willisenvy¿  thats been dead for years05:30
dr_williswhat chipset us it ati? nvidia?05:31
denSounds like the naming scheme or ATI05:31
OctalGenesisthat's what i figured, even if it's listed in the packet manager05:31
den*for ATI05:31
dr_willisi dont recall envy in the repos05:32
dr_willisit was allways an unofficial 3rd party problematic script i recall05:33
steve1anyone successfully install zeromq on raring amd64?  I can't seem to manage it and need some guidance.05:34
OctalGenesismy bad, i searched for envy and got the user lol being up so early makes my brain lagged05:34
OctalGenesisbut still, i been trying to install drivers for my card and it keeps saying i miss the tools for it05:34
dr_willisati driverfrom the repos. or the xswat ppa. or the  .run drivers are normally  used05:34
OctalGenesisyeah, i tried use the .run drivers05:34
dr_willisyou did try the repo drivers first?05:35
OctalGenesiswhat's repo?05:35
OctalGenesisand it means?05:36
lasers!Rep | Oct05:36
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:36
lasers!Rep | Oct05:36
madprops!repo | lasers05:36
ubottulasers: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.05:36
lasers!Rep | Octa05:36
lasersErr. Something is changing from repo to rep.05:36
dr_willismeans you dident try the addational-drivers tool  FIRST  sounds like05:37
lasersmadprops: Nothing. "Damn AutoCorrect" thing.05:37
OctalGenesislet's say i installed the os and used the drivers for that one if that's what you asking05:37
dr_willislasers:  on a smart phone? ;-)05:37
OctalGenesisbut i wanted to be able to aticonfig for the fan and i couldn't05:38
lasersdr_willis: Nope! I don't know what's changing it so I'm investigating it now. :)05:38
OctalGenesisso that's how it all started05:38
dr_willisOctalGenesis:  install. run addational-drivers tool.. let it install the drivers05:38
OctalGenesishow do i do that?05:38
dr_willisthat ! ati  url showed how u think05:39
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:39
OctalGenesisok ty, i will give it a try05:39
dr_willisuninstall the   .run  drivers first05:40
SuperLagno, not more nvidia problems05:40
SuperLagjust as bad05:40
dr_willisand windows  habbits05:40
SuperLagI ended up reinstalling because of nvidia issues05:40
SuperLagI have a pair of external displays at work, and a different pair at home. I have a separate xrandr config file for each, because the work display are both oriented vertically. Is there a way to have the system automatically know which file to run, when I plug it into the dock?05:41
dr_willisnot had a nvudia issue in ages. butmy cards are old05:41
SuperLagdr_willis: in my case, it's a Quadro K1000M. Quite new.05:41
dr_willishmm. some udev rule customazation perhaps05:42
dr_willisor old school.  make a script :-P05:42
Mancshow can I as a root to view the users' passwords list? its unreadable in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow05:42
SuperLagYou cannot.05:43
roastedCan someone please tell me where I went wrong with my partitioning scheme? BIOS set to legacy, GPT table on my SSD. Also, the unknown partition was formatted as FAT32 when I began the installer. What did I do wrong? It just goes into a boot loop. http://i.imgur.com/8ccltpD.png05:43
SuperLagand that sounds a lot like an attempt to hack05:43
SuperLagwhich you won't get help with, here05:43
SuperLagThat was directed at Mancs.05:44
=== Zen is now known as Guest32838
nightflyroasted: legacy in bios seems to imply it is expecting mbr05:48
roastednightfly: should I leave it on UEFI in BIOS, and keep my partitioning the same?05:48
=== jono is now known as Guest59629
nightflyyeah, try that05:49
dr_willisMancs:  root cant do it either i belive. its a security  thang05:49
roastedwould I have to reinstall for a fair trial or would simply switching it be okay?05:49
savagecrochow do you switch mirroring off with xrandr?05:50
roastednightfly: didn't work with just switching it05:50
Mancsso as a hacker which has a root access in my own machine i cant view the users' passwords05:50
dr_willisMancs:  nope05:50
tannjithats the basic idea05:51
dr_willisor your own.05:51
dr_willisone way salted encryption?  or some fancy thing i read years ago05:51
Mancsbut as a hacker who has a root access in my own machine, i can adduser a user and add it as sudoer05:52
dr_willisyears and years..05:52
A1ReconCan someone help me with ssh tunnel??05:52
savagecrocA1Recon: ask05:52
dr_willisadding a user does not reverse encrypt....05:52
dr_willisso i dont see the relationship05:53
nightflyLove at first sight.05:53
nightflyHe's gorgeous, look at him!05:53
nightflyhow the fuck...05:53
A1ReconOK I am going to my friend's house and i need to set up ssh tunnel in my system so that i can transfer files over the net. Is that possible?05:53
dr_willisA1Recon:  why a tunnle? why not just ssh/scp05:54
nightflyThat's the imgur caption from some thing, didn't even select it...05:54
Tex_Nicklanguage ! nightfly05:54
Tex_Nick!language | nightfly05:54
ubottunightfly: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:54
A1Recondr_willis: help me with ssh then??05:54
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:54
nightflyTex_Nick: Sorry05:54
dr_willischeck out sshfs  also05:55
null_devHello. I need some help. I recently did a full, clean install to Ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop computer is using a built in Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset. I have followed the entire procedure listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting All the way down to the Refreshing/reinstalling the drivers section, but nothing worked and all the tests showed up as fine: my PC recognizes my sound card, m05:56
tannjidr_willis, you played around with bodhi linux at all?05:57
dr_willistannji: not looked at it in ages05:57
tannjitrying to install it on an OLD laptop....  all kids of probs... but it runs faster from thumbdrive than XP does from the hdd  lol05:58
savagecrochey.. how do you make xrandr changes permanatly?05:58
savagecroci.e. so they don't disappear on reboot?05:58
null_devAs an added note, this seems to have started right after I installed inetutils-traceroute, but I'm not sure how that could be related.05:59
eosynmy gmtp, or for that matter any mtp thing is borked :(06:00
tannjisavagecroc,  check this, partway down page:  https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xrandr06:00
savagecroctannji: oh thank you very much06:01
dr_willisi just use airdroid instead  of cables these days on my android  stuff.06:01
savagecroctannji: hmm i don't have an xorg.conf page06:01
dr_willissavagecroc: you can make one06:02
savagecrocdr_willis: ok sweet06:02
dr_willisaskubuntu.com  soo handy06:02
tannji= )06:02
savagecrocyeah i'll start using it.. i've used ubuntu as a server environment for years, but very new to the desktop env06:03
dr_willisthey need an askubuntu.com widget on the desktop.  ;-)   put us out of a job06:03
dr_willisthe dash can search askubuntu.com06:04
dr_willissavagecroc: you did just try the monitors/display setting tool?06:05
savagecrocdidn't work06:05
ekinox001why ubuntu "desktop" uses a local dns server (dnsmasq) ?06:05
dr_williswhat drivers  savagecroc06:05
Tex_Nickdr_willis : with a widget like that ... what would you do with your free time then ? ;-)06:06
savagecrocdr_willis; worked for the first week, then after an apt-get update/upgrade both monitors dropped to a 1024*768 resolution.  The 1920x180 wasn't in the list06:06
dr_willisekinox001:  speed up lookyps would be my guess06:06
=== tjbiddle_ is now known as tjbiddle
savagecrocdr_willis: i'm not sure.. it's Intel HD from the Z77 chipset06:06
dr_willissavagecroc:  nvidia? nvidia-settings dudent work!06:06
dr_willisintel.. ahh.06:07
firmanrosidinothing to do here06:07
savagecrocdr_willis: I have an identical computer (every part), that's still just working without having to do this06:07
savagecrocdr_willis: what's strange is that it's also identical to the software setup as well (i'm using scripts to setup these machines)06:07
savagecrocare intel cards not good?06:08
savagecrocintel onboard graphics i mean06:08
dr_willisintel tend to work  well06:09
densavagecroc Intel have always worked well for me06:09
savagecrocyeah.. i usually will only pick intel stuff for reliability06:09
firmanrosidiiron man 306:09
wilee-nileefirmanrosidi, Please don't post gibberish.06:09
FloodBot1firmanrosidi: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:10
firmanrosidiIron Man #06:10
giwrgarasi get a crash when i run chrome in ubuntu06:10
ekinox001dr_willis: good thing, but it gives me some problems to makes my  LAN names working as I want (I have another dnsmasq running on my server (it is simply a dd-wrt router), I can dig or nslookup my router, I can ping it's IP, ping it's "short name" (ddrouter) but I can't ping its FQDN (ddrouter.network.local06:10
giwrgarashappened to anybody else before?06:10
wilee-nilee!details > giwrgaras06:11
ubottugiwrgaras, please see my private message06:11
giwrgarasas for details i get a screen with strange colors for 5 secs and then a crash mentioning chrome06:11
lauratikai install fogger app creator to install trello and cant find where trello was installed... does anyone knows wher i can find where trello application was installed?06:11
giwrgarasall that with ubuntu 13.0406:12
=== Tarqansasz is now known as Oooz
null_devHow often is it okay to repeat a question (so new people who enter the room might notice if they know the answer) without coming off as a spam bot?06:12
aeon-ltdnull_dev: ~5-10 minutes06:13
null_devaeon-ltd Thank you.06:13
dengiwrgaras Chrome or Chromium?06:13
=== Veritas is now known as woe
giwrgarasdont remember ill login again with ubuntu and tell you again06:14
aeon-ltdnull_dev: or less if the room moves too fast or netsplits occur. if the chat/room doesn't move and your question is still visible don't repeat06:14
=== michael is now known as Guest48784
null_devaeon-ltd Roger, thanks again.06:15
ekinox001is it possible to disable the use of dnsmasq  neatly?06:15
denDid you install if from the software center or from Google.com/chrome?06:15
null_devHello. I need some help. I recently did a full, clean install to Ubuntu 13.04, and my laptop computer is using a built in Intel Corporation 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset. I have followed the entire procedure listed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting All the way down to the Refreshing/reinstalling the drivers section, but nothing worked and all the tests showed up as fine: my PC recognizes my sound card, m06:15
ekinox001and use resolv.conf as usual with ubuntu?06:16
dennull_dev, still no sound?06:16
null_devden Yeah, no sound at all. I've tested with both YouTube and with the sound file suggested in that Troubleshooting guide.06:17
denCould I run something by you? Are you sure you have the right output device selected?06:17
dennull_dev I apologize if you've tried that before06:17
Giwrgarasso i have chromium in ubuntu 12.0406:18
denOh wow, that's interesting06:18
lauratikahow can i find where apps were installed??06:18
null_devden No apology needed. I'm not totally sure that I have the right device selected, I'm actually really new to Ubuntu.06:18
dengiwrgaras How about this, uninstall chromium and try chrome google.com/chrome06:18
null_devden And to Linux in general, to be honest. I've been using it for about a year or two but I'm really, really far from not being totally dumb about stuff :)06:19
Giwrgarashow about the things that are in the marketplace are not working properly?06:19
Giwrgarasthat was the first choice in software center06:19
dennull_dev play a youtube clip. Click on the speaker icon in the top bar, click sound settings, and cycle through all of the output devices06:19
Giwrgarasand i mention that also so that other people can find out that there is a prob between those 206:20
denGiwrgaras I've actually had more luck with Chromium than Chrome06:20
denChrome was a bit unstable for me06:20
Giwrgarasthe speeds in chromium are excellent06:20
dennull_dev Does my explanation make sense?06:20
Giwrgarasunfortunately it crashes the whole system06:20
denGiwrgaras Oh wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I apologize if you mentioned this, but have you tried reinstalling?06:21
null_devden It does but for reasons unknown my mouse is locked up. I think the mouse pad is overheating, I need to give it a second before I can navigate with the mouse, and I'm not sure how to get to the icon in the top bar with my keyboard yet :D06:21
dennull_dev Come to think of it ... neither do I ...06:22
citrici tried.... i tried to switch to ubuntu, but i can't do it, i rely on too many windows apps :( shun me!06:22
Giwrgarashow do i uninstall programs in ubuntu06:22
Giwrgarasrofl sorry but i dont have this system eve for a week06:22
madpropscitric, did you try wine06:23
denGiwrgaras Go to the software center, click on the Installed icon, then you can search or browse for the application. There will be an uninstall button when you click into it06:23
null_devden I can't find anything when I hold the Super button down for it. Hopefully it'll fix itself here in a few like it normally does!06:23
Giwrgarashow do i do that with the terminal?06:23
dencitric Which apps? We got Office 2010 and linq working in my office06:23
Giwrgaraslike sudo apt get06:23
denGiwrgaras sudo apt-get remove chromium06:24
Giwrgarasoh thats better06:24
citricwell mainly because im getting interested in started to program in C# so.... that was that straw the broke the camels back lol06:24
Guest84604giwrgaras: Try Synaptic Manager.06:24
citricden, thats awesome actually  :P06:24
citricmadprops, no i didn't06:24
dencitric I code in C# at work. Have you looked at Mono and Monodevelop?06:25
Giwrgaras'virtual packages like chromium cant be removed'06:25
citricden, never heard of it, what is is?06:25
madpropscitric, you could have run most windows apps with wine06:25
dencitric I'm not ashamed to say that I think that C# is a brilliant language and I like .Net06:25
dencitric It's an OSS implementation of .NET and C#. Monodevelop is their "Visual Studio" for Linux06:26
dencitric it's pretty slick06:26
dencitric Thanks! The Sys Admin and I are big Linux fanboys in a Windows shop06:26
citricden, im really new to programming though, so maybe it's not for me :/06:27
dencitric It's the same ol' C# man. Just a different platform. Don't get me wrong, I think VS is great06:27
dencitric Except 2012. I can't stand how it looks06:27
null_devden Is there a command to reset the mouse in the terminal?06:27
dennull_dev That's ... a great question06:28
dennull_dev Lemme do some DuckDuckGoing06:28
null_devden Thanks, I'll do the same.06:28
dennull_dev Idea ... and this is probably going to lead to catastrophic results BUT, unplug then replug the mouse?06:29
madpropsden are you a bot06:29
denmadprops Am I? How about that for an existential crisis06:30
null_devden It's a laptop.06:30
dennull_dev How strong are you? Think you could rip the trackpad out? :X06:30
null_devden I might be able too, but I'll just go get my cat. Might be easier.06:31
dennull_dev Path of efficiency, I like it06:31
denGiwrgaras Sorry, looks like it's time for the software center06:31
denGiwrgaras Or synaptic06:32
null_devden Okay, I fixed it.06:32
OctalGenesisbah, i don't know how this happen but now my ubuntu won't launchbar or the cairo dock anymore06:32
dennull_dev NICE! What did you do?06:32
null_devsudo modprobe -r psmouse06:32
null_devsudo modprobe psmouse06:32
dennull_dev The student has become the teacher! Well done homie06:33
citricden, currently i have visual C# express 2010, but downloading 2012 visual studio expresss 2012 just to check it out06:33
null_devden ^^ Thank you!06:33
dencitric The express products are great. I can't stand how 2012 looks. May be a personal preference06:33
null_devden Okay, it says 'play sound through' and then in the box below it there is 'Speakers built in audio'06:34
dennull_dev Now take a look if you've selected the proper output devices06:34
citrici assume it's got that windows 8 look?06:34
dennull_dev only one device?06:34
null_devden That seems to be the only option. Volume and balance look fine. I'm going to click the test sound button, just in case.06:34
OctalGenesiswhat is hcengine? it seems like it's getting warnings about that now06:34
dennull_dev Try playing with the modes?06:34
null_devden Yeah, only one device. Test sound button played no sound. Modes?06:34
dennull_dev Just above the Test button06:35
null_devden Holy crap that worked but I don't know why!06:36
dencitric Yeah, I just don't think the distinction between the different panes is clear enough06:36
null_devden The only option was balance, fade and subwoofer were blacked out.06:36
Giwrgarasbest browser for ubuntu?06:36
Giwrgarasany suggestions?06:36
dennull_dev Oh wierd! Check youtube06:36
denGiwrgaras I recently switched back to Firefox for plugin reasons06:36
null_devden I moved the balance to the left and it worked, then back to the right and it worked, then back to the middle where it started and it worked.06:37
null_devden Aye, youtube is working.06:37
citricden, know any good tutorials for a total beginner ? :)06:37
Giwrgarasill stay with this one then i hate restarting my pc06:37
Colonel187Hello.  I can't find the answer on any forums so far. Is there a way to add "open as administrator" to the right click context menu like some other versions of linux have?06:37
null_devden In exchange for all your great help, enjoy this song! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRZ-jLOrFfk06:37
dencitric Um, check Channel 9 and MSDN06:37
null_devden Which incidentally is what I was using to test.06:38
Giwrgarasalso another question please.. if i want to search from something from the terminal, i know now install, remove but those work only if i know the exact name of the program06:38
Giwrgarashow do i search from progs to install from the terminal and see associated lists?06:38
dennull_dev My pleasure man! This song is great.06:39
CruX|hello, where are stored dns servers obtained via dhcp ?06:39
null_devden I'm glad you like it. I hope it brings you as much joy as having sound again brings me.06:39
CruX|in /etc/resolv.conv there is only nameserver
=== ms_ is now known as mamtina
dennull_dev Having another Linux user is payment enough. We get enough people on this platform and we'll start getting more software vendors building tools/apps for Linux06:40
dencitric Honestly man, get a book and keep at it06:40
null_devden I hope so. I like Linux because Windows isn't worth paying for when I can have Ubuntu for free. And it's been a blast learning more about computers.06:40
hectorhello new to Ubuntu how is everyone06:41
Colonel187anybody out there?06:41
citricsoooo many books lol06:41
citrichard to choose06:41
dennull_dev Nice, that's the thing. After I fiddle with it for a while, my Ubuntu install feels more "mine" than any Windows install I've had06:41
dencitric I like the Murach books06:41
=== ivan_ is now known as Guest73893
dencitric Check out the Murach C# books. They touch on most of the major libraries06:41
null_devcitric, what is it you're trying to learn again?06:42
Giwrgaraslinux has a lot of security but it should focus more on stability06:42
denGiwrgaras I agree06:42
denThing is, tools like Chrome are Google's domain. Stability is their baliwick. Though, they use Ubuntu in-house06:43
OctalGenesiswhat is hcengine?06:43
ubottuGuest52990: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».06:43
Tex_NickGiwrgaras: linux is actually rock stable on a great number of box's ;)06:44
null_devI want to share a link with citric but it has profanity in it. What do?06:44
dennull_dev direct messag06:44
citricmsg me06:44
null_devben doh, don't know why that didn't occur to me.06:44
dennull_dev you're mesmerized by sound06:44
Colonel187Looking for info or assistance. Is this the right place06:45
null_devden It's true!06:45
denColonel187 Yes sir, shoot06:45
null_devcitric Did that go through?06:45
OctalGenesisanyone might have a clue to why ubuntu seem to miss hcengine now?06:45
Colonel187I've been searching and can't find a straight answer on the forums. Is there a way to add "open as administrator" to the right click context menu? I know some other version of linux have this.06:46
denYou would run it as sudo from the commandline06:46
denSo, let's say you wanted to run Firefox as an admin06:46
Colonel187yes i know that06:46
Tex_Nick!details | Colonel18706:47
ubottuColonel187: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:47
GiwrgarasTexnix i dedicate to you this update manager crash that i just had06:47
denAlright guys, I need to get some sleep.06:48
OctalGenesisi screwed something up when i tried to install my graphic card driver and nothing seem to load unless i do it manually now06:48
dennull_dev Glad we got your sound working06:48
OctalGenesisi can't even tab programs anymore06:48
dencitric I'm usually on here if you have any more c# questions06:48
null_devden I am too. Thanks again, den. Maybe one day I'll be able to be a guru like you.06:48
null_devden Heck, maybe one day I'll understand why that worked in the first place.06:48
dennull_dev Not a guru, I'm more of an enthusiast. I'm just enthralled we got you going06:49
effbiaihi, i've got a problem while booting. using ubuntu 13.04. nvidia + intel (sandy shit) graphic cards. though.. can turn off the intel one in bios :D using nouvaeu kernel module. while booting it freezes 1 out of 5 times. grub is set to console, linux load is set to text, and i'm using not quiet boot. how can i debug what's causing the freezes?06:49
Moulthey all. i put my mum on ubuntu 10.04LTS when it came out, and now as the support period has ended, i'm considering an upgrade. would 12.04LTS be suitable, and is there an upgrade path that doesn't mean i have to backup all the files on it?06:49
citricsounds great, thanks! :)06:49
Colonel187ok, I am trying to find a way to add "open as administrator" to the right click context menu in the file manager so I can simply right click a folder or file and open it as root instead of using the command line. I've seen this in other version of linux and I saw that it was included in nautilus tools but they don't work on 13.04 does anybody know of another way to add this function06:49
null_devden Oh, I've been all about the Ubuntu/Linux for a while now. But it always feels great when it's working :D06:49
effbiaiis it possible to get kernel boot to write it's output to somewhere?06:50
OctalGenesiscan someone that know something about graphic card installations pm me please06:50
null_devben Also, If you want more cool music ask me anytime. My email is marcsk1989@gmail.com06:51
OctalGenesisotherwise i need to reinstall the whole thing :(06:51
Colonel187are you still there?06:53
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Matthew_MooreHello,  Anybody here familiar with Kdenlive?   whenever i try to Open Key Spill mop up it crashes every time.  anybody know how to fix it?06:56
Colonel187I guess I'm not worthy of getting help or what?06:57
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/78116/where-is-the-open-as-administrator-option-in-nautilus-gone  colonel18707:01
icerootis there a way to find out the packagename when i only have a window (in this case its the window for changing display-settings) and i need the packagename which contains this display-setting-window07:03
Giwrgarasanyone has python idle on ubuntu?07:04
aeon-ltdiceroot: what is it?07:04
icerootimo there was something like that in a ubuntu-bug package, there i can click on a window and its showing me the packagename but i cant remember07:04
bazhangGiwrgaras, #python07:04
icerootaeon-ltd: ?07:04
Giwrgarasasked there first07:05
bazhangGiwrgaras, so be patient07:05
lasersiceroot: erm, xprop? Idk.07:05
lasersiceroot: It *probably* isn't the same thing -- but it might tell you something useful.07:06
icerootlasers: i will have a look, thank you07:06
bazhang!info xprop07:06
ubottuPackage xprop does not exist in raring07:06
phix!info ubottu07:07
ubottuPackage ubottu does not exist in raring07:07
lextcswhois moses moses07:07
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icerootubuntu-bug -w  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=ubuntu-bug-w.png07:10
icerootthat was the tool :)07:10
=== lextcs is now known as pafpaf
lauratikasome one knows go to enable global menu in libreoffice at ubuntu 12.0407:14
auronandacelauratika: that version of libreoffice is not in the 12.04 repos so we can't support it here07:16
lauratikawell it was installed on an update07:17
lauratikahow can i go back to the supported one?07:17
wilee-nileelauratika, Did you add the PPA?07:18
lauratikai dont remember07:18
lauratikais there a way to check that?07:18
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/265954/how-do-i-disable-global-menu-for-libreoffice-4-0-in-ubuntu-12-04  lauratika try this, but work backwards07:18
unheedingso, nobody has any ideas on my nvidia no tty issue?07:19
xaviorNone that I know of07:19
bazhangI see no question from you at all unheeding07:19
unheedingoh it was earlier07:20
unheedingbasically i can't see my ttys - they exist, but i can't see them07:20
bazhangmuch earlier, it would seem07:21
lauratikaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:07:21
lauratika lo-menubar : Depends: libreoffice-gtk but it is not going to be installed07:21
lauratikaE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.07:21
axizhow  to upstart07:22
bazhanglauratika, the PPA for 4.0 has globalmenu support built in07:22
histoaxiz: can you elaborate as to what you want to do with upstart?07:22
bazhang!upstart | axiz have a read07:22
ubottuaxiz have a read: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/07:22
lauratikaso what can be making troubles, i dont have lo-menu installed07:23
bazhanglauratika, you do NOT need to worry about that, if you have the PPA07:23
wilee-nileebazhang, When I switched to the PPA awhile back libreoffice the install errored and I had to purge the repos version to load it.07:24
wilee-nileejust info is all07:25
bazhangwilee-nilee, lauratika seems not to even know if he has the PPA or not07:25
BabinUsing Ubuntu Server 12.04 , Now i want to install Same Ubuntu server 12.04 in 10 More PCs , So How can i install itt07:25
wilee-nileebazhang, Yeah07:25
JamJarBabin: preseed or kickstart07:26
wilee-nileelauratika, If you have the repo it is probably in /etc/apt/sources.list.d look there.07:26
BabinUsing Ubuntu Server 12.04 , Now i want to install Same Ubuntu server 12.04 in 10 More PCs , So How can i install itt from a kick start file , and ubuntu Ftp or nfs share07:26
BabinJamjar will u please give me tutorial about the creating kick start in ubuntu im new to ubuntu07:27
histo!kickstart | Babin07:27
ubottuBabin: Ways to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning07:27
lauratikai know what is a PPA i just dont know if is installed, i cant remember07:27
JamJarBabin: if you have access to the network infrastructure it's probably easiest to use PXE boot07:27
wilee-nileelauratika, Right and if you have it it installed that is were the call for it is, look there to confirm.07:27
histolauratika: what version of ubuntu are you running?07:28
BabinI want to install this just by pressing F12 in all Pcs , how to setup a PXE server for that07:28
histoBabin: I would just use clonezilla07:28
Babinyes Jamjar u right please give me tutorial to create a PXE server to access the clients07:28
histoBabin: especially if the machiens are identical hard drives etc..07:28
JamJarBabin: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot07:29
BabinJamjar thanks07:29
Babinand histo i want only PXE boot07:29
lauratikawilee-nilee yes is there!!07:29
Babinthanx all matees ill back after a check07:30
lauratikanow what07:30
histolauratika: ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list.d/      does that output any files?07:30
histolauratika: also grep ppa ~/.bash_history07:30
wilee-nileelauratika, When you bring up libreoffice open help-about libreoffice you see
lauratikawilee-nilee yes07:31
histowilee-nilee: I have 3.5.7 in 12.0407:32
lauratikahisto yes on the frist question07:32
wilee-nileelauratika, Cool just confirming I had this same problem, my same has the menu, someone will know.07:32
JamJarBabin: it might take you a little while to get that process going07:32
histolauratika: then you have ppa's enabled07:32
Babinhmm ya07:32
histo!ppapurge | lauratika07:33
ubottulauratika: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html07:33
=== nakkel is now known as Nakkel
histolauratika: or check on their ppa page as to why there repository is bombing.07:33
