bazhangDatwolf has promised to evade once he reinstalls ubuntu01:29
DatWolfI was muted in the chat about an hour ago for cursing and I was wondering if there's a way for me to get unmuted03:44
DatWolfIs anyone here?03:48
DatWolfMyrtti: Can you help me?03:48
FlannelDatWolf: Hi.  I notice that you were unbanned from a previous ban earlier today, and now you're back.  What's the deal?04:49
DatWolfApperantly... asking questions is wrong.05:55
ikoniaDatWolf: no, asking questions isn't wrong, calling people a fucking idiot is06:05
DatWolfI did it once..06:07
DatWolfbecause he was acting like one.06:07
ikoniaso ?06:07
ikoniayou got muted for it06:07
DatWolfhow long is the mute for?06:07
ikoniaafter you'd had your ban removed earlier06:07
DatWolfhow long is it for06:08
ikoniauntil you are able to grasp the rules of the channel and we have confidence you can participate without another incident06:08
DatWolfhow do I do that?06:08
ikoniawell, telling us you understand the rules and that you won't do it again is a good start,06:08
ikoniahowever I don't believe you don't understand them currently06:09
ikoniaso I'd suggest finding other channels on freenode and participating without being a problem06:09
DatWolfI can never come back?06:09
ikonialistening to what's said is also key06:09
ikoniawhere did I say that06:09
DatWolfyou suggested I leave06:09
DatWolfI inferred it...06:09
ikoniaI did suggest you leave06:09
ikoniaright, so just making things up isn't helpful,06:10
ikoniaI've told you why you where muted, and how you can resolve it06:10
DatWolfImplying things is rude.06:10
ikoniaI'd suggest having a think about it06:10
ikoniaI've not implied anything, I've been clear06:10
DatWolfI need people who know ubuntu.06:11
DatWolfSorta the reason for #ubuntu ...06:11
ikoniawell, you behave terrible on freenode in general06:11
ikoniaand I don't have confidence you can use #ubuntu without causing a problem06:11
ikoniaeven after you've been muted this is how you talk to people06:12
ikonia06:57 < DatWolf> suck mah bawlz dirty whore06:12
ikonialess than 10 minutes ago06:12
ikoniait's just not welcome, people don't want it, and you don't grasp that06:12
ikoniaso I'd suggest taking some time away from trying to use ubuntu, think about how you interact with people on Freenode and in Ubuntu specifcially and come back to #ubuntu-ops when you think you've understood how to behave and feel confident you can use #ubuntu without causing a problem06:14
ikoniaclear ?06:14
ikoniasorry - when I say time away from ubuntu, I mean #ubuntu the IRC channel06:14
ikoniaactually DatWolf we're done06:15
ikoniaeven after I'm telling you how to talk to people you are being rude to other people06:16
ikonia07:12 < DatWolf> First you poke yourself in the eye with a stick.06:16
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1549 users, 3 overflows, 1552 limit))07:16
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (mass join (1522 users, 3 overflows, 1525 limit))07:16
DatWolfYo fegs07:28
DatWolfI need some help07:28
DatWolfI fun been07:28
DatWolfwrongly bunned07:28
DatWolfa channel07:28
bazhangDatWolf, thats of no concern here07:28
DatWolfit was07:28
DatWolfbazhang: ?07:29
bazhangDatWolf, judging from your recent behavior it is an incredible strain to believe the ban was wrong07:29
DatWolfI was joking07:29
DatWolfin offtopic...07:29
bazhangabout what07:29
DatWolfand they took it seriously...07:29
bazhangyeah, thats offensive07:30
bazhangDatWolf, you have a hard time following any rules in any channel on freenode07:30
DatWolfI do fine in #FuckYourMother07:31
bazhangso I suggest you take a break07:31
DatWolfohu m07:31
DatWolfhow long does this break need to be07:31
bazhangthe various quiets and bans won't be lifted any time in the near future07:31
IdleOne5000 days long enough?07:32
bazhang∞ +1 wfm07:33
IdleOnewhat about ∞ * ∞ ?07:33
bazhangoh yeah!07:34
IdleOneis he currently banned or just muted in #u?07:34
=== YANO is now known as yano
bazhang<camilong> Melcu: I entered tor for citroen manual and I suspected ...09:11
bazhangthat sounds like some weird google translate09:11
DJonesI think he did say he was using a translation program/site09:12
bazhangah ok09:13
bazhangcitroen is a car brand afaik. didnt know they made routers as well09:13
DJonescamilong> google traslator09:13
bazhanghe/she seems to think they have the nginf virus, whatever that is09:14
DJonesSpanish language anyway09:15
