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darkxstmy laptop doesnt like saucy ;(01:54
darkxstkeep getting a black screen that I can't get out of01:54
darkxstprobably lockscreen related01:54
jbichaI think I hit that once yesterday; I'm running almost vanilla saucy02:13
darkxstyeh same02:17
bjsnidervanilla sauce?02:54
bjsnidersounds good02:55
roastedjust read lubuntu is going to ship Mir. has Ubuntu gnome figured out what it will ship with in the future?04:56
darkxstroasted, no05:10
darkxstunlikely we will ship mir as default in saucy though05:10
darkxstgdm needs quite some patching05:11
* snwh is away: Away05:18
IdleOneLubuntu is not shipping Mir with 13.10.06:44
IdleOnethat was a mistake06:44
roasted_good call, IdleOne. I thought it was strange that the link I read 404'd when I went to it.14:03
roasted_darkxst: I wasn't so much curious about Saucy in particular, but just whether or not there was any sort of long term projection between mir and wayland as UbuGnome's path into the future. That's all. :D14:04
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darkxstroasted, long term will be wayland....23:42

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