JamJarBabin: I'd say check out the documentation around the things you use as well as the tutorials. The 4 things you need to get right are *tftp server *dhcp settings *pxelinux settings *HTTP server (for kickstart and any mirror you host)07:33
JamJarit's a bit fiddly, and does involve some thought07:34
lauratikappa-purge: command not found07:34
axizi use 12.04 in a bootable usb device , every time i reboot i lose everything done07:35
histo!persistence | axiz07:35
ubottuaxiz: To have some persistent storage when using a Live CD, follow the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDPersistence07:35
PhoenixxlToday , the intodution of kernel 3.10 as default in saucy broke iscsi-dkms . I added a bug report on launchpad.. was that the right place ? Or should I report this somewhere else too ? Is it different for development branches ?07:36
PhoenixxlI meant iscsitarget-dkms07:37
jony_easyriderhow can I open a software in Ubuntu 12.04 if I forgot its name?07:39
Phoenixxltype history | less07:40
Phoenixxlyou will see what you have installed07:40
Phoenixxlin the past07:40
dakotawulfyaxiz how are you installing it to the usb device07:40
wilee-nileelauratika, On the bots link is a download for the purge ppa package, there is an actual ppa for it as well.07:41
jony_easyriderPhoenixxl, some GUI software lister by group like it was in 10.04?07:41
Phoenixxljony_easyrider, you can also check your system log , usually stuff gets added usually when something is installed07:41
taghalobihow can I install this layout on my ubuntu? workman-layout-link: https://github.com/deekayen/workman07:43
Phoenixxljony_easyrider, you can also do a ls in bin or sbin and order by date , the last executables will probably be related to the last things you installed07:44
wilee-nileelauratika, Might be in the repos in 12.04 as well. sudo apt-get install ppa-purge07:44
taghalobialso, workman page: http://www.workmanlayout.com/blog/?page_id=96407:45
jony_easyriderPhoenixxl, ty, I found it Dash home in Recent apps by pressing "show more"07:45
axizusing Partition Editor tool [] ERROR - filesystem superblock07:46
phixaxiz: EFI?07:46
phixhow are you sdawxztef4432 ?07:47
zipyhey can someone explain me why they configured 8 sockeds for tor + privoxy + squid?: https://mightycomputers.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/recently-i-foun/07:48
sdawxztef4432can someone explain me why i cant tupe anything in #archlinux  i get this == Cannot send to channel: #archlinux07:48
phixzipy: I don't like to speculate a persons mental process or condition07:48
phixsdawxztef4432: you are muted, it is moderated and you dont have voice?07:48
PhoenixxlIf anyone else here has saucy installed somewhere , I would ask them to reproduce installing iscsitarget-dkms , see if it breaks for them too .07:49
auronandace!register | sdawxztef443207:49
ubottusdawxztef4432: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode07:49
gordonjcpsdawxztef4432: you are not registered07:49
phixor that07:49
sdawxztef4432i am irc noob07:49
wilee-nilee!13.10 | Phoenixxl07:50
ubottuPhoenixxl: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:50
lauratikayep installing07:50
phixwhen is the next LTS?07:50
utfans05_every 2 years07:50
dr_willisevery other  .04 release07:51
Phoenixxl #ubuntu+1 thnx07:51
mnemonzipy: the original has some "reasons" http://www.howtoforge.com/ultimate-security-proxy-with-tor07:54
Gnjurachi i just regstred my nick but i still cant tupe anything in #archlinux == Cannot send to channel: #archlinux07:55
Gnjuracanyone help me?07:55
dr_willisGnjurac:  you did identify tgen rejoin07:55
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Gnjuracdr_willis: what?07:56
dr_willisbest to ask in #freenode channel  Gnjurac07:56
mnemonGnjurac: you need to identify for the nick07:56
dr_willisyou regiester. then identify  to nuckserv07:56
Gnjuracmnemon:  how?07:57
mnemon /ns help identify07:57
mnemonor /msg nickserv help identify if that doesn't work.07:57
phixth0r: !08:01
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kellyfound myself in front of a 12.10 installation. I'm trying to do a udo apt-get dist-upgrade but I only get that there is no new version.. any ideas?08:34
ne0hkelly,  do you want to upgrade to 13?08:36
kellyne0h, yepp08:36
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PriamA stupid question: When I login linux, I know that my info will be recorded in file utmp. When I'm do my work, the system collapsed, what i want to know is when i restart my PC, how the system deal with the record that was not cleared because of the collapse?08:39
DJoneskelly: Have you tried running "do release-upgrade" in a terminal08:39
Priamanyone can help?08:41
surthey folks I'm having trouble with my wifi network. I'm streaming files via ssh to my android phone and videos stutter. I realised I'm getting an average of about 150KB/s. Which is horrendous, is there something obvious because my connection rate is at about 130mbps which means a theoretical speed of roughly 16MB/s. Less than 1% of my total bandwith...08:45
surt...is what I'm getting. Any ideas?08:45
ne0hkelly i will advice you download the image08:45
edward_I just installed ubuntu, changed the language to german and selected the binary nvidia drivers. Everything "seems" fine except for the fact that when I log in I don't see anything besides a nice background (i.e. no panel/folders/etc)08:47
edward_any ideas how to fix that?08:47
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muscaPriam: there is a man page for utmp08:49
edwardohow do I get my desktop back?08:50
Priammusca: Thank you, I got it.08:52
ActionParsnipedwardo: which release?08:52
muscaPriam: i guess, init does remove old entries?08:52
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blazemoreIn my ssh config file (or through any other method) is it possible to set up ssh such that it will immediately "screen -dr" if a screen is available, and open a new screen session if not?08:54
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ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest4845208:54
ubottuGuest48452: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.08:54
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Guest48452Hello everybody. Is there anyway to reinstall all my installed packages because somebody changes many stuffs in /usr directory ?08:54
histo!clone | Guest4845208:55
ubottuGuest48452: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » (this may cause problems with multiarch before 12.10) - See also !automate08:55
Priammusca: right, here is what i found: " Before an entry is processed, though, init(8)  cleans up utmp by setting ut_type to DEAD_PROCESS, clearing ut_user, ut_host, and ut_time with null bytes for each  record which  ut_type  is  not  DEAD_PROCESS or RUN_LVL and where no process with PID ut_pid exists."08:55
OleGUYS PLEASE HELP ME. What is those peanuts with a yellow crunchy layer called? - It is an emergency! pleaaaassee08:55
ActionParsnipGuest48452: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue08:56
acerimmerOle, wrong channel08:56
MonkeyDustGuest48452  this is somewhat more elegant http://paste.ubuntu.com/5807194/08:56
DJonesOle: Please remember this is Ubuntu support08:56
ActionParsnipOle: ask in #ubuntu-oftopic or ##club-ubuntu08:56
edwardoI just installed ubuntu, changed the language to german and changed the display driver to nvidia binary driver08:56
ActionParsnipedwardo: doesnt answer my question08:56
Guest48452ActionParsnip: 12.04.2 LTS08:56
edwardowhen I log in I have a nice background but no panel/etc08:56
edwardohow do I get the usual "unity" stuff?08:57
surtwifi lan. extremely slow speeds. xfer rates are <1% bandwidth. please help.08:57
ActionParsnipedwardo: doesnt answer my question08:57
Guest48452MonkeyDust, ActionParsnip : I hope that will not remove packages before reinstalling...08:57
edwardoat the moment I just see a background08:57
ActionParsnipedwardo: which release are you using?08:57
ActionParsnipedwardo: raring? quantal? precise?08:58
ActionParsnipedwardo: finally!!08:58
edwardothen I did a dist-upgrade and upgrade08:58
edwardobut the error was already there before the upgrade08:58
ActionParsnipedwardo: is it a clean install or did you upgrade from a previous release?08:58
edwardoclean install08:58
edwardosorry I'm logged in in the console08:59
ActionParsnipedwardo: press CTRL+ALT+T and run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig   then reboot08:59
edwardoI'm not used to the console colors I mistook your remarks as messages and ignored them08:59
dakotawulfyedwardo hit alt f2 unity --reset that might work08:59
acerimmerGeekShadow, greetings08:59
edwardoI will try both09:00
edwardothe reset thingy didn't work at all09:01
edwardofirst of alt f2 didn't work09:01
edwardoanyway I will reboot now (I did the nvidia-xconfig command)09:01
dakotawulfyalt f2 brings terminal up09:01
edwardoctrl alt + t works09:01
edwardoalt f2 doesn^t09:01
dakotawulfy then you  type that in there09:02
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edward_so I restarted and it is still the same09:03
edward_I just see a background09:04
dakotawulfy edward you said u have 12.04?09:04
dakotawulfyedward  check out this page might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/17610/how-do-i-reset-my-unity-configuration09:05
edward_dakotawulfy: as mentioned alt f2 doesn't work09:08
edward_and unity --reset neither09:08
edward_the second approach seems very fishy09:08
Priamedward: Try switch to command line and delete .bashrc or .login file, then restart the computer.09:08
edward_why would I need to run some strange script to get a clean installation working?09:09
edward_it's a clean installation09:09
edward_there is no .login file09:10
edward_and I don't see how .bashrc is related to my desktop09:10
edward_also I didn't change it and it looks fine09:10
edward_why would I want to delete it?09:10
Priam.bashrc ? In your home folder?09:10
Priamdelete it and restart09:11
edward_it makes no sense09:11
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edward_I think it is more related to the error messages I'm getting about compiz09:12
edward_maybe the change to the nvidia binary drivers fucked everything up09:12
lotuspsychje!language | edward_09:12
ubottuedward_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:12
edward_excuse me?09:13
edward_my language was polite and professional09:13
dakotawulfyedward maybe this  seen this on that page unity-tweak-tool in raring (13.04) comes bundled with this script. unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity should cleanly reset unity09:13
ikoniaedward_: let me be clear - your language is unacceptable, please don't do it again.09:13
yogeshkakdeHow to store the usage of processor/memory/network?09:13
ikoniaedward_: that language is not polite or professional.09:13
edward_ikonia: well that's your problem if you feel offended but I didn't use any inappropriate words and I didn't offended anyone09:14
MonkeyDustedward_  the f-word is not polite09:14
acerimmeredward_, it's the rules, man.  they apply to all.  even you.09:14
muscaWould you ban Linus Thorwalds for saying FUCK OFF, NVIDIA?09:15
lotuspsychjeyogeshkakde: store as in logging?09:15
yogeshkakdehow to record system usage (memory/processor/network) in ubuntu?09:15
acerimmer!language|musca, nope  YOU can be banned for violating this channels rules.09:16
ubottumusca, nope  YOU can be banned for violating this channels rules.: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.09:16
surtWasn't it **** _you_ nvidia?09:16
lotuspsychjeyogeshkakde: i think there are specific packages for logging traffix or cpu etc09:16
ikoniaAll, just to be clear - I suggest you read the ubuntu channel guidelines before making any more foolish/rude comments09:16
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:16
DJonesTime to drop that line of discussion and get back to support09:16
acerimmerDJones, +109:17
yogeshkakde<lotuspsychje>: can you tell any one?09:17
dakotawulfyedward check out this page it might help http://www.liberiangeek.net/2013/04/how-to-restart-unity-and-compiz-in-ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail/09:17
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lotuspsychjeyogeshkakde: maybe this can help for cpu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22021/how-to-log-cpu-load09:19
th0ryogeshkakde, you might want to get familiar with snmp09:21
yogeshkakdethanks guys09:22
yogeshkakdeill look into it09:22
lotuspsychjeyogeshkakde: you can try software centre for handy bandwith monitors aswell09:22
lotuspsychjeyogeshkakde: or do a tail -f /var/log/syslog.1 for realtime issues on your machine09:23
roger21hello, i have this issue (on pangolin) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnutls26/+bug/937537 but i don't understand what's the conclusion, is it supposed to be fixed now?09:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937537 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu) "libgnutls26 2.12.14 breaks SSL tracker support in Transmission" [Undecided,Fix released]09:23
lotuspsychje!find libgnutls09:25
ubottuFound: libgnutls28, libgnutls28-dbg, libgnutls28-dev, libgnutlsxx28, libgnutls-dev09:25
edward_yogeshkakde: thanks! the unity --reset-icons worked! :)09:26
lotuspsychje!info gnutls2609:27
ubottuPackage gnutls26 does not exist in raring09:27
hazman_Does anyone know how to get a list of the packages available to install via apt-get?09:28
ikoniahazman_: open the package manager....read the list09:28
surthazman_: Synaptic or...type some of the name of the package and hit tab...09:29
hazman_thanks ikonia & surt09:29
lotuspsychjeroger21: i think they fixed further versions of gnutls26, did you update your system?09:29
surtDoes anyone know about NFS server? Need to know if...different operating systems use different ports for this protocol by default?09:29
DJones!nfs | surt09:30
ubottusurt: nfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.09:30
ikoniasurt: no, the whole point of things like NFS is they are uniform across platforms09:30
biloubonjour !!09:30
lotuspsychje!fr | bilou09:30
ubottubilou: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:30
llutzsurt: no, default is 2049/tcp09:30
roger21lotuspsychje, so is it supposed to be fixed (for pangolin)?09:31
surt2049 I thought so, but...I can't mount it on my android device. I was thinking maybe the program is searching on port 445...09:31
lotuspsychjeroger21: not sure about pangolin, but i think precise fixxed it09:31
lotuspsychjeroger21: we highly recommend installing 13.04 clean, its fast and very nice09:32
roger21i'm lts09:32
lotuspsychjeroger21: ok no sweat :p09:32
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: short support isnt great though09:33
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: well, thats for users to choose of course..i like my 13.04 64bit09:35
Ben64you only get to like it until january09:35
lotuspsychjeBen64: then ill clean install next one :p09:35
petanis here someone who know how to create .deb packages? I need to know how to specify that a file is configuration file09:36
lotuspsychjeDispassion: hi mate, how can we assist you?09:36
petanso that it's not removed when package is uninstalled09:36
MonkeyDustpetan  plenty tutorials, here's one: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/01/how-to-create-deb-package-ubuntu-debian.html09:37
lotuspsychjepetan: you mean backing up your favorite .deb packages?09:37
DJones!packaging | petan Have you had a look through the packaging guide,09:37
ubottupetan Have you had a look through the packaging guide,: The packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring09:37
petanMonkeyDust LOL that is a site I was looking to before I went here, it's not there09:37
Ben64petan: what are you really trying to do09:38
petanBen64 I made a .deb package for my program, and I need the configuration file in /etc to stay there when I update it09:38
Ben64then those links should contain the answer09:39
petanDJones I appreciate the link, but this is almost as helpful as saying "google it"... one of these hundreds links probably contain answer, but if someone know it and could tell me, I could save the weekend :P09:39
DJonespetan: I don't know the answer, but there are also 2 other IRC channels, #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu that may be able to help09:40
petanall these packaging guides only include very basic information09:40
ikoniapetan: it' snothing like saying "google it"09:41
lotuspsychjepetan: the ubuntu help triggers contain a lot of information, you sure you searched it well :p?09:41
ikoniapetan: it details exactly how to make a package and what files goe where09:41
ikoniapetan: what is not covered in that guide that you need09:41
petanikonia: really? where is it, I can't find it... what I need is "how can I flag a file in package as configuration file which needs not to be removed when you uninstall package"09:41
ikoniapetan: ok - so that's the specific question you have, although why you would leave a config file in place if you want to remove the package doesn't make sense09:42
petanikonia: it makes perfect sense, every package does this (that is why purge option exist) because when you upgrade a package it consist of remove and install09:43
ikoniapetan: ok - so not when you remove, but when you upgrade09:43
petanso that if you don't want your config files to be overwritten everytime you update package, you need to specify that it's config file09:43
petanikonia: it's the same for dpkg09:43
petantry it yourself...09:43
ikoniapetan: is tht part of the prerm ? basically an "if exist" style statement ?09:43
petanikonia no it's not part of prerm, I don't know how the correct implementation looks like, hence I am here :)09:44
ikoniapetan: have you looked at an example package where you know this behaviour works ?09:45
petanon debian.org there is explanation saying that this exist and is being used in packages, but nowhere is described how to implement it for people who are creating not using packages09:45
petanikonia: every package that install configuration files to /etc is using it, I just don't know how to "look at it"09:45
ikoniapetan: have you tried it with a standard layout ?09:46
ikoniaeg: not specifying09:46
petanyes, and my config file was overwriten with clean version, removing my modifications to it09:46
petanwhich is what specifically must not happen09:47
HounddogI am having some trouble setting up some folder permissions... i created a group (www-pub) add myself and www-data to that group, changed the var/www folder to have that group, changed permissions  755, g+s etc and i dont have permissions to that folder09:48
Hounddoghttp://pastebin.com/yY4H9Sbw what is wondering me despite adding myself i am not part of that group as seems09:48
dr_willisHounddog: you did log out and back in?09:48
Hounddogthat i have not done yet09:48
histoHounddog: did you log out and back in since09:48
Hounddogone sec09:48
llutzpetan: http://wiki.debian.org/DpkgConffileHandling   isn't that the reason, why you add your configs to <packagename>.conffiles, so dpkg can handle them correctly?09:48
dr_willistgats required :-P09:48
petanllutz sounds like answer :-) thanks09:49
Hounddogdr_willis, histo thx... i was doubting myself09:50
petanllutz that describes how to delete old conf files, I am looking for the very explanation how to define what is conf file and what is not09:50
lotuspsychjeim trying to sux user transmission, but i get env: transmission: file or folder doesnt exist09:51
llutzpetan: "add your configs to <packagename>.conffiles, so dpkg can handle them correctly?"09:51
dr_willislotuspsychje:   sux  user  -c  command    perhaps?09:51
lotuspsychjedr_willis: lemme try holdon09:52
llutzpetan: those ending in "/var/lib/dpkg/info/foo.conffiles"09:52
dr_willissux is a wrapper to su.  i beluve09:52
dr_willissux  is ooooold  school09:52
llutzand broken since ages09:53
lotuspsychjedr_willis: i know you provide me that handy tool :p, it works for all my other stuff, but transmission doesnt want to09:53
lotuspsychjellutz: broke in what way?09:53
llutzlotuspsychje: problems with job-control but i'm not sure if that applies to the *buntu-version too09:53
Ben64lotuspsychje: why run stuff like that?09:54
foo357_Hello, what is the difference between <command1> ; <command2> and <command1> && <command2>09:54
dr_willisrun this ; then this   vs09:54
lotuspsychjeBen64: we got several users on my machine, pretty handy to open a new firefox session for another user09:54
dr_willisrun this     then this if it succedes09:54
llutzlotuspsychje: fyi http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65987809:54
ubottuDebian bug 659878 in login "cannot set terminal process group (-1): Inappropriate ioctl for device" [Grave,Open]09:54
lotuspsychje!info sux09:55
ubottusux (source: sux): wrapper around su which will transfer your X credentials. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.1-6 (raring), package size 9 kB, installed size 64 kB09:55
dr_willis; just runs them in order.  &&  is a tesr09:55
Ben64lotuspsychje: learn to gksudo :)09:55
foo357_dr_willis: hm yes I guessed so. What about performance, will && incur some penalty during the execution of command1?09:55
lotuspsychjeBen64: would gksudo open transmission for another user?09:56
dr_willisfoo357_:  it still runs it the same way09:56
Ben64lotuspsychje: probably09:56
myamorevery accurate soccer predictions here : http://tiny.cc/p6rbzw  ... amazing wins09:56
DJonesmyamore: Wrong channel09:56
MonkeyDustfoo357_  with &&, the following command is executed, only if the previous has succeeded09:57
hellrazorhi there09:57
DJones!cn | sky__09:57
ubottusky__: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:57
hellrazorwhere can i configure the xserver?09:57
foo357_ok thanks for the answers dr_willis MonkeyDust09:57
hellrazorthere is no xorg.conf in /etc/X1109:57
dr_willishellrazor:  in what way? it auto configures for the most part09:57
dr_willisxorg.conf is optional09:58
dr_willisyou can make one09:58
myfineblacksteedhey, so I have this folder with files name .r1 .r2 .r3 ... .r45 etc. If I was on windows I'd open one with 7zip and it would unpack the whole lot. If I try to do the same thing on ubuntu it just opens the one file. If I select all of them and press extract it just creates a shitton of folders. How would I go about unpacking this?09:58
hellrazordr_willis, i give a damn fucking shit about autoconfiguring if my mouse is not wokring correctly09:58
hellrazorit's not optional its a must09:58
Ben64hellrazor: watch the attitude and language09:58
DJoneshellrazor: Please mind the language, the channel has a no swearing policy09:58
dr_willishellrazor:  that attitude will get you ignored09:59
hellrazoralways pc...09:59
hellrazori am gone disable hotplugging and making a static config09:59
dr_willismyfineblacksteed:  there are rar and unrar in the repos also10:00
lotuspsychjedr_willis: i solved it, i had to sux user transmission-gtk10:00
dr_willislotuspsychje:  that is the gui   :-P10:01
myfineblacksteeddr_willis: I already have unrar10:01
myfineblacksteeddr_willis: it opens the files but not in the way I want. It opens them individually instead of creating one big file.10:01
Ben64myfineblacksteed: then use it on either the .rar or the .r0110:02
myfineblacksteedBen64: use it how? Just right click on it an select "Extract Here"?10:02
Ben64myfineblacksteed: unrar is a command line program10:03
myfineblacksteedBen64: and how would I use it then?10:03
Ben64man unrar to look at the manual10:04
myfineblacksteedBen64: alright, thanks I guess10:05
dr_willismyfineblacksteed:  i recall unrar -e  foo.r1  worling befor10:05
dr_willis!info unp10:06
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7+nmu1 (raring), package size 16 kB, installed size 133 kB10:06
lotuspsychjedr_willis: does it unpack .001 files aswell?10:06
dr_willismulti part rars.. so old school. :-P   not seen those in ages10:06
dr_willisits just how rar is nameing them10:07
myfineblacksteeddr_willis: I'm a bit confused10:07
dr_willisrar should unpack them all then you unpack the first one10:08
dr_willisthey are parts if one big archive10:08
=== dstevens is now known as Queen
lotuspsychjedr_willis: i used lxsplit for .001 files10:08
=== Queen is now known as Guest15698
dr_willisthen you may need to join them10:09
=== Guest15698 is now known as QueenOfEngland
dr_willisrar has its own split feature10:09
myfineblacksteedI think I did it10:09
myfineblacksteedthere was one .rar file there, and so I just typed unrar e foo.rar10:10
kilonuxHelp! ubuntu12.04  recognize my HP deskjet 840 C printer, says it does the job but just don't print anything. Installed new HPLIP drivers and done a lot of search.10:12
BluesKajHey all10:12
lotuspsychjekilonex: did you attach the usb cable?10:12
kilonuxThis printer works well with 10.0410:12
pjvQuestion: dpkg monitors /etc config files for changes. This is referred to as 'conffiles'. As a user, how can I add my own files/paths to be monitored?10:12
kilonuxI say it recognize the printer10:12
ikoniapjv: it doesn't monitor10:12
lotuspsychjekilonux: does it add a print job with hplip?10:13
pjvikonia, when updating a package, it will prompt you to go ahead and overwrite or not (dpkg-old, dpkg-dist ...)10:13
ikoniaok, so not monitoring, but checks for differences at upgrade time10:14
pjvI have some changed files of my own that I would like to get a prompt for10:14
lotuspsychjekilonux: did you try a print test page, with the device itself?10:14
pjvso they don't get overwritten each time10:14
kilonuxhplip says it does the job, but10:15
lotuspsychjekilonux: thats odd indeed10:15
pjvIs there a way to do this? I'm looking at dpkg-divert right now10:16
lotuspsychjekilonux: is your device a scanner aswell?10:17
=== tv_ is now known as ekinox001
lotuspsychjekilonux: maybe you need the driver from hp site10:19
kilonuxdid it10:19
dn5hey guys10:21
lotuspsychjekilonux: how about latest hplip download?10:21
lotuspsychje!info hplip10:21
ubottuhplip (source: hplip): HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP). In component main, is optional. Version 3.13.3-1 (raring), package size 85 kB, installed size 424 kB10:22
lotuspsychjekilonux: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/gethplip.html10:22
kilonuxhplip 3.13.610:22
dn5anyone willing to help me about main menu10:23
dn5any app that I install does not appear in menu10:23
MonkeyDustdn5  start with a question10:23
lotuspsychjekilonux: http://hplipopensource.com/hplip-web/models/deskjet/deskjet_840c.html10:24
pjvikonia, ok, well, dpkg-divert seems to the tool10:24
dn5for example, I aptitude irssi, and everything is finished, I can fire it up over terminal, but the application(Irssi) is not shown in main menu10:24
dn5I also tried adding application to main menu over menu editor, and typing 'Irssi' but it does not recognize it like it's not installed at all.10:24
llutzdn5: irssi needs a terminal to run10:25
dakotawulfydn5 what desktop you using ?10:25
MonkeyDustdn5  it's because irssi is a terminal command, which is not showed as stand alone app10:25
dn5Oh.. so :)10:25
BluesKajirssi has no GUI , dn510:25
dn5But I though creating a shortcut which will fire up irssi in terminal10:26
BluesKajopen a terminal type irssi10:26
kilonuxlotuspsychje:  Thanx, maybe I'll find things there....10:26
lotuspsychjedn5: you can create an irssi startup launcher from terminal10:26
dn5I know irssi is not GUI :>10:26
dakotawulfydn5  make a link and open it in the terminal from the link add it to the menu10:26
dn5one second please10:26
lotuspsychjedn5: i recently created one for links2 to open a terminal with google10:26
MonkeyDusti have an alias to run irssi in screen10:27
* BluesKaj shakes his head , it's so difficult to type irssi ...10:27
dn5could I, for example, create a launcher with type "Application in terminal" :>10:27
S_Disi had some questions with ubuntu-network that always Error!10:27
lotuspsychjedn5: yes10:27
MonkeyDustBluesKaj  it's the double ss that may be confusing :p10:27
dn5let me check10:28
BluesKajMonkeyDust, , no doubt :)10:28
dn5yep, works great. How could I not remember this :>10:28
lotuspsychje!yay | dn510:29
ubottudn5: Glad you made it! :-)10:29
dn5hehe :> One more question10:29
dn5sorry but I have to ask10:30
dn5My connection is very low when I fire up computer, I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS10:30
MonkeyDustdn5  10.04 desktop? if yes: it's !eol10:31
dn5I connect on wireless but the connection drop to 2 lines and the router is 3 meters far away.10:31
lotuspsychjedn5: we highly recommend you clean install newer version10:31
lotuspsychjedn5: (see topic)10:32
dn5I do agree lotuspsychje but I'm familiar with 9.04 so I switched to 10.04 LTS because they are very similar10:32
