hggdhAlanBell: good morning (or afternoon, in you case). I need +ARfiortv for myself on #ubuntu-br-ms, #ubuntu-br-pb, #ubuntu-br-pe, #ubuntu-br-pi, #ubuntu-br-rr, e #ubuntu-br-artwork (you gave me +Aiortv only)16:24
hggdhAlanBell: for the record, there are two really active admins for the #ubuntu-br-* namespace: myself and tiagoscd. Both of us need admin, not oper, access16:26
AlanBellok hggdh I will sort that when I am on a computer17:20
bazhangwhats up19:06
prp-eHi ,19:06
prp-ebazhang, I want to report about Iranian ubuntu loco team.19:06
bazhang#ubuntu-ir ?19:07
prp-eYes. But about forums, IRC and wiki.19:07
bazhangthis is for irc only19:07
bazhangyou 'd have to contact the forum moderators for forums19:08
prp-eOh ! How can I report abuse? Iranian LoCo (forums) moderators start harming users.19:08
bazhangprp-e, you did mention irc19:09
prp-eThey tweet all of users post and pms.19:10
bazhangthe forums?19:11
bazhanghave you contacted the admins for ir forums?19:11
prp-ebazhang, Yes, but they don't understand us.19:12
prp-eIdleOne, please check user @danialbehzadi on twitter.19:12
IdleOneis he a forum moderator?19:13
prp-eI know, Choosing him as moderator is the greatest mistake in Iranian community :|19:17
IdleOneHave you tried emailing the Forums Council about this?19:18
prp-eOh Thanks IdleOne19:18
IdleOnemake sure you are specific about the exact complaints / issues you are having and give them as much detail as possible.19:19

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