Unit193Just a note that we'll want to change plymouth to say 13.10.02:55
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ochosiUnit193: you're referring to the text-theme, right?08:24
ochosiUnit193: if so, i can fix it, just file a bug and I'll assign it to me so that i don't forget08:24
ochosisooo... mir.08:24
knomeyes, mir.09:07
knomekubuntu will use X09:07
pjotrHello, I have a question about Mir09:23
pjotrWill Xubuntu migrate to Mir like Ubuntu, or will Xubuntu stay with X.org and later on move to Wayland, like Kubuntu?09:23
knomenot discussed yet.09:24
pjotrOK.... The arguments used by Jonathan Riddell, for taking another course with Kubuntu, might be valid for Xubuntu as well:09:27
knomei've read the article09:27
pjotrWhen will it be discussed by the Xubuntu devs?09:31
knomeon the next community meeting, yet unscheduled09:33
pjotrOK, thanks.... Hopefully I'll be able to attend. :-)09:34
knomewe've had meetings on thurdays around 15UTC09:35
knome(not every thu, but 1-2 times per month)09:36
pjotrOK, I have to go now...09:40
lderangood bye09:40
knomei'm off as well ->09:41
lderancheerio :P09:41
jxzero@GridCube have you set a time for an informal meeting for the dA admin? with the rest of the volunteers?13:46
meetingologyjxzero: Error: "GridCube" is not a valid command.13:46
GridCubejxzero: :) dont use @ P:13:46
GridCubejxzero: not really, im available at any moment if you need me to help you13:47
jxzero_yeah, I realize that now13:47
GridCubeas said, its an informal meeting, im still waiting for knome to tell me if i need to create a new group13:47
GridCubebut we can start studying the one already working and in any case move to the other one once the name desicion has been made13:48
jxzero_yeah, the name13:48
jxzero_it hasn't been settled13:48
jxzero_it'll still be the same set of stuff to take care of, anyway, right?13:49
GridCubeit would just change the name13:52
jxzerowhat time do people usually come online here?13:52
GridCubei mean, unless someone pays for a premium account, then we could add other stuffs13:52
GridCubei cant pay for a premium group account, i do not have a credit card13:53
jxzeroI think we could do with a basic account13:53
jxzeroneither do I13:53
GridCubeyes ofcourse13:53
jxzeroanyway, the whole point of the gallery is to show them xubuntu13:54
jxzerofancy things can come later13:55
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GridCubesorry 'bout that13:56
GridCubewhat its the dA account you are using?13:57
jxzeromy M-Jae account13:58
jxzeroI think I've sent a request already13:58
GridCubeyes, i recieved a few :P i didnt knew wich one was yours13:59
GridCubewant me to admin you and teach you the basics?13:59
jxzerooh, yeah, I guess I missed mentioning that over at the threads14:00
jxzerosure, thanks14:00
GridCubeok i just sent you an invitation to the group as contributor14:02
GridCubeit should be showin in your messagin area14:03
jxzerogot it14:05
jxzeroclicked yes14:05
GridCube:) great now you should have access to the Admin area on the group page14:06
jxzerois there a group twitter registered to that box?14:06
jxzeroit's been loading for long enough, but it could just be my connection, of course14:06
GridCubeit fetchs @xubuntu tweets14:07
jxzeroright, so it's just me14:09
GridCubeok im gonna upload a screenshot and suggest it to the group14:09
GridCubemmm probably as im the owner it wont ask for permission to submit14:15
GridCubehehehe yes, i forgot to change that setting14:16
jxzeroif it doesn't, I guess we need to set up a dummy account14:16
GridCubeno, i already changed the way it works XD14:16
GridCubewe still might have to have a dummy account for other sources of images14:18
GridCubeok now14:20
GridCube:) you should have a correspondance message14:20
jxzerogot it14:21
GridCubeP: i setted it to need just 1 vote to aprove14:21
GridCubevote and it should go to the Featured gallery14:21
GridCubeit can only go there because we havent set any other gallery yet14:21
jxzeroor not I got a different notif14:22
jxzeroyeah, not one14:24
jxzeromaybe it's not done uploading?14:24
GridCubeyes its uploaded14:25
GridCubemmm ok i think i've fixed it14:26
GridCubeok now, :)14:28
jxzerowhere should it appear again?14:29
GridCubein the top its a Correspondance message, in the messagin area it appears under the group section14:30
jxzeronow it's there14:30
jxzeroI was looking at "correspondence messages"14:31
jxzeroit's under group14:31
GridCubeP: on the top it says that, sorry14:31
GridCubeaccept it :D14:32
GridCubenow :) if you go to the group page, you can go to the "gallery" tab, if you hover the image you will see a pencil icon pop out14:34
GridCubeclicking that icon will allow you to manage where the image is or of it should be deleted14:35
jxzeronope,  I only get "more like this"14:37
GridCubeok :D it more things i have to change the settings to, P: 14:39
jxzerothis is why we test things :p14:40
