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OvenWerksdeevad: with regard to your question on Thunar... I don't know. I have never tried that. If no one here knows though, try #xubuntu or #xfce20:17
OvenWerksI am not sure what permitions you should need to write to your own directory unless you were trying to set things system wide.20:18
deevadOvenWerks, hey thanks, I forgot to say I had a answer on #xfce an hour ago. I had a permission issue on ~/.config/Thunar, for an obscure reason. Now it solved.20:22
OvenWerksThat makes sense20:24
deevadI have to solve now on spare time why my introduction screen went from beautifull animated logo of Ubuntustudio with spinning circle, to only a 80's font with dot under running in 640x480 . I guess Nvidia driver screwed that.20:24
OvenWerksWhich version of US?20:24
OvenWerksMy 12.04 was that way20:25
deevad13.04 64bit ; Nvidia driver 103 stable I think20:25
OvenWerksI also have nvidia20:25
OvenWerksI use the free driver20:25
OvenWerksI get the animation but the colours are ... wild and wonderful.20:26

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