MonkeyDustdn5  but 10.04 for the desktop is dead, no longer supported or maintained10:33
lotuspsychjedn5: as MonkeyDust says its !eol for security reasons10:33
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades10:33
dn5ah.. :(10:33
lotuspsychjedn5: you can always install gnome fallback on newer ubuntu versions with unity10:34
dn5I know but I hate installing new environemnt, for me it's seems like creating own distro.10:35
lotuspsychjedn5: things have been simplified alot for you to install mate10:35
dakotawulfyyea but unity is not gnome 3 and a lot of people don't like new stuff10:35
dn5I don't know. I would like to stay with 10.04. I do understand it's not good and there are security flaws but...10:35
MonkeyDustdn5  http://regmedia.co.uk/2013/03/24/ubuntu_release_cycle.jpg10:35
lotuspsychjedn5: we cannot support eol versions sorry10:36
dn5ouch :(10:36
dn5thank you anyway for your time guys10:37
lotuspsychjedn5: better go with 12.04 LTS then with gnome classic on it (if you want similar feeling)10:37
dn5Yeah.. I think that could be final option. But damn.. I did a reinstallation yesterday, installed everything I need.10:38
MonkeyDustdn5  it's easy to upgrade from LTS to LTS10:39
dn5Bad, bad destiny.10:39
roger21how do i manually install a newer unsupported package, is it a dpkg -i <my newer package> ? and how do i reverse to the stable state10:40
ikoniaroger21: whoaaa do'nt do that10:40
ikoniaroger21: mixing package versions is a bad idea10:40
ikoniaand forcing it with dpkg without matching dependencies will end bad10:40
dn5wrong terminal10:40
roger21slighly newer like the 5th number10:41
ActionParsniproger21: you will need the old deb10:41
ikoniaroger21: yes, like the 5th number, also bad10:41
ikoniaroger21: what do you want to upgrade and why ?10:41
jcadduonoi sort of have a drive dying on a raid0 array, is there anything i can do to reduce the filesystem to the length of the remaining drives and sync them together to take out the faulty :(10:41
roger21well anyway i don't want to crash my system, i just want to troobleshot some bug10:42
berryciderspiderguys is ubuntu server better than desktop if im running nginx, gunicorn, off it?10:42
berryciderspiderpostgres also10:42
ikoniaberryciderspider: not really10:42
ikoniajcadduono: get data off those disks now10:42
roger21i wanted to ty that https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnutls26/+bug/937537 to know if it is the same issue10:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937537 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu) "libgnutls26 2.12.14 breaks SSL tracker support in Transmission" [Undecided,Fix released]10:43
ikoniaroger21: if thats got a fix released it should be in the repo10:44
roger21so it is fixed... well not for me10:44
ikoniaroger21: have you installed the package with the fix released10:45
roger21i'm up2date10:45
ikoniaroger21: that's not what I asked10:45
ne0hhello all10:45
jcadduonoikonia: is only thing i can do dd entire raid array to another drive? then how would i get the data back to the remaining drives?10:45
ne0ham trying to copy some files of about 1gb into my flash10:45
ikoniajcadduono: you don't - you have a raid stripe (bad idea) so you have no reduncency, and the slightest problem and ALL your data is gone10:45
ne0hand it is saying 8hours10:45
LaykeCan someone clarify something about unix sockets?... Mainly what is the difference between a socket and just using a host and port? I'm using nginx to proxy pass fcgi requests to PHP, and some uses host:port and some examples use socket. (My nginx is running on a different host to PHP)10:45
ikoniajcadduono: back up the data now, and replace the failing disk, rebuild the raid array, then put the data back10:46
ne0ham trying to copy some files of about 1gb into my flash and it is saying 8hours10:46
jcadduonoi can back up the data but how would i put it back?10:46
ikoniane0h: you've just said that10:46
roger21ikonia, what is the package with the fix released?10:46
ikoniajcadduono: back it up - copy it of to a difference device, any way you want10:46
ikoniaroger21: should be listed in the bug10:46
ne0hikonia, i thought you wanted to help10:47
jcadduonoikonia, you aren't understanding me, i did back it up, but how will i rebuild the raid array in a way that i can transfer it back to a raid?10:47
ikoniane0h: I've not said anything to help/not help.10:47
roger21do you see it?10:47
ikoniaroger21: I've not looked10:47
ne0hikonia, so why caution me10:47
roger21i don't see it10:47
ne0hplease stay on your lane abeg10:47
ikoniane0h: because you don't need to saw the same thing over and over10:47
ikoniajcadduono: is it software/fake/hardware raid ?10:48
ne0hikonia, rest abeg ishi nma10:48
ikoniane0h: please talkin english in this channel10:48
jcadduonoikonia: sw raid10:48
ikoniajcadduono: as in mdadm?10:48
ikoniajcadduono: ok, so basically, destory the raid array, and re-make it with a working disk in place of the faulty one10:49
roger21can somebody know how to read a bug on lunchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnutls26/+bug/937537 ?10:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937537 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu) "libgnutls26 2.12.14 breaks SSL tracker support in Transmission" [Undecided,Fix released]10:49
ikoniaroger21: what version of ubuntu are you using10:49
=== JonathanD is now known as JONATHAND
jcadduonoikonia: no can do, no replacement disk, can i somehow generate a new raid array from remaining disks and dd the partitions from old raid to that?10:50
ikoniaroger21: ok, so that fix should be in pangolin, it's not there according to you so you need tofeed back on it10:50
ikoniajcadduono: no10:50
ne0hikonia, thats english dude10:50
ikoniajcadduono: you need to delete the array, and re-create it10:50
ikonia11:48 < ne0h> ikonia, rest abeg ishi nma10:50
ikoniane0h: that is not english10:51
roger21done already10:51
ikoniaroger21: "feed back" on it sorry10:51
ikoniaroger21: out of interest, what version of the package is current in 12.0410:51
ikoniaroger21: the fix is in 2.20 - whih has only just been released to raring10:52
ikoniaroger21: look at comment 20 in the bug report10:52
roger21so it is not fixed10:52
roger21wil it be ?10:53
Peyamwhat is the problem?10:53
ikoniaroger21: not in the 12.04 package, the fix released is for raring in the 2.20 package10:53
ikoniaroger21: can't see it being fixed as it's not assigned to anyone so no-one is working on it10:53
roger21but they talk about precise, they won't fix it for the lts?????10:53
ikoniaroger21: no-one is talking about precise10:53
ne0hikonia, dont worry then do you have any ans to my question10:53
ne0ham trying to copy some files of about 1gb into my flash and it is saying 8hours10:54
ikoniaroger21: they are saying the fix came in at 2.16,10:54
roger21ikonia, how do you read this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnutls26/+bug/109505210:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1095052 in gnutls26 (Ubuntu Quantal) "Client certificate authentication fails" [Medium,Fix released]10:56
roger21is it fixed ? is it released ? is it for precise ?10:57
UbunutuHello can someone point me to the openwrt channel?10:57
DJones!alis | Ubunutu10:57
ubottuUbunutu: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:57
Peyamikonia: what is the speed og your flash?10:57
ikoniaPeyam: what ?10:57
ikoniaroger21: looks like a fix is in the backports repo10:58
Peyamikonia: I saw your said it took 8 hours to move files to your flash10:58
Peyamwhat is the speed of your flash?10:58
ikoniaroger21: which in my view is a disgracful approach10:58
ikoniaPeyam: I don't have a problem, it's ne0h that does10:58
Peyamokej okej sorry10:58
ikoniaroger21: reading the bug report it looks like a sloppy attempt to fix it10:58
ponbikio u10:59
roger21i don't see it http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=precise-backports&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=libgnutls2610:59
ikoniaroger21: comment 14 says it's in proposed10:59
ikoniaroger21: the 2.12.14-5ubuntu3.2 package11:00
ikoniaahhh wait, comment 15 says differnt11:00
roger21but i'm 2.12.14-5ubuntu3.4 anyway11:00
ikoniaroger21: 5ubuntu3.3 is supposed to fix it11:01
roger21so is it fixed11:01
ikoniaroger21: according to that bug yes,11:01
zipycan i use a local proxy from outside via ssh too or do i need vpn?11:17
=== KyleYankan is now known as KYLEYANKAN
ikoniayou can proxy anything you want11:17
zipyi got squid3 to work now but i only allowed local network11:18
ikoniathats because you've setup the acl's lke that11:18
zipyyes but i want to keep it like that11:18
zipyso i could use a vpn tunnel to use it11:18
ikoniathen how do you expect to use it externally11:18
=== QueenOfEngland is now known as MI5
zipyvpn tunnel should work or not?11:19
zipybut im thinking of using ssh if its possible11:19
ikoniasorry, sounds a stupid soltion, and as I said to you yesterday you are not makingyourself anonymous and you are trying to hide something that dosn't need to be hid11:19
ikoniathat's up to you11:19
zipywhy, its working now and routed throuh tor too11:21
ikoniagreat, so problem solved11:21
ikoniadoesn't look like it's working through tor11:21
zipyyes but i can only access from network11:21
zipycuz i didnt connect irc through it ^^11:22
ActionParsnipzipy: I use an SSH tunnel to squid for web access from work :)11:22
zipyi just need it to access tor network or for some blocked services11:22
zipyok i guess i dont need to install a vpn server then11:23
zipythats what i wanted to know :D11:23
zipythe only difference is that i have to configure all applications seperatly to connect via ssh tunnel right?11:24
zipywhile in vpn doesnt11:25
=== root is now known as Guest81169
ActionParsnipzipy: you can set an OS wide proxy to use localhost:someport as the proxy11:26
zipyikonia, i guess freenode doesnt accept connections from tor :P11:27
zipyit says ip is banned, i tried :P11:27
zipy[13:26] == You are banned from this server- Your tor exit node must not allow connections to freenode (tor exit node (chat.freenode.net:443)).  Email tor-kline@freenode.net when corrected. (2013/6/28 06.26)11:28
ActionParsnipzipy: ssh -L someport:server.lan.ip.here:3128 user@WAN.IP.here.dude -X11:28
zipythx ill try11:28
ActionParsnipzipy: assuming you have squid running on 312811:28
DJoneszipy: You should check in #freenode about whether Tor can be used for the freenode network, somebody there should be able to point you in the right direction11:28
ActionParsnipzipy: then point apps to localhost:someport and it will go down the tunnel and hit squid then go out to the web from there11:29
zipywell i dont need it for irc anyways11:29
JamJamsHi I just upgraded my server to ubuntu 10.04.4 however my MySQL version is still 5.1.69 how do I get it to upgrade to 5.5.11:30
Guest81169-!- help11:30
JamJamsThe website states that after 10.04 it should go to 5.511:30
ActionParsnipJamJams: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:30
zipyikonia, btw the squid.con from yesterday was good, i just had to downgrade my phyton from 2.7x to 2.6.611:31
zipyit seemed to have some trouble11:31
JamJamsActionParsnip 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.11:31
ActionParsnipJamJams: check the apt-cache search to check versions11:31
ActionParsnipJamJams: run:  sudo apt-get update ,first11:31
DJonesJamJams: Looking at packages.ubuntu.com, it looks like 5.1.69 is the latest for 10.0411:32
vnc786i was trying to remove LO 3.5 so i did apt-get purge libre* but it uninstalled many others thing including apt-get full report here http://pastebin.com/CWHrw10y11:32
vnc786how do i recover it11:32
JamJamsActionParsnip I did11:32
JamJams"As of Ubuntu 12.04, MySQL 5.5 is installed by default. Whilst this is 100% compatible with MySQL 5.1 should you need to install 5.1 (for example to be a slave to other MySQL 5.1 servers) you can install the mysql-server-5.1 package instead."11:32
JamJamsSource: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/mysql.html11:33
DJonesJamJams: You said you're using 10.04, that comment is for Ubuntu 12.0411:33
ActionParsnipvnc786: in future, use less ambiguos globs.11:33
ActionParsnipvnc786: sudo apt-get --purge remove libreoffice*    is more exact11:33
ActionParsnipvnc786: reinstall the ubuntu-desktop package11:34
JamJamsDJones - I'm blind... Darn it...11:34
DJonesJamJams: Easily done11:34
vnc786ActionParsnip: but i am not getting apt-get(command not found) and Ubuntu Software Center11:35
ActionParsnipvnc786: download the deb for apt-get and install it using dpkg (you may need to satisfy deps) then you can use apt-get11:37
dtonalHi, does an Ubuntu live-system on usb any changes on the installed os at the used computer? the it-people of my university dont allow me to use the ubuntu-live system on the public computers, because it would change stuff on the original os...11:37
ActionParsnipdtonal: it can if you want, by default it does not touch it11:37
zipyexcept of the bootloader :D11:38
zipyah no11:38
vnc786ActionParsnip: also i have uninstalled unity completely and i am using lxde (apt-get install lxde) so does ubuntu-desktop will bring unity ..11:38
zipylive system doesnt at all11:38
DJonesdtonal: Unless you instruct it to, no it shouldn't make any changes to an installed os11:38
zipylxde doesnt work with unity but u can still choose between ubuntu desktop and lxde at login11:39
ActionParsnipvnc786: you could reinstall he lxde package and it will install what is needed that is missing11:39
ActionParsnipzipy: sure it does11:39
zipylxde + unity?11:40
ActionParsnipzipy: unity is nothing but a shell, so you can run lxde as the DE and use unity as a shell on top11:40
ActionParsnipzipy: whever would it not work?11:40
dtonalok, thanks for your answers. think i have to discuss with the it-stuff of the university :)11:40
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
ActionParsnipzipy: you can even use Compiz on its own as a standalone WM and run Unity. No desktop like those who use fluxbox / openbox on its own (like me)11:41
rypervenchedtonal: They'll probably still have a problem with it, but I would just use it anyways. There may be an issue with the networking though.11:41
ikoniaActionParsnip: have you ever actually done that ?11:41
ActionParsnipikonia: done which?11:42
ikoniaActionParsnip: compiz on it's own as the window manager11:42
zipyu have to replace openbox11:42
ActionParsnipikonia: sure http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=282711:43
ikoniaActionParsnip: you've tried it ?11:43
ActionParsnipikonia: yeah was ok, prefer openbox11:43
ikoniaActionParsnip: interesting, I've never seen that run on it's own.11:44
zipyhmm well i wont try that on my eee ^^11:44
ActionParsnipzipy: yes but openbox is not lxde11:44
=== MartinS is now known as Guest81580
zipythought so cuz its in lubuntu11:44
ActionParsnipzipy: you can install any WM in lubuntu you want....11:45
zipyye but i dont think it makes sense on my slow eee11:45
ActionParsnipzipy: i dont think you quite grasp how flexible your OS is11:45
MonkWitDaFunkZipy, your linux desktop enviroment can be changed11:46
=== Guest81169 is now known as al3x
MonkWitDaFunkI learned about the linux desktop enviroment from linux.about.com11:47
=== al3x is now known as Guest93400
zipyis it possible to use 2 destkop environments who both use different default aplications like nautilus openbox etc?11:52
zipythat would be interesting11:52
zipyfor example when i use lxde default window manager should use openbox and when i choose unity nautilus..11:53
zipyatm i got dualboot ubuntu and lubuntu11:53
auronandacezipy: nautilus is a file manager11:54
auronandacezipy: unity uses compiz as window manager11:54
zipyoh i just translated it word by word11:54
zipyi mean file manager11:54
auronandacezipy: lxde uses pcmanfm as file manager11:55
usr13zipy: openbox is a stand alone Window Manager11:55
usr13zipy: lxde is a Desktop Environment11:55
zipyif i install two enviroments, i want different applications to use at default11:56
usr13Unity is a Desktop Environment (Desktop Environments require a Window Manager to stand on).11:56
zipyis that possible?11:56
dn5is it possible to transfer most of the tools form kali linux on ubuntu?11:56
usr13zipy: But yes, you can install as many as you like.11:56
usr13dn5: What tools?11:57
dn5used fot pentesting11:57
auronandaceusr13: unity is a shell for the gnome 3 desktop environment11:57
usr13dn5: Can you name any of them?11:57
dn5there are a lot of them :>11:57
ActionParsnipusr13: unity is a shell, gnome is the desktop environment11:57
dn5can't name that much11:57
rypervenchedn5: Packages? Scripts?11:57
DJonesdn5: If the tools are in the repo's then yes, but bear in mind that kali is based on Debian and not Ubuntu so there's a chance that some won't be in the Ubuntu repo's11:57
dn5mostly scripts; perl, python, ruby11:57
zipywell i will just try it out11:58
usr13zipy: Ok, I stand corrected, gnome is the desktop environment, unity is a shell of it.11:58
zipyon vm tho :P11:58
Captain_Protoncan someone give me there /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf ? I move from kde to unity and mine is still tring to login to kde-desktop11:58
rypervenchedn5: You shouldn't have any problem then.11:58
dn5DJones, I will probably add repositorys that kali use11:58
dn5but do I have to update kernel11:58
dn5because I'm not familiar with that11:58
usr13zipy: So you have unity on top of gnome on top of compiz11:58
DJonesdn5: Thats not something that would be supported in the Ubuntu channels, you're probably best asking in the kali support channel about that, mixing repo's could well cause breakages11:59
dn5thats what I'm actually afraid of11:59
usr13zipy: You have unity on top of gnome on top of compiz on top of X.  Openbox is just on top of X11:59
iShootUDie175dn5 if you dud that then i imagine you might run into troubles12:00
iShootUDie175such ask kernel updates12:00
iShootUDie175might overide your ubuntu setup12:00
zipyunity on top of gnome on top of compiz on top of X12:00
zipythats pretty stupid ^^12:00
dn5Yep, I guess that is right iShoot12:00
iShootUDie175iv lookt into that idea12:01
usr13zipy: That is a matter of opinion12:01
zipyi like unity tho12:01
zipybut for my netbook it sux12:01
dn5hm. Perl is automatically installed on Ubuntu, right?12:01
usr13Unity is nice, but I use xfce12:01
vnc786ActionParsnip: i would like to request you can you provide me command to remove ":amd64 (3.4.1-0ubuntu2.1)"  from  gnomine:amd64 (3.4.1-0ubuntu2.1)12:02
zipyi used xfce too but not lxde12:02
zipy.not +now12:02
zipy-not +now12:02
dn5I can't execute sudo apt-get install perl12:02
usr13dn5: Perl is a default app yes.12:03
usr13dn5: What is it you are trying to do.12:03
ActionParsnipvnc786: so cut after the colon?12:03
dn5I'm trying to download pentesting tools one by one; the one I use the most12:04
ActionParsnipvnc786: the guys in #bash will know a trick or two12:05
rypervencheGood luck there.12:05
vnc786ActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/CWHrw10y  i am trying to remove lot  of from this i remember something sed{a-b}12:05
vnc786okay trying bash12:06
zipydn5 why dont u use backtrack12:06
dn5I did use it for some time, not backtrack but kali thus they are almost same but these distros are not used for long-use but LiveCD runtime12:07
zipybut u want to move from kali to ubuntu and install all the pen tests?12:08
zipybacktrack is on ubuntu + gnome or kde already12:08
usr13dn5: If you use command  sudo apt-get install perl*   you will probably see that perl is already installed.12:08
zipydoesnt perl --version work?12:08
zipyk it works12:09
dn5zipy: I already switched to Ubuntu yesterday. Now I want to transfer some tools (not all) on Ubuntu that I usually use for pentesting and reverse engineering. Backtrack is a bit older then kali linux and they are produced by same company - offensive security. usr13; yep I just checked.12:10
Greylockswhich perl will work also as well as just trying to run perl12:10
usr13dn5: Actually, a better way is:   ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/perl*list12:11
Kartagisikonia: are you there?12:11
=== stephan_ is now known as stephanmg
dn5yep.. I have perl-base list, perl-modules.list and perl.list12:11
dn5Seems Perl is installed.12:11
usr13dn5: Install them by name,  (they will be in Ubuntu's standard repositories, and some you prolly already have).12:12
=== Guest93400 is now known as ak90
ikoniaKartagis: yes ?12:12
Captain_Protoncan someone give me there /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf ? I move from kde to unity and mine is still tring to login to kde-desktop12:12
=== ak90 is now known as ak7
dn5I don't think so. Maybe a few of them would be in ubuntus default repositorys, like nmap.. but other one, wpscan etc etc aren't there. usr13.12:12
Kartagisikonia: remember I had a smb problem?12:12
Kartagisdreadful, dreadful one12:13
dn5I'm afraid just because of kernel (2.6.32-48-generic)12:13
dn5I don't know will it support these tools that I need12:13
usr13dn5: You can browse /var/lib/dpkg/info/ to see what you have installed.  i.e.  ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/*list | less   #That way, you can do key-word-search12:13
usr13dn5: What kernel do you have now?12:14
dn5yes, I do know that. I'm not that unfamiliar with dpkg :>12:14
shimato507hello everyone12:14
usr13dn5: uname -r12:14
shimato507good day12:14
dn5@usr13 2.6.3212:14
dn5ain't it uname -a? :P12:14
shimato507does anyone know how to solve the youtube problem in XUBUNTU??12:14
usr13dn5: lsb_release -r   #Show us.12:15
dn5@shimato507, which one?12:15
auronandacedn5: are you running 10.04?12:15
dn5one second12:15
usr13auronandace: Must be....12:15
BluesKajdn5, just the nick, @ isn't required on irc12:15
dn5auronandace yes I do12:15
* mamtina has quit (Read error: Operation timed out) :312:16
auronandacedn5: 10.04 is only supported on server now12:16
shimato507when open youtube in xubuntu with mozilla or chrome the videos are distortion with sound, i already verify that the video card driver are ok since i can play dvd12:16
KartagisBluesKaj: plus, some IRC clients don't capture that and highlight12:16
dn5I know, I had to upgrade to higher version but I don't like new (KDE) look. I'm familiar with Gnome and I also don't like installing new environemnts12:16
zipyshimato507, did u install other videoplayers ?12:16
Kartagisdn5: you too12:16
usr13dn5: You should upgrade to 12.04  if it is a desktop, 12.04 is the current LTS for Desktop.12:16
usr13dn5: How about xfce?12:17
MonkeyDustdn5  we can not help, if you run 10.04 on the desktop12:17
dn5shimato507, have you tried updating flash player or do a full reinstall of it12:17
Kartagisshimato507: try joining the html5 trial12:17
shimato507i have minitube and all is ok there, but with youtube directly has the mentioned problem12:17
Kartagisshimato507: www.youtube.com/html512:17
zipyi had that same problem with flash too in lubuntu12:17
usr13dn5: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://xubuntu.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/precise_01.png&imgrefurl=http://xubuntu.org/screenshots/&h=768&w=1024&sz=329&tbnid=3DkZZM159dj8_M:&tbnh=92&tbnw=123&zoom=1&usg=__K7BY9jXcrEAjCExcgV14AWvQCvE=&docid=BvU54jmDLaUqMM&sa=X&ei=2X7NUcTFA-LfyAH1mYHoDA&ved=0CD0Q9QEwAg&dur=86112:17
dn5usr13, xfce-no thank you. fluxbox was somehow ok when I was younger. Now only gnome. For how long will be 12.04 updated, to which year?12:18
usr13dn5: You can use gnome.12:18
auronandacedn5: supported until 201712:18
shimato507since i am kind of newby (*sorry) havent try to reinstall flash player12:18
shimato507thank you for pointing me on the right direction, i will search on how to do this and try this solution,12:19
ddsschow in the actual name of FUCK do i change my goddamn .sh file access rights so I can actually run it? ...12:19
usr13!nounity | dn512:19
ubottudn5: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:19
saiarcot895!launguage | ddssc12:19
ddsscsudo chmod g+rwx <foo> doesn't do the trick..12:20
dn5thank you usr1312:20
shimato507WOW , this community is amazing12:20
dn5Will I have to do a full reinstallation or I can just upgrade12:20
usr13dn5: If you are set to lts you can just upgrade.12:20
dn5and which kernel is 12.0412:20
saiarcot895ddssc: can you right-click on the file and go to Properties?12:20
zipyshimato507, does it work now?12:20
saiarcot895ddssc: then, go to the permissions tab12:20
dn5yes, currently 10.04 lts12:20
auronandace!info linux-image precise | dn512:21
ddsscsaiarcot895: it reverts back when I click "allow to run as program" checkbox...12:21
ubottudn5: linux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 32 kB12:21
saiarcot895ddssc: are you on an ext4 partition or NTFS partition12:21
shimato507let me try, i'll let you know in a second12:21
ddsscsaiarcot895: aaah yes, that's it is it... damn hw I forgot that... thanks12:22
usr13dn5: cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades   #See if it says  Prompt=lts12:22
usr13If so, you are good to go.12:22
ddsscsaiarcot895: you know of a way I can make ntfs drives behave like linux drives ?12:22
usr13dn5: Just use the updage-manager12:22
dn5yes, as I said it's lts;12:22
dn5# ....12:23
saiarcot895ddssc: I believe you have to specially mount the partition12:23
* saiarcot895 goes to google12:23
ddsscsaiarcot895: isn't it already mounted since I'm accessing it?12:23
saiarcot895ddssc: it is12:23
dn5usr13 could I choose which version to upgrade to12:23
dn5Or it's automatically to latest version12:24
MonkeyDustdn5  but your lts is no longer supported12:24
dn5I know thats why I want to upgrade12:24
saiarcot895ddssc: you will have to unmount it and mount it through Terminal12:24
ddsscsaiarcot895: any docu on that?12:24
usr13dn5: When it is set to lts it will automatically upgrade to 12.0412:24
dn5hmm let me try12:24
dn5I won't loose any stuff as it's only an upgrade and not a reinstallation, right?12:25
=== nahuel_ is now known as ilpollo
usr13dn5: but you should be fully updated first.12:25
zipystop clicking all the time, ur file is in drive c in documents folder... secret service12:25
laurelhas anyone been to tld6.com12:25
DJonessaiarcot895: HOw do you mean "make ntfs drives behave like linux drives"? Do you mean file permissions etc?12:25
=== chris is now known as Guest75575
laureldoes anyone know a free hosting website12:25
dn5usr13 what do you mean?12:25
usr13dn5: Get 10.04 fully updated first, and then do the Distribution Upgrade to 12.0412:25
saiarcot895DJones: yes, primarily in terms of the file execute permission12:25
dn5I will do so.12:26
saiarcot895DJones: ddssc: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12724960/cant-change-allow-executing-file-as-program-in-ntfs#comment17186835_1272508612:26
shimato507It still the same problem even after apply and use the html5 trial12:26
DJonessaiarcot895: NTFS doesn't support execute permissions12:26
usr13dn5: Do all updates first.  From command line you can do  sudo apt-get upgrade12:26
shimato507can i use terminal to reinstal or fix flash?12:26
saiarcot895DJones: ddssc: that comment seems to describe how to launch it with full execute permissions12:26
DJonessaiarcot895: Maybe have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/5069/cant-set-permissions-for-files-on-an-ntfs-partition12:26
dn5usr13 - 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgrade12:27
dn5I think my current 10.04 lts is up to date12:27
zipyshimato507, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree12:27
ikoniaKartagis: not off the top of my head, now12:28
rypervencheubottu: 10.04 | dn512:28
ubottudn5: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu.  Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support continues. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.12:28
dn5rypervenche I know. I'm updating my system right now to 12.0412:28
Kartagisikonia: I got permission denied when I tried to write. anyway, just want to fill you in. it seems cifs-utils has a bug12:29
shimato507it said:  "flashplugin-installer is already the newest version"12:29
auronandacedn5: it would likely be more straightforward to simply fresh install 12.0412:29
dn5shimato507 remove the old version.12:29
dn5Nah ..12:29
shimato507i have try this: sudo apt-get reinstall flashplugin-nonfree<-- is it posible?12:29
dn5sudo apt-get remove flashplugin-nonfree12:30
zipy sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:30
cfhowlettsudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:30
dn5usr13, I'm upgrading my distro to 12.04 lts, do I have to close all apps?12:31
shimato507Note, selecting 'flashplugin-installer' instead of 'flashplugin-nonfree'12:32
shimato5070 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded12:32