GridCubei though i saved, but i didnt saved the options the first time14:40
GridCubenow you should have access14:40
* GridCube crossfingers14:40
jxzeroI got a pencil thing14:42
jxzeroBut not on the image14:42
jxzeroIt's in the gallery button14:42
jxzeroIt links to "change name" and "uninstall"14:42
GridCubemmm hover the image, it should appear14:43
GridCubeyes, dont worry about that14:43
jxzeroit doesn't work for non "super" groups14:45
jxzerolet me try that hover thing again14:46
pleia2welcome jxzero :)14:48
jxzerothanks pleia214:48
jxzeroI still get "drag and collect" and "more like this"14:49
jxzeroyeah, I'm not getting that... I've tried to refresh lots of times already.14:50
GridCube:/ i dont understand, you do have permission14:51
GridCubelet me move it to the test folder14:51
GridCubeok now?14:51
GridCubeif not i can change your role to co-owner instead of contributor14:53
GridCubeand see if that works14:53
jxzeroyeah, it totally says "have full control" in the settings area14:53
jxzerostill not getting that pencil in the artwork part, though14:54
GridCubeill change you to co-founder then14:55
GridCube:/ now?14:56
jxzerogot iy14:57
jxzerowhat's next15:01
GridCubewell then its setting up galleries for different things and accepting/rejecting submissions :P15:03
GridCubeaint that difficult of a job really15:04
jxzeroas long as we volunteers have time, that is15:05
GridCubeto aprove an image we should check that it complies with the group policy,15:08
GridCubejxzero: :) yeah but if just needs one vote then its easy, though we probably might want to need 2 votes to aprove15:08
jxzerodo we have time for three votes, instead?15:09
GridCubesure that can be done15:10
GridCubewe are 415:10
GridCubeat the admins15:10
GridCubeok done, i've set that any user can suggest images to the non featured galery, and group members can suggest to the test folder and the featured folder, all need 3 votes15:14
jxzerowhat about the group membership? Do we approve people first or is it open?15:23
GridCubei set it to autoaccept its a promotional thing really, they cant really do much except promote us on their pages :D15:25
GridCubethey cant suggest anything but their own submissions, not even favs 15:26
jxzerowell, that makes sense15:26
jxzeroso, has anyone gone about some sort of plan about how this can take off beyond the dev list?15:27
GridCubei think that when we are ready we can make an announcement in the xubuntu website, some tweet, g+, fb messages.15:30
GridCubemailing list, the whole thing15:31
pleia2yep, that's the plan15:31
pleia2that should give us a nice initial influx of submissions, and you folks just let me know when you're running low and I'll social media it up again and again :)15:32
pleia2(and I encourage individuals to share it too)15:33
GridCubeP: exactly, and webupd8 usually picks up this kind of announcements too15:33
pleia2it occurs to me that we should announce the desktop of the week each week on the social media, so that'll link them to the page where we'll have info about how to submit your own16:26
GridCubesure that would be nice16:30
skellatochosi knome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/119563316:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1195633 in shimmer-themes (Ubuntu) "Drop metacity/mutter theme in Albatross" [Undecided,Invalid]16:32
NoskcajWe still have the "Xubuntu Raring Parole 0.5.0" on the iso tracker in the daily's do we want to remove it or rename it?19:42
skellatNoskcaj: What's the version in Saucy?19:52
Noskcaji don't know19:52
skellatI'd say update it then19:54
NoskcajI suggest we turn it into a parole package test rather than leaving it on the iso tracker19:57
knomeas long as the testing team is aware of the package tracker20:07
Noskcajyeah, i'm working on the manual test now20:07
knomeit was a well thought decision to put it in the ISO tracker as we hadn't used the package tracker too much before20:08
knome(and since there really wasn't other package tests for xubuntu)20:08
elfypackage tests for xubuntu is something I really want us to deal with20:09
knomeme too20:09
knomewe didn't get too much a1 testing :(20:09
Noskcajwe only have one or two up on the package tracker, the cross-flavour ones20:09
elfyknome: no - we didn't20:10
knomewe should start to organize a2 testing earlier20:10
Noskcajknome, we weren't on the a1 tracker20:10
elfyI didn't even get to it - this issues with dates different on 2 schedules is not very useful20:10
knomeheh yes20:10
knomeis there still two different schedules around?20:11
knomecan you point me or somebody else to them?20:11
elfythere's a release one and the cadence one 20:11
knomebut they are to be kept separately, right?20:11
elfybelieve so - the cadence one is balloons baby20:12
knomei think just mostly disregard cadence until we have more active testers..20:12
elfyyep 20:12
elfyI didn't even see xubuntu on the alpha tracker20:13
elfybut I was netless for a day 20:13
