soeeok im going to sleep, lets hope tomorrow raring packages are ready :)00:00
manchickenRiddell: You wouldn't be around by some odd coincidence, would you?00:45
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
yofelyep, plenty of the new symbols are arch=armhf00:52
* yofel uploads kdelibs and falls off the chair00:52
yofelgood night00:52
ScottKmanchicken: calligra01:13
ScottKmanchicken: You want another one?  https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143377794/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.kubrick_4%3A4.10.80-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz01:18
manchickenUn moment...01:24
manchickenThis one isn't so easy.01:24
manchickenI've gotta download the libqt4-dev package in order to get the headers.01:37
manchickenStupid question: GLES and glext... what's the difference?02:08
manchickenWhy include both?02:08
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manchickenScottK: You're going to need someone who knows these APIs.02:29
manchickenScottK: The typedef's result in the exact same size and precision (8-byte int on amd64 at least), but there is a conflict btween the GLES2 and the glext includes which I don't know how to resolve without breaking stuff.02:30
manchickenI'm gonna run, and then I'll be back.02:30
manchickenI'm back.03:08
manchickenScottK: Does anybody know this library?03:08
ScottKmanchicken: Not in Kubuntu.  I know on armhf, which is the only place this fails, we have only GLES and not GL.03:23
ScottKSo it's going to work with GLES or not at all.03:23
manchickenSo then maybe we should throw a conditional around the includes for GL.03:26
manchickenThere's gotta be an arch-specific preprocessor symbol we could test for03:26
ScottKI'm sure there is.03:32
ScottKmanchicken: I think it should look for GL/GLES as that's what the code cares about.  We know how that relates to architectures in Ubuntu, but it's not a fundamental relationship.04:10
ahoneybunhey manchicken04:10
manchickenahoneybun: Hey04:10
ahoneybunmanchicken: are you working on the script to pull things from the wiki?04:10
manchickenahoneybun: I am, kinda... I don't have much information about the specs.04:11
ahoneybunmanchicken: oh ok04:12
manchickenI have a script which is mostly working against Wikipedia (nobody told me which wiki, so I'm assuming mediawiki and wikipedia is an obvious choice).04:12
manchickenahoneybun: If you have more specs I'd be happy to take them into account here.04:12
ahoneybunno sure what you mean by specs04:12
manchickenLike, Riddell said he didn't want to pass in a URL, but I don't know what he wants to take as input then.04:13
manchickenSo I changed it up and now you pass in a wikiword.04:14
ahoneybunmaybe anything with the categorydocumentation?04:20
ahoneybunI mean we can just take the text from each page, more work but still a option04:22
manchickenWhich wiki is this gonna hit? Ubuntu?04:23
manchickenThen, the other two questions are does the Wiki have an API, and which flavor of WikiMarkup is it?04:23
ahoneybunkubuntu wiki, idk, moinmoin04:24
manchickenWhat do you want for the input?04:26
manchickenYou want to provide a page name or a URL or what?04:27
ahoneybunlike have it take the content from a page name I gues04:27
ahoneybun /kubuntu/kubuntudocs/welcome04:27
manchickenahoneybun: As much as I'd love to code something new (no joke, I would), what about this: http://moinmo.in/MoinDump04:29
ahoneybunso it can dump page content to html?04:32
ahoneybunkubuntu wiki uses moinmoin but they limit the the abilities we have04:34
manchickenWell it says it can04:42
ahoneybunyea I'm wondering if I should test it04:42
manchickenWe probably should.04:42
manchickenThe question is does whether it makes a web request or a DB query :)04:43
ahoneybunnot for me today off to bed04:43
ahoneybunanyway off I go04:46
smartboyhwAnyone doing 4.10.5 upload?06:37
smartboyhwDamn, that script failed for
smartboyhwyofel, Riddell ScottK do you guys get Permission denied (publickey) when running the kubuntu-initial-upload script!?06:51
smartboyhwshadeslayer, apachelogger ^06:52
smartboyhw... Why does new symbols in analitza appear not in a saucy build but in a raring build!?06:54
smartboyhwahoneybun, how's digikam?07:12
valoriesmartboyhw: he went to bed quite awhile ago07:17
valorielast I saw, Riddell was telling him to rebuild it07:17
valorieperhaps when R comes back online he'll know the status07:17
lordievaderGood morning.08:12
soeegood morning08:31
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?08:34
soeelordievader, fine, thank you and you ?08:35
lordievaderI'm doing good too, editing the Kubuntu Docs a bit :)08:36
soeeim waiting for yofel to fix raring packages :)08:37
yofelsmartboyhw: raring has a different compiler, so far no 2 versions of gcc provided a matching list of symbols :/09:03
yofelit's usually no problem though09:03
shadeslayersmartboyhw: 4.10.5 is broken09:09
shadeslayersplit packages et all09:09
yofelsmartboyhw: note that you can really only run that script once 4.10.4 is in updates09:14
yofelotherwise it'll fetch the wrong packages09:14
yofel<maxy> pinotree: abi-compliance-checker says there is no ABI/API change in akonadi09:19
yofelwhat in hell is abi-compliance-checker09:19
debfxyofel: afaik the backend of http://upstream-tracker.org/09:21
debfxseems to be able to detect more types of ABI breakage than symbol files09:25
soeeyofel, so if the packages that are building now are fine we can test raring ?09:31
yofelit should be fine, the rest is only symbol file diff09:33
yofelnothing worse than beta109:33
yofelhm, mouse cursor motion doesn't really work right under XMir09:34
yofelif I move it very fast on the touchpad, then it jumps instead of moving09:35
shadeslayer^^ seems like a fun game 09:40
shadeslayerwhy this is odd09:45
shadeslayerif you have your adapter plugged in and you click the battery plasmoid, nothing happens09:45
shadeslayerhm, and suddenly it works09:46
soeeyofel, 3 packagets waits for okular-dev but okular was build already ?09:55
soeei dont get it how it works ;)09:56
smartboyhwshadeslayer, ah alright..09:59
smartboyhwyofel, ah alright.10:01
BluesKajHiyas all10:03
yofelsoee: the dependency check is only run ~hourly or so10:09
yofelI'll force them10:09
yofel Start in 1 hour 10:10
Esokratesshadeslayer: it seems our problem from yesterday behaves very very randomly ... reproducing is not always possible10:12
soeebuilding ?10:12
yofelmeh, I played with the kwin rendering settings a bit on my netbook, and now I've managed to get X stuck for the 4th time in one hour on XMir10:21
smartboyhwyofel, yes!:P10:32
yofelbtw. anyone else getting this?11:10
yofel[   42.796587] ksplashqml[2452]: segfault at 0 ip b74b3eb7 sp bfedf640 error 4 in libQtCore.so.4.8.4[b7323000+2db000]11:10
yofelthat would explain why ksplash quits before plasma is started11:11
soeeyofel, all packages ready ?11:12
yofelchecking, got distracted debugging X11:12
yofelyeah, everything seems ready. let me do a dep check then I'll copy them11:13
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy building in saucy-proposed, raring: WIP in Staging PPA | 4.10.4 in raring-proposed | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
smartboyhwyofel, you're copying to the backports PPA?11:22
yofelno beta, beta's and RC's never go into backports11:22
smartboyhwyofel, beta backports?11:22
smartboyhwyofel, now? Wow, that's quick.11:22
smartboyhwThis is much MORE better than 4.10.80:P11:22
yofelwell, yeah ^^11:23
smartboyhwyofel, when can we un-stuck 4.10.4 in raring-proposed!?11:23
yofelbuild queues were empty too so thing finished building overnight mostly11:23
* smartboyhw rather wants soee to test 4.10.4 to make it through.:P11:23
smartboyhwSo we can start working on 4.10.5!11:23
BluesKajis it in the raring backports yet ?, because ai have issues with the desktop atm , after the last upgrade a few days ago11:24
yofelsmartboyhw: hm, it's been 7 days, so ScottK should be able to release it when he gets to it11:25
BluesKajtaskmanager and pasgers don't show in th epanel and the titlebars are missing from the windows11:25
yofelsmartboyhw: kde folks need to fix kdeadmin and kdenetwork first though11:25
smartboyhwBluesKaj, not 4.10.5. 4.10.90 soon be.11:25
smartboyhwyofel, that's the issue really:P11:25
yofelBluesKaj: I'll have it in the beta backport in ~half an hour11:25
yofelneed to do a quick upgrade test first11:26
BluesKajyes I mean  4.10.90 , smartboyhw11:26
BluesKajyofel , good , thanks11:26
soeesmartboyhw, 4.10.4 on raring ?11:27
smartboyhwsoee, yeah.11:27
smartboyhwIt's stuck there for a long time. 11:27
soeei would have to install it on VM11:27
yofelnot long, no11:27
smartboyhwyofel, you don't understand.11:27
smartboyhwHong Kong people are VERY impatient.11:27
yofel7 days it's minimum, and the proposed testing mail was sent on the 21st11:27
yofelwell, blame the paperwork :P11:28
=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy building in saucy-proposed, raring: Copying to kubuntu-ppa/beta | 4.10.4 in raring-proposed | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
smartboyhwyofel, we have some build-dep problems for okular and kdepim-runtime in the archive.11:28
yofelnote for upgraders, this *should* happen:11:29
yofelThe following packages will be REMOVED:11:29
yofel  libtaskmanager4abi311:29
yofelsmartboyhw: kdepim-runtime looks ok to me, okular retried11:31
smartboyhwyofel, kdepimlibs?11:31
yofelfine too11:31
yofelScott usually tracks the failures there, so I guess he already retried those11:32
smartboyhwyofel, ah.11:32
smartboyhwHeck, I can't access the website admin page using rekonq.11:32
smartboyhwRiddell, can you help?11:33
smartboyhwThe certificate problems seems VERY annoying....11:33
yofelwhich one?11:33
smartboyhwJust keep popping up.11:33
smartboyhwyofel, https://www-admin.kubuntu.org11:34
yofelah, last time I tried I had lots of issues with rekonq there, try with konqueror11:34
yofel(login worked, but the page itself not really)11:34
smartboyhwyofel, :P11:34
soeeso are you pushing 4.10.4 or testing ?11:34
smartboyhwsoee, testing.11:34
yofelwe're working on a bunch of things in parallel ;P11:35
soeethats not good :)11:35
soeemark one taks, do it.  go next task :)11:35
yofelmy upgrade test is still running, will be done in a minute11:35
yofelgotta love SSD's :D11:35
soeewill love them to when get some:)11:36
smartboyhwyofel, even worse. Konqueror I can't even type the login details to the main page.11:36
yofelok, passed11:36
yofelI'll try in a minute11:36
smartboyhwyofel, um kdeadmin & network are uploaded I think.11:39
yofelsoee: copied, you'll have to wait on launchpad's publisher now11:39
yofeland I forgot l10n, that'll follow now11:40
smartboyhwyofel, and BTW why do I get permission denied (publickey) when running the scripts?11:40
yofeldo you have a new ssh key?11:40
soeeyofel, ok11:40
smartboyhwyofel, I did. But Riddell did upload that for me.11:40
smartboyhwI'm able to access using dolphin.11:40
smartboyhwSo, can't understand.11:41
yofelyou are connecting as ftpubuntu?11:41
smartboyhwyofel, do I have to connect WHILE I'm running the scripts?11:41
smartboyhwyofel, ofc.11:41
yofelno, but you need a) an ssh-agent, b) a setting in .ssh/config so it uses the correct user11:41
smartboyhwyofel, probably the second.11:42
smartboyhwis the problem.11:42
* smartboyhw does have ssh-agent.11:42
yofelsee README11:44
yofelin kubuntu-automation11:44
ScottKyofel: I plan to release it on Monday.11:49
yofelhm, then we'll have to wait till monday, ok11:49
ScottKWait for what?11:50
yofeluploading 4.10.5, the script can't pull packages from -proposed right now11:50
ScottKIt's policy not to release SRUs on Friday or on the weekend.11:50
ScottKThat or fix the script ...11:50
yofelah, makes sense I guess ^^11:50
yofelyeah, should be doable I guess.11:51
yofelsmartboyhw: want to do some python scripting? ^^11:51
soeeyofel, libtaskmanager4abi3 is going to be removed and libtaskmanager4abi4 installed right ?11:53
soeeok starting11:53
yofelok, as expected, that my rendering issues are gone isn't thanks to XMir but thanks to the ppa shipping a newer mesa version11:54
alleesmartboyhw: do you plan to backport *kscreen 1.0 pkg to raring (and maybe even precise?)12:03
yofelBug 119580612:04
ubottubug 1195806 in libkscreen (Ubuntu Raring) "libkscreen and kscreen SRU to raring" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119580612:04
ScottKallee: There's an SRU pending for raring12:04
yofelprecise we can do as backport, yeah12:04
alleeScottK: thx.  I'll check it12:05
ScottKallee: It's not in yet.12:06
BluesKajSRU ? , ScottK 12:07
ScottKstable release update12:07
ScottKThe process that gets a fix into -updates.12:08
alleeyofel: fwiw: for precise we should add divert on to kscreen for krandrstartup12:08
alleeotherwise startupkde exits with error and kdm greeter takes control again ;-)12:08
yofelallee: we try not to do technology transitions for backports, that's why the backport packages have the disable-krandr patch removed12:09
yofelor is it broken right now?12:10
BluesKajyofel, ok , should I update/upgrade raring now ?12:10
alleeyofel: kscreen in precise breaks startupkde12:10
yofelah, so I guess we would need a selective check whether kscreen is there or not :/12:10
yofelcan you file a bug against kubuntu-ppa please?12:11
yofelBluesKaj: you can if you want, everything's published12:14
BluesKajok yofel , vg12:15
alleeyofel: well, kscreen in precise does not conflict with kde-workspace-randr, so I maybe removed it by hand and broke startupkde that way. 12:18
yofeluhm, yeah. kde-workspace-randr should not be optional in precise12:18
BluesKajpresently upgrading the latest 13.10 kernel to
yofelI once tried to make it optional in startkde but completely broke the script on my system so I postponed that12:19
alleeyofel: as kscreen is only in backports ppa a test -r $(which krandrstartup) && . krandrstartup12:21
alleeshould do the trick12:21
soeeyofel, smoth upgrade12:21
alleeor kscreen divert it to and empty file12:21
yofelallee: we already have package tests in there but something didn't work out, I'll give it another try later12:21
smartboyhwyofel, what the hell python !?12:24
yofelyeah, python ^^12:25
smartboyhwyofel, I know VERY FEW python.12:26
smartboyhwAnyways, what's the task!/12:27
yofelpulling packages from -proposed if possible12:27
yofelI think that would be something like trying it and check if it worked, otherwise pull from regular release12:28
smartboyhwyofel, that's too difficult for me I think...12:28
ryanakcasmartboyhw: I've never been able to login to the admin page with anything but Firefox/Iceweasel. Don't ask me why...12:29
smartboyhwryanakca, heh12:29
yofelsmartboyhw: works for me with konqueror, what was broken again?12:30
smartboyhwyofel, certificates.12:30
yofelno warning here12:30
smartboyhwBoth rekonq and konqueror complains.12:30
smartboyhwyofel, :O12:30
yofelthough maybe I already ignored it12:30
smartboyhwyofel, wait. You mean I really can't run the kubuntu-initlal-upload script even I set -v 4.10.5 ?12:31
smartboyhwIt's for PPA isn't it?'12:31
yofelwell, you'll base those on the 4.10.3 packages currently12:31
yofelthat's not what you want12:31
smartboyhwyofel, ...12:32
smartboyhwI think the "no SRU release on Friday" rule should change...12:32
yofelno. seriously. no12:32
yofelyou do not put things on production on friday12:33
ScottKsmartboyhw: No.  We put it there because some bad SRUs got release on Friday and then it was the weekend when someone noticed and no one was around to fix it.12:33
ScottKI sometime push things on the other end and release late Sunday on the theory that someone will be around by the time someone notices a problem.12:34
soeethis is interesting Chrome eats more memory with one tab than Firefox with 312:36
alleeScottK: kscreen SRU: didn't find the pkg in raring-proposed and no SRU bug, so  pending means  noone works on it yet?12:41
ScottKIt's in the queue for the SRU team to review/accept.12:41
alleeScottK: ah, oh.  Thx12:42
ScottKBTW, if someone could actually finish digikam and upload it, that would help immensely with getting some saucy proposed -> release migrations unstuck.12:42
ScottKsmartboyhw: symbols for okteta on armhf need fixing, if you're looking for something productive to do.12:44
yofelI'll try to get to digikam later if time permits. I have access to that ec2 I think12:46
smartboyhwScottK, alright then.12:51
smartboyhwShould be simple.12:51
smartboyhwScottK, actually, it's symbols problem EVERYWHERE...12:59
BluesKajyofel, unfortunately plasma is still mucked up in 13.04 12:59
smartboyhwOn all arches. 12:59
smartboyhwBluesKaj, a X problem?13:00
BluesKajsmartboyhw, a plasma widgets problem and windows titlebars 13:01
smartboyhwBluesKaj, hmm...13:01
ScottKsmartboyhw: Well have fun then.13:01
apacheloggeryofel: ping13:04
smartboyhwScottK, dget -xu https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/okteta_4.10.90-0ubuntu2.dsc13:24
smartboyhwDiff: https://launchpad.net/~smartboyhw/+archive/ppa/+files/okteta_4%3A4.10.90-0ubuntu1_4%3A4.10.90-0ubuntu2.diff.gz13:24
smartboyhwUploaded to bzr already.13:24
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1196018] kwin with wayland support? @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1196018 (by Sandra Karuving)13:26
* ScottK tries13:26
apacheloggerbuild log is ok13:27
apacheloggeralso rekonq is getting worse to use -.-13:28
apacheloggersearching the workspace log from within rekonq goes ... "char.............................char....................................................................................charcharcharchar"13:28
