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jodh/topic Upstart 1.9 | http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/ | Post to mailing list if no response here: http://bit.ly/ooeNVv13:45
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elmojodh: \o/15:19
elmojodh: could I safely run upstart 1.9 on raring if I backport it?15:19
xnoxelmo: wait for us to merge 1.9 into saucy & apply ubuntu-specific patches for apparmor, and then backport that package.15:22
elmoxnox: ok15:22
xnoxelmo: well, i expect you will just be able to recompile for raring.15:23
erkulesahoi short question. having in his old init script  an own option. Does upstart has any way to have own options? I was thinking about using emit, but that is too fuzzy.15:26
xnoxerkules: what do you want to achieve? and what do you want to do?15:31
xnoxerkules: all common tricks are described here: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#cookbook-and-best-practises15:32
erkulesxnox: hi, I was reading a blogpost. There they patched galera-init with a bootstrap option. So when you start the script with that option it creates a new GTID15:32
erkulesxnox: okidoki15:34
xnoxerkules: i'm still confused what your initial problem/question is. =)15:36
xnoxerkules: if you want to launch different instances of the same daemon you can be using instances15:37
xnoxerkules: what is galera-init? what is GTID?15:37
erkulesok GTID (global transaction id)15:37
erkulesit is a galera thing15:37
erkulesservice mysql start -> starts the server with old GTID15:38
erkulesservice mysql start --bootstrap forces the server to create a new GTID15:39
xnoxerkules: if a job is already running, upstart will not try starting it again. Thus you should stop; start.15:52
xnoxerkules: if you want to keep the "old one" running. and run a new one with a different GTID simultaniously. Look into passing variables to jobs and/or instances.15:53
xnoxerkules: it looks like above is an init.d script, are you converting it to a native upstart job?15:53
xnoxerkules: cause under upstart, you can continue using init.d scripts and above should just work as upstream uses it.15:53
erkulesxnox: I would like to implement the idea of extra options in my own upstart script16:04
xnoxerkules: they are not scripts, and are not executed.16:07
xnoxerkules: they are configuration files.16:08
xnoxerkules: you can pass environment variables to them.16:08
xnoxerkules: e.g. you can have $ start myjob BOOTSTRAP=true16:08
xnoxbut not arbitrary arguments.16:09
* xnox slowly builds on disk.16:44
xnoxjodh: all 18 tests pass for me with saucy sbuild.16:48
xnoxjodh: please note that for me locally upstart testsuite fails if sbuild is using: overlayfs, tmpfs, eatmydata.16:48
erkulesxnox: thats cool16:48
xnoxjodh: thus to build upstart I always use sbuild with a configuration closer to the distro builders:16:49
xnoxjodh: so my /etc/schroot/chroot.d/sbuild-saucy-amd64 looks like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5808343/16:50
xnoxjodh: and I build upstart with sbuild -c saucy-plain-amd64 path-to.dsc16:50
slangasekxnox: so I confirm your result that the branch builds fine in my sbuild environment; must be something specific to eatmydata or other optimization20:02

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