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iBelievepopey: ping01:57
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esigolowhat irc client are u guy s using Xchat is too confuse LOL03:07
asacesigolo: irssi ftw03:57
asacirssi for irc03:58
esigoloow thanks03:58
asacand real man add bip to the mix: http://bip.milkypond.org/ https://wiki.linaro.org/Resources/HowTo/BIP04:02
asac(or an equiv)04:02
esigolobrb going to test it04:03
esigolomother of god04:05
esigoloi'm on matrix?04:05
asacyou might want to change your terminal color profile04:06
esigolofor sure04:06
asacin gnome terminal i like white on black with xterm color scheme04:07
esigoloshould I restart terminal:?04:08
asacno ... just change it in preferences live04:08
esigologot it04:08
asacright click04:08
asacpreferences ... and play around until you can read stuff04:08
asacthen you are set04:08
esigolomuch better04:08
asacso when you do stuff like /channel add etc.04:09
asacyou can use /save04:09
asacand /layout save04:09
asac(which will remember the exact position of each channel etc.)04:09
asacyoiu can move channels around with doing stuff like /window move 804:10
asacmeaning your current chat channel will be moved to 8 etc.04:10
asaconce you are happy you just say /layout save and next time stuff will be wher eyou want it :)04:10
esigolosounds good04:10
asacctrl+n and ctrl+p are used to go back and force of channels04:10
esigololet me try04:10
asacor just use /window 8 to go to channel in window 804:11
asac :)04:11
asacwell... anyway. irssi is a very good irc client and has loads of plugins... just requires some investment in learning it. but i guarantee you will never look back :)04:12
esigoloLoL it's kinda funny04:14
asaccool. seems you got it then :)04:14
asacif you use it already you are very good04:14
esigoloand is better to use on office04:15
esigoloGUI windows brings alot attention04:15
asacso once you want to be always on, you can use either screen or as i said, use bip to be a real professional IRC master04:15
asacthere is also a nice windows port04:16
asacworks VERY well for me when i want to pretend that i am working while playing games :)04:16
asacon windows04:16
esigolotoday a fag from network team saw webirc04:17
esigoloand on my computer04:18
asacwebirc is even worse than xchat :)04:18
asacanyway, once you want to be always on, just use screen ... or later use bip as i said04:20
asacbut get used to irssi first :)04:21
esigoloasac: thanks alot04:21
myalkboyI'm looking to buy a cell phone and install ubuntu on it, I want to know if is there any different between google nexus and LG nexus for Ubuntu compatibility04:23
asacricmm: will platform api testsuite land?04:23
* asac hopes that tvoss ever talked to you about it :)04:23
asacmyalkboy: nexus is a brand ... owned by google04:25
esigolomyalkboy: lg nexus and google nexus 4 is the same think04:25
asacso all nexus devices are google devices :)04:25
asacack ... n4 == lg nexus04:25
asