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LaneyI lost my clock and power indicator11:26
Laneyis that the yesterday breakage?11:26
mlankhorstI don't know, did you check the time?11:26
mlankhorstok ok I'm terrible and I'll leave11:27
Laneyit's alright, irssi has it :P11:27
Laneyalso I tried mir and it had a sad11:28
Laneymaybe it's because of: laney@iota> lsmod | grep drm                                                                                                               ~11:29
Laneylaney@iota>                                                                                                                                ~11:29
mlankhorstit doesn't like blobs yet11:30
mlankhorstbut that's ok, I'm working on making nouveau better11:30
mlankhorstgot tons of changes queued up for 3.11 \o/11:30
ogra_chrisccoulson, seems you guys hardcoded NEON into the last arm build of chromium, it stopped working completely on some arm arches11:42
* ogra_ gets complaints from all sides11:43
Laneylarsu: hmm! I'm getting undefined for all properties with gsettings-qt ... why might that be? It happens in both my regular user and a guest session, and in the testsuite...12:44
Laney(building in sbuild works)12:44
LaneyAlso, looks like the autolanding is doing that no-change release thing: https://code.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/gsettings-qt/trunk12:45
Laneyseems kenvandiney12:45
larsuLaney: do you have the latest qt from saucy? There's a fix on there that's not in most ppas yet12:47
Laneyshould do12:47
larsuLaney: I noticed the no-change release thing, just about to shoot ken a mail ;)12:47
Laneywhat's the relevant package?12:47
larsuLaney: libqt5declarative5 5.0.2-0ubuntu112:48
Laneyyeah, got that12:48
czajkowskigoood morning12:48
Laneyanyway we can look on Monday :P12:49
larsuLaney: ya, can't reproduce it right now :(12:49
LaneyFAIL!  : GSettings::test_types() read testInteger Actual   (): undefined Expected (): 4212:49
czajkowskiLaney so I shouldnt put saucy on the X1 today then :)12:49
Laneyit's a pretty obscure piece of code currently12:50
czajkowskiyes but you have seen the shiny toy I dont wantto break her yet!12:50
Laneyand not generally broken - works on my desktop ...12:50
czajkowskiLaney: I can forsee problems happening here13:04
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czajkowskiupgraded to saucy on new machine13:47
czajkowskiso far it's interesting13:47
czajkowskithere are random errors appearing13:48
czajkowskidear compiz please die13:48
ogra_it will ... in 14.04 :)13:49
czajkowskibrand new install and 4 crashes later13:51
Laney"testBoolean"  =  QVariant(bool, false)  and  QVariant(bool, false)13:51
Laneyso it can read it back13:51
czajkowskinow playing with smart scopes13:51
Laneythe second one is reading from the QQmlPropertyMap13:51
dupondjeWhat are the plans for Gnome 3.8 on Saucy, Just updated, but notice still some packages are not up-to-date (like control-center)19:50
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