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saiarcot895When building a program using the hardening-wrapper, does the executable get changed into a library object and therefore cannot be launched through Nautilus?13:37
Raazeersince I'm being ignored over in #ubuntu, allow me the liberty to ask here too: is there a way to get /dev/dsp et al back in 13.04? several packages still use it14:18
RaazeerI'd very much like to use some of those14:18
penguin42Raazeer: There aren't many left that still only use /dev/dsp - but you might try libpulsedsp which is a fudge that persuades them to use pulse audio14:22
Raazeerpenguin42, maybe not /dev/dsp specific but the whole group of nodes, including /dev/mixer or /dev/audio/mixer, /dev/audio in general, etc...14:24
Raazeeraumix uses them for example14:24
Raazeerimo, if the backing nodes were taken out of the sytem, those packages that needed it should either have been blacklisted or gotten a dependency on something that puts the nodes in, but that's just omo of course14:26
penguin42Raazeer: Yeh that sounds fair - if they're still dependent on OSS then they need either fixing or removing; alsamixer is what I'd use instead of aumix these days14:27
Raazeerpenguin42, the problem is, aumix is very useful in scripts due to it's comparably simple, parser-friendly output.14:28
Raazeeramong others, the mute utility depends on it, meaning it's broken in current 13.0414:28
RaazeerI guess I'll just try installing every component of oss I can find and see if I can somehow get at least the mixer and dsp node back14:29
Raazeerin principle, I've got oss installed according to my package output. If I had to guess, I'd say something must have seriously dropped in the crapper here. gotta look into osspd, maybe that can be a solution14:30
RaazeerAh lookie here: linux-sound-base apparently contains a modprobe config file that blacklists oss completely14:33
Raazeerlet's take that out and see what happens14:33
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RaazeerOk, taking that blacklist out did not bring the device nodes back, so I have to flag both siggen and aumix-common as broken at this time, how do I go about that?14:42
Raazeerdoes anyone happen to know what part of OSS is supposed to create the device nodes?14:45
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chowderhey I tried asking this question in the main support channel but I didn't really get a reply. I was wondering if someone here could be of some assistance19:23
chowderLooking to install Ubuntu 13.04 as a Dom0 with Xen but I want LVM taking care of the hard drives as well as encryption. I know there's documentation on Ubuntu+Xen but how and at what phase would I set up the encryption?19:23
chowder*correction. I'm aware that LVM doesn't do encryption. That came out wrong. What I'm saying is that I don't know whether to encrypt the drives before setting up LVM or after.19:24
chowderI figure that it would have to be after setting up LVM but I wanted to be sure. Also wanted to know how exactly I'd go about doing it.19:25
penguin42chowder: Normal way is luks encryption with lvm on top19:26
chowderpenguin42: so luks before LVM?19:30
chowderhow would booting work in that case?19:30
chowderI'm wondering if I would need a password to decrypt everything before the system finishes booting up and then use my normal login password19:34
penguin42chowder: The way I'm used to is having an unencrypted boot partititon, then one more DOS partition that contains the luks crypt, and that luks contains an LVM set19:34
penguin42chowder: Ubuntu sets up the initrd to ask for the password and open the luks and everything just works19:35
penguin42chowder: Recent installers will do it all for you if you ask to encrypt the whole disk (when I say recent I think 13.04 does it, not sure about 12.04.2)19:36
chowderI see. It just seemed so complex and intimidating to me19:36
penguin42it's fine until it breaks - it's a little hairier to find your filesystem again, but it's not too bad19:37
chowderIts a security measure because my apartment has crappy locks on the doors and the landlord is a cheapskate. She won't replace them. If my lappy gets stolen I at least want to know that a criminal can't access my data19:37
chowderuntil it breaks? can luks cause filesystem corruption or something?19:38
penguin42no, it's just more complex19:41
penguin42chowder: luks is a good safe way of doing it - set a bios password as well19:42
chowderpenguin42: how about using a hardened kernel? I know there's a "ubuntu-hardened" channel but I think I'd be ok with encryption19:43
penguin42chowder: Shrug that depends on what you're defending against19:45
chowdermainly wanna prepare in the event my lappie gets stolen19:45
penguin42chowder: Ideally you should set a hard drive password in the bios so that even if someone popped the drive into another machine they couldn't trojan the /boot part to record your password to rescue it later19:45
chowderpenguin42: would encrypted swap be a good idea?19:46
penguin42chowder: Yes19:46
penguin42chowder: But if you just do the luks-lvm route then the swap is just one more lvm logical volume - so you get that with no extra effort19:47
chowderthat's true...I kind of forgot about that19:47
chowderI need to run Windows in a DomU for school...ugh. I go to university online19:47
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penguin42chowder: Now I don't know anything about Xen really - so don't know how this all interacts with Xen19:48
chowderpenguin42: I figure it shouldn't be too bad seeing as how Ubuntu has a how-to article on running Ubuntu with Xen. I'm guessing it'll be fine.19:49
penguin42chowder: Probably but I think there is some magic about how Xen loads it's Dom0 and I don't know if that needs to be decrypted etc - but I use KVM and that just works with luks/lvm no hastle19:50
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Raazeerhi guys, is there any way of getting the snd-*-oss modules in 13.04 (short of a custom kernel compile if at all possible)?20:50
Raazeerthe sources have to be somewhere20:54
sladenRaazeer: the ALSA OSS-emulation modules?20:55
LaneyCan we do support elsewhere please? :-)20:59
mlankhorstRaazeer: use cuse + osspd20:59
RaazeerI assume you mean fuse instead of cuse21:01
mlankhorstcharacter device in userspace21:01
RaazeerLaney: I DID ask in #ubuntu earlier. nobody there even reacted to questions about oss21:02
RaazeerI assumed (correctly) that I would find some more in-depth knowledge here.21:03
Raazeermlankhorst, found it, and thanks for the hint21:03
Raazeerand thanks guys, that helps21:04
Raazeerwhom do I turn to to have some package dependencies updated?21:04
mlankhorstthe package's maintainer21:07
Raazeerguys, cut me some slack here, I usually try to keep as21:09
Raazeerclose to the reef as possible where maintaining and stuff is concerned21:09
RaazeerI think oss-compat needs osspd as a dependency. how do I go about finding the right guy to talk to?21:10
Raazeerok, have it your way - I was trying to help, see if I will again21:15
sladenLaney: it might be the weekend, but there are politer ways of directing people elsewhere.  eg. stating a specific location, rather than just "somewhere else", may people that somebody receives assistance, rather than feeling simply deflected22:39
LaneyI PMed him22:40
sladenLaney: there's certainly a case with keeping the signal-to-noise high when things are busily happening, but if it's the only activity on the channel all day, questions are unlikely to a major deteriment to productivity22:40
LaneyAnd my point isn't really the level of activity at the time of the question but creating inappropriate support backchannels22:41
* ScottK agrees with Laney22:55
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