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phillwyes, I know I'll get told off :) But, please hear me out.... I understand that there is not an 'ARM' team as such, for people interested in ARM - where should they head? (It's a genuine question as to how QEMU can work to give people a taste of ARM before spending 'real' money on the kit).00:52
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daniel3Anyone successfully gotten the Kubuntu-Live preinstall images for Nexus 7 to work?07:38
doomlorddoes ubuntu run on Ouya :)11:35
ogra_not yet ... there might be an ubuntu touch build some day11:35
doomlorddo you know if there are any linux distros installable on it ;11:47
doomlordi realise there's similar hardware in the mk908, maybe thats more likely11:47
ogra_well, ubuntu userspace should just work11:48
ogra_you will have to replace the initrd in the boot.img with an ubuntu one and probably rebuild the kernel without android options enabled11:49
ogra_then ubuntu should just run11:49
doomlordwas just thinking of an ouya impulse purchase.. not sure if it would just be junk.11:49
ogra_or you just wait until someone does an ubuntu touch port :)11:49
doomlordi'm sure someone will put a linux on it11:50
doomlorda GNU linux11:50
doomlordwhatever the distinction is.. desktop environment etc (how do i word this)11:50
ogra_aer there others ?11:50
* ogra_ has never head of non GNU Linux :P11:50
doomlordandroid is linux.. just not ....11:51
ogra_the linux android uses is still compiled using gcc11:51
doomlordWhats the key difference between Android-(linux) and Ubuntu-(linux) ...11:51
tassadar_...not good enough..? :P11:51
ogra_so even that is GNU Linux ;)11:51
doomlordi mean they're both 'linux', but there's a lot ubuntu does that android doesn't11:52
doomlordgnu userland ? what is the precise description of what android doesn't have that a linux desktop os does11:52
ogra_doomlord, android uses a java based userspace all over the place11:52
ogra_ubuntu uses a native ine11:52
ogra_android also applies a big set of patches to the kernel11:54
fly-awayand jvm-based android works much faster12:14
fly-awaynative so native12:14
ogra_fly-away, hmm ? did you test ubuntu touch on a nexus4 yet ?12:55
fly-awayhavent nexus412:56
fly-awayits about ac100)12:56
ogra_well, how can you claim that android under java is faster if you havent compared ?12:56
* ogra_ guesses ubuntu touch is definitely faster than android on the ac100 too12:57
fly-awaytalking about ac100 and ubuntu 12.04 vs android13:16
fly-awayafaik there is no ubuntu touch for ac10013:16
fly-awayanyway is ubuntu touch usable without touchscreen?13:17
ogra_there was an early port of ubuntu touch to ac100 but yeah, before unity8 is ready for desktops and gets a cursor it wont be any fun13:31
ogra_but you can assume that it will always be faster ... it uses the android HAL and its binary blobs but no java ... after all you get the best of both worlds13:32
fly-awayafaik main ubuntu 12.04 problem is very high memory monsumption13:40
fly-awayso 3-4 tabs in browser put system to swap13:40
fly-awayand thats all13:41
fly-awayin android I could open 10 tabs and its ok13:41
ogra_yeah, thats better in 13.0413:41
ogra_it saw a lot of ram consumption improvements (especislly on arm as preparation for ubuntu touch)13:41
fly-awayyeah, only one is worser with 13.04 - no firefox, only chromium13:42
fly-awaythat eats even more))13:42
ogra_i'm using firefox here13:42
ogra_i thought it would be not available :)13:42
ogra_*i thought you mean13:42
fly-awayso is armhf firefox packages available in 13.04?13:43
ogra_as is chromium13:44
fly-awayand what  ram consumption improvements  did you mean?13:44
ogra_or idori ... epiphany ... name your preferred browser :)13:44
ogra_the whole cycle the whole team was foused on im[proving the app footprint of ubuntu desktop on arm devices13:45
fly-awayso is this work already done?13:45
ogra_(thats why we had the nexus7 desktop images during that cycle ... ram consumption on these went from ~650M at the beginning down to about 350M by release day with the same apps13:46
fly-awaynexus7 uses typical armhf packages?13:48
ogra_nexus7 did use ubuntu-desktop13:48
ogra_completely identical to a PC install on x8613:48
fly-awaywhat exactly did crew do?13:52
fly-awaypatches for apps or what?13:52
ogra_right, inspecting all apps, finding the memory hogs and fixing them ... alls all long running python processes were ripped out and services that can run on demand only get started when needed13:55
ogra_with the change to uniy8 and Mir the memory frootprint is currently around 150M13:56
fly-awaythats nice))13:56
ogra_(though ubuntu-touch/unity8 obviously isnt a full desktop yet)13:56
marcothishelp me install http://www.slatedroid.com/topic/38070-ubuntu-1210-quantal-armhf-for-elf-ii/19:50
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