apacheloggercould be a not installed file though, I fail to find output for that13:29
apacheloggeryofel: didn't ninjas builds used to have list-missing or something?13:30
yofelapachelogger: they did?13:31
yofelerm yes, they did13:31
apacheloggercan't see no nothing now :(13:32
yofelif you use debian-qt-kde.mk I think13:32
ScottKsmartboyhw: I started a test build on one of the armhf boxes.13:51
smartboyhwScottK, great.13:51
apacheloggeryofel: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ninjas/+archive/ppa/+build/4754496/+files/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.kde-workspace_4%3A4.10.90-0ubuntu2~ubuntu13.10~ppa6_UPLOADING.txt.gz13:58
smartboyhwapachelogger, check i386.13:58
smartboyhw--list-missing and lintian doesn't run in amd64 I think.13:59
Esokratesafiestas_: have you found the reason for the black screen problem?14:00
smartboyhwapachelogger, https://i143672214.restricted.launchpadlibrarian.net/143672214/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-i386.kde-workspace_4%3A4.10.90-0ubuntu2~ubuntu13.10~ppa6_UPLOADING.txt.gz?token=0a462bf31fa34eed8052d13227246a7714:01
smartboyhwi386 does have --list-missing and lintian.14:01
markeywhat's the equivalent of qt4-doc for kde docs?14:08
apacheloggerno such package14:09
markeyi.e. kde api docs in help format for Qt Creator14:09
smartboyhwyofel, 4.10.90 fully copied to kubuntu-ppa/beta right?14:20
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=== smartboyhw changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy in archive, raring: In kubuntu-ppa/beta | 4.10.4 in raring-proposed | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
apachelogger600mb tar14:24
apacheloggeryofel: it would appear shipping with .git is also not the solution :S14:24
smartboyhwScottK, how's the armhf build of okteta?14:26
kubotu::workspace-bugs:: [1196018] kwin with wayland support? @ https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1196018 (by Sandra Karuving)14:30
apacheloggeryofel: think we'll have to go back to foreach f in *; mkdir $f/.git14:31
soeeany idea why when i start my system 2 instances of dolphin are opened ?14:33
soeei checked startup programs and thers nothig related14:33
manchickenScottK: You ever find anybody who knew your GLES/glext question?14:38
manchickenahoneybun: Did you get a chance to look at MoinDump?14:39
ScottKmanchicken: No.14:46
ScottKsmartboyhw: 92%14:46
smartboyhwScottK, :) (ARM is slow:P)14:47
manchickenScottK: I can see if I can try to fake it, but it probably won't work.14:47
ScottKWorth a try.14:47
manchickenFirst step is to figure out what the preprocessor symbol is for arm, second is to just throw in the conditional around the glext include. I suspect there will be a third step of figuring out which symbols we have to chase down without glext, or which other symbols we have to wrap in conditionals.14:48
manchickenScottK: I wonder if you could just configure it without glext...14:48
manchickenI wonder if `#ifdef __arm__` would work... I'm seeing some of it on googling.14:54
manchickenI'm gonna go swim in the headers.14:54
apacheloggerScottK: what problem is that?14:55
manchickenScottK: I've got an idea. On line 34 append « #endif /* __arm__ */ » and then on line 32 append « #ifndef __arm__ »15:13
manchickenScottK: Try that. I expect that to cause new build errors, though.15:14
yofelapachelogger: meh, does it always remove it or what?15:16
yofelahoneybun: in what state is digikam on the ec2?15:19
yofelnvm, fetching15:38
smartboyhwHmm, interesting e-mail in kubuntu-devel about kopete.15:38
apacheloggeryofel: no, the tar just ends up being 600mib with git ^^15:39
apacheloggervs. 160 without15:39
apacheloggerso packing .git seems not very practical15:40
apacheloggerProject ERROR: Module does not define version.15:40
apacheloggerit also fails with .git15:40
yofelmaybe you shouldn't take *all* modules?15:40
apacheloggerthat's the standard way to build it15:41
apacheloggerand it still doesn't flipping build :@15:41
apacheloggerand I have no clue why15:42
apacheloggershadeslayer: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kopete preserving history is usually what we tend to do :S15:46
smartboyhwshadeslayer, heh15:46
smartboyhwapachelogger, hehj15:46
smartboyhwWell, why did we change it then in the first place?:P15:46
smartboyhwI think for googletalk it's because we don't have expat.15:48
