mhall119too bad, it would make sense for them to use XMir01:23
smartboyhwAny CC members here?13:52
smartboyhwI want some advice on some issues.13:52
Pendulumsmartboyhw: they're less likely to be on IRC during the weekend. I'd suggest sending e-mails.14:06
smartboyhwPendulum, I don't want to involve the entire CC at this moment.14:08
Pendulumsmartboyhw: so e-mail one of the members. You can probably get their e-mail through launchpad (or look on their wikipage). If there are any members you particularly like or trust, I'd try them first.14:24
smartboyhwPendulum, alright. I will ask somebody soon.14:25
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, hi!14:27
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, hows everything?14:28
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, good.14:28
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, actually not. Look at http://lwn.net/Articles/556517/14:30
SergioMenesesI read something about it yesterday, thanks for the link14:30
jaredNot so much an argument as one user trying to make a fool of themselves really.14:35
smartboyhwjared, +114:36
jaredIf I were the site I would have shut down those threads long ago, it's gone so off topic14:37
smartboyhwjared, +114:39
SergioMenesesjared, totally agree14:47
jaredSergioMeneses: cheers for the update on the loco bug.15:16
SergioMenesesjared, dont worry ;) we are workin on it :) if you have any question, feel free to ask15:16
jaredSergioMeneses: more that I know the team won't pass it as it stands so I'm not going to bother putting it on a meeting. If the process changes then I might consider it but unfortunately the core group all got busy with study.15:17
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, how's the discussion on removing country-ized LoCos BTW?15:18
smartboyhwNot that sorry15:18
smartboyhwAllowing area or city ones15:18
jaredI never understood that, I don't see how smaller areas can't already exist under the country banner. But apparently I'm in the minority.15:19
SergioMenesessorry guys I was attending a call, about the area.city discussion, we are trying to get the best solution but it is not easy ...actually we are working on some documents and I expect that we may share all ideas as soon as possible15:25
SergioMenesesI dont see the problem with cities or areas, but we should have a guide-line about it - imho15:25
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