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thedoctarshould the templates folder work in lubuntu 13.04? ie when you put a file in ~/templates, it a appears in the Create New context menu?02:36
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sacthello, i am running lubuntu 12.04 and i try to access my cellphone's memory through bluetooth / blueman but it requires thunar, was there any other work around this than installing thunar or do the newer versions of lubuntu & blueman work with pcmanfm?09:19
phillwsact: I'm going to don the blue UN helmet and hope you can pick out any hints or tips from this thread... http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=618311:09
phillwsact: may I also suggest https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ContactUs (A little less controversial) :)11:11
sactmy, thank you, i will check those out11:14
Unit193Thunar isn't so bad too, at least.11:37
SunilJoshiHi, i am using lubuntu when I press Super + D to minimize all window.. task bar also disappears19:19
zleapSunilJoshi, what version you using19:24
zleapjust tried that on mine (13.04) and it works fine19:24
SunilJoshii am using ubuntu 13.0419:25
SunilJoshiit was working before i have done some theme changes.. and it stopped working after that19:26
zleapubuntu or lubuntu19:26
zleapactually the lsb_version says ubuntu anyway IIRC for some reason,  but then if Ubuntu is the core (kernel) then i guess this is where lsb_version gets the info from19:27
SunilJoshiubuntu 13.04 and lubuntu desktop19:27
zleapnot sure it works here,19:28
SunilJoshinow its working, i am not sure what i did :)19:28
SunilJoshiyes i open Openbox configuration this time19:28
SunilJoshiinstead of Customize look and feel19:28
zleapmaybe that is where the bug is19:29
SunilJoshimay be19:29
zleapit may simply be 1 setting that is dodfy, post a message to the list and see if anyone else picks up on the same issue19:29
SunilJoshiok sure19:29
SunilJoshione more thing, i am not sure what is causing this but i have encountered it many times19:30
zleaphmm,  again if someone else can narrow down the issue then the bug can be filed against the right tool / program or whatever could be causing it19:30
SunilJoshiwhen i click on that lubuntu icon to show of the menu items it displays me just run and logout options19:31
SunilJoshiwhen i click on run and cancel the run option.. menu reappears again19:33
wxlanyone around familiar with partitioning raid? i'm using the mini.iso if it matters22:35
wxli would imagine the partitioner would make things easier than just using mdadm from the command line but i'm kind of starting to think that may be preferable22:37
wxlmaybe i'll go bug ubuntu :)22:37
phillw1wxl: you'd be better asking on #ubuntu-server22:43
phillw1wxl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Raid22:45
wxlthanks phillw1. um, where's phillw0? :)22:52
phillw1wxl: I had a network reset, can't be bothered to log off for 60 seconds and then join all the channels again :)22:59
phillw1the one to watch for is virt-phillw, he's a monster :P23:00

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