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phillwballoons: you about?05:31
DanChapmanGood Morning :-)05:41
phillwhi DanChapman05:42
phillwDanChapman:  I've been long minded of a 'minor revolt' for the testers.... I'd like them to have /home on a seperate partition. It cam back to mind as I managed to bork my 13.04 system and had to a re-install.05:44
phillw*had to do a*05:44
DanChapmanphillw, I totally agree and thank you for reminding me.... I used my autopilot ubiquity test to install saucy on my main box, but thats just a default install. I think using a seperate /home is a necessity as well as for convenience sake nowadays anyway05:47
phillwI borked my 13.04, and was faced with re-install it, or just put 13.10 on it.... I chose our alpha + 1day to replace.05:49
phillwDanChapman: I'm running a bit low on energy for classroom sessions (I've arranged them and held several)... Any chance of you doing a 'make /home your own session'? Heck, I can ask :)05:51
DanChapmanphillw, sure I can do that :-) is it already aranged?05:53
phillwnope, we still have to early next week for 'our season'05:53
phillwDanChapman: the guy who wrote the initial up, can no longer support it http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome  He has asked that people use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving05:55
phillwDanChapman: no mad rush, but some where in between what has happened and is yet to come ... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy05:58
phillwwhat has been is in red :)06:00
phillwIt's weird not having chromium after several cycles...06:03
DanChapmanphilw, yep not a problem. I am good to do it on Monday evening06:04
DanChapmanphillw, Is there anyone in the pipeline to do the session on Automated test cases?06:06
phillwDanChapman: yup... balloons will have to do it. He is head of this area. I've pulled in as many people as I know; I know zero for automated testing, so that is his baby.06:08
phillwDanChapman: can you edit into https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy as to the time you want (UTC) and the time you think it will take (I'd suggest a 60 min slot). As soon as you do that, I can have it advertised06:09
phillwDanChapman: I'm the one you have to let know if you edit :P06:11
DanChapmanphillw, I thought as much :-D06:11
phillwmy link is on there... I just hid it in the announcement about editing :)06:12
DanChapmanphillw, which table should I stick it in 'Intro QA tools'?06:13
phillwnot too sure..06:18
phillwby rights, we should have already done this, so the order is really messed up06:21
phillwto have any chance of it being logical, it would have to be before06:23
phillw Using Test Drive     Noskcaj     29th June     20:30      60 Minutes06:23
phillwBut that is today. Can we add the session later (and in future earlier)?06:24
phillwI really think that a session of LVM would help, as in how to section up a partition to be LVM and then be able to slice it / delete it/ re make it without having to reboot would be really handy.06:27
phillwMaybe too much to this late in the classroom sessions06:28
Noskcajphillw, you pinged?06:31
phillwDanChapman: have  a think... we still have another week, if it is not settled in your mind, we can plan it for post 13.10 classroom sessions. I do think we are cutting it a bit fine with you having this as an immediate session... Your call....06:33
phillwNoskcaj: you had the email with the typo?06:34
Noskcajphillw, yeah, it's fixed. the link in the email still goes to the current version06:35
phillwNoskcaj: meh... I am not a fan of google shared docs... hence my correcting it, saving it and telling you the alteration :)06:36
smartboyhwHey phillw Noskcaj06:37
Noskcajhello smartboyhw06:37
smartboyhwphillw, aren't you supposed to be asleep!?06:38
smartboyhwAnd hello DanChapman06:38
Noskcajsmartboyhw, phillw is nocturnal06:38
smartboyhwphillw, LOL06:38
DanChapmanphillw, sorry my little one woke up. Yeah i couldn't really see a place it fitted in this late on. I couldn't manage to do it before Noskcaj's session today. I need some time to get a plan together etc... shall we just stick it in for the 1st and then next time around get it higher up?06:38
DanChapmansmartboyhw, Heya :-)06:39
phillwI'm off to bed, as I'm running 13.10 I need to have it install chromium... no doubt it will install v.25 instead of v28..... :: SIGH ::06:39
smartboyhwphillw, LOL06:39
smartboyhwDanChapman, you want to do automated testcases session? Great!06:39
DanChapmansmartboyhw, phillw  said balloons will be on that one. I'll ping balloons later and see what the score is06:40
smartboyhwDanChapman, alright then:)06:41
phillwDanChapman: yeah, we can schedule the 1st live version of it pretty much any time... It is only when you have the wiki area up to date that you dare do a session. The people on those sessions will ask questions and then you can update the wiki area... The classroom sessions are as much for them, as they are for us :)06:42
phillwsmartboyhw: I will not be at your session... I've got to be away.... Sorry.06:43
smartboyhwphillw, :(06:43
phillwsmartboyhw: ENSURE balloons is!!!06:43
smartboyhwphillw, heck:)06:43
* phillw bed time ... 07:45 am06:45
Noskcajevening elfy06:54
elfyhi Noskcaj06:54
smartboyhwNoskcaj, evening already? :O06:55
Noskcajsmartboyhw, 5pm, sun's down and too many clouds for light to happen07:00
smartboyhwNoskcaj, I think I really HAVE to stay at home at 1st July even without my classroom session, a tropical cyclone (a.k.a. tropical storm) is coming DIRECTLY to Hong Kong....07:43
* smartboyhw is surprised!07:44
smartboyhwNot a great weather forecast is it?07:44
smartboyhwDanChapman, ^\07:44
DanChapmansmartboyhw, what does ^\ mean?07:47
Noskcajsmartboyhw, wow07:48
smartboyhwNoskcaj, yeah:(09:59
smartboyhwCan some Australian FETCH Noskcaj!!?!??!?15:51
smartboyhwHis session is coming up in 10 MINUTES....15:52
smartboyhwSorry, I think classroom team got time wrong15:55
DanChapmansmartboyhw, isn't it at something like 20.30?15:55
smartboyhwDanChapman, classroom team got it wrong15:56
smartboyhwI'm telling them to fix but it might take a long time.15:56
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, ping ping ping ping16:10
smartboyhwWhen are you guys going to do laptop sessions!?16:11
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, pong - I dont know, I have been busy on my work, I guess Carla knows16:12
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, plz do some coordination, laptop testing is a key component of QA..16:12
SergioMenesesI expect to have more time these days and back to work with qa16:14
phillw1Noskcaj: your notes from your session are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/Classroom/Saucy#Introduction_to_QA_tools22:34

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