jaredNoskcaj: I have a small collection of Ubuntu stickers and case badges from over the years. If you want to email or pm me your address I can post you a selection for you to use on the case if you'd find that useful.03:31
jaredThey're just gathering dust here03:32
Noskcajjared, that would be great, i'll send a PM now03:49
jaredjea: I never got the request for a conference pack I just realised?03:56
jeajared: yes, I also realised i had not done it yet. i shall do it all up now03:56
jaredWhen is the event?03:57
jeanot until end of july/start of august03:57
jaredAh ok, hopefully we can get it in time03:57
jeaso a bit of time still03:57
jeai can always push it back a bit if needed03:57
jaredCool, they just say to allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery.04:14
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