smartboyhwypwong, maclin1 so, how are you guys after Alpha 1 release?07:40
maclin1smartboyhw, we are continuely going on with the development of feature applications and arrange the plan of translations as well as QA work.  Many things need to do to catch up with the A2 point.08:05
smartboyhwypwong, ping ping15:28
ypwongsmartboyhw, pong15:50
smartboyhwypwong, who's Xiaojun Ma? Do you know him?15:50
smartboyhwNot maclin15:50
ypwongsmartboyhw, i know him15:51
ypwongwhat's up15:51
smartboyhwypwong, is he a Canonical employee?15:53
smartboyhwypwong, oh interesting.15:53
ypwongoh why15:53
smartboyhwHe's annoying our -devel mailing lists and different platforms for strong affirmating for MIr15:54
ypwongthat's his style15:55
ypwongI already get used to that15:55

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