ikoniaKartagis: apologies, I don't remember12:33
usr13dn5: Not really, but I wound't do anything that uses a lot of resources.12:33
dn5shimato507 I would advice you to use synaptic incase you are not familiar with command line or you are new to linux.12:33
DJonesdn5: You shouldn't need to close apps, the upgrade should carry on in the background, although things will likely slow down & eventually, something may stop working12:33
zipyu had 2 flash players installed?12:33
dn5Thank you both; usr13 DJones12:33
Captain_ProtonPlease can someone throw there /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf up and pastebin12:34
dn5I hope so that this upgrade will repair my connection problem that I have to setup everytime I run my notebook12:35
Kartagisikonia: no sweat12:35
MonkeyDustCaptain_Proton  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5807652/12:35
shimato507i am really new on linux, i'll try the synaptic option, thank you and apologize12:35
jduIs it possible to create a deb package for Ubuntu 12.04 while on 13.04? Or do I have to do create the package on 12.04. I'm building a QT5 application and I need to port it to 12.04 when I developed it on 13.04, is this possible? Any help appreciated.12:36
dn5shomato507 You will get familiar with it in a mather of minutes.12:36
dn5jdu while I was on Windows I had to use remote machiens and set them up so I can compile on them. Not sure about linux thus I don't think that it matters.12:37
MonkeyDustjdu  in a chroot maybe https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot12:37
Captain_ProtonMonkeyDust: Thanks! is there any more? I resaon I ask is that what I have in my lightdm.conf but when I try to log in it trys to start the desktop but kicks me back out the logon screen12:38
MonkeyDustCaptain_Proton  i had that too, it turned my HDD was 100% full after a failed file recovery12:38
MonkeyDustturned out*12:38
berryciderspiderguys i know im on the ubuntu channel, but what do you think about centos for the server? I love ubuntu for desktop, but heard cent is pretty good for a server. what do you think?12:39
auronandaceberryciderspider: ask in ##linux12:39
krqSorry, a silly question but isnt it possible to add a desktop shortcut in ubuntu 12.04.12:39
dylan__Hello. Appearently my global language is set to German. Whee can I change this? :P12:39
DJonesberryciderspider: Maybe ask in #ubuntu-offtopic or ##linux12:39
dn5usr13 Can you help me out with this. Window poped up "Debconf on localhost", I have to configure libc6..12:40
dn5is the "rsync cups cron atd" right command?12:40
krqSomebody help..12:40
dn5for restarting GNU libc library12:40
MonkeyDustdylan__  system settings, language support12:41
jduActually chroot looks like it might be the best way to go, I am trying to build it inside of a  vagrant of ubuntu 12.04 but the main problem is that there don't seem to be any qt5 packages in launchpad that I can install so I have to build QT5 from scratch on the vagrant box.12:41
dn5krq what environemnet?12:41
dn5can't you right clicl -> Create Launcher12:41
krqno. i cant find it in this version.12:42
dn5krq what is your ubuntu version? 12.04?12:43
dylan__MonkeyDust: the problem is that there is no German in there. It's only English12:43
krqI ran lsb_version -a and it gave12:44
krqNo LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Release:12.04 Codename:precise12:44
dn5krq http://www.vogella.com/articles/Ubuntu/article.html#unity_newentries12:44
dn5krq I had to add desktop launchers over desktop entries on kali linux; also gnome env12:45
krqdn5: Not the launcher. I want shortcuts on desktop.12:46
dn5krq tell me the actual difference. anyway, try running the launcher creator from terminal: gnome-desktop-item-edit Desktop --create-new12:48
MonkeyDustdylan__  maybe you have to install language packs12:49
FanshaweHi again everyone. I was hoping for help with getting an application to run. It's called 'Labyrinth Mind-mapping' and was working yesterday, but now when I try to run it I get an error message in the terminal, something to do with Python but I'm not sure. Can anyone help me?12:49
dn5Fanshawe what error do you get?12:50
FanshaweThe line that seems to kill the application starting reads "xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: unclosed token: line 1, column 4068"12:50
dylan__Fanshawe: full error?12:51
FanshaweThis is the entire output: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=FCpJJycH12:52
dn5I think it's up to try and except in python.. I'm not familiar with it, you should wait others reply12:52
MonkeyDustFanshawe  run the application in terminal and add    |pastebinit       at the end of it, then paste the ur here12:52
=== Mark_ is now known as x6d61726b
vnc786"apt-get command not found" i am searching for APT .deb in packages website but i am not able to get can some one help12:53
cornellGood morning.  Can anyone tell me how to determine which packages I've added, versus those that were part of the initial install?12:54
dn5vnc786, can you clearify?12:54
saiarcot895Fanshawe: just out of curiosity, the last time you ran it, did the program freeze up, or did you forcibly end the process?12:54
Fanshawesaiarcot895: As I remember it, the application closed without problem. It's very confusing.12:55
saiarcot895Fanshawe: from what I can tell, it's reading an XML file, but it's not properly formed12:55
vnc786dn5:  by mistake i have removed APT package  due to that i am not able to install any thing12:55
vnc786so i am looking for deb package so i can install it with dpkg  package name12:56
=== jinie is now known as jinie_
Picivnc786: What exactly are you trying to do?12:57
Picior trying to accomplish?12:57
=== onder`_ is now known as onder`
Fanshawesaiarcot895: Thanks. Does this mean there's a broader problem with Python, or is there something specific to the application?12:57
dn5vnc786 - http://mirror1.atrpms.net/ccrma/software/installapt.html12:57
saiarcot895Fanshawe: specific to the application12:57
MonkeyDustcornell  in the installer on your usb stick, find "casper/filesystem.manifest" and compare it with the packages installed on your system12:58
dn5and why in the world would you do that :D12:58
saiarcot895Fanshawe: if you don't mind, open up your Home folder, press Ctrl+H (to show hidden files), and look for a folder called .labyrinth (or something that seems to be relevant to the program)12:58
vnc786Pici:  on command line i am not getting apt-get which gives me command not found i am on ubuntu 12.04 64 bit and by ubuntu software center is also not available12:59
dn5Fanshawe, saiarcot895 could he just delete config and sotware will recreate one on startup12:59
dn5vnc786 check the link I've posted13:00
saiarcot895dn5: that's what I'm thinking13:00
Picidn5: Why would you provide instruction on how to install apt on redhat?13:00
cornellMonkeyDust: By "usb stick", I presume you mean the source of the installation, such as a usb stick or CD.  Is that correct?13:00
dn5DId I?13:00
dn5Pici, one second please.13:00
saiarcot895dn5: unfortunately, I don't know what folder it stores its config in13:00
vnc786dn5: it gives rpm13:01
dn5vnc786 sorry wrong link13:01
dn5siarcot895, what is the name of the software he have a problem with?13:01
saiarcot895dn5: labyrinth13:01
Picivnc786: Download the proper architecture from http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/apt13:01
saiarcot895dn5: available in the repos13:01
Fanshawesaiarcot895: I'm afraid I can't find any config files for Labyrinth. I've been to usr/lib/python/dist-packages/labyrinth, but I'm not sure if that's what we're looking for13:01
MonkeyDustcornell  yes13:02
saiarcot895Fanshawe: the config file will be within your home directory, not in /usr or /var13:02
cornellCool!  Thanks MonkeyDust13:02
Picivnc786: link @ http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/apt/apt_0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.10_amd64.deb13:02
Fanshawesaiarcot895: home/.gconf/apps/labyrinth ! Think I have it!13:03
=== maxx is now known as Guest69593
saiarcot895Fanshawe: try deleting the labyrinth folder and reopening labyrinth13:04
dn5GOod job Fanshawe13:04
dn5saiarcot895 I know you would advice him that method :>13:04
cornellMonkeyDust: I've found it...  looks like a list of packages, in the form: name <space> version.  If a package has been upgraded, and it's version has changed, its name would still be the same.  So comparing on the name is exactly what I want, correct?13:05
MonkeyDustcornell  wild idea: create a list of installed packages and compare the two lists, look for differences, in your list of installed packes, there should be more than in the manifest files13:07
vnc786Pici:  thanks brother i was searching for last couple of hour how did you got that link ?13:08
Picivnc786: via packages.ubuntu.com13:08
Fanshawesaiarcot895, dn5: I've got rid of the folder, but the terminal returns the same error without recreating the folder/XML file. Something odd's happened. Should I try storing the files in usr/lib/python/xml somewhere else and trying again?13:08
saiarcot895Fanshawe: from the error, it seems it's trying to load the previously created mind maps, which isn't in the .gconf folder13:10
cornellRight, MonkeyDust.  But if an original package, such as "apt" has been upgraded to, say, "apt", it won't match the manifest.  But if I just take the part before the space, "apt", it would match.13:11
FanshaweThank you, I'll root around and see if I can find where it stored old maps.13:11
saiarcot895Fanshawe: dn5: it's storing the mind maps in xdg's BaseDirectory. As to where that is, I have no idea13:12
MonkeyDustcornell  true, but maybe now you have an idea you can be creative with, it's the closest i get to an answer13:14
saiarcot895Fanshawe: try .local/share/labyrinth13:16
cornellYes, MonkeyDust, a great start!  Thanks much.   I'm going to load the manifest into a mysql table, with name, orig version, current version, os, initial (Y).  Then dpkg -l  to a file, and load same, initial (N).  Then I can query my butt off ;-)13:17
cornellThanks again.13:17
saiarcot895Fanshawe: <home folder>/.local/share/labyrinth13:17
Fanshawesaiarcot895: There's a /.local/share/applications, and inside there is a desktop configuration file. There's also a bunch of related looking files in /.local/share/Trash/info.13:21
FanshaweShall I remove and run again?13:21
saiarcot895Fanshawe: Remove /.local/share/labyrinth and run13:22
osirisx11is it possible to have my cpu frequency set on powersave when i uplug my laptop?13:24
markshwe231i am using empathy  why doesnt it show username list13:25
alexxxa_osirisx11, I think it's possible.  please don't ask me how.13:25
whoevermarkshwe231:  for what, email contact , IM13:26
markshwe231irc whoever13:26
markshwe231i cant see any user , i went to a room , no idea if there was anybody in that room13:26
markshwe231not even /names13:26
Fanshawesaiarcot895: Sorry, there is no .local/share/labyrinth folder. I could search my File System for folders called labyrinth and come back with the results13:26
whoevermarkshwe231: empathy is not an irc client , what are you talking about ?13:27
Piciwhoever: it does have an irc component, its not very good.13:27
saiarcot895Fanshawe: do you have a .local folder in your Home folder?13:27
whoeverPici: ah thx13:27
markshwe231whoever: i am on empathy right now .13:27
Fanshawesaiarcot895: Yes, home/.local/13:28
whoevermarkshwe231: i sugesst you try a standalone irc client , ie: chatx, irssi13:28
saiarcot895Fanshawe: go into the share folder; do you see a labyrinth folder?13:28
Picimarkshwe231: empathy itself has poor IRC support. I'm not sure we are going to be able to help you with it.13:29
whoevermarkshwe231: it's a plug in that may or may not work 100% once again I suggest you try a standallone irc client13:29
markshwe231ok Pici, i have one more issue and that's with pidgin. it refuses to launch , though i can see it in left 'strip' what do you call it ? dashboard?13:30
Fanshawesaiarcot895: No labyrinth folders in there.13:30
FanshaweNo folder named labyrinth, rather.13:30
whoeverPici: i don't think empathy has  a channel13:30
Piciwhoever: if they do, its likely on gimpnet.13:31
whoeverPici: oh, and makeing your entire user experience on plugins just seems to be a bad idea13:32
saiarcot895Fanshawe: what about home/.gnome2/labyrinth?13:33
Fanshawesaiarcot895: Yes! Those are .map files, I assume one of those is corrupt. I'll clear those out and run again.13:33
Fanshawesaiarcot895: That did the trick. The program now loads without problem. One of the maps I made must have prevented the program from starting up. Thank you!13:35
saiarcot895Fanshawe: you're welcome13:35
dn5What was the solution?13:35
dn5Deleting config files?13:35
saiarcot895dn5: yes, they were in the .gnome2 folder13:38
saiarcot895dn5: well, in this case, the maps themselves13:38
DeLorean731For troubleshooting network issues on an Ubuntu box that appear to be at the OS level, should I come here or #networking13:39
Vec_Good day everyone!13:39
Vec_I recently set up an ubuntu server for filesharing and printersharing for a small home network. I did this simply by reading guides and asking for help. I'm interested in learning the very basics/essentials of how to deal with a ubuntu/linux system, what sites/guides would you guys reccomend for learning the linux essentials for a total linux-newbie?13:41
alexxxa_Hello and welcome. I would recommend you Ubuntu wiki.13:45
Vec_Ok, i'll check it out :)13:46
alexxxa_beside wiki, there are many great articles and how to s on net13:46
Vec_Yeah, ive made extensive use of them. I simply lack the knowledge of even the most basic terminal commands13:47
alexxxa_anything you'd like to find out, just type in Google,  or ask your question here13:47
Vec_So you know, i feel sort of lost if i want to perform some basic tasks on my own that are outside the how tos13:47
Vec_What i really like so far is the simple way of just apt-getting packages and cding to /etc/packagename for configuring13:48
=== yano is now known as YANO
alexxxa_there are some articles about basic commands too13:48
ezra-sVec_, knowledge comes with practice too, you will be there before you notice..13:48
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro13:48
alexxxa_just type basic commands in Linux Ubuntu13:49
BluesKajVec_, see the post above13:49
Vec_Nice, the "usingtheterminal" link was exactly up my ally13:49
=== Freeaqingme is now known as Guest82972
Vec_Random question: When i logon my ubuntu server through terminal, am i currently in that users /home dir then?13:54
blazemoreVec_: By default yes. You can test this by typing "pwd" which will show you the current directory13:54
Medjaidoes anyone know any good Geoip websites that will give me City and State or City and Province for countries outside the US?13:54
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
ikoniaMedjai: not really an ubuntu issue.13:54
sgtkilljoyVec_, yes13:55
Medjaii GUESS NOT13:55
Medjaijust asking in general13:55
Medjaiis there a gneral chat?13:55
blazemore!offtopic | Medjai13:55
ubottuMedjai: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:55
ikoniaMedjai: this isn't a general chat channel, try #defocus for random chat13:55
alexxxa_is pwd a shortening for present working directory?13:57
alexxxa_cd current directory13:57
ezra-sit shows the current dir yes13:57
blazemorealexxxa_: cd is change directory13:57
ikoniaalexxxa_: change directory13:57
blazemorealexxxa_: by default, cd takes you to ~13:57
ikoniaalexxxa_: maybe a read on tldp would help13:57
alexxxa_cd without path leads by default nowhere13:58
BluesKajMedjai, try infosniper.com13:58
chaospsychexhow would one create a dialup connection in Ubuntu ?13:58
Vec_blazemore: Where is ~?13:59
blazemoreVec_: /home/<username>13:59
Vec_hm ok13:59
ezra-schaospsychex, mostly using networkmanager13:59
blazemoreVec_: It's just a shortcut. So you can use "~/Music" instead of /home/vec/Music14:00
ezra-schaospsychex, although to be honest I have never tried, it could be that network manager can't do it14:00
reisioZortrag: suppah14:03
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=== NYUSZIKA7H is now known as nyuszika7h
ActionParsnipblazemore: /home/$USER   is more accurate :)14:09
BananaBobHey, before lightdm starts, what is the component that is showing the 4 blinking dots on purple background (12.04 as reference)14:09
ActionParsnipBananaBob: plymouth14:09
blazemoreAlright ActionParsnip I haven't drunk enough tea today14:09
llutzActionParsnip: $HOME is more accurate (think of root...)14:09
ActionParsnipblazemore: me neither, never have too much tea14:09
BananaBoboh ok thnx!14:09
ActionParsnipllutz: touche14:09
reisiotoo much coffee is better14:09
blazemoreActionParsnip: You want to borrow a napkin to wipe that egg off your face?14:10
ActionParsnipblazemore: face-omette14:10
huntHi everyone, I have a failing SD Card, that I'm trying to rescue the data from, I'm running ddrescue right now, but I expect, that I will have to repair the partition table somehow later on (using testdisk?). I need some help with this. Is there a channel for data recovery, or can someone help me out in here?14:11
ActionParsniphunt: try foremost on the raw device14:11
dn5_Now I'll have to learn this new interface14:12
blazemore"sudo: dpkg: command not found" - am I going crazy?14:13
ikoniablazemore: why are you trying to use dpkg directly14:13
blazemorebecause I'm trying to install a deb...14:13
blazemoreI know what I'm doing14:13
ikoniablazemore: clearly not14:13
blazemoreNo, seriously, this is a brand new fresh install14:13
huntActionParsnip: so, should I run testdisk directly with the sd card? The ddrescue dump is at about 3GB from a total of 4GB, are you saying I should try to recover the partition table on the device and then run ddrescue again?14:13
ikoniablazemore: seriously....shouldn't be using dpkg directly14:14
blazemoreOhhhhh I know why! I wasn't ssh'd into my Ubuntu server, I was on my OpenSuse workstation14:14
blazemoreNobody mention this again pls14:15
nullby7eikonia is a idiot14:15
blazemoreThat's a bit harsh; most people shouldn't use dpkg directly14:15
blazemoreUnless there's a specific reason like you need to --force-architecture14:16
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arvindeep_blazemore: lol it happens a lot to me too... can you set up ssh to change the terminal background or something?14:16
fosstererchristina: ?14:16
Kitty_hello I am Christina and I have a problem while installing git. Can someone help14:17
blazemoreKitty_: What error message, if any, are you getting?14:17
fosstererKitty_: your version?14:17
Kitty_Reading package lists... Done14:18
Kitty_Building dependency tree14:18
Kitty_Reading state information... Done14:18
Kitty_Package git is not available, but is referred to by another package.14:18
Kitty_This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or14:18
Kitty_is only available from another source14:18
FloodBot1Kitty_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:18
blazemoreKitty_: Did you run "sudo apt-get update" first?14:18
Kitty_no i did sudo apt-get install git14:18
blazemoreKitty_: Try running "sudo apt-get update" first to refresh the list of available packages14:19
blazemoreKitty_: If there are any problems with the repositories, that command will also hilight those issues14:19
Kitty_blazemore, do i have to install updates ?14:21
blazemoreKitty_: No14:21
blazemoreKitty_: Try running "sudo apt-get install git" again now you have done apt-get update14:21
Kitty_blazemore, ok14:22
axizinstalled 12.04. wireless netowrk not showing anything14:22
Kitty_blazemore, it gives the same error14:22
blazemoreaxiz: What wireless device do you have?14:22
blazemoreKitty_: Can you open the file "/etc/apt/sources.list" and paste it into http://paste.ubuntu.com then share the link here?14:23
axizhow to get that im new14:23
Kitty_blazemore, any link from where i can download image of ubuntu14:23
blazemoreKitty_: http://ubuntu.com14:23
ikoniaKitty_: if you get a moment can you please type "uname -a" and how the channel the output please14:23
blazemoreKitty_: do what ikonia said first14:24
Kitty_ikonia,Linux ubuntu 2.6.32-24-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 28 06:07:29 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux14:25
ikoniaok, looks good14:25
ikoniarepos are gone14:25
ikoniaprobably why it's failing14:25
Kitty_Well i am very sorry if i am irritating I am new to linux14:26
blazemoreThat's an old and unsupported version of Ubuntu, Kitty_ - Ubuntu doesn't provide packages for it any more (including git)14:26
ActionParsnipKitty_: you can upgrade directly to Precise14:26
ikoniaKitty_: not irritating, no-one said that14:26
ActionParsnipKitty_: as it is LTS to LTS14:26
summithello, im trying to setup the VPN settings with ubuntu, which would be ideal for gaming? i play on a private server and would rather not use my real IP incase of shady GM's etc..14:26
blazemoreKitty_: You should download the latest version of Ubuntu here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop14:26
ikoniasummit: ideal for gaming ???14:27
blazemoresummit: What VPN provider are you using?14:27
zephyrIs there any way to "trick" linux into believing my 3rd-party XBOX 360 controller is a genuine Microsoft one?  I can't seem to get it to work at all.14:27
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summitwould PPTP be the option i would want to use?14:27
summitblazemore: none atm, just settin up.14:27
ikoniasummit: depends on many things14:27
Kitty_blazemore, I need a image for the vmware. Will that link still work14:27
blazemoresummit: You need to start by choosing a provider14:27
ikoniasummit: I think you are just going to cause problems though14:27
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
blazemoreKitty_: You can install an iso in VMware just like on a real machine14:27
blazemoresummit: Firstly you choose a provider, then follow their instructions to set it up14:28
Kitty_blazemore, Thank you :)14:28
summitblazemore: thanks mate14:28
blazemoresummit: What you're asking is the equivelant of taking a car into the garage to get an oil change, but you don't actually have a car :)14:28
summitblazemore: hehe! i understand, my friends recommended using it while we played on the private server, apparently alot of losers out there that have gotten them into skype and DDoS'd them and such, i just wanna play a game without issues, but i also don't add random people.14:29
ikoniasummit: a vpn is not the way to do that14:29
dn5anyone can help me resolve this issue?14:30
blazemoredn5: What issue?14:30
PashaPastadn5: what issue14:30
roastedHello friends. I'm having some difficulty manually partitioning my install without it going into a boot loop once install is complete. UEFI is disabled in the BIOS. Here is my partitioning menu - http://i.imgur.com/h7XG7I1.png - which according to Ubuntu Grub GPT documentation, is correct. Even still, it goes into a boot loop upon completion. Did I miss something?14:33
blazemoreroasted: I believe you need a /boot partition although I may be mistaken14:34
roastedblazemore: I set the EXT4 / partition to have the boot flag on last night's install, but it too failed.14:34
ddsscgot a dir that I can't see with dir or ls. I do see it in nautilus tho. what's the deal with that?14:34
roastedblazemore: also, that partitioning was pre-install. I think Ubuntu auto adds the boot flag.14:34
llutzroasted: are you sure the 1MB bios_grub partition is big enough?14:35
ikoniaa /boot partition would help a lot14:35
blazemoreroasted: Try using a /boot partition of around 1GiB formatted to ext214:35
budmangAnyone here use ipmitool at all?14:35
blazemoreinb4 1GiB is overkill; he has a terrabyte drive he can afford14:35
ActionParsniproasted: is that elementary OS?14:35
roastedllutz: it's what the Ubuntu documentation said.14:35
roastedActionParsnip: Ubuntu GNOME 13.0414:35
saiarcot895ddssc: out of curiosity, what's the dir?14:35
ActionParsniproasted: looks weird14:36
llutzthere is no need for a sep /boot for grub-gpt14:36
roastedActionParsnip: if by weird, you mean awesome, yes. :P14:36
ActionParsniproasted: all silvery and that..in an official flavour....14:36
ddsscsaiarcot895: .idea, it's jetbrains project dir..14:36
roastedllutz: from the Ubuntu GPT Grub2 documentation -If the BIOS is setup to boot the disk in Legacy/mbr mode, installing GRUB2 on a GPT (GUID Partition Table) disk requires a dedicated BIOS boot partition with a recommended size of at least 1 MiB. This partition can be created via GParted or other partitioning tools, or via the command line. It must be identified with a bios_grub flag. The necessary GPT modules are automatically included during14:36
roastedinstallation when GRUB 2 detects a GPT scheme.14:36
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu is it ?14:36
ikoniaas different versions of ubuntu handle it different14:36
ikoniaroasted: which version is it ?14:37
chunkyheadguys i've noticed the backspace key doesn't work anymore in nautilus! a little help here pls?14:37
ne0ham trying to copy some files of about 1gb into my flash and it is saying 8hours on ubuntu 12.0414:37
ActionParsnipchunkyhead: does it work in gedit?14:37
ikoniaroasted: ok, so that should be able to deal with a current gpt layout14:37
llutzroasted: ok, using grub-gpt with a similar partitioning scheme here, just the bios_grub has 250MB (was an EFI-part before)14:37
saiarcot895ddssc: oh, ls requires -a14:37
fosstererchunkyhead: Alt + Let Arrow14:37
roastedllutz: are you using legacy bios with a GPT table?14:38
llutzroasted: atm yes14:38
roastedllutz: 13.04? no issues manually installing?14:38
llutzroasted: nope, debian sid14:38
chunkyheadActionParsnip, lol it does. 13.04 nautilus has removed the feature. thanks fossterer !14:38
roastedllutz: is there any way I could trouble you for a screenshot of gparted?14:38
ddsscddssc: so .dirs are hidden i presume14:38
fosstererchunkyhead: np14:38
ActionParsnipddssc: yes14:38
roastedllutz: I've done at least 20 installs convinced I'm making a mistake, but I can't figure it out.14:38
ActionParsnipddssc: hence:  ~/.mozilla    holding the config for mozilla products, is a folder14:39
llutzroasted: https://gist.github.com/llutz/588518514:39
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roastedllutz: yeah I have no idea why mine isn't working.14:41
ikoniaroasted: does grub actually come up ?14:41
roastedikonia: no14:41
roastedikonia: it's very strange. The system fires up, I see the lenovo screen, and it shuts off...14:42
ikoniaroasted: ok so your problem is before ubuntu14:42
roastedikonia: then it fires up again, tries to boot, nothing, tries to network boot, nothing, and says no operating system found.14:42
ikoniaroasted: it's baically where your bios is looking to boot doesn't exist/work14:42
llutzroasted: sudo grub-install /dev/sda && sudo update-grub14:42
roastedllutz: been there. I also tried that boot-repair utility.14:42
roastedikonia: if I install to MBR, it works. I'm just not sure why GPT isn't14:42
ikoniaroasted: ok, that explains a lot14:43
roastedikonia: oh?14:43
ikoniaroasted: where are you putting the boot record when it fails ?14:43
roastedikonia: I was putting boot onto /, which was the 3rd partition in http://i.imgur.com/h7XG7I1.png14:43
ddsscit baffles me how linux manages to make basic stuff like listing files and removing non-empty complicated...14:43
ikoniaroasted: no the boot record14:43
ikoniaroasted: if you put the boot record on the mbr...it works, where do you put it when it doens't work14:44
roastedikonia: I'm not sure I follow...14:44
ikoniaroasted: you said "when I put grub on the mbr it works"14:44
roastedikonia: grub is on /... and bios_boot is flagged on the first partition14:44
ikoniaroasted: where are you putting it when it doesn't work14:44
ikoniaroasted: no - grub is not on /14:44
roastedikonia: I meant when I partition table the entire SSD to MBR, and install in the exact same fashion, it works fine.14:44
ikoniaroasted: or shouldn't be on / otherwise how do you expect it to boot ?14:44
saiarcot895ddssc: really? rm -r to remove folders, ls to show files, ls -a to show all files (including hidden)14:44
ikoniaroasted: ok, so what is your current boot sector ?14:45
roastedikonia: I'm... not sure? Is this something I would see on gparted?14:45
roastedikonia: then I'm afraid I'm not entirely on the same page :(14:45
ikoniaroasted: no matter what partition table format you are using, there must be a boot sector on the disk14:45
lmatI have a computer that's unable to access the outside world (sort of). Is there any ubuntu configuration I should look at ? The return from ping google.com is14:45
lmatPING google.com ( ... [then hang]14:46