Noskcajit wasn't on the a1 tracker at all20:13
elfyas far as package tests go we need to puish to get manual tests written - even if they are just basic20:14
Noskcajbug 1195676 has broken every desktop install20:15
ubottubug 1195676 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity crashed with BrokenPipeError in command(): [Errno 32] Broken pipe during manual saucy desktop installations" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119567620:15
knomeNoskcaj, xubuntu, or all flavors?20:15
knomeelfy, are those the ones with bug per missingtest?20:15
elfyknome: yea - 28 20:16
elfy27 20:16
knomeelfy, are all of those xubuntu-related?20:16
elfythe gnumeric advanced one isn't important imho20:16
knomeelfy, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/xubuntu-s-qa/+linkbug20:17
knomeonce we show up in status.ubuntu.com, linked bugs should be counted towards our todo list20:17
knomes/should be/are/20:17
elfyok - I'll add them to blueprint 20:18
knomealso, is there bugs for missing autopilot tests?20:18
knomethose could go in as well..20:18
elfyI'll work through them all now20:19
knomegreat, thannks!20:19
elfyNoskcaj: did you not do the mines testcase?20:21
Noskcajelfy, i did, and i think it's merged20:21
knomemines? i hope that's below-low priority :P20:22
elfyyea 20:22
elfyknome: ^^20:22
Noskcajboth are merged20:22
knomeNoskcaj, could you keep the bug statuses up-to-date?20:23
elfyhelps to mark them as fix releases then :p20:23
Noskcaji thought i had, oops20:23
knomewell it's released when it shows up in the tracker20:23
knomecommitted when it's MP/merged20:23
knomewell committed when it's merged tbe20:24
knomein progress when you're working on it/when it's MP20:24
elfybut it's released once it's in the testcase branch? 20:29
knomeno, it's released when it's on the tracker20:29
knomereleased is like "all done, don't look at this bug any more"20:29
elfyok 20:29
knomeat least that's how i see it20:30
elfyso then if we don't ever end up putting them on the tracker they're never fix released?20:30
knomethen they are obsolete or wontfix20:30
knomeor then they are still pending and waiting to be added to the tracker20:30
elfyI hate launchpad and it's arcane wording20:31
knomerelease/obsolete/wontfix mark the bug as closed20:31
knomeand opinion kind of as well20:31
knomeand invalid.20:31
knomeothers mean the bug is open20:32
knomeand open should mean somebody needs to do something for the bug, closed that no work needs to be done20:32
knomemaybe that clears it a bit20:32
elfyok - added all the bugs to the blueprint now 20:33
knomethe bugs statuses make most sense if you think of a generic bug in software20:33
elfyI guess so - as far as I could see - if the bug was a testcase was needed - then it's all done once there is a testcase merged into branch20:36
knomeno, because merged to a branch doesn't mean it's "available"20:36
knomethat's pretty close to fix committed really20:36
knomewith a normal bug, when it's fix committed, it's in the branch20:37
knomebut won't be available for the end-user before the next ubuntu release20:37
elfyexcept these aren't those sort of bugs :)20:38
knomein testcases' case, "release" is a bit misleading, but i'd still only consider it released when it's available in the tracker20:38
knomefor the open/closed status difference20:38
knomedoes that make sense?20:41
elfysort of :)20:41
elfynot sure it matters - as long as we're all looking at it the same way and doing the same thing :)20:41
knomethe most important thing is to track "in progress" and "fix *"20:42
knome(and assignee)20:42
elfyok - so the blueprint is done I think 20:43
elfygot manual and autopilot ones on it 20:44
knomethat's a huge list.20:44
elfyI know 20:46
elfyyou said do it ... 20:46
elfyI've bumped the mail as well 20:47
Noskcajwhere are some videos built into xubuntu? i need them for the parole tstcase20:47
elfyknome: some of them will take 30 minutes to actually write 20:47
knomeelfy, i know, they are pretty straightforward20:47
knomeNoskcaj, i don't think we ship any20:47
elfybut as it's 2 or 3 of us doing them it is rather scary ;)20:48
knomemuch like the docs rewrite20:48
knomebut seriously, i think you could get much help from the community if you wrote a mail to the devel list20:48
knomedraft one, get me in the loop and let's improve that together (and take pleia2 with us) and let's do a good call for contributors20:49
knomei'm pretty sure jack (jjfrv8), the docs guy, would be willing to help with that as well20:51
knomehe's not too much on irc though, so you usually need an email to catch him20:51
Noskcajspeaking of docs, i need to finish translating the xubuntu ones20:52
elfyknome: sent you a draft21:08
knomethanks, will look at it in some time21:09
elfyta - I'm off shortly - will be about on and off all weekend21:10
knomehave fun off the pc :)21:10
elfyhoping to catch up with middle kid 21:10

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