smartboyhwas build-dep15:48
smartboyhwAs for disabling video support and skype protocol: Dunno,15:49
yofelahoneybun: I copied the digikam state you had over and shut the ec2 down15:56
ScottKsmartboyhw: https://paste.debian.net/13313/ - it didn't end well.16:01
ScottKapachelogger: manchicken wanted some coding stuff to do so I asked him to look at one of the armhf build failures caused by GL/GLES.16:02
apacheloggerthat sounds like nto fun at all :P16:02
ScottKGot something more fun we can give him?16:05
ScottKHe fixed the calligra FTBFS on arm for me already.16:05
ScottKapachelogger: Can you commit stuff to the calligra repos?16:06
ScottKlet me get you the patch.16:08
smartboyhwScottK, um, I did run ALL patches  for ALL archs into pkgkde-symbolshelper16:10
smartboyhwSo, maybe needing to do it MANUALLY.16:10
smartboyhwI really can't help now, sleep time.16:10
ScottKapachelogger: https://paste.debian.net/13315/ joint credit for the patch to jr and manchicken (Michael D. Stemle, Jr).16:12
smartboyhwScottK, if you want to do it manually, it will take a LONG time...16:13
smartboyhwI'm starting to think if these needed sudo:P16:13
smartboyhwBye for now, sorry ScottK:P16:13
apacheloggerthat explicit construction seems unnecessary16:16
apacheloggeralso, the repository is huge, still cloning ^^16:17
ScottKCould be.16:17
ScottKjr tried qreal(0.5) and that didn't work.16:17
ScottKmanchicken added the KisFixedPoint().16:18
ScottKI didn't notice until later it was a patch of a patch.16:18
apachelogger(dst_c_in_src - qreal(0.5))16:18
apacheloggerthat is the very same expression and it works there...16:18
manchickenYay, I have my tethering set up, and my tiny laptop and I are in business.16:19
ScottKHeya manchicken.16:19
ScottKapachelogger claims to have some less awful coding work than the arm stuff needing doing.16:19
apacheloggerthat ain't true :P16:19
apacheloggerI have management work though :P16:20
apacheloggerI know I know16:20
ScottKWe have plenty of managers.16:20
manchickenI have no idea what we're talking about, weeeeee!16:20
apacheloggerScottK: do we have a build log of Riddell's inferior patch?16:20
ScottKLook at the version before the one in the archive.16:20
* apachelogger takes a looksy16:21
ScottKmanchicken: One thing we're doing is sorting out the proper way to upstream your calligra patch.16:21
manchickenScottK: Step 1: tell them not to use C++ overrides to add scalars to objects :)16:22
manchickenYou get into trouble using overrides of operators to add numeric types to object types. I'm still a little surprised that this thing built at all on Intel.16:23
apacheloggerScottK: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143393859/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.calligra_1%3A2.6.92-0ubuntu5_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz seems to be the last fail on armhf16:25
apacheloggerand that was because of GL stuff16:25
* ScottK looks16:26
apacheloggerubuntu7 built just fine https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calligra/1:2.6.92-0ubuntu7/+build/474864016:28
ScottKNow I've really confused16:28
kubotuScottK meant: "Now I'm really confused"16:28
kubotumanchicken meant: "Weeee!"16:29
ScottKSo ubuntu7 had failed.16:29
manchickenI like this bot.16:29
ScottKIt looks like someone retried it and it magically worked.16:29
ScottKapachelogger: In any case, we were working of the ubuntu3 build log, which is https://launchpadlibrarian.net/143047036/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-armhf.calligra_1%3A2.6.92-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz16:33
manchickenSo, I'm going to play in libmanchicken land for a little while. Today, I'm doing dynamic lists! Let me know if you need me.16:34
ScottKmanchicken: Thanks.16:34
apacheloggerScottK: yeah that log makes sense, through qreal(n) we then have one candidate only ... KisFixedPoint(qreal) 16:35
ScottKExplicit is better than implicit though.16:37
manchickenapachelogger: I'm still trying to figure out how that compiled on any arch.16:38
* apachelogger scratches head16:39
manchickenapachelogger: It doesn't make sense unless it was implying the constructor around the qreal() return.16:39
manchickenEssentially, implicitly doing the thing I gave an update to do explicitly.16:39
manchickenThat's all I've got.16:40
apacheloggerthe problem was that n.n is double and a double could be coerced into int or qreal to construct a KisFixedPoint16:40