ikoniaroasted: so normally its the windows boot loader, or grub, and it's on the first few sectors of the disk to boot14:46
ikoniaroasted: so, you must have "something" there for it to boot14:46
lmatSo, it gets an IP address, but can't get any data going.14:46
ikoniaroasted: ot it's just going to find nothing and go in a loop14:46
roastedikonia: any time I manually partition, I just set swap, root, home, and install. The only thing I'm doing different this time is the 1 MiB partition flagged for bios_grub as per Ubuntu documentation.14:46
ikoniaroasted: ok, so you still need a boot sector14:47
leroides@search bill hicks14:47
ikonialeroides: stop14:47
PashaPastalmat: do you have any iptables rules running?14:47
ikoniaroasted: eg: when you install grub, it puts all the files into /boot - however the boot sector is put on the start of the disk14:47
roastedikonia: don't hit me... but would that be just setting up a dedicated boot partition?14:47
ikoniaroasted: no, as there is nothing where to boot14:47
ikoniaroasted: you need to have something "before" the partition to actually start the boot process14:47
lmatPashaPasta: iptables -L doesn't list anything14:47
PashaPastawhat's the default rule on iptables?14:48
roastedikonia: I see.14:48
lmatI mean... it says    chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)\ntarget   prot opt source   destination14:48
roastedikonia: I'm understanding and following you, I'm just not drawing up an idea as ot what exact I do to fix this.14:48
ddsscsaiarcot895: nothing is complicated when you know it. linux just has too much stuff I cba to learn properly.. and sometimes listing 20 pages of docu with --help will just make me pres ctrl+c. spoiled by gui I guess..14:48
ikoniaroasted: as I'm reading, it sounds like you've created a bios partition, but there is on boot sector on there14:48
lmatPashaPasta: And it says the some for FORWARD and OUTPUT14:48
lmatPashaPasta: let me see..14:48
ikoniaroasted: so when you boot - it scans the disk, doesn't find a boot sector, so can't boot, loop/repeat14:48
roastedikonia: I was under the impression that the bios_grub flagged partition was all I needed beyond a regular swap/root/home.14:48
roastedikonia: which has lead to my confusion now.14:49
ikoniaroasted: it's not about flagging a partition14:49
ikoniaroasted: it's the boot sector of the disk - forget "partition"14:49
lmatPashaPasta: How do I check the default rule ?14:49
ikoniaroasted: you still need something at the start of the disk to boot14:49
auronandaceroasted: when you install the bootloader (grub) you need to install it to the disk (eg: sda) not a partition (eg sda1)14:49
roastedauronandace: I... thought I did.14:50
auronandaceroasted: that is the default setting usually14:50
roastedikonia: what "something" do I need? I never did anything else different on other systems that worked, so I'm feeling a little blind right now with what to do.14:50
PashaPastasudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT and so forth14:51
ikoniaroasted: when you installed, where did you tell it to install the grub14:51
roastedikonia: I thought /dev/sda wsa selected by default. I didn't change it.14:51
ikoniaroasted: worth checking14:51
roastedikonia: can I check this from a Live session, or must I reinstall and make sure when I get to that setting its correct?14:52
ikoniaroasted: just re-install grub14:52
roastedI think I would have noticed if it was on a partition, though. I've repaired grub many times and the guide I have bookmarked says in bold letters do not install to /dev/sdX1, just to /dev/sdX...14:52
auronandaceroasted: is this a uefi system?14:52
roastedikonia: I did that last night and it failed. :( I'll boot to another live instance and give it a shot.14:52
dhciis there an ls command that can highlight (colorized) the size of files? so that every 3 digits would be a slightly different color shade.14:53
savagecrochey, anyone know anything about the chinese gov's version of ubuntu?14:53
roastedauronandace: I hav eBIOS set to legacy14:54
auronandace!uefi | roasted14:54
ubotturoasted: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:54
roastedyes, I'm aware, and it's disabled. :)14:54
lmatPashaPasta: it says "Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)" Does that answer your question?14:54
MonkeyDustsavagecroc  it's called Kylin or so14:54
savagecrocMonkeyDust: yeah, is there any specifics though?14:55
savagecroci.e. are they rolling out as part of government systems.. any additional stuff like encryption etc14:55
PashaPastalmat: tried a packet capture on the interface to see if anything is passing traffic?14:55
MonkeyDustsavagecroc  start here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuKylin14:55
lmatPashaPasta: nope. Any recommended tools ? (no gui, please)14:55
lmatPashaPasta: Thanks, brb.14:56
PashaPastarun tcpdump -i <interface> -o <output file>14:56
roastedikonia: I just reinstalled grub via this guide - http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/how-to-recover-grub2-linux.html - with /dev/sda3 for step B, and /dev/sda for step C.  My partitions are laid out like this - http://i.imgur.com/h7XG7I1.png - still boot loop....14:57
ikoniamore webupd8....14:57
ikoniawhy do people not follow OFFICIAL ubuntu documentation14:57
roastedruh roh :(14:57
roastedis that guide incorrect?14:57
ikonianot read it, but I just don't see why people keep pulling these 3rd party guides14:58
lmatPashaPasta: I don't see a -o option...14:58
kellyhello guys , I'm using right now Ubuntu 13.04 64bit , it's great but i notice there is a slow in performance not like ubuntu 12.04 , how can i make it fast !? my pc spec : i3-2100 + intel 3000 hd + 10 gb ram + 256gb ssd14:58
PashaPastathen just pipe it into a file to easier reading14:58
ikoniaroasted: this will sound stupid but can you pastebin "sudo fdisk -l" please, I'm expecting an error about the partition table format14:59
whoeverlmat: or just pipe it to less14:59
roastedikonia: yes, because it's GPT.14:59
llutz fdisk doesn't handle gpt14:59
ikoniathat's what I hoped, just checking15:00
dhcithere really should be a common script to pipe command output to a pastebin entry15:00
ikoniadhci: there is, it's called pastbinit15:00
llutz!pastebinit | dhci15:00
ubottudhci: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:00
ikoniaroasted: so again, it doesn't sound like it's hitting your boot sector on the disk15:00
roastedI found 2 things worth checking into on Ubuntu's documentation. The only way it differs is webupd8 says --root-directory but ubuntu's says --boot-directory. Wonder if that's all it is.15:01
MonkeyDustkelly  a few tricks I picked up in this same channel http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808048/15:01
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lmatPashaPasta: okay, that didn't go so well :) (I didn't pipe to file, so it took control of the console per force)15:01
PashaPastalots of traffic then?15:02
reisiokelly: change wm15:02
kellythank you I'll try it , is intel 3000 hd for unity15:02
lmatso, a couple seconds reveals 6612 packets captured...15:02
lmatPashaPasta: yes!15:02
lmatPashaPasta: And we're on a very small network !15:02
kellyis it good15:02
PashaPastalmat: can you traceroute out?15:03
roastedikonia: I think I goofed with that documentation from webupd8, as you predicted.15:03
lmatPashaPasta: just a sec15:03
roastedikonia: --root-directory is for grub 1.98 and earlier....15:03
roasteda la webupd8's guide15:03
nobitanobiHi guys. Installed Vagrant via Software Center on my Ubuntu 12.10, and when trying to do "vagrant up", I get the following error: https://gist.github.com/novito/588534715:04
roastedikonia: unfortunately, it still failed via ubuntu's official documentation. :/15:04
lmatPashaPasta: traceroute6 google.com returns15:04
kellyreisio: i love unity :) , is nvidia 440 GT good Friend of mine give it to me15:04
lmatPashaPasta: connect: Network is unreachable15:04
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PashaPastaok, try traceroute
ikoniaroasted: the question is where/what it's trying to boot15:05
reisiokelly: well compiz is the prime suspect if it seems sluggish15:05
reisiokelly: and/or your graphics driver/hardware15:05
lmatPashaPasta: traceroute6 returns traceroute: unknown host
PashaPastanix the ipv6 and use ipv4 traceroute15:05
lmatPashaPasta: Odd, I don't have it?15:06
roastedikonia: I'm just at a loss for what exactly I need to do to fix this. What's more troubling to me is even if I do fix it, how do I lay out my disk/partitions/flags/whatever on a 100% fresh install to install it properly and successfully the next time.15:06
lmatPashaPasta: trace{tab}{tab}  gives tracepath tracepath6 traceroute6 traceroute6.iputils15:06
ikoniaroasted: you've got other gpt machines working ok ?15:06
BluesKajlmat,, just run traceroute without the 615:07
=== xHkcNZs1 is now known as kabelo
lmatBluesKaj: "The program 'traceroute' can be found in the following packages:...Ask your administrator to install one of them"15:07
ddsschow do I list users in a group?15:07
roastedikonia: yes, many15:07
lmatddssc: cat /etc/group | grep groupname15:07
roastedikonia: not on this *exact* model though, but many others without issue.15:07
lmatddssc: doh! useless use of cat...   grep groupname /etc/group15:08
rypervenchelmat: cap grep :/15:08
llutzddssc: getent group <groupname>15:08
ikoniaroasted: same sort of machines though....15:08
kellyreisio: is there an easy way to share printer and files between ubuntu and windows ?15:08
ddssclmat: thanks15:08
lmatrypervenche: What does cap grep mean?15:08
irreverantisn't that get report15:08
reisiokelly: frequently, yes15:08
roastedikonia: the only other thing ist he BIOS is dated 2011. I tried to update it last night, but it wouldn't boot to my external CD ROM drive. It does not have an optical drive built in.15:09
roastedikonia: the BIOS update comes in ISO or EXE, hence my comment about CD ROM'ing it.15:09
kellyreisio: Could you tell me plz How can i share ?15:09
ikoniaroasted: I know the lenovo's quite well15:09
irreverantlmat: global regular expression print15:09
rypervenchelmat: typo, I meant that you cat-grepped, but you realized just afterward. ):15:09
reisiokelly: you want to share a printer between two separate boxes, one GNU/Linux, one Windows, over the network?15:09
whoeverkelly what are you tring to share15:10
roastedikonia: Lenovo has been quite problematic with us unfortunately. Part of me was getting to the point of ditching this but I really don't see how this particular scenario isn't solvable. I'm feeling that it's user error all the way, unlike some of our other woes where we couldn't swap wireless cards due to everything but the chip it came with being blacklisted, etc.15:10
BluesKajlmat, iputils-tracepath ?15:10
kellythe printer connected to the windows and i want to access to the printer from ubuntu15:10
lmatirreverant: thanks, but I was aware :)15:10
kellyi want to share files also between both of the computers15:11
ikoniaroasted: I couldn't have a more positive view with lenovo, but I'm sure the model matter, I'm just reading the ubuntu efi doc now15:11
ikoniaroasted: stupid question, this is ubuntu 64bit ?15:11
roastedikonia: yes15:11
lmatBluesKaj: PashaPasta: tracepath google.com returns   1: [my ip address]\n1: no reply\n2: no reply  etc15:11
roastedikonia: all I've used for years.15:11
ikoniajust checking15:11
roastedikonia: the BIOS installed is dated 2011. There was a BIOS update on the Lenovo site as recent as March 2013.15:12
lmatrypervenche: I was going to just give him    cat /etc/group   and tell him to filter the results, then I decided it was so easy, I would add the grep ^_^15:12
lmatPashaPasta: So it looks like the 120 device is going a bit bonkers?15:13
whoeverkelly go to #samba15:13
ikoniaroasted: could you just check yourself against this doc https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:13
lmatPashaPasta: Or... it's a backup server, perhaps it's doing a backup now.15:13
roastedikonia: in particular were you curious about the boot repair utility? So far everything else on there sounds familiar.15:15
ikoniaroasted: just in general, I've used that doc before, so just wanted you to walk through it against what you've done and see if anything stands out15:15
ikoniaroasted: the efi partition of 100mb not 1mb seems worth a look15:16
ikoniabut just a general "yes, matches up" check15:16
roastedikonia: but is the EFI partition @ 100 MB relevant for Legacy mode, or UEFI mode?15:16
roastedikonia: I've used a 100 MB EFI partition when I tried installing via UEFI mode with 0 success.15:16
ikoniaroasted: sorry if I've missed a bit, are you putting in efi or legacy mode15:16
llutzroasted: for UEFI only, because it has to hold the efi-files.15:16
roastedikonia: but I don't think I've used 100 MB EFI partition with Legacy...15:16
roastedikonia: I'm trying legacy with GPT table, but I'll use whatever if itw orks - however I'd prefer to not use MBR.15:17
ikoniaroasted: sorry I missed the part in legacy mode15:17
ikoniaroasted: ok, can you check against this one please https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallUbuntu11.10OnLenovoEFI/GPT/WLAN/Power/BIOS15:17
roastedikonia: recent trials have been done with lgacy because I figured it'd be the easier mountain to overcome.15:17
ikoniaroasted: (ignore the lan stuff)15:18
roastedikonia: that introduction to the most recent link sure catches my eye.15:18
roasted"Lenovo's EFI implimentation seems not to be perfect on some newer Lenovo notebooks."15:18
roastedcolor me surprised.15:18
whoeverkelly: to share go to samba channel15:18
ikoniaroasted: just given you the wrong doc, sorry15:18
ikoniahang on15:18
roastedoh, it's not relevant?15:18
ikoniaroasted: well, it's not "bad"15:18
ikoniaroasted: but it's not the detailed guide I thought I had book marked15:19
roastedI thought "Lenovo's EFI implimentation seems not to be perfect on some newer Lenovo notebooks." sounded like a good culprit. :P15:19
kellythank you15:19
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reisiowell, if they're using EFI at all, they don't have free Unix OSes in mind15:19
reisiowhich is no surprise, really15:19
reisiobut we digress15:19
reisioyou have a problem and not a solution15:19
roastedreisio: Lenovo and Linux has turned out to be quite a bummer when dealing with them on the enterprise level.15:19
roasted"Yes, we have Linux devs internally" *sale is made for 2,000 units* then we find out they lied and we're stuck doing our own tailoring. /facepalm15:20
big_birdhello everyone15:20
=== BadLarry is now known as BADLARRY
reisiono worries, computer hardware is getting so small, that now laptops are becoming as empty as desktops became15:20
roastedbut that's a conversation for OT or a PM... :P15:20
reisioso assembling your own laptop is more and more realistic15:20
big_birdlook here : http://wps-community.org/15:20
reisiobig_bird: hiyo15:20
reisiobig_bird: why? :)15:20
ikoniaroasted: check some of the notes on here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing15:20
shinao1Hi guys! I have a bit of a problem.. I need to junk my older HP 12.1" dv4 pavilion notebook for something newer (and less prone to cook my skin). I use Ubuntu and Fedora interchangeably.. which mid-size ( um, NOT TOO EXPENSIVE )laptop/ultrabook would be good for Linux these days? ANy recs?15:20
ikoniashinao1: check friendly.ubuntu.com15:21
roastedreisio: I'd welcome that so much. With Android sticks and R-Pi's packing what power they do in a small form factor, it'd be fantastic to have a universal slot loader for different pre-bundled form fitted chips which packs the CPU, GPU, memory, etc.15:21
shinao1Thanks ikonia15:21
roastedikonia: that wa sthe guide I used to reinstall grub2 after the webupd8 conversation a little bit ago15:21
big_birdthis is WPS 's Internationl wiki page15:21
big_birdand you can get the lastest WPS here http://wps-community.org/15:21
ikoniaroasted: it all points to not hitting a valid boot sector....why is a different issue.15:22
reisioroasted: it's coming; soldered-together ultrabooks are not long for this world15:22
reisioand if you don't need an ultrabook you can do it now15:22
roastedreisio: mind if I PM you? (hate to build on this conversation here)15:23
big_birdAbout Kingsoft Office: Kingsoft Office ( also known as WPS Office ) is a vibrant office suite. We have more than 200 developers and always devote ourselves to creating comfortable, efficient and smart office experience.15:23
jcadduonoso i took my hdd out of my computer, threw it into a usb enclosure, and prayed for ubuntu to boot. it...doesn't work. it hangs somewhere and initramfs pops up saying uuid not found, any ideas?15:24
auronandacebig_bird: stop advertising here15:24
lmatPashaPasta: I just noticed that I can't ping google.com using my laptop, either!15:24
lmatPashaPasta: (I'm doing my work on my laptop, and connecting to the servec I'm working on over SSH)15:24
DJonesbig_bird: Please don't advertise, its seen as spam15:24
lmatThis is almost assuredly a router issue.15:24
aringanhi guys , I configured my ubuntu 12.04. but when I reboot it all the iptables settings and network configurations are gone !15:25
aringanhow can make them persistent15:26
ikonia!ufw | artista_frustrad15:26
ubottuartista_frustrad: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist.15:26
ikonia!ufw | aringan15:26
ubottuaringan: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist.15:26
reisioroasted: why would I15:27
big_birdokay ~ :) . my International Community just come out .And I just want share it to everyone, if anyone need a office suit which are better than libreoffice on linux.15:27
llutzbig_bird: Stop Spamming15:27
reisiobig_bird: does it use Java™ at all?15:27
big_birdAll C++15:27
reisiobig_bird: is it free / open source?15:27
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:27
big_birdit's free but no opensoucre15:27
reisiothen how could it possibly be better15:28
PashaPastalmat: sounds like a router issue on your end and its likely dropping incoming ICMP as well15:28
lmatPashaPasta: That must be it. Thanks for your help!15:28
aringanubottu ; thank you for recomending ufw. I think iptabels-save. will work for me. and then other problem is I also lost my network configuration !!! what about them ?!15:31
ubottuaringan: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:31
aringanikonia ;I think iptabels-save. will work for me. and then other problem is I also lost my network configuration !!! what about them ?!15:33
ikoniaaringan: that shouldn't go15:33
aringanbut why was it gone ?15:34
ikoniawhere do you think it's going from ?15:35
ikoniawhere did you set it ?15:35
aringanI set them by ifconfig command15:36
aringanafter I reboot the OS they were gone !15:36
llutzaringan: ifconfig settings aren't permanent. use networkmanager or /etc/network/interfaces to configure your network15:37
GalidariHi everyone. I have a question about autogen if anyone has a moment. I need to do a build and apparently autogen is missing from the bash. Anybody else run into theis problem15:42
jcadduonois there any way i can boot ubuntu from usb hdd enclosure...hanging on boot and then initramfs uuid not found15:42
irreverantanyone in here use bsh? or csh?15:42
GalidariHi everyone. I have a question about autogen if anyone has a moment. I need to do a build and apparently autogen is missing from the bash. Anybody else run into theis problem15:43
Shreddedhello everyone, can anybody help me tweak gnome please ?15:43
bazhang!repeat | Galidari15:44
ubottuGalidari: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/15:44
bazhangShredded, get gnome-tweak-tool15:44
Shreddeddoes it tweak gnome's main menu ?15:44
GalidariGotcha. Thanks ubottu.15:44
Shreddedi need the system tab removed15:44
Shreddedthis one15:45
bazhangShredded, tweak is a very broad term, give the exact changes you want15:45
BlueChaoshello , romanian assistence where I can find?15:45
ubottuDaca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro15:45
Shreddedthe extension to system15:45
bazhang!ro | BlueChaos15:45
ubottuBlueChaos: please see above15:45
BlueChaosthank you15:45
bazhangShredded, try it and see15:45
Shreddedbazhang did you see my picture ?15:46
bazhang!info autogen | Galidari15:46
ubottuGalidari: autogen (source: autogen): automated text file generator. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.17.1-1ubuntu2 (raring), package size 1153 kB, installed size 2924 kB15:46
jcadduonourg, what's the name of ubuntu software center package...an apt-get dist-upgrade somehow removed it last night (oh the joys of playing with saucy)15:48
GalidariI'm doing this for quality assurance in LibreOffice development community. Won't I need autogen to download the source and for the initial build?15:48
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
bazhangjcadduono, saucy help in #ubuntu+115:49
jcadduonoall i wanted was a package name ;_;15:49
PiciGalidari: Maybe I've misunderstood your comment, but are you aware that Ubuntu distributes binary packages?15:50
ActionParsnipjcadduono: if you need to be told something basic like that, you probably shouldnt be using saucy in any way15:50
roastedikonia: I updated the BIOS, repaired grub via live session, repaired grub via boot repair utility... all failed. Only thing left is to do a fresh install, which is that fails, I will likely trash this Lenovo.15:50
bazhanghe's gone ActionParsnip15:50
GalidariPici: Yes but isn't autogen still required for the initial build?15:51
PiciGalidari: What initial build?15:51
GalidariPici: I'm downloading the source for LibreOffice and I need to build the package after that.15:51
ActionParsnipGalidari: is there not a PPA?15:52
killeranyone trieed ubuntu on lenovo ideapad s110?15:52
PiciGalidari: And why is that stopping you from installing the autogen package?15:52
jose__Hi, what is the easy way to get Ubuntu ARM image running in QEMU?15:52
killerI can't play even basic videos  smoothly , it was smooth in windows15:52
GalidariActionParsnip: Great name! I'm sure there is but I'm just starting out in programming and well...you know.15:52
ActionParsnipGalidari: big thing to start with :)15:53
ActionParsnipGalidari: https://launchpad.net/~libreoffice/+archive/libreoffice-prereleases15:53
=== BADLARRY is now known as BadLarry_
GalidariPici: Well in the LibreOffice online documentation it's the first step in downloading the source. Plus one of the guys in the forum last night told me about it.15:53
ActionParsnipGalidari: libreoffice 4.1.0 PPA15:53
PiciGalidari: Is sudo apt-get install autogen  not working?15:53
GalidariActionParsnip: Thank you!15:53
GalidariI'll try that, Pici!15:54
=== Corey is now known as COREY
Pici!software | Galidari15:54
ubottuGalidari: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents15:54
GalidariPici: Whoo-hoo!15:54
PiciBlueChaos: yes?15:55
Galidariubottu: Thank you again!15:55
ubottuGalidari: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:55
BlueChaosgive me a url from where to install my nvidia agp (ubuntu 12.04)15:55
GalidariHence the name ubottu. Ha!!!15:55
BlueChaos gf nvidia 9600 (1gb)15:56
PiciBlueChaos: Have you seen https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia ?15:56
BlueChaosthank you15:56
GalidariGoing to try this now that I have the file.15:56
killerI can't play even basic videos  smoothly , it was smooth in windows15:56
GalidariBest community on earth, by the way.15:56
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current15:56
killeron my netbook15:57
=== COREY is now known as Corey
BlueChaosI'm using wine i'm wanna play games (exe on him ) but don`t work for that reason I'm must to install that agp15:58
BlueChaosit's a good one ?15:58
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: yes, that wil install the nvidia driver for you15:58
GalidariD'oh! I downloaded it and it still says it no longer exists. Then it says it's no longer required. I may have been talking to somebody last night who's using an older version of Ubuntu? I dunno.15:59
BlueChaosok thank you ActionParsnip15:59
BlueChaosi'm will try him15:59
BlueChaosActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808207/16:02
killerI did lspci | grep VGA and got16:02
killer00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)16:02
killerwhat driver should i instll so , ubuntu recognize my video card16:03
zquaddoes xxd come with vim?16:03
withnaleHow do I disable the annoying behavior in ubuntu where the first time I use a key it opens a window and asks me for the key passphrase, even though I have already added it via ssh-add on the command line?16:03
zquador how do I install Xxd with vim?16:04
Picizquad: it comes with vim.16:04
BlueChaosare u there?16:04
nevynwithnale: huh? that doesn't happen for me...16:06
rypervenchewithnale: You have to not create a password for the keyrnig.16:07
nevynoh... that..16:07
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: mostly16:11
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue16:12
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ActionParsnipBlueChaos: do you use encryptfs?16:13
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=== BadLarry is now known as BADLARRY
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ActionParsniphi DylanCl16:15
=== Daniele is now known as hgcdhj
BlueChaosActionParsnip, I did now couple of hours a partial update16:17
BlueChaosmaybe from that reasons I got that error16:17
=== eSeNek is now known as sn_
BlueChaosnow I'm see I have allot errors on  him ..16:18
=== sn_ is now known as eSeNek
nbubuntuanyone can help me out.I can't find any application on ubuntu to defrag my hard disk16:18
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: partial upgrades arent good16:18
somsip!defrag | nbubuntu16:19
ubottunbubuntu: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.16:19
ActionParsnipnbubuntu: its not needed in journalized partitions16:19
smallmousehelp my you tube videos seem to be playing at 10x speed16:19
smallmouse64 bit edition 13.0416:19
BlueChaosI know but before upgrate it first version was 10.1016:19
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: what is the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnas|swf|spark'16:19
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: please use http://pastie.org or similar to host16:19
nbubuntuActionParsnip  somsip : Sorry I didn't explain well. It's not on ext4 , it's on ntfs other partition16:20
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: did you upgrade direct from 10.10 to the version you have now?16:20
smallmouseActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/809175216:20
BlueChaosa partial update.16:20
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: thats why then, you dont upgrade ubuntu like that16:20
smallmouseBlueChaos: im not going to upgrade again for a few year, every new upgrade has issues for some time, moved from 12.04 working fine to 13xx now lots of issues..16:21
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: http://pastebin.com/qD8UeEiV16:21
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: did you upgrade to 12.10 in between?16:22
ActionParsnipBlueChaos: if you leapfrog releases you WILL get issues.16:22
smallmouseActionParsnip: full reinstall - incuding wiped disk.16:22
nbubuntuActionParsnip  somsip : so ,any application to defrag the partition ?16:22
smallmouseActionParsnip: virtualbox keeps crashing, mozilla, etc etc too many problems16:22
ActionParsnipnbubuntu: I recommend you use a Windows OS to defrag it, NTFS is proprietary to MIcrosoft so their tools will be the ideal way, Auslogics make a great defrag tool16:23
BlueChaossmallmouse I had my reasons to do upgrade ( updating manager don`t fetch ,)16:23
BlueChaosActionParsnip, i'm will do another bootable disk and i'm will reinstall it .16:23
=== NEVYN is now known as nevyn
smallmouseBlueChaos: i though there was more updated drivers, but alas other things are now broken including my mouse, video driver16:23
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: you have multiple flash plugins, you need to make it so you only have one16:23
nbubuntuActionParsnip  somsip : so ,not even 1 tools for ubuntu to check on fragmentation ?16:24
orange_Hey, can anyone help me install graphical drivers? I messed up my OS the last like 10 times I tried..16:25
smallmouseActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/tFi3WLcf16:25
BlueChaossmallmouse ....like I sayd i'm will  reinstall ubuntu with a stable version no more update...is sux16:26
smallmouseBlueChaos: i will try this last solution from action. but if i have more problems back to 12.04 LTS16:27
=== akshay__ is now known as akshay_r
smallmouseBlueChaos: i also heard ultimate is good and bug free based on 12.04 LTS16:27
