phillwyes, I know I'll get told off :) But, please hear me out.... I understand that there is not an 'ARM' team as such, for people interested in ARM - where should they head? (It's a genuine question as to how QEMU can work to give people a taste of ARM before spending 'real' money on the kit).00:39
stgrabertry #ubuntu-arm if that still exists00:44
infinityThat reminds me that I was going to do vexpress qcow images for people to spin up under qemu-system-arm.00:47
infinityI wonder if I should produce those via cdimage infra and publish dailies, or just slap something on people.00:47
stgraberinfinity: do you need anything from outside the archive to build that? if not, it's probably worth publishing through cdimage00:49
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infinitystgraber: Shouldn't do, though I haven't done it yet.00:52
infinitystgraber: And right now, I have a more pressing urge for a hamburger, some TV, and a long weekend.00:54
stgraberinfinity: fair enough :) Reminds me I need to go buy some beers, my fridge looks awfully empty of late...00:55
* phillw passes stgraber a 'good' bottle of red wine01:03
stgraberwine, scotch and other stronger alcohols aren't the problem, I'm just out of beer :)01:11
phillwstrgraber After all the years I've done as licensee, I'd not reccomend any beers that were not brewed locally.01:39
* infinity is really disappointed that "klines" is a line-drawing game instead of a KDE IRC client.01:53
infinityScottK: ^-- This needs to be fixed.01:54
ScottKOddly enough, there actually isn't an IRC client in the official KDE SC.03:24
ScottKBack in KDE3 times there was, but it was horrible, no one used it, AFAIK it was never ported to KDE4, and I can't even remember what it was called.03:24
darkxstcan we get the size limit on ubuntu gnome images bumped up to 1GB to avoid oversized warnings?03:29
stgraberdarkxst: done03:36
darkxststgraber, thanks ;)03:37
StevenKScottK: Konversation ?03:38
ScottKNo.  That was the good one.03:38
ScottKIt's KDE extragear, not part of the core release.03:38
StevenKKVirc, perhaps03:39
ScottKNo, also not core KDE.  Some people use that one.03:42
ScottKI'm not sure we even bothered to package it.03:42
ScottKIt was that bad.03:42
infinityI'm not convinced there are any GUI IRC clients for X that aren't bad.03:43
infinityThere's been one or two passably okay Win32 ones.03:43
infinityBut, for the most part, they're either featureless or hideous or, commonly, both.03:44
phillwoooh, 13.10 :)05:23
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ScottKsomething's gone wronge.  http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/NBS/ is empty.18:56

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