apacheloggermanchicken: why it compiled on other archs is a good story though ^^16:42
manchickenYes, except that KisFixedPoint doesn't store in a double.16:42
manchickenIt stores in 4 bytes always.16:42
apacheloggerso, qreal is a qt typedef for very precise number16:42
manchickenBut that qreal will be 8 bytes16:42
manchicken(or 16 bytes on 64bit?)16:42
apacheloggerqreal is double!16:42
apacheloggernot on arm, on arm it is float ;)16:43
manchickenYes, but KisFixedPoint stores quint32.16:43
apacheloggerbest thing in the Qt api ^^16:43
apacheloggermanchicken: yeah that doesn't matter though16:43
manchickenL119 of kis_fixed_point_maths16:43
apacheloggeryou can give it an int or a qreal and it will make it a 32bit integer16:43
manchickenBut you could have truncation.16:43
manchickenThough I suppose that could be unlikely.16:44
manchicken(still a bad practice though)16:44
manchickenBut qreal is a float on arm?16:44
apacheloggerthat is why it built elsewhere16:44
apacheloggern.n is double16:44
apacheloggern.nf is float16:44
apacheloggern.n has one non-coercive candidate to get to KisFixedPoint16:45
manchickenThat really shouldn't matter though since they're using qreal all over the place, right?16:45
apacheloggerbut on arm that is qreal(float), so it's coercive, so the compiler has two equally shitty options ... cast to float and loose precision or cast to int and loose precision, so it gives up16:45
apacheloggermanchicken: n.n is only equal to qreal on !arm16:46
apacheloggeron arm n.nf is equal to qreal16:46
manchickenYeah... another reason to make sure you don't use implicit coercion.16:46
apacheloggeri.e. !arm -> 1.1 == qreal(1.1)      arm -> 1.1f == qreal(1.1)16:46
apacheloggermanchicken: yeah the KisFixedPoint + double thing is shitty16:47
manchickenI've never done anything outside of a JVM or Obj-C on arm.16:47
apacheloggersingle most occuring problem with arm building16:47
apacheloggeras it will work on !arm just fine as it's double everywhere else16:48
manchickenYeah... at work we have a lot of fun with people not knowing the difference between C strings and character arrays.16:48
manchickenIt seems silly that 15 years into my career I'm still having to deal with elementary stuff as my primary headache... but it is what it is.16:49
apacheloggerhonestly though IMO the issue lies with Qt there... from an API POV you should be able to coerce any real value (be it float or double or whatever) into a qreal as that is the abstract concept qreal represents... a real number.16:49
manchickenIs the need for that precision just due to GL stuff?16:50
manchickenIf we're doing pixel math I don't think you really need that much in the way of precision.16:50
manchickenSeems like overkill.16:50
apacheloggerno clue, I am not working on calligra16:50
apacheloggerprobably GL though16:50
manchickenWell, there's vector graphics there, too, so I suppose there's a fair amount of trig going on.16:51
manchickenBloody triangles.16:51
apacheloggerkrita does vectors now? :O16:53
manchickenIsn't it a paint program?16:56
manchickenI will admit that I have only a vague apprehension of this program's functionality.16:56
apacheloggermanchicken: more like drawing I guess16:56
manchickenI thought that would maybe include lines and angles and circles.16:56
apacheloggerit maybe includes it... guess it shares libraries with the vector drawing app of calligra16:57
apacheloggerbut it's not the core feature set16:57
manchickenI love this touchscreen laptop.16:58
apacheloggerthat's the brushes and whatnot16:58
manchickenYeah, either way that coercion is naughy.16:58
apacheloggeralso pushed to 2.716:59
apacheloggeryofel: that build fail doesn't even make much sense17:00
apacheloggersvg.pro has load(qt_module) and that has as one of the first things isEmpty(VERSION): VERSION = $$MODULE_VERSION17:01
yofelwhat's MODULE_VERSION?17:01
apacheloggersomething abstracted through all sorts of places17:03
apacheloggeractually, perhaps ossi would know what goes wrong there17:03
apachelogger<ossi> looks saucy, in any case :D17:05
yofelgreat... ^^17:07
apacheloggeryofel: <ossi> apachelogger: then you are building an older version of qtsvg against a too new qtbase. hmmpf. now that you mention it, this should have been designed to work ...17:10
yofelyeah, I read it17:10
* apachelogger wiped cache17:11
apacheloggerall that booty :(17:11