smallmouseBlueChaos: http://ultimateedition.info/ultimate-edition/ultimate-edition-3-4-lts/16:27
bazhang!ot | smallmouse16:27
ubottusmallmouse: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:27
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)16:27
bazhangsmallmouse, dont advertise that here16:28
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: --purge not -purge16:28
smallmousebazhang: sorry i thought it was all the same base16:28
ActionParsnipsmallmouse: my mistake, sorry16:28
nbubuntuActionParsnip  somsip : Is it really so ?  ,not even 1 tools for ubuntu to check on fragmentation ?16:28
smallmousebazhang: are you saying this is not a proper version ?16:28
BlueChaossmallmouse let's talk in pm16:29
BlueChaosi like how he's look16:29
bazhangsmallmouse, it is offtopic here, not supported16:29
bazhangnbubuntu, ask for tools in ##windows16:29
smallmousebazhang: know its not supported will speak to bluechaos16:29
ActionParsnipnbubuntu: its a proprietary file system. I would not advise using anything but windows tools on it as it is windows.16:30
ActionParsnipnbubuntu: 3rd party tools may mess your file system as  the inner workings are not publicl documented16:30
smallmouseActionParsnip: thank you16:30
ActionParsnipnbubuntu: you can boot to a windows install CD and run a defrag from there, or a Windows live CD and do it there16:31
nbubuntubazhang ActionParsnip : ok , I understand. Normally , I just wanted to check for fragmentation on my drive partition.Mostly I read a fragmented hard drive will affect the live span on a drive.That's the main point i wanted it get it fix16:32
foofoobarHi. I have a few ssh servers where I connect to via key auth. Now every time I connect I have to re-type my passphrase16:32
foofoobarIs there a possibility to "remember" my passphrase until I log out?16:32
nevynfoofoobar: that's what an ssh agent is for16:33
nevyntype ssh-add in a terminal16:33
foofoobarnevyn, I will read on that16:34
nevynfoofoobar: there's one as part of your unity session16:34
foofoobarnevyn, so what do I have to do ?16:35
nbubuntuActionParsnip : is there really a Windows live CD without installation ?16:35
nevynyou can just add keys to it they'll be retained in memory and everything should be awesome.16:35
foofoobarIs there a paper or something I can read on ?16:35
foofoobarnevyn, so I just have to run ssh-add ./.ssh/id_rsa and everything is fine?16:35
Nugga_HardwoodHow to fuck using an ubuntu????16:35
reisiobazhang: so strict :p heheh16:36
foofoobarnevyn, cool, works16:37
ubottuGuest67496: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:38
sin__I'm using Ubuntu (obviously). Can I change the mouse pointer theme through the terminal normally even if I'm using a WM that is not Gnome or KDE?16:38
nevynfoofoobar: if you want the why's and wherefore's I'll find the link that explains how key auth works and how an agent and agent forwarding works...16:39
foofoobarnevyn, no, its okay. I'm fine that it works16:39
foofoobarthanks for your help16:39
BlueChaosThank you all for u support see you soon bye !16:40
nbubuntubazhang ActionParsnip : thanks :)16:40
reisiosin__: you should be able to via config files even if you can't with a command16:41
=== kamui_ is now known as shinkamui
sin__reisio: through my WM config files or Ubuntu ones?16:41
reisiosin__: whichever16:42
reisio~/.icons, ~/.Xdefaults, etc.16:42
reisiogrep -ilr cursor ~/.config16:43
sin__reisio: thank you very much. I can figure it out from here. Just making sure that going through the steps to install a Ubuntu mouse theme wouldn't be in vain. Again thanks for the help.16:44
reisiosin__: yeah, X cursors are X cursors16:45
reisioCanonical hasn't made its own cursor format/implementation yet :p16:45
=== chrisirc_ is now known as chrisirc
sin__reisio: That makes sense.16:46
reisiosin__: also16:46
=== flexd1 is now known as flexd
reisiosin__: you can play with what is on my system /usr/share/cursors/xorg-11/default, which is just a symlink to whatever cursor set dir of your choice16:47
aringanhey guys, whenever I am going to make any changes to my ftp setting, do I have to remove the "#" to make the change effective ?16:47
reisiosin__: but obviously that is less portable than using ~/ stuff16:47
reisioaringan: # usually starts a comment16:48
d-eggHi, I want to add a man page directory to manpath.config and it should be preferred over other locations.  What is the best way to do that?16:48
d-eggor generally16:48
aringanDefault umask for local users is 077. You may wish to change this to 022,16:48
aringanthis is the default and staring with #16:48
aringanso if it is a comment how does it know to listen to 22 c?16:49
aringancuz I want to change it to another port , and I am not sure if I have to remove that # from the beggining of the line !16:50
aringananyone ?!!!16:50
sin__reisio: Thanks for the info. I'll see what I can do. Wouldn't by chance already know of a very minimum mouse theme? I want something close to just a dot, but changes colour or gets a big bigger when hovering links or whatnot.16:50
=== fwilson is now known as FWILSON
reisiosin__: why just a dot?16:52
Piciaringan: I have no idea what you are asking. Maybe if you pastebin your config file and explain what you're trying to accomplish we can help you better.16:52
k1laringan: everything starting with a # will not be executed in that file16:52
sin__reisio: I use i3 WM, VIM and Luakit which are all very keyboard based programs. I rarely use my mouse, but I don't want to hide it all the time to get it out of my way so I thought a small cursor would be convienant. It's not a big deal just trying it out.16:53
nevyn02:55 < SynrG> i think problems with testing builds of installer go to #debian-boot16:53
reisiosin__: oh manually hide it16:54
reisiosin__: use unclutter to do it automatically16:54
nevynwow that was wildly inappropriate sorry everyone.16:54
aringanpici ; http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808352/ . this is part of my config16:54
reisionevyn: :D16:54
aringanwhat I wana do is to change the listening port from 22 to somthing else16:54
Piciaringan: umask has nothing to do with changing the port.16:55
sin__reisio: I've been using unclutter; just thought I would try this out.16:55
reisiosin__: oh okay16:55
reisiosin__: well you can make your own theme in like a work day16:55
reisiosin__: use apt-file to find the package that has 'xcursorgen'16:55
reisioor 'type xcursorgen', you might have it already16:55
Piciaringan: Also, port 22 is most commonly used by ssh, it would be weird to have your ftpd running on that port.16:55
aringanso what should I do ?16:55
juanpablohola necesito ayuda16:56
Pici!es | juanpablo16:56
ubottujuanpablo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:56
sin__reisio: Oh, thanks. That was going to be my next project if I couldn't find a theme I like.16:56
sin__reisio: I'll try that out.16:56
Piciaringan: Are you using ssh on that machine at all?16:56
reisiosin__: I'm not sure I've seen one of the sort you described, not that I ever looked for one like that16:56
Piciaringan: What program is this config file for?16:57
sin__reisio: I think I'll just make my own theme so it is excatly what I want. Thanks a lot for all the help.16:57
irreverantIs there a mac channel?16:57
aringanPici ; vsftpd16:58
reisiosin__: that's what I did :D16:58
reisioirreverant: #macosx16:58
reisioirreverant: /msg alis list *mac* look for largest number16:58
Piciaringan: vsftpd should be listening on port 21 by default. Is that a problem?16:59
reisiokhorchani: hi16:59
Piciaringan: I'm just confused as you're saying that you don't want it running on port 22 but by default it shouldn't be running on that.17:00
aringanI believe it is listening to 21 , but i want to change it !17:00
ikoniawhy /17:00
ikoniawhat's wrong with listening on the correct port17:00
aringanI just don't know how to change it17:00
Piciaringan: not to port 22? to another port?17:01
aringanlike 290117:01
Piciaringan: you'd need to change the listen_port option in that file. If it doesn't exist, add it.17:02
killerDoes ubuntu support 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Atom Processor D2xxx/N2xxx Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0b)17:03
lukHelo Word:)17:06
lukWho is read this ?17:06
cgtdkhello, greetings are unnecessary. State your question17:06
reisiocgtdk: and yet you use them! :p17:07
Ari-Yangluk if you just want to chill and chat join #ubuntu-offtopic17:08
=== FWILSON is now known as FWILSON|AWAY
lukDid I write and the man himself can read17:09
lukthe first use of the IRC17:09
luk(Still reserved for this Googe translate)17:09
OerHekskiller, maybe this page is any help with that D2xx/N2xx integrated card http://askubuntu.com/questions/230900/cedarview-drivers-boot-to-a-blank-screen17:11
OerHeks2D should work, 3D you need to test17:11
Ari-YangOerHeks, just so you're aware, killer quit pinged out >_>17:14
OerHeksAri-Yang, i see, thanks.17:15
gswainwhat is the ubuntu version of the wheel group17:20
cgtdkgswain: I think it's 'sudo'17:21
=== k is now known as Guest33491
gswaini noticed there was an admin group as well as sudo when i did a visudo17:21
gswainso i was not sure which to add myself to17:21
LaykeAre server clocks consistent to the ms ?17:22
LaykeI'm just strugglingt o debug something. Wondering if it could be related to a timing problem.17:22
auronandacegswain: sudo is the right one, admin is the older one that used to be used17:22
gswainexcellent thank you17:22
=== KYLEYANKAN is now known as KyleYankan
=== Fuchs is now known as FUCHS
zugaazHow can I install ubuntu 13.04 with a text based installer?17:32
zugaazor can I install the live CD through the terminal?17:32
cgtdkzugaaz: Use the minimal image17:32
cgtdkzugaaz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:33
zugaazcgtdk: i cannot get the minimal image to work with unetbootin17:33
luke1yes like cgtdk said us the minimal cd17:33
zugaazis there any way in the regular live disc i can press "ctrl+alt+f2"17:35
zugaazand install from terminal17:35
zugaazI'm just having trouble installing because i have an nvidia graphics card17:35
sir_tyrionhow bad is it if i had a precise repo to my software sources on a raring comp17:36
sir_tyrionso i can get postgres-server-9.2-dev17:36
OerHeks!nomodeset | zugaaz17:37
ubottuzugaaz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:37
SonikkuAmericaBig problem: After reinstalling Unity webapps, Unity seems to have been removed! (The window manager, etc. are still there, but no menu bar, launcher, etc.)17:38
zebulon5Anyone around?17:40
zebulon5I'm trying to install 13.0417:40
zebulon5so I put it on a pendrive usb17:40
zebulon5and it installs17:40
zebulon5but once I take it out and reset it won't leave the bios menu17:40
=== qos is now known as qos|away
kokoye2007who can help with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamsDNSAdmin17:43
=== EvilAww is now known as EVILAWW
Picikokoye2007: #ubuntu-locoteams and maybe #canonical-sysadmin17:44
kokoye2007thx Pici locoteams is advice to canonical-sysadmin17:44
=== k is now known as Guest51834
Captain_ProtonDoes anyone remeber where remmina keeps the server key it collects17:47
luke1I have a program that installs through the terminal (a .pl file) and it says it needs kernel headers. I'm new to linux and i don't know what that means. what folder are they in?17:49
APVHow do I make two partitions out of one?17:49
OerHeksCaptain_Proton, those keys should be stored in your keyring, Dash->type "keys"->Passwords&Keys.17:49
sk0ttotrying to install 13.04 on a Lenovo X120e (UEFI) but the OS isn't found after installation.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.17:49
APVI have the only one, and I need second for win817:49
wilee-nileesk0tto, Generally the ubuntu forums has the most informed help on uefi, start a thread there and here is a link. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729517:50
=== MarkusH is now known as MARKUSH
=== MIST is now known as mist
wilee-nileesk0tto, Make sure to have W8 backed up as well.17:52
sk0ttoThank you.  It was a hand-me-down laptop, the OS was already blown away when I got it.17:53
wilee-nileesk0tto, Cool, you will get help from that thread starter if you make a thread they focus on this.17:54
sk0ttoAwesome, thanks for all your help!17:55
wilee-nileesk0tto, No problem.17:55
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=== akshay_ is now known as akshay_r
lovHello. I'd like to tile the windows on my desktops, but I'd like to do so using Unity instead of using another WM. Is this possible?18:04
bekkslov: No.18:05
lovbekks: crud. Thanks.18:05
madpropslov, http://www.markhansen.co.nz/xmonad-ubuntu-oneiric/18:06
killerhey , ubuntu 13.04 isn't playing videos smoothly with my netbook , but windws 7 on same netbook is ok18:06
lovmadprops: hmm, interesting. thanks.18:08
mehworkwhen is the next ubuntu LTS coming out for a 13+ version?18:08
bazhangmehwork, 14.04 is the next18:09
madpropslov, don't listen to the nay sayers :P18:09
cgtdkwhich should be released in april 201418:09
lovmadprops: you're not helping :P18:09
AethysiusHi, I've some issues with some non-KDE apps in Kubuntu, and they sent me here.18:10
kradhow to list services that start on bootup18:11
AethysiusBanshee, MuseScore, Hydrogen, and Rosegarden either don't work or crash.18:11
auronandaceAethysius: if any of those are ppas then we can't help with them18:12
kradhow to list services that start on bootup?18:12
cgtdkBanshee is in the regular repository18:13
=== qos|away is now known as qos
cgtdkdon't know about the other ones18:13
AethysiusThe others are....I think.18:13
AethysiusDidn't have to do anything special to get them.18:13
=== Fellipe is now known as FfoO
AethysiusJust downloaded them using Muon Package Manager.18:14
wilee-nileeAethysius, I see the ones you list first in the repos, any PPAs are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d confirm whether these are ppa versions or not so you know.18:14
FfoOGreetings eveyone.18:15
fatNERDsup foo18:15
wilee-nileeAethysius, Your obviously new then that is a very understandable bot of info if you are a regular user.18:16
reisioFfoO: salutations18:16
MartynKeigherhey...i had thin running on port 3030.... but i removed it, so im building something new on port 3030 but it still says port 3030 is in use.18:17
AethysiusI'm not new persay, some terms throw me for a loop though.18:17
MartynKeigherport 3030 is mentioned in a thin.conf file in the etc\init folder....but thats it!?18:17
MartynKeigheris that the file thats making 303 in use...even though there is no service runnin on it?18:17
wilee-nileeAethysius, No problem, we have repositories and a two types of list of them one is in the area I mentioned generally 3rd parties are there.18:18
=== FUCHS is now known as Fuchs
AethysiusI feel like such an idiot.18:20
lex1followed the howto to setup potfix tls on ubuntu but getting this warning warning: No server certs available. TLS won't be enabled18:20
chaotixHey.  What tools do you guys use for creating live usb's of other distros?  I have been having some issues with UnetBootin, as well as the live usb tool that's bundled with Ubuntu.  This page lists some linux alternatives, can anyone recommend any of them?   Or any others?  Thanks in advance!  :D18:21
=== gustavo_ is now known as ghs
auronandacechaotix: probably best asked in ##linux18:22
cgtdkchaotix: have you tried dd?18:22
auronandacecgtdk: that would work for ubuntu but he is asking about other distros18:23
chaotixcgtdk, no i have not...  i will google it now18:24
=== Chenzw is now known as Chenzw|away
chaotixauronandace, i will ask in ##linux if DD doeant work out18:24
* Aethysius sighs18:24
chaotixcgtdk, does DD work well for you?  Also, you wouldnt happen to know the link, would you/?18:25
ripthejackerhow can I add new mimetypes in Ubuntu. I'm using Raring 13.0418:25
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=== Guest52390 is now known as VolleMelk
=== VolleMelk is now known as LaitEntier
LaitEntierHello all, how are we doing this wonderful evening18:26
ripthejackerI tried to edit /etc/mime.types but it's not working18:26
cgtdkchaotix: I've often used dd for writing ISOs to pendrives18:26
auronandacechaotix: the ubuntu iso is designed so that it can be dd-ed to a usb stick, as for other distros you'd have to ask in their respective channels18:26
cgtdkchaotix: dd is probably already installed on your box.18:26
cgtdkauronandace: I've had success with other distros using the same method18:26
cgtdkArch and Debian I think18:27
auronandacechaotix: sudo dd if=/path/to/iso of=/path/to/usb18:27
gnuyogachaotix: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tools_to_create_Live_USB_systems18:27
AethysiusI'd like to keep using Kubuntu, but use those applications, if that's possible.18:27
LaitEntierI'll continue then, hope I am not interrupting anything but I am having major headaches: I just installed Xubuntu 12.04 on my MacBook Pro 4,1, and I am unable to get any sound18:27
chaotixThanks, guys...18:27
auronandacechaotix: please be very careful with using dd18:27
chaotixauronandace, i think i will be looking for another solution18:28
chaotixa gui solution18:28
cgtdkchaotix: why?18:28
=== Linux38025 is now known as PetrusLinux
chaotixcgtdk, I don't think i am a novice in the cmd line, but i certainly am not a linux genie by any standards.18:29
cgtdkchaotix: It's not difficult to use dd (if the ISO works properly with it for the purpose)18:29
chaotixcgtdk, it just looks like a lot could go wrong, is all18:29
cgtdkchaotix: It can if you do it wrong, but it's easy to do it right18:30
cgtdkjust triple check that you're writing to the correct device18:30
juanpablohola necesito ayuda18:30
ripthejackerhow to add new mimetype?18:30
purpledudeleave #ubuntu18:31
auronandacepurpledude: /part18:31
LaitEntierCan someone read this? Or do I have to auth myself or something18:32
=== Darky__ is now known as Ardethian
chaotixPerhaps ot a btt, i must warn that linuxlive usb installer has broken countless flash drives in my opinion.  They boot up fine and work great.  It's just when you go to reformat, than you run into problemns18:32
purpledudeauronandace: thanks. Trying to get a grasp of IRC and XChat.18:32
auronandacepurpledude: #freenode would be happy to help you18:32
=== Ardethian is now known as Darkyyy
tones_LaitEntier, you are here18:33
purpledudeauronandace: thanks for the suggestion.18:33
LaitEntierah sweet!18:33
LaitEntierThen I'll patiently wait until someone has some time for my sound issue18:33
bazhang!sound | LaitEntier have a read18:34
ubottuLaitEntier have a read: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.18:34
Captain_ProtonOerHeks, thans for that sorry having all kinds of problems here. I was not able to find the keys in Password keyring18:35
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=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
erahi everybody18:36
reisiohi friend18:36
=== hallucinogen is now known as Guest33090
era: )18:36
erahmm can anybody see what im typing ?18:37
wilee-nileeera, Yep, if you see it we do.18:37
reisioera: are you typing 'hmm can anybody see what im typing ?'? If so, yes18:38
erayea xD18:38
kradLinux ubuntu <-- what's the code name for my distro?18:38
=== diego__ is now known as naali
DuPekrad: lsb_release -a18:39
wilee-nileekrad, Chances are whatever it is is end of life.18:40
DuPei'd guess 9.1018:40
erawhat is the best ubuntu version18:40
wilee-nileeera, Best is what you think is best not the group.18:41
DuPedepends on purpose. 12:04 LTS for stability/servers, 13.04 for new and shiny18:41
LaitEntierbazhang, thanks for your link. I have checked the sound preferences, everything is at it's highest. No sound comes from speakers, but very little from headphones. I also have the famous red light coming from the jack, which I know how to turn of. But after boot it's on again18:42
kradwhat is oneiric18:43
LaitEntierAnd also, my soundcard is detected18:43
wilee-nileekrad, 11.10 and eol18:43
kradwhat is eol18:43
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:43
fintlereol = end of line?18:43
fintlerit's overloaded a bit :)18:44
erahow can i run ubuntu 11.10 bluetooth drivers on 13.04 ?18:44
kradso i cant upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 to latest directly?18:44
wilee-nileeera, Why would you.18:44
erai don't want to use 13.04 bluetooth' drivers18:44
ss_hazeI have 8 seconds long video18:45
ss_hazewhen I put it in slowmo video app it shows that I have 0 frames18:45
ss_hazejust why18:45
ss_hazeit just doesn't ends extracting frames from the video file18:45
FloodBot1ss_haze: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:45
wilee-nileeera, Basically you would have to install them and lock them in synaptic, if they worked.18:45
ss_hazesoory floodbot18:45
=== jevans is now known as jvns
eraso how ? anybody can help ?18:46
wilee-nileekrad, The eol link tells you how to do eol upgrades, you would have to go to 11.10 ten 12.04, a lot of time and could fail, I would fresh install myself.18:46
erai want to replace the whole Bluetooth drivers on 13.04 with 11.10's ....18:46
=== MalaGaM is now known as McDeffice
levoi want to delete some packages but i get "The following packages have unmet dependencies: " and showing some packages. what can i do?18:46
auronandaceera: that simply isn't supported here18:47
wilee-nileelevo, What are the packages you want to remove?18:47
levowilee-nilee: all the packages related to KDE desktop18:48
soahccchow would you wait in a init script for the mysql server to start up? Mysql doesn't seem to provide LSB information18:48
eralevo , you must upgrade your system to a newer version18:48
erathat's how simple it is18:48
levoera: i don't want to18:48
wilee-nileelevo, Look here in the playing around section. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/18:48
wilee-nileelevo, If you have already pecked at kde you will have to use the removal lists, and any errors of packages not found can be removed from the list till you get a clean removal.18:49
levowilee-nilee: i copy pasted the code but got those errors18:50
wilee-nileelevo, Pastebin them18:50
levowilee-nilee: ok18:50
alexahow to exclude folders when typing cat *.* ?18:50
=== diego__ is now known as naali
McDefficeHello I'm having trouble correctly installed my graphics card. This is a Radeon HD 5870. I have ubuntu 10.4 with kernel 3.10.0-999-generic. What can I do to properly install?18:52
wilee-nileeMcDeffice, 10.04 desktop is end of life.18:52
wilee-nileenot supported18:52
reisioalexa: find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -exec cat {} \;18:52
McDeffice12.04 sorry18:52
wilee-nileenor that kernel18:52
reisioalexa: not that I'd do that :p18:53
alexahow to exclude directories when typing cat *.* ? There's this problem when some directory has dots in name18:53
wilee-nileeMcDeffice, That kernel is not supported18:53
levowilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/2DDaeLTv18:53
wilee-nileelevo, I would look in synaptic broken packages and deal with the error there.18:54
fintleralexa: 'find . -type f | xargs cat' ... is that the kind of thing you're looking for?18:54
wilee-nileelevo, Then run the removals18:54
=== FWILSON|AWAY is now known as fwilson
McDefficewilee-nilee -> Thanks you, so i need downgrade my kernel before all.18:55
=== fwilson is now known as FWILSON
fintleralexa: maybe... 'find . -iname "*.*" -type f | xargs cat'18:55
wilee-nileeMcDeffice, Basically we only support stock kernels. You should have the original still there if you have not removed it.18:56
=== milind_ is now known as abyss42
Ari-YangMcDeffice, I think it's fairly easy to boot an old kernel by default18:58
Ari-YangMcDeffice,  google it or maybe someone here who knows can tell you (I don't know how to myself).18:59
tones_if everything you run is ok, what benefit is there to installing the newest kernel?18:59
Captain_Proton anyone run into a problem that they can not type in the unity hud18:59
bekkstones_: There is none.19:00
wilee-nileetones_, Stree cred is about it.19:00
Ari-Yangbekks, that is not entirely true19:00
Ari-YangI'm sure there are benefits19:00
=== thomas is now known as LaitEntier
wilee-nileetones_, You lose support though19:00
bekksAri-Yang: So name at least one of them.19:00
Ari-Yangtoo lazy too, just look at the kernel's change log lol19:01
wheatthinsupport for newer hardware, and hardware modifications19:01
Ari-Yang^ that too19:01
=== Guest33566 is now known as nitrodex
Ari-Yangtones_, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/19:01
Ari-Yangif you're curious19:01
Ari-Yanglatest stable is 3.9.719:01
auronandaceAri-Yang: we don't support ppas here19:02
wheatthinNuggaBoomBoom, plz watch the racial remarks19:02
LaitEntierI don't know what to do next. I have added my model to the alsa conf, turned off the red light, increased all the sliders to max, nothing is muted (everything is at OO), my soundcard is detected. anyone got suggestions?19:02
Ari-Yangso I'm on 12.10, I know that kernel 3.11 will have the new radeon open source drivers patch; I would definitely upgrade because of power management.19:02
bekkswheatthin: which newer hardware? The hardware doesnt automagically renews itself. And the prerequisit was "everything you run is ok".19:02
NuggaBoomBoomi didnt mean anything racial mother yaar19:02
Ari-Yangauronandace, so? I just linked in case he's interested19:02
NuggaBoomBoomracism is for criminals..and they are nuggaz19:02
^^Shadow^^Shut up19:02
Ari-Yangbekks, tbh we're kind of going off topic, if we're going to discuss/debate we should do it in #ubuntu-offtopic19:03
wheatthinNuggaBoomBoom, this isn't a chatroom, and you can get yourself banned very quickly19:03
tones_uname -a for kernel version19:03
DJoneswheatthin: To late with that comment19:03
Ari-Yangtones_, uname -r too in terminal19:04
McDefficeAri-Yang -> Ok thanks for this informations19:04
Ari-Yangyou're welcome19:04
^^Shadow^^This is great19:04
Ari-Yangtones_, you can also type this to get a list of kernels on your system: ls /boot | grep vmlinuz | cut -d'-' -f2,319:04
Ari-YangI currently have 3.5.0-28,30,31,32, and 34. Total of 519:05
LaitEntierso nobody?19:05
^^Shadow^^is there a room for hackers here19:05
wilee-nilee!patience > LaitEntier19:06
ubottuLaitEntier, please see my private message19:06
bekkstones_: dpkg -l | grep linux-image19:06
Ari-Yangtones_, dpkg -l | grep linux-header for headers19:06
prahladon ubuntu, what is the best IDE for python to use? (I'm looking primarily for code-completion since I'm a python beginner..)19:09
Ari-Yangapparently, a lot of people are already trying out the radeon patches with their current kernels.... (not waiting for 3.11)19:09
tones_dpkg -l, that's the big one,thanks :)19:09
prahladI'm on ubuntu 13.0419:10
Ari-Yanglets say I were to install the radeon open source driver from git, but I'm currently using the one that's provided by ubuntu's repos. Would the one from git replace the repos or should I purge the one I currently have, then install the git version?19:10
bekksprahlad: So just choose a text editor with code completion.19:10
prahladbekks: I'm currently using gedit, but it doesn't have any..19:10
DJones!ide | prahlad19:11
ubottuprahlad: Programming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator19:11
McDefficeAri-Yang -> for change the kernel default i think is : /etc/kernel/postrm.d/zz-update-grub x.x.x-x-generic19:11
=== FWILSON is now known as fwilson
prahladubottu: Since I have neither time nor patience to try each one of them, I'm asking you experts what you feel is the best one based on your practical experience ?19:12
ubottuprahlad: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:12
bekksprahlad: It does. View -> Hilight Mode -> Scripts -> Python.19:12
bekks!bot | prahlad19:12
ubottuprahlad: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots19:12
iBelieveprahlad, I've used geany, which is nice19:12
Ari-YangMcDeffice, ummm... no I don't think that's it....19:12
Ari-YangI looked up ways on booting old kernels by default, and I've never seen that way19:12
Ari-Yang(looked this up a while back)19:13
DJonesprahlad: The best way of learning is to try for yourself, people can suggest things, but there may be other and better software, or what is suggested might not be right for you19:13
mamedhello ubuntu youtube problem.19:13
Ari-YangI remember something about the current kernel you're using is 0, and if you want to use an old version you edit a grub file and replace 0 with -1 (your old previous kernel)19:13
Ari-Yangbut I'm not 100%19:13
bekks!details | mamed19:14
ubottumamed: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:14
mamedubuntu 12.04 32 bit system . i am sometimes able to watch youtube videos but sometines not19:14
