hatchgary_poster: just FYI - looked at the docs, and you MUST prevent dragover to be able to drop. What a stupid spec *facepalm*00:12
gary_posterhatch heh, bizarre.  so are you moving that to somewhere more general?00:27
hatchI'm renaming that file to dragdrop00:28
hatchand unflagging it00:28
gary_posterI don't think that's an ideal solution but I am OK with it00:28
gary_posterparticularly under the circumstances ;-)00:28
gary_posterthanks, stepping away again00:28
hatchthere is some funky business going on with the relations and positioning in /trunk00:38
hatchthat turned out to be a lot more work than I thought, going to just copy the prevent defaults into the other file00:50
gary_posterhatch, funky business with relations and positioning?00:55
_mup_Bug #1195934: Deploying service from dd & add causes positioning issues <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1195934>00:56
hatchsee photo00:56
hatchthat combined with the relation line issue caused by the menu makes this feel broken00:57
gary_posteragree :-(00:57
hatchkind of don't want to release...tbh00:57
gary_posterrelation line caused by menu?00:57
gary_posterwait, I thought that was only on feature flag?00:57
hatchnope that's everywhere00:57
gary_poster!! misunderstood00:57
hatchfeatureflag has the fix by turning off the menu00:57
hatchand requring long click00:58
gary_posterI see00:58
gary_posterI thought that was unique to new inspector stuff00:58
gary_posterhatch, scratch the release.  thank you for trying.00:58
hatchthat was the original idea but Makyo said it was a known bug that has somehow been reagrivated at the same time as the new inspector stuff00:58
gary_posterI'll send an email to antonio and peeps and make cards and ask Makyo and benji to investigate00:59
gary_posteron Monday00:59
hatchalright - include in the email that he just needs to copy those two events and the ignore method over for the drop to start working on rapi01:00
hatchbroken trunk :-(01:01
gary_posterack hatch.  where did you think it was best to move the two events over?01:01
gary_posterMakyo don't worry about it unless you want to.  not  anything to do with you except you will be able to fix it fastest01:01
gary_posterI will send a card01:02
gary_posterin sum, though, three things01:02
MakyoYEah, was just wondering if 'broken trunk :-(' meant something other than the cards already discussed.  Hard to tell without further explanation.01:02
gary_poster1) the drag drop issue we found with improv.  we discovered the reason and fix, but not yet in trunk.01:02
gary_poster2) bug 119593401:02
hatchwell in renaming the inport/export file, I think it would make sense to move the drop handler for the service into there01:02
_mup_Bug #1195934: Deploying service from dd & add causes positioning issues <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1195934>01:02
gary_poster3) relation line gets confused when you start it from the menu now01:03
gary_posterhatch how do you dupe 3?01:03
hatchumm one sec I'll run through again just to be sure01:03
gary_posterhatch can't dupe 3 fwiw01:04
gary_posteron sandbox anyway01:04
Makyogary_poster, I've seen that one.  The mouse coordinates are being taken from the position relative to the upper-left-hand-corner of the menu.  I thooought we were passing the vis to d3.mouse, but maybe not!  I think you need to pan to reproduce, gets worse the more you pan/drag01:04
hatchahh right - I was panning but didn't even click that I was doing that01:05
MakyoBecause then the relative position is further away from the absolute origin of the SVG scene.01:05
hatchI deploy two services, pan them into the middle, then try and create a relation from the popup menu01:05
hatchthen the line is all "hey I'm over here....where are you?"01:05
gary_posterack hatch, duped thanks01:05
hatchI think that all 3 need to be fixed then we can release :)01:09
hatchI really wanted to release but it just looks bad :)01:10
gary_posterabsolutely.  correct call.01:10
hatchwere you able to dupe #2?01:11
gary_posterI think so.  definitely saw something bad.  lemme try the exact instructions...01:11
gary_posterhatch duped and got variation.  recorded on bug.01:17
hatchok great thanks01:18
hatchSo I suppose it's finally EOD then heh I suppose at least it was a good QA session01:19
gary_posteryes.  thanks again hatch.  have a good night and weekend.  You too Makyo01:19
MakyoYou too.01:19
hatchyou too! cya01:19
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