ScottKAs soon as https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/smokekde/4:4.10.90-0ubuntu1/+build/4755370 is done and someone fixes the symbols for okteta, 4.9.90 is done.17:19
kubotuScottK meant: "As soon as https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/smokekde/4:4.10.90-0ubuntu1/+build/4755370 is done and someone fixes the symbols for okteta, 4.10.90 is done."17:19
ScottK(less the GL stuff on armhf, but meh)17:20
ScottKDouble meh.  kde-workspace isn't going to migrate to the release pocket without digikam and contour builds.17:24
manchickenSo, we're compiling stuff on an actual ARM?17:25
yofelI'm almost done with digikam17:26
apachelogger(we are actually at the point where PPA builds for i386 and amd64 are virtualized on arm :P)17:27
manchickenWhy not cross-compile?17:27
yofelbut as we already don't ship imgur and wikimedia icons because of trademark violations I'm a bit worried here: http://paste.kde.org/785414/17:27
yofelhow do I find out what not to ship? :S17:27
apacheloggerdon't ship any? :P17:27
yofelgreat solution :P17:27
yofelwell, why do the other 2 violate the trademark anyway?17:28
apacheloggerdlna, facebook, flash, flickr, imgeshack, imgur, picasa, showup, piwigo, smugsmug, wikimedia and zoomr are definitely not that legal17:28
apacheloggerassuming they are the actual logos (which is likely the case)17:28
yofelthey are17:30
ahoneybunyofel: sorry about leaving it like that17:38
yofelnah. don't worry, it's one of the rather big packages. maybe a bit too large for that ec217:39
ahoneybunI tried to compile at least lol17:39
ahoneybunmanchicken: I looked at that page you linked me to17:39
manchickenDoes that look like it'll work?17:40
manchickenAgain, I'm happy to write something, but I don't think it's useful to duplicate functionality.17:41
* yofel tries to generate 4.10.5 packages18:13
BluesKajok , tracked down the dependency culprit and removed it  , but had to reinstall kwin , kde-worspace and plasma and kubuntu desktops 18:13
yofelwhat was it?18:14
BluesKajyofel,buggy api ?18:15
yofelnot sure, where did you have that package from? I never had problems here18:16
BluesKajgood question , it was after I updated to a new new kde version a few days ago  , but I have  4.10.09 which is working fine now18:19
kubotuScottK: You did something wrong... Try s/you/me/ or tell me "help sed"18:20
BluesKajmust haver been 0818:20
yofelapachelogger: what cache?18:33
yofelI thought you meant the cmake cache, but what kde cache do you mean?18:34
apacheloggerdidn't read http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Building carefully enough and hence did not notice that the repo changed to gitorious18:34
apacheloggeressentially part of the kde qt5 repos have no HEAD18:35
apacheloggerbreaking git submodule18:35
apacheloggerhence why it failed to build but worked locally (local clone was done per copynpaste so I got that from gitorious)18:35
apacheloggerbuilding a new qt5 cache on the server now and hopefully qt5 starts bulding then :S18:36
manchickenLooks like there's already a bug outstanding for kpanel not playing nice with touchscreens.18:38
yofelahoneybun: you may feel important ;P https://launchpad.net/~aaronhoneycutt/+related-packages19:10
manchickenCobra makes a car adapter that gets all the way up to 120V.19:13
manchickenI was surprised it actually had a 120V output.19:14
manchickenFor $2019:14
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly Computing | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas 4.10.90 saucy:archive, raring:kubuntu-ppa/beta | 4.10.5 ninjas/raring | 4.10.4 in raring-proposed | 13.10 Alpha 1 released | 13.10 milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://goo.gl/vHRjj
* yofel works on okteta symbols20:10
yofelah meh20:11
yofelhoward already did20:11
ScottKyofel: Howard's were wrong.21:13
yofeleh, really?21:13
yofelwell, too late now. LP will tell me21:13
ScottKYeah.  FTBFS badly on my armhf test build.21:13
ScottKThat's why it wasn't uploaded.21:14
yofelyeah, I wonder what's up with those 381 removed symbols at the top there o.O21:16
* yofel checks if he can build just the kipi-plugins in qemu21:17
yofelI wonder if using CMAKE_LIBRARY_ARCHITECTURE to detect whether I'm on armhf makes sense21:19
yofelas I would tend to fix digikam by just not building that slideshow plugin on arm21:20
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