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (krasnozer appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)09:21
bazhanghah floodbot has become sentient09:21
DJonesI suspect helpmenowNuggaz!~dumdum@ is returning troll from the last couple of days in #u I've got to go out, but I'd expect thay'll end up with some sort of racist comment (have a look a 182.156 in the bantracker for past history)11:56
DJonesAnd there we go11:58
bazhang<fusa_> ##trollbox17:29
bazhangwhat foreshadowing17:29
DJonesHe wants a menu in the bottom left -> ##windows17:30
bazhanghe wants classic gnome panel on the bottom17:31
bazhangwhich I gave him not five seconds after his first rant17:32
bazhangzero2XIII, need some assistance?17:46
bazhangPatrickDickey, need some assistance?18:03
PatrickDickeyHi bazhang. Not yet. I'm going to submit the updated factoid for 'Manual' in a bit. I just wanted to get this into my channel list.18:29
bazhangPatrickDickey, you can do that without actually being here18:30
bazhangit gets forwarded here, when done correctly and then is decided upon18:30
PatrickDickeyAhhh. The way I took theadmin's comment in #ubuntu, I had to come here to do it.18:30
k1lPatrickDickey: this is a teamchannel and not ment for non team members to idle in here. you are free to come back if you need some op-team-member18:31
bazhangheh yeah I saw18:31
PatrickDickeySo it's just !factoid Factoid-that-I-want-to-edit new text. Right?18:31
bazhangthough he runs arch, so confusion is natural18:31
PatrickDickeylol nope. I run lubuntu. Someone else was running arch.18:31
bazhangI meant theadmin18:32
PatrickDickeyI figured that after I replied. Lack of sleep. ;-)18:32
PatrickDickeyAnyhow, I'll submit the update request after I figure out what we want it to say. Thanks for clearing up about not having to be here to do it.18:33
bazhang<DatWolf> swag19:14
bazhang<DatWolf> May I be cloaked?19:14
bazhangwhat a surprise!19:14
bazhangno way he ban evades with a cloak!19:15
bazhang* DatWolf (~wolf@unaffiliated/datwolf) has joined #ubuntu-irc19:20
bazhangoh lord19:20
IdleOneseriously, known troll, banned from how many channels, sure lets cloak him19:20
DJonesDo staff know they'll probably use the cloak to ban evade?19:20
bazhanghahaha probably19:21
bazhanghe openly announced it in PM with me19:21
IdleOnein PM is not open19:21
bazhangwell cloaked or not Datwolf is easy to spot19:22
IdleOnehis current bans should still work19:22
IdleOneIP bans see through cloaks don't they?19:22
DJonesI didn't think they did19:22
bazhangI thought no19:23
IdleOnewell if he rejoins #ubuntu ban him.19:23
bazhangavec plaisir!19:23
DJonesbazhang: If they've said via pm that they'll use the cloak to ban evade, I'd just notify somebody on staff just as pre-warning19:24
bazhangDJones, I'm pretty sure staff watch this channel from time to time, and some are known to have "staff" on highlight, for example19:29
DJonesQuite possibly19:30
* Pricey knocks a lamp over and melds back into the wall21:35
Myrttistaff aren't omnipresent and omniscient22:07
Myrttiyeah, someone might have already explained elsewhere why I've been offline for the past few days, others might have other excuses22:08
IdleOnewhat good are they then :(22:08
k1li bet you were knitting socks :)22:09
MyrttiI wish...22:09
PriceyIdleOne: You can always talk to us ;)22:10
IdleOnePricey: What would you like to talk about?22:11
IdleOneSo, since you're here. Does setting a ban on  a user *!*@ see through a cloak if they get one later?22:13
PriceyIdleOne: I believe that's the case. We can try it in a random channel if you'd like?22:17
IdleOnesure, ban my ip and tell me where to try and join22:17
PriceyAs per http://blog.freenode.net/2013/06/new-tlsssl-channel-modes-and-webirc/ it'll even take effect on webchat connections now.22:17
PriceyIdleOne: /whois yourself and set a ban on the ip you see, then deop yourself. Here or somewhere random. I'm afraid I won't be revealing it.22:18
IdleOneyou can do it in PM and you wouldn't be revaling my ip or the random channel :)22:19
IdleOneanyway, if the blog says it is so, it is so.22:19
PriceyIdleOne: Might want to check the name on that blog post... probably best to test it incase I'm wrong ;)22:20
IdleOneheh. I better be testing22:20
IdleOneyup it works22:23
PriceyAwesome \o/22:27
IdleOneyou did good22:28
IdleOne!cookie | Pricey22:28
ubottuPricey: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!22:28

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