McDefficeAri-Yang -> my source is http://askubuntu.com/questions/233380/how-do-i-downgrade-kernel-on-12-1019:14
mamedi though it is a flash problem but i can watch the videos in other sites . is this a youtube ip problem or something like that19:14
prahladbekks/iBelieve: Is the code-completion in either gedit or geany smart enough to list out all functions/objects/etc.. from all the modules ?19:15
prahladI've worked with Java/Eclipse previously and eclipse seems to do that. It actually allows me to browse thru definitions of each library method/class.19:16
friday_how export highlight from okular for file.txt?19:17
lauratikawhen i try to apt-get update i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808746/19:18
schultzahow do i move /var to it's own partition after-install. A user's root (/) partition is filling up because of /var.19:18
schultzaMostly /var/cache19:18
iBelieveprahlad, if you've used Eclipse, I think there is a Python plugin, and that would probably have good completion.19:19
reisioschultza: http://www.google.com/search?q=new%20partitions%20after%20the%20fact19:19
wilee-nileemamed, Not really enough details, like the browser used for example for one.19:19
vedicIs this correct for setting up bridge network for KVM based virtual machine? Host is a remote server running 12.04 LTS with single public ip address http://pastebin.com/bHbXhAXw19:20
mamedhmm firefox and chornomium firefox is 21 . but i can watch videos in epiphany19:20
prahladiBelieve: I know about the pyDev plugin, but I'm trying to find something lightweight like geany or something. Eclipse is an overkill for what I want..19:20
mamedi think the problem is youtube ip or dns servers .19:20
wilee-nileemamed, FF has updated to 22 in the repos19:20
mameddo you think will it solve my problem19:21
mamedsince i made a fresh insrtallation of ubuntu 12.04 i face this problem and no solution yet19:21
Ari-YangMcDeffice, did it work?19:21
wilee-nileemamed, No idea, but being updated is a good idea, you description is missing details.19:21
mamedwilee-nilee, wht ca you give more19:22
rypervencheprahlad: All of the cool kids use vim :)19:22
mamedcan I*19:22
mamedok i will update fire19:22
bekksprahlad: Why dont you just use eclipse again? :)19:22
McDefficeAri-Yang -> yes, i'am on 3.8.0-26-generic, whatis the laslest (current)  version?19:22
wilee-nileemamed, What flash you have and being updated would help, an unusual problem to some extent so it is a look for the varibles and knock them off to get to an answer.19:23
prahladrypervenche: This is 2013 and the word "vim" sounds a bit rustic.!!19:23
prahladbekks: will give it a try then..19:23
shin_doctorhey everyone!19:23
Ari-YangMcDeffice, https://www.kernel.org/19:24
Ari-Yangcurrent latest stable is 3.9.819:24
Ari-Yangit's in the ppa link I linked you earlier McDeffice, so you can just get the necessary .deb files from it.19:24
Ari-Yangor you can compile yourself *shrugs*19:24
=== qos is now known as qos|away
=== qos|away is now known as qos
shin_doctordoes anyone have experience with ubuntu using the asus 1215n?19:26
Ari-Yangshin_doctor, just ask your question.19:26
wilee-nileemamed, just run sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade  to get fully updated.19:26
mamedi am justing updating the firefox also i have a kernel update but i dont want it now19:27
mamedcause i have to restart sytem bla19:27
wilee-nileeshin_doctor, The channel works with you stating the actual problem.19:27
stasutstawhat is the largest public torrent tracker?19:27
wilee-nilee!ot | stasutsta19:27
ubottustasutsta: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:27
mamedit opened the video immediately19:28
shin_doctorwell, I'm totally new to linux in general, and I'm having some issues with display flickering when searching for files19:28
mamedi will try to switch videos19:28
stasutstawhat is the biggest torrent tracker.. with ubuntu distron on it?19:28
wilee-nileemamed, If you are not going to be updated your just wasting our time here.19:28
mamedwilee-nilee, so it was a firefox problem19:28
mamedthank you so much19:28
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
mamedalso i realised something when firefox has a new version the old version starts to consume so much memory19:29
wilee-nileestasutsta, That is off topic go to #ubuntu-offtopic19:30
mamedhehe no content again19:30
* mamed still thinks youtube problem is about ubuntu 12.0419:31
shin_doctorwhat youtube problem?19:32
=== Gameid is now known as meh76
rawrmonsterThis has nothing to do with ubuntu today but the close future. I was trying to find out why ubuntu is switching to mir and what the advantages are but all i can seem to find on line is that mir is a collection of libs that has no server by default, and that the desktop enviroment would host the mir server, or something like that.19:34
mamedi am glad and looking forward see mir19:34
mamedalso it would be great if ubuntu would develop its own Desktop enviroment in Qt19:35
LaitEntierIn case anyone is interested, I have documented my sound problem here http://askubuntu.com/questions/314043/how-to-get-sound-on-macbook-pro-4-1 with all the results from commands and the soundtroubleshooting page19:35
wilee-nileerawrmonster, Not within channel support, that info is on the web though to some extent.19:35
mamedyes i have sound problem also pid f19:35
gandarois there a tool to show one text file page at a time? (pages separated by ^L, like ietf RFCs are)19:35
mamedicannot use my high definition19:35
rawrmonsterwilee-nilee: i would not have asked here if i did not look it up. I have gone through 18 pages of google and still have not found my answer19:36
wilee-nileerawrmonster, Right, still not a part of support is all. ;)19:36
pznI have problems in ubuntu install. "failed to create ext4 filesystem". same problem on 5 brand new computers. tried ubuntu desktop 12.10 64bit and 13.04 64bit. motherboard is gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H. tried at bios to configure SATA as IDE and as AHCI. nothing solved. any hints?19:36
wilee-nileepzn, You familiar with the partition amount limitations ?19:37
rawrmonsterwilee-nilee: is there a mir channel? or does ubuntu have an off topic channel?19:37
Ari-Yangthere is #ubuntu-offtopic19:38
wilee-nileerawrmonster, #ubuntu-offtopic is there, not sure about a mir channel.19:38
pznwilee-nilee, just a single 250GB HD. just 2 partitions. 50GB ext4 and 2GB swap.19:38
wilee-nileepzn, If you are on it can you run sudo fdisk -l and pastebin the text.19:38
pznwilee-nilee, the problem is not about creating the partition. the problem is when ubuntu install is doing "mkfs ext4"19:39
wilee-nileepzn, Ah, I just use gparted so can't really help there.19:40
pznwilee-nilee, for some weird reason, both ubuntu versions fail at the same install part. when they are creating the ext4 filesystem19:40
wilee-nileepzn, Post your code though someone may see an error19:41
wilee-nileepost the whole process really in a pastenbin19:41
McDefficeAri-Yang -> i from here 3.9.0 (not 3.9.8) : http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.9-raring/i think is the official kernel for my raring19:41
=== whoever is now known as Guest89626
bipuli have 3 IP's, and ,  I want my packet of IP- should reach to the IP- via IP- is it possible from add route command?.19:43
ikoniabipul: what ?19:44
pznwilee-nilee, put ubuntu USB stick (12.10 or 13.04), go to install process clicking next. on hard drives select the first option (erase and install ubuntu without prompting user for partitions or sizes). then after 1~2 minutes it fails with message "the ext4 file system creation in partition #1 (sda) failed"19:44
ikoniabipul: can you try to explain that again please,19:44
Ari-YangMcDeffice, I don't know what Raring's current kernel is.... and I don't think it's in that ppa19:44
HisaoNakaiubottu - ping.19:44
ikonia!info linux-image19:44
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB19:44
bipulikonia, i am runing 3 ubuntu with three different IP's on vboxnet019:44
ikoniabipul: ok so 3 seperate VM's all with different IP adresses ?19:45
bipulAnd the  3 IP's, and ,  I want my packet of IP- should reach to the IP- via IP- is it possible from add route command?.19:45
Ari-Yang!info linux-image19:45
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 1 kB, installed size 33 kB19:45
ikoniabipul: you need to use a router (such as ip tables) not add a route19:45
bipulSomething like that mine packet should go from A to C  via B.19:45
wilee-nileepzn, Are these computers with W8?19:45
wilee-nileeor a uefi setup?19:46
bipulikonia, are you sure add route will not work.19:46
ikoniabipul: how many virtual machines do you have ?19:46
pznwilee-nilee, brand new computers, brand new HDs. they didn't came with W819:46
ikoniaas I understand it, 319:46
Ari-YangMcDeffice, I'm not 100%, but maybe current latest Raring kernel is ?19:46
Ari-Yangthat's what the bot says19:46
ikoniathat is the current stable kernel, yes19:46
bipul2 virtual machine and 1 host using Host-only vboxnet019:46
pznwilee-nilee, what is a UEFI setup? sorry for being newbie19:46
Ari-YangMcDeffice, there you have it, is the latest for Raring19:47
lasers!UFO | pz19:47
wilee-nileepzn, Cool, best support fro uefi is at the UF with this poster, here is a link to a help on this, start a thread if needed. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729519:47
ikoniabipul: ok, so the host has one IP on vboxnet0 and then you have 2 virtual machines with their virtual nic's assigned to vboxnet0 too19:47
ikoniabipul: is that correct ?19:47
McDefficeOk thanks Ari-Yang and ikonia19:47
bipulikonia, yes19:47
wilee-nilee!uefi > pzn here is a wiki as well.19:47
ikoniabipul: so where to you want traffic to go to/from19:47
bipulHost is having IP- and other two virtual machine IP's are
wilee-nilee!uefi > pzn19:48
ubottupzn, please see my private message19:48
ikoniabipul: ok, so where/what do you want to happen with the traffic19:48
bekksbipul: Then change the IP of one of your vms.19:48
bipulFrom host to via
wilee-nileepzn, Personally I would have the W8 backed up as well.19:48
ikoniabipul: I'm sorry that is totally foolish19:49
ikoniabipul: you will need to setup routing for that to happen,19:49
=== qos is now known as qos|away
bipulYes that's what i am looking for, routing the packets in short i have to make as a router19:50
ikoniabipul: no, you'll need to make the host route everything to 101 - then you'll need to make 101 route anything for 102 to the 102 machine19:50
bipulikonia, ok so how it will happen.19:51
ikoniabipul: exactly how I've just said19:51
bipulcan you please repeat it19:51
ikoniabipul: no, you'll need to make the host route everything to 101  - then you'll need to make 101 route anything for 102 to the 102 machine19:52
ikoniabipul: although I will also say again, this is a waste of time and pointless routing setup19:52
ikoniaI can see no reason to do this19:52
ikoniayou may as well put the 102 device on a seperate network19:52
ikoniathe whole point of putting them on the same network is so they can talk to each other without routing19:52
lmatWhat's the best free first person shooter? (I've never played one before, and I thought I would give it a whirl)19:53
wilee-nilee!best > lmat19:54
ubottulmat, please see my private message19:54
lmatOh yeah, I have dial up.19:55
wlan222I formatted my Stick with HFS+ and know Ubuntu wont create an entry at /dev/19:55
wilee-nileelmat, Still off topic this is support.19:55
irreverantlmat: what's type of modem you using?19:55
lmatwilee-nilee: Oh, okay.19:56
lmatirreverant: I'll have to check when I get home :)19:56
geniiwlan222: Do you have hfsplus and hfsutils installed?19:56
wilee-nileelmat, You will probably have to just try stuff to see what works for you like the rest of us. ;)19:58
Ari-Yanglmat, if you want to go off topic check out #ubuntu-offtopic19:58
wlan222genii: i have hfsutils19:58
geniiwlan222: Might need additionally the hfsplus package for write support.19:59
wlan222genii: The Stick doesnt even appear on /dev/20:00
geniiwlan222: What does dmesg say after you plug it in?20:01
wlan222genii: http://pastebin.com/daS5UAXf20:01
geniiwlan222: Very odd that no sdX designation.20:03
wlan222genii: I want to reformat it to NTFS or ext20:04
wlan222genii: http://pastebin.com/Q6P5XrJ7 Syslog20:05
geniiwlan222: I'm not sure why it's using ehci-pci20:06
wlan222genii: Im using a custom kernel20:07
wlan222genii: Is it that ?20:07
=== mikestewart is now known as ms|afk
=== PRICECHILD is now known as Pricey
geniiwlan222: Probably. Did you compile usb storage driver as a module or so? I'd probably try loading it if it exists.20:08
wlan222genii: Its Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.9.820:08
wlan222genii: Let me check that20:08
geniiwlan222: eg: sudo modprobe usb-storage   ...or so20:10
wlan222genii: FATAL: Module usb_storage not found.20:10
geniiwlan222: There ya go then.20:11
wlan222genii: Why isnt that default ?20:12
wlan222genii: Say Y here if you want to connect USB mass storage devices to your20:13
wlan222computer's USB port.20:13
lmatwilee-nilee: Unfortunately, I only have one night, and maybe tomorrow, too.20:15
lmatAri-Yang: Thanks!20:15
geniiwlan222: Probably you didn't follow the recommendation of !compile to copy your existing kernel config and then modify that20:15
genii( because it IS default selection there)20:16
wlan222genii: I did but i guess something went wrong... :D20:16
geniiwlan222: Another possibility is that you didn't do: make modules20:18
wlan222genii: fixed it20:19
wlan222genii: Thats what i like about Linux You can recompile the Kernel and fix such stuff on runtime20:19
geniiwlan222: If you don't like rebooting perhaps check out ksplice sometime.20:20
wlan222genii: Im running this Linux on a Laptop20:21
wlan222genii: A Reboot is sometimes unevitable20:22
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JayayseakayHello :)20:28
JayayseakayHow is everyone :)20:30
Jayayseakayjust built my new rig :D20:30
=== Rallias is now known as Gasseus
hattusili_IIIHey, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this odd problem I have. anytime i play video with either the default "videos" app20:32
hattusili_IIIor with VLC, everything slows down, and the video stutters20:32
b0redUbuntu 11.1020:41
b0redis that latest20:41
geniiHeh, no.20:41
b0redapt-get dist-upgrade keeps it 11.10 why20:41
DJonesb0red: 11.10 is end of life now20:41
DJonesCurrent versions are 12.04LTS or 13.0420:42
geniib0red: dist-upgrade does not bump your ubuntu version number.20:42
b0redwhat does?20:42
Ari-Yangor 12.1020:42
Ari-Yangb00b00, http://releases.ubuntu.com/20:43
wilee-nilee!eol | b0red look at eol upgrades20:43
ubottub0red look at eol upgrades: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:43
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:43
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.20:43
DJonesAri-Yang: Good point, I forget about that one20:43
alevalanybody can help me writing a small bash script?20:45
ikoniathe guys in #bash maybe ?20:45
slimjimflimhi, i just tried to upgrade my bcm4312 throught he 'additional drivers' window and now ifconfig doesn't show any wlan0.  can anyone help?  i'm on xubuntu 12.0420:49
akurilinI'm having trouble with rebooting Ubuntu 12.04. It freezes on a black screen at some point in the reboot process and I Have to power down the machine to get past it. I followed the official advice to try either reboot=pci or reboot=bios in /etc/default/grub and neither have made a difference. Does anyone have more insight into what might be going on?20:52
akurilinI'd love to look at some logs if I knew which ones to open up.20:53
slimjimflimakurilin: ps -A20:53
slimjimflimakurilin: see if anything's defunct and do a killall on it before you reboot20:54
akurilinslimjimflim, defunct?20:54
slimjimflimakurilin: ya it'll say defunct20:56
antoniomartinsmy ubuntu machine for some reason got all doors closed, I can restart the virtual machine and have the system in the folder /repair and change any file in there. Is there any file that I can change to open at least port 22 for ssh ???20:56
slimjimflimakurilin: gtg.  good luck20:57
luistanyone familiar with multistrap?20:57
JayayseakayAh I miss the font rendering of Linux20:58
JayayseakayOn Win7 now and its ropey20:59
b0redi upgraded ubuntu.. i'm now getting alot of these messages: udevd[887]: mknod '/dev/tty60' 4:60 020620' failed: Read-only file system21:01
b0redudevd[897]: mknod '/dev/tty62' 4:62 020620' failed: Read-only file system21:01
b0redudevd[888]: mknod '/dev/tty61' 4:61 020620' failed: Read-only file system21:01
b0redand it doesn't even reach the login21:01
b0redhow would i go about fixing that21:01
hellonoobsit happens when you upgrade ubuntu21:02
b0redit's a VPS21:03
b0redwhat am i supposed to do now21:03
b0redgrub-editenv: error: cannot open the file /boot/grub/grubenv.21:04
b0redread only read only ..21:04
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto21:08
Prock81can i get help with this "LIBDBUSMENU-GLIB-WARNING **: Unable to get session bus: The connection is closed"21:09
Prock81in a term, xgps keeps saying that21:09
Prock81im tring to get my built in GPS on my laptop working? with opencpm21:10
Ari-YangMcDeffice, I recommend to use the open source radeon driver because the proprietary one, fglrx, sucks (horrible 2d acceleration, unless you're going to do a lot of gaming). Though radeon open source driver is improving, you might want to take a look at this http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?81666-AMD-Has-Massive-Radeon-Patch-Set-Power-Management!&p=338568#post33856821:11
Prock81i have this... but it cant seem to use it... /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Foxconn_Dell_Wireless_5630__EVDO-HSPA__Mobile_Broadband_Mini-Card-if021:11
Giwrgarascan you name some usefull terminal commands to learn? all i know is sudo apt-get install remove, ls and cd21:13
McDefficeAri-Yang -> Thanks you!!!  yes the proprietary is bad and sucks21:14
StevenRGiwrgaras: learn to use find, grep, sed, awk, the bash builtins, apt-cache, and just keep exploring! :) Good luck!21:14
Giwrgarassounds tough21:14
rypervencheGiwrgaras: http://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php (click on "Download it here")21:15
OerHekshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal &&  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CommandlineHowto21:15
litepoolhow do i save a crontab when using crontab -e?21:15
bekkslitepool: Press these keys: : w q enter21:16
rawrmonsterI am trying to install steam from "ubuntu Software center" on a fresh install and when i click on it i get an error "not found, the package steam launcher can not be found" i have never had an issue before?21:16
rypervenchelitepool: That depends on which editor you are using. If it's vim, do what bekks said. If it's nano, ctrl+o, ctrl+x21:16
litepoolsay i want to edit it without terminal21:17
litepoolcan i>?21:17
Prock81can anyone help me enable my gps thats built into my laptop21:17
litepooli'v logged into my ubuntu through ssh rypervenche bekks21:17
hellonoobslitepool: no21:17
=== pepigno75 is now known as newinandroid
rypervenchelitepool: While it is possible, I would not recommend it.21:18
litepoolwhich other method can i use than crontab -e21:18
Ari-Yanglitepool, use VIM without terminal? well there are frontends, gVIM and VIM gtk21:18
=== BLUESHARK is now known as BlueShark
hellonoobsAri-Yang: hes in ssh you noob21:18
litepoolthank yoy21:19
litepoolhellonoobs, what hsould i do then21:19
hellonoobslitepool: use an editor that you can use in an ssh env21:19
hellonoobslike vim21:19
reisio'Vim' :p21:19
litepooldamn how do i just edit21:19
litepooli can't exist this shit21:20
reisiolitepool: what's wrong with crontab -e?21:20
litepooli type stuff but can't exit21:20
guntbertlitepool: minf your language please21:20
litepoolor save21:20
hellonoobslitepool: in vim type :z21:20
hellonoobsthat saves and exits21:20
litepoolok say i did crontab -e21:20
Ari-YangI thought wq saves and exits21:20
litepooli can't edit right now21:20
hellonoobsAri-Yang: same thing21:21
hellonoobsw writes21:21
hellonoobsq quits21:21
hellonoobsx does 2 in 121:21
guntbertAri-Yang: :x is short for :wq21:21
reisiosudo apt-get install nano; EDITOR=`which nano` crontab -e21:21
Ari-Yanglitepool, to edit hit i or a21:21
litepoolAri-Yang, and for save21:21
rawrmonstercan someone help me install steam from the repo i have having major issues?21:22
Ari-Yanglitepool, go to "GUI" mode by hitting colon (shift+colon) and hit w then enter21:22
litepooli dont have gui21:22
hellonoobsrawrmonster: maybe just try again later and resync the repo21:22
Ari-Yangno litepool it's called "GUI"21:22
Ari-Yanghence the quotes21:22
Giwrgaraswhy should i use ls instead of dir? despite the fact that its colored and looks prettier21:23
Ari-Yanglitepool, just hit the colon (:) button (shift and : ofc) then hit w and then enter21:23
rawrmonsterhellonoobs: I'm getting an error saying the file isn't found?21:23
Ari-Yanglitepool, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VimHowto21:23
Ari-Yanggood luck21:23
hellonoobsrawrmonster: yeah maybe its just a 404 error21:23
hellonoobsor some sort21:23
hellonoobsi cant imagine something like that lasting long21:23
rawrmonsterhellonoobs: ahh ok that bites21:23
litepooli'm in crontab21:24
litepoolcrontab -e21:24
litepoolah man21:24
hellonoobskill yourself21:24
Ari-Yang!language > hellonoobs21:24
ubottuhellonoobs, please see my private message21:24
JoshuaPHow do I check which of my ports are open?21:25
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up port-forwarding (for games, torrents, webservers) see http://portforward.com - also see !firewall21:25
rawrmonsterhellonoobs: would that still make since if none of my purchased software is in the reinstall tab ether?21:25
Ari-Yanghellnoobs quit21:25
Ari-Yang* hellonoobs has quit (Quit: Page closed)21:26
wissam_Hi , How to substitute comma ( , ) with space using sed command?21:26
litepooli did ctrl + c, typed w and pressed enter, then quit and it worked.21:26
Ari-Yanglitepool, this is a support channel for ubuntu btw21:26
litepoolyes i'm sing ubuntu21:26
JoshuaPAri-Yang: I was not looking for HOW to forward ports; I was trying to check my ports on my Ubuntu system.21:26
Ari-Yanglitepool, yeah but you aren't asking /for support for/ ubuntu21:27
Ari-Yangsee my point?21:27
lj1102Hey, hello everybody!21:27
litepoolwell if i look at it that way, a lot of things arn't related to ubuntu but related to it21:27
Ari-YangJoshuaP, I know, was hoping that command would link you to checking ports.... I'm sure it's simple, google it21:27
litepoolwhatever thouhg, where else am i supposed to ask21:27
Ari-Yanglitepool, you could google, and there might be a #vim or #vi channel21:28
JoshuaPWell I guess I have to because noone will help me here :p21:28
Ari-Yangfirst thing I do before asking, is google myself, 95% of the time I find my answers after googling21:28
litepooli gogoled21:28
lj1102Hey, someone here can help me with my internet connection, btw. i already googled a lot ;)21:29
ikonialj1102: people will help if you actually give detail rather than asking people who know nothing about your problem if they can help21:29
starbuckhow can i determine what permissions newly created files and dirs of users will have?21:30
ikoniastarbuck: they will have the permissions of the persona / group creating them21:30
ikoniastarbuck: the directories mask sets the file creation ask21:30
zykotick9starbuck: "umask"21:30
JoshuaPAri-Yang: for future reference (from google), it's $netstat -ntl :p21:31
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lj1102I've a problem regarding DNS resolving, actually after a while some domains wont resolve anymore. Using a virtual machine from within my ubuntu system everything works fine.21:31
lj1102I'm getting timeouts for hosts that are pingable21:31
=== Hoffman is now known as |-|offman
ikonialj1102: what dns servers are you using21:32
lj1102how can i check that?21:32
ikonialj1102: I thought you said you'd done a a lot of googling21:32
ikonialj1102: checking the dns servers you are using if your dns is failing seems to be step 121:32
starbuckikonia: where is the config for that? i want every file created by a user to be rwx only for the user, rx for th eusergroup and nothing for others21:32
ikoniastarbuck: it's in the users shell, check umask as instructed, "man umask"21:33
lj1102actually in my resolv.conf is the only nameserver inside there21:34
ikonialj1102: that's because ubuntu doesn't use resolv.conf as it uses a dnsmasq setup21:35
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zykotick9wissam_: if you can use something other then sed... i use this for underscore to space "for i in *; do mv "$i" "`echo $i | tr '_' ' '`"; done"21:40
lj1102mhh, i've never configured dnsmasq, the config(dhclient.conf) is untouched21:42
dn5Anyone knows how can I run a tool which is in /home/tools/ directory from terminal without locating that path; just as I can run 'irssi' with irssi command21:42
llutzdn5: add  /home/tools/ to your $PATH21:43
lj1102dh5: put a symlink into your bin directory21:43
dn5how can I do that llutz?21:43
llutzdn5: like "export PATH=$PATH:/home/tools/  " in your ~/.bashrc21:44
Prock81im back21:44
dn5let me try llutz21:44
Prock81what would /dev/ttyS0 be21:45
zykotick9dn5: why aren't you using ubuntu's version of irssi... would be my question...21:45
Prock81and /dev/ttyS121:45
dn5it's not about irssi, it's about other tools I have to use21:45
llutzProck81: serial ports21:45
Prock81how could i tell if they relate to my gps hardware21:45
slimjimflimhi, can anyone tell me how to install my:21:45
slimjimflimNetwork controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)21:45
slimjimflimin 12.04?21:46
ikonia!broadcom | slimjimflim21:46
ubottuslimjimflim: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx21:46
Prock81cause they show under some gps interface i have21:46
geniiBroadcom needs to die.21:46
slimjimflimikonia: i've been through that guide already21:46
slimjimflimgenii: ikr21:47
ikoniaslimjimflim: ok, so what's the issue, where is it failing21:47
reisior owes me $50, tell him if you see him21:47
slimjimflimikonia: i install the stuff, do the blacklists, reboot and/or modprobe but i never get a wlan021:47
Prock81how can i tell what hte serial port to my gps is?21:47
ikoniaslimjimflim: do the modules load ?21:47
slimjimflimalso, i have 13 min before i lose wired access21:47
slimjimflimikonia: yes21:47
dn5llutz i don't even have .bashrc21:47
=== MyUbuntuBlog is now known as everydaylinuxuse
ikoniaslimjimflim: so what network interface devies do you have ?21:48
llutzProck81: you might check "dmesg"21:48
slimjimflimlo and eth021:48
llutzdn5: you should have, by default21:48
ikoniaslimjimflim: so that suggests either a.) the mouldes have not loaded b.) or they are not compatible with your card21:48
slimjimflimikonia: right, so i googled more and found this:21:49
slimjimflimwhich didn't work either21:49
dn5I know21:49
ikoniaslimjimflim: I suggest working out which one of my statements is true21:49
zykotick9llutz: if dn5 used useradd, instead of adduser - then .bashrc might not be there.  dn5 copy the blank from /etc/skel/21:49
=== BADLARRY is now known as BadLarry_
dn5i do have bash.bashrc21:50
dn5but don't have a folder .bashrc21:50
llutzzykotick9: million reasons why not having the file, thats why i said: by default21:50
Prock81llutz: i have checked dmesg before but this time there is a Frack Load of "[ 9173.451946] ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_station : Wrong Mac address" but this time i have gotten a bit further21:50
zykotick9dn5: ~/.bashrc is a file, not a directory21:51
dn5I don't have the bashrc file21:51
wissam_zykotick9: sorry for my stupid question but can we use  `echo $i | tr '_' ' '` instead of  "`echo $i | tr '_' ' '`" ? is the double quote necessary here ?21:51
slimjimflimikonia: i tried all the different ones i could find and all the different blacklist recipes21:51
Prock81so im sure that error pretains to me messing with gps stuff21:51
ikoniaslimjimflim: that's not what I said21:51
ikoniaslimjimflim: I said work out which one of my statements is true21:51
slimjimflimi have no idea what the problem is21:51
slimjimflimor maybe it's conflicting drivers21:51
zykotick9wissam_: sorry, is this for filenames?  my command won't work for file contents, only names...21:51
ikoniaslimjimflim: I said work out which one of my statements is true21:51
wissam_zykotick9: yes only names21:52
zykotick9wissam_: you could try it without... but i'm not sure.  you could ask #bash for correct confirmation.21:52
dn5zykotick9 where should I copy blank .bashrc to?21:52
dn5/etc/ ?21:53
slimjimflimikonia: that's a false dichotomy21:53
zykotick9dn5: ~ which is your users home21:53
slimjimflimthere's also the possibility that it's a conflict21:53
llutzwissam_: echo ${i/_/\ }21:53
wissam_zykotick9: ok thnx21:53
ikoniaslimjimflim: no, it's not21:53
ikoniaslimjimflim: read what I said a.) either the modules are not loading or b.) they are not compatible with your card - work out which one is true21:53
dn5Sorry it was my wrong about .bashrc thus terminal search really didn't give me anything as result21:54
dn5manual serach prove I was wrong21:54
dn5is "export PATH=$PATH:/home/tools" right line that I should add in bashrc?21:56
slimjimflimikonia: or c) they are loading and compatible and they are conflicting21:56
josh_Hello, is this an ok place to ask for some ubuntu support? :P21:56
slimjimflimbut yea you're not helping21:56
ikoniaslimjimflim: no, but if you insist on that, go for it21:56
columbI have TB HDD with broken sectors. How do I fix them?21:57
slimjimflimi'm getting kicked out of the library.21:57
Prock81what about this? gpsd:ERROR: can't run with neither control socket nor devices21:57
DarkAceZhow do I change the limit of allowed file descriptors one program can use/access21:57
reisiojosh_: yes indeed21:57
k1l!details | josh_21:58
ubottujosh_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:58
zykotick9Prock81: do you have a high end GPS?  'cause neither of my 2 garmins actually give the required serial device for use with my computer :(21:58
reisio...bot is truly a plague21:58
compdoccolumb, are they reallocated sectors? did you read the SMART info?21:58
llutzProck81: sounds like you called gpsd without specifying a device/socket to use21:58
josh_sure, I am trying to set up a dvr type PC.21:58
Prock81this is what i have: Dell Wireless™ 5630 Multi-mode HSPA-EVDO Mini Card (Gobi™ 3000) with A-GPS21:58
josh_I have the tv tuner card installed and have gotten as far as "scanning for muxes" reaching 0 on tvheadend setup if you are familiar with the process21:59
zykotick9Prock81: when it's attached to you find it in the "dmesg" output, perhaps with the device specificed?21:59
Prock81so how do i know what to call gpsd with?21:59
josh_anyways, I was wondering if there were any guides a little more "all inclusive" for a one box setup21:59
Prock81one moment21:59
josh_and I can't seem to find one anywhere >.<21:59
columbcompdoc, no idea about reallocation. Info about broken sectors provided by SMART.22:00
wilee-nileejosh_, 4min is not much a evidence of no help. ;)22:01
compdoccolumb, you can use the disk utility to read the SMART, but if you have any reallocated sectors, you need to watch if the count is growing. I would replace the drive, since you cant fix them22:01
josh_4min? I don't understand22:01
wilee-nileejosh_, You started posting 4 min ago.22:01
wilee-nilee6 now22:02
zykotick9josh_: you might consider mythtv, mythbuntu...  it's still not "trivial" to get working22:02
Prock81omg i need help with my dmesg22:02
josh_well I've been struggling with this for 2 days?22:02
reisiojosh_: all inclusive will tend toward mythtv tuts, probs22:02
reisiofreenx, xbmc, etc.22:02
josh_thanks, mythtv was my most recent troubles22:02
josh_xbmc is frontend only though22:03
josh_I guess I probably only need help with backend issues22:03
tgm4883josh_, where do you live?22:03
josh_new york22:03
josh_buffalo side that is22:03
tgm4883josh_, what tuner?22:03
josh_hauppage 1800 (spell check on hauppage)22:04
Prock81lspci has this 03:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller (rev 01)22:04
tgm4883josh_, is that a digital card or analog?22:04
columbcompdoc, HDD is in NTFS and seems like disk utility doesn't support it.22:05
Prock81but i also have this on my specs Dell Wireless™ 5630 Multi-mode HSPA-EVDO Mini Card (Gobi™ 3000) with A-GPS22:05
tgm4883josh_, looks like it has both analog and digital22:05
tgm4883josh_, do you plan on using both tuners?22:05
josh_I was going to answer that but thought I should double check quickly22:05
josh_no just digital22:05
compdoccolumb, in the bios, you should look to see if you can enable SMART22:05
tgm4883josh_, ok, and what is your desired outcome? You are trying to make a PVR?22:05
Prock81and i have this: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Foxconn_Dell_Wireless_5630__EVDO-HSPA__Mobile_Broadband_Mini-Card-if022:06
xperiahi. i have a problem with my new SSD Hard Disk in Ubuntu. lsscsi show it with the Right name. I am able to create partitions and format them with ext4 but at the time22:06
xperiai try to moun it it fails. Plug Out and Plugin does also not mount it. dmesg says Sata Link Down. Do i need to install some module additional? Please Help!22:06
llutzProck81: does "lsusb" list your wireless 5630-blabla?22:06
josh_for live tv specifically22:07
columbcompdoc, Disc Utility errors "File system is NOT clean".22:07
Prock81no it does not list that22:07
tgm4883josh_, well if you just want livetv, then mythtv probably isn't the route you want to go22:07
tgm4883josh_, if you want a full PVR, then mythtv should be able to do that just fine22:07
josh_could you help me answer what the difference is really? What additional features are in a full pvr22:08
tgm4883josh_, PVR would be if you wanted to record and schedule stuff. live tv is more like a dumb tv22:09
kel39_so i have a /27 with a few IPs to assign to my server, is it generally good practice to just create virtual interfaces for each IP?22:09
Prock81llutz, lsusb dont mention 5630 at all, would that be cause of a driver thing22:09
josh_well yeah then, a full pvr. I meant record etc live tv22:09
josh_I'm getting into the terminology a bit you'll have to excuse me. I know what I want and I know it can be done but with little linux experience (I think my pitfall) I keep running into different roadblocks22:10
tgm4883josh_, so for mythtv, in the US, you'll probably need to spend about $25/year for guide data22:11
tgm4883josh_, you can do without guide data, but that kinda defeats the point of a PVR (basically making it a dumb vcr)22:12
josh_I see. do these services have trials by chance that you know of?22:12
josh_so I can at least get it started22:13
tgm4883josh_, probably, it's http://www.schedulesdirect.org/22:13
tgm4883josh_, that is where to get guide data for mythtv22:13
tgm4883josh_, looks like a 7 day free trial22:14
tgm4883josh_, I've been working on a mythtv guide for a little bit22:16
pupperthi, I am trying to set up oidentd on 13.4 but it always replies "ERROR:NO-USER"  It is on a server behind a NAT router with a port forward.  It is a default installation.22:16
tgm4883josh_, you can test it if you want, I'd appreciate feedback if you do  https://docs.google.com/document/d/19knOlqz8cV5_8VQ1tCvEd8tjEk6U50KsSOJCROR60o4/edit?usp=sharing22:17
josh_Then I'm glad you saw my plee for help!22:17
tgm4883josh_, I'll also point you that you should be able to comment directly into that doc22:18
josh_ok, will you be around a bit. I could give it a try and let you know as I go.22:18
josh_though if you're not here I wouldnt be any worse off haha22:18
tgm4883josh_, I'm at work right now and will head home in about an hour. I don't guarentee that I'll be around at anytime, but you'll have better luck finding me in #ubuntu-mythtv22:19
=== schultza2 is now known as schultza
josh_OK. at the very least I promise I will post some comments as to my success and/or questions22:20
Guest6997whew, finally found it.22:20
josh_is it "done" as of now meaning will it get me to the end if I manage to follow it22:20
Guest6997Hi, I just got a ubuntu 10.10 disk from a friend and installed it, but it seems that everything in the software center is unavailable.   is there anything I can do or just upgrade again?22:24
bekksGuest6997: You have to upgrade to 12.04 at least.22:24
Guest6997is there a way to do that without a bootdisk or thumb drive?22:25
Giwrgaraswhat to add to this 12.04 though?i hav one and wondering what ar the best things to dll from the software center22:26
IdleOne!eolupgrade | Guest699722:27
ubottuGuest6997: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades22:27
everydaylinuxusehow old is your computer guest6997?22:28
Giwrgarascan i sync my goog calendar with th ubuntu calendar?22:28
Guest69974-5 y/o22:28
tgm4883josh_, yes it will22:28
tgm4883josh_, note that it is written for a specific tuner in mind, so you'll need to take that into account when you reach that section22:29
everydaylinuxusecan you give the make and model?22:29
Guest6997me? compaq CQ5504f22:32
josh_thanks a lot tgm4883. I wrote your info down in case I need to bug you again. As I said I'll post some comments. Cheers!22:33
everydaylinuxuseshould be a decent enough spec to run Ubuntu 12.04 and above. Download the ISO from the Ubuntu website, burn it to a DISK/USB and give it a go in live mode22:34
Guest6997CD or dvd?22:34
Guest6997am nub, be gentle22:34
schultzaGuest6997: Welcome to the FOSS world. We hope you stay awhile.22:35
Guest6997thanks, will do.22:36
everydaylinuxuseThis link will probably help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto22:37
schultzaMy ubuntu-13.04-desktop-amd64.iso is 823.1 MB. Is there a smaller one that will fit a CD or do we now need to jump up to DVD burning?22:37
Guest6997I got 700m cds, but no dvds.22:37
tgm4883schultza, DVD or USB22:37
everydaylinuxusehave you got a USB drive?22:37
Guest6997nope lol, I gotta go buy one.22:38
zykotick9!mini | schultza if you want to go much smaller there is this...22:38
ubottuschultza if you want to go much smaller there is this...: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:38
Guest6997Sweet, and this will update or whatever to a current stable version?22:39
schultzazykotick9: I'd like to keep the live desktop option for repair instances.22:39
separatedmaleany ladies wanna chat?22:41
everydaylinuxuseAlternatively guest6997 rather than fork out for a USB drive you could just buy the dvd from the Ubuntu site. http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=976 Probably be cheaper, guaranteed to get the correct image22:41
reisioseparatedmale: #defocus22:41
Guest6997with these hardware specs http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c02174551&lang=en&cc=us&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=416224522:43
everydaylinuxusethe minimal download will work but if you are new to Ubuntu and Linux it will be a bigger learning curve than getting a proper live disk22:43
Guest6997which minimal image do you think is best for me?22:43
[Ex0r]hello, is Ubuntu server the version with no UI ?22:43
nevyn[Ex0r]: it has a ui. it's not graphical,... but it has a ui22:44
[Ex0r]nevyn- is there a version that just installs linux with no kde or gnome, that I can just ssh in to for management ?22:44
martinramehi, I'm using 12.04 and found the command "test -n 'asdasd'" does not return anything, is this correct?.22:44
nevyn[Ex0r]: server22:45
schultzaGuest6997: That computer is a x86_64 (or 64-bit) system.22:45
[Ex0r]nevyn- awesome, thank you. I am wanting to test out my PHP application I am developing on several different platforms so I am going to virtual machine a bunch of setups22:45
Snova213.04 (kubuntu) installer crashes with failure to install grub-efi. what can I do about this?22:46
daftykinsSnova2: confirm all secure boot functionality is disabled22:47
Snova2daftykins: I couldn't even boot the live usb until I did. that's fine.22:47
slideHow do I find out what device my eSata drives enumerated as?22:48
daftykinsSnova2: are you trying to dual-boot with say, Win8 or nuking the disk and installing by itself?22:48
Snova2daftykins: dual-boot with oem win8 install.22:48
nintethi. i guess i am going to break down and buy a new laptop22:49
Snova2the usual ssd, windows fast restart stuff that the wiki page on UEFI mentions are all disabled or not applicable as far as I can tell22:49
nintetthis box is a POS and was almost DOA22:49
ninteti am thinking about an Acer Aspire One with the 1.1Ghz intel22:49
nintetfrom my local walmart for 250$22:50
daftykinsSnova2: is it failing at the first-step GRUB install then, then refusing to install?22:50
nintetanyone out there know if that will work good with 13.04?22:50
daftykinsnintet: 1.1GHz intel what? sounds terrible22:50
nintetintel celeron22:50
Snova2daftykins: don't know. there's some files in /target/boot/grub/x86_64-efi that suggest it was at least partially there. exact message is "The 'grub-efi' package failed to install into /target/."22:51
daftykinsSnova2: have you only tried once?22:51
nintetis there anything about win8 pre-loaded computers that i should know?22:52
nintetlike... did M$ make it so that the thing blows up if you try to install linux?22:52
Snova2daftykins: I've tried a couple times, reformatting the partitions each go and always the same error.22:52
daftykinsnintet: it won't be a very good experience22:52
nintetwhy not?22:52
daftykinspoor graphics and dire processor22:52
nintetim not having a good experience now22:52
daftykinsSnova2: did you take the approach of resizing the Windows volume to make space, then trying to install into the opened up space?22:53
HexagoniteIs UEFI Secure boot supported on Wubi with 12.04.2?22:53
ninteti just want to run draftsight.22:53
Snova2daftykins: yes, though I actually did that with gparted22:53
johnjohn101nintet: would be interesting to see how well ubuntu ran on that machine22:53
nintethonestly, i was using 12.04 LTS because it installed draftsight out of the box22:54
nintetthe problem is that now the graphics took a huge crap on me and all i see is grey22:54
nintetin draftsight22:54
nintetnot to mention that puppy, beos, and tynyXP has trashed my boot22:54
daftykinsSnova2: hmm controversial. i wouldn't have trusted that myself22:55
Snova2daftykins: perhaps, but the ubiquity partitioner is a bit screwy and the kde ui somewhat buggy, and it seemed to work perfectly fine in the end22:55
Prock81i have a device that should be showing in lsusb and its not, what would be the problem22:56
daftykinsSnova2: so you've since booted into 8 and it's all happy with the disk setup?22:57
Snova2daftykins: yeah, win8 still works fine22:57
ninteti dont have the cash to just throw at a laptop tho22:57
daftykinsi'd have used disk management in win8 to resize, but ho-hum captain hindsight is of no use22:57
nintetis there a sub 300$ laptop that fits my needs?22:57
zykotick9Prock81: lack of driver most likely22:57
johnjohn101ninet, some one posted a comment that it runs debian and xfce22:57
nintetyeah i saw that22:57
nintetbut that is debian not 13.0422:58
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
nintetthey prolly do the whole IT for every car dealership in town or something22:58
ninteti just make noise and draw pictures22:58
Snova2daftykins: I suppose that would have been slightly safer, but it doesn't seem to have made much difference. except there seems to be a couple hundred KB of empty space between each ext4 partition for some reason...22:58
Prock81how can i get the driver for "Dell Wireless™ 5630 Multi-mode HSPA-EVDO Mini Card (Gobi™ 3000) with A-GPS"22:58
ninteti dont know how windows 8 can be released on a 1.1 intel celeron anyways...22:59
nintetthat must be a beefy CPU22:59
johnjohn101ninet: office depot/staples/office max usually advertise a $300 or so lappy..  look at their ads22:59
nintethas a 2mb cache22:59
daftykinsnintet: no it's pants :P22:59
johnjohn101where in blazes do they use the word pants to describe rubbish23:00
daftykinsi'm sort of in the UK23:00
blazemoreI have *got* to turn hilights off for "blaze"23:00
daftykinsbut not23:00
blazemorejohnjohn101: In the UK we do, anyway23:00
everydaylinuxuseIt would be interesting to see if that could boot within the boot up limit that Microsoft has set23:00
nintetwell, what i would like is a chromebook but i dont know if it will run draftsight23:00
nintetall i know is that for almost every cad app out there you need an intel cpu23:00
daftykinsi have nfi what draftsight is23:01
nintetits the linux cad app23:01
daftykinswell sadly all this laptop buying talk is beyond support of Ubuntu23:01
daftykinsnintet: that cheap one might be bearable with a non-3D desktop, so perhaps with say xubuntu or lubuntu instead23:01
daftykinsbut it still looks pretty... pants to me23:02
ZaitzevAny way to get a little help on Zentyal in here? It being an Ubuntu derivative and all, someone here might be able to help :)23:02
nintetyeah, better get a box then23:03
zykotick9Prock81: does the wireless part work?  you might want to see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1966918 but it does NOT talk about GPS...23:03
Snova2goodness. I can leave a convenient giant 500gb empty space and the installer decides the best option is to blow away the whole disk. to say nothing of the crashes, ubiquity needs some serious work23:03
daftykinsZaitzev: no, official support only23:03
Prock81zykotick9, wireless works, but gps is confusing23:04
daftykinsSnova2: ^_^23:04
Snova2... and gparted just silently crashed horribly. can't say I want my partitioning tool doing that23:05
zykotick9Prock81: ummm, well - good luck (you'll probably need it)23:05
daftykinsSnova2: your system doesn't sound especially stable right now23:05
Guest6997are there no executables in ubuntu?23:05
kuracinais acnyone playing trou comabt gmae?23:05
daftykinsGuest6997: of course, how else would programs run? what are you really after...?23:05
Guest6997trying to install brasero23:06
Snova2daftykins: "double free or corruption" doesn't sound like something that was my fault, nor those exceptions in the ubiquity code...23:06
saiarcot895Has anyone gotten unity/compiz freezeups?23:06
saiarcot895Happens occasionally for me23:07
johnjohn101Guest6997: install or use brasero?23:07
daftykinsSnova2: it's not about asserting blame, though i would begin to try and blame something for the instability. either RAM issues, bad flash drive, bad CD/DVD etc?23:07
saiarcot895sometimes, switching to tty1 and back works, sometimes unity --replace, sometimes it half-works and I have to restart to restore fully23:07
Snova2daftykins: the machine is barely two weeks old!23:07
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?23:07
Guest6997install then use brasero 3.0.023:08
daftykinsSnova2: sure but the media you're installing from?23:08
daftykinsSnova2: i've already seen plenty of people in here doing UEFI installs beside win8 and i've not seen anyone have these kind of app crashes23:08
Snova2daftykins: an interesting point, actually; the flash drive is old and a bit sticky from... something. I really doubt it though23:08
johnjohn101Guest6997: what version are you running?23:09
daftykinsSnova2: could be worth 100% formatting it and recreating it?23:09
Snova2daftykins: well, the grub-efi thing comes up on google/launchpad bugs, but the ubiquity UI crash is fairly clearly just a programmer fudging things up. gparted is an oddity23:09
Guest6997ubuntu 10.10, trying to burn a mini.iso of 13.0423:09
daftykinsSnova2: fair enough, what did the launchpad bugs say of the grub-efi bit? anything useful?23:09
irreverantIdleOne Isn't 10.04 LTS?23:10
daftykinsirreverant: it was but it's not got long left now23:10
Snova2daftykins: unsolved bugs, a lack of workarounds, and the odd unhelpful "try blowing away your whole disk" :-)23:10
zykotick9irreverant: 10.04's desktop support is done... EOL at this point.23:10
IdleOneit was, Desktop version has reached EOL23:10
=== Guest6997 is now known as Victor
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?????????????????????23:10
irreverantHow long does an LTS usually have support for?23:10
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)23:10
Victorthen thats what I should get right?23:11
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?????????????????????23:11
daftykinsSnova2: tbh i bet the manufacturer has a huge recovery partition that's wasting space anyway, were it my system and i wasn't nuking 8, i'd have nuked the disk and clean installed 8 then ubuntu :)23:11
=== samuel_ is now known as samuel
saiarcot895Victor: Do you have Startup Disk Creator installed?23:11
daftykinskuracina: do NOT repeat yourself in here23:11
everydaylinuxuserealistically nobody is going to stay on a 5 year old desktop are they? Just look at the difference between 10.10 and 13.04 and that is just 3 years23:11
=== Guest47921 is now known as hue
saiarcot895also off-topic, I believe23:12
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?????????????????????23:12
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?????????????????????23:12
kuracinais anyone playing trou combat game?????????????????????23:12
FloodBot1kuracina: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:12
daftykinsVictor: so where are you getting stuck? installing brasero?23:12
Snova2daftykins: at this point I'd love to do that, and there's way too many excess partitions on this thing as it is (what kind of system has seven partitions by default?!), but no nice simple win8 install disks...23:13
Snova2there's backups of everything, so the disk isn't valuable. but the OS is23:13
daftykinsSnova2: easy to find win8 images for dl. and yeah EFI demands a minimum of 3 so there's some fun right there :(23:14
irreverantWhat is a local backup solutin for ubuntu that's similar to Backup Exec or Windows Backup?23:15
Snova2daftykins: one efi, one windows boot, windows everything else I'm guessing? I can live with that, but this thing adds two recovery partitions, an unknown one, a lenovo thing with drivers... messy23:15
VictorNo idea how to install stuff on ubuntu, I've extracted it, but the install help file makes no sense to me.23:15
daftykinsVictor: locate it in the software centre and install? or "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install brasero" in a terminal?23:15
daftykinsSnova2: that's manufacturers for you23:16
imranhHey everyone. I'm trying to kill X-Server so I can install NVidia drivers. When I use the enabled control-alt-backspace it takes me to log in screen, NOT to terminal. When I use Ctrl-Alt-F1 and go Virtual Terminal, my "password" is incorrect even though I just tried even changing it. What now?23:16
jrib!backup | irreverant23:16
ubottuirreverant: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning23:16
daftykinsVictor: you don't download software from websites with ubuntu, this isn't windows23:16
jribirreverant: I have no idea what the programs you named are, but check out ubottu's suggestions23:16
Snova2hm, there's hints on google that lenovo machines come with windows serial numbers embedded into the bios. that and a disk image might do nicely23:16
daftykinsVictor: may i ask why you're trying to write a minimal ISO then? you'll need some experience to install that.23:16
Victoromfg, I've had it installed all along /facepalm23:17
Snova2still no guarantee it'll work, though; for all I know I'll just end up with a cleaner disk and a still-failing installer23:17
=== Victor is now known as Victor_the_ubern
=== Victor_the_ubern is now known as Victor_the_nub
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Victor_the_nubThanks for the help, I'm gonna go make that mini boot now.23:18
irreverantjrib: Backup Exec is for Symantec local backup solution on the Windows Platform. So is Microsoft Backup - which comes iwth Windows Server.23:18
imranhHey everyone. I'm trying to kill X-Server so I can install NVidia drivers. When I use the enabled control-alt-backspace it takes me to log in screen, NOT to terminal. When I use Ctrl-Alt-F1 and go Virtual Terminal, my "password" is incorrect even though I just tried even changing it. What now?23:18
Frendis Virtualbox the same as installing it on the computer?23:19
irreverantjrib TAR utility isn't the same as a tarball is it?23:19
jribirreverant: tar creates tarballs23:19
saiarcot895imranh: To open Terminal, it's Ctrl+Alt+T23:19
zykotick9imranh: FYI installint nvidia.com's driver is possibly a bad idea anyways...23:19
Frendirreverant: cmon..i saw you at windows channel :]23:19
holsteinFrend: the process is the same yes.. but the result is obviously vituralized23:19
imranhzykotick9: It's better than having no drivers at all and being stuck at 1024x768 because bumblebee is useless23:20
imranhsaiarcot895: You can't close xserver from terminal... You need virtual terminal.23:20
saiarcot895imranh: as it is, I thought the drivers would be installed, then you have to restart.23:20
imranhsaiarcot895: No.. They are not installed.. I am trying to install them...23:20
FrendBumblebee only switches the app to use the nvidia23:20
imranhYes, but how do I actually get drivers for it then?23:21
imranhBesides from NVidia?23:21
kel39_who has a direct link to ubuntu .iso23:21
FrendNouveou something if you dont like the Nvidia one23:21
daftykinsSnova2: you should have the windows 8 key on your COA sticker no?23:21
wilee-nileekel39_, ubuntu.com and which release?23:21
nevynimranh: bumblebee works with nouveau23:21
k1l!download | kel3923:21
ubottukel39: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Raring, and help keeping the servers' load low!23:21
kel39_i was hoping someone could save me doing that... i have wget open23:21
irreverantFrend: Yes I'm in the windows channel. I'm also realitively new to ubuntu23:21
saiarcot895imranh: I believe the Ubuntu repos have open-source Nvidia drivers23:22
saiarcot895imranh: I'll try to find some packages23:22
Frendirreverant: nice to see you :)23:22
daftykins*kernel has nvidia open source, it's called nouveau23:22
nevynimranh: ubuntu includes a mechinism for installing the nvidia binary drivers (as well23:22
zykotick9saiarcot895: ubunto also has the propritary nvidia drivers in repo as well... just sayin'23:22
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nevynimranh: this will install and configure them correctly for ubuntu23:22
imranhI'm on 12.10 right now23:23
cbryantIs anyone familiar with a text based bdf client for ubuntu23:23
saiarcot895zykotick9: Interesting. I thought they only kept open-source on their repos23:23
Snova2daftykins: this thing is pretty stickerless, unless it's under the battery or something like that23:23
daftykinsSnova2: can be, or on mains adapters23:23
zykotick9saiarcot895: no way - ubuntu has LOTS of non-free stuff...23:23
Victor_the_nubGonna go try this mini-iso, wish me luck.23:23
johnjohn101good luck23:23
irreverantIs there a Partner Channel program for Ubuntu to be an Authorized Dealer? And where should I start looking?23:24
saiarcot895zykotick9: true, I should have thought of that. Otherwise, it wouldn't be able to play MP3, flash (although it's an installer), etc.23:24
daftykinsirreverant: somewhere a lot more official than IRC, that's for sure23:24
irreverantdaftykins: Yeah I figure but I'm not sure if it's Canonical or Ubuntu I need to contact23:25
irreverantdaftykins: I answered my own question Canonical23:25
wilee-nileeirreverant, I think you are applying a stem to distribution that does not exist.23:25
imranhSo I guess nouveau is installed by default. Any way to easily configure it or is it gonna take a bunch of conf editing?23:25
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saiarcot895imranh: the nvidia-current-updates package installs some nvidia drivers23:26
irreverantwilee-nilee: what do you mean?23:26
holsteinimranh: by "configuring it", you mean nouveau? it'll typically just work, or you willl want the other driver23:26
wilee-nileeirreverant, This is open source basically you can distribute ubuntu for free as is.23:27
imranhIt's not "just working" since I'm stuck at 1024x768. And like I said I can't install NVidia drivers either since I need to close Xserver for that and that's impossible23:27
nevynirreverant: there is a partner program which will let you use logo's etc etc I think23:28
holsteinimranh: you can install from tty23:28
irreverantI understand that.... But let's say we build boxes and and support them. Obviously since it's licensed - can I charge to support it, if so how much and how much can I seel the complete system for including the Ubuntu software.23:28
holstein!nvidia > imranh23:28
ubottuimranh, please see my private message23:28
irreverantnevyn: that's what I'm talking about.23:28
irreverantI don't want to break any laws/rules regarding licensing.23:28
Snova2daftykins: well, thanks for the advice. I think I might go with the "restart from scratch" option, though it'll take a while. in the meantime I think I've spent too much time fussing with this today already :-)23:29
imranhholstein: Thanks, that was useless, the problem isn't the configuration, it's the complete lack of drivers.23:29
wilee-nileeirreverant, I'm not sure Canonical is making a profit as of now in spite of all their programs, if that is your goal it is a pipe dream.23:29
zykotick9holstein: fyi a "tty" is ANY terminal, i think what you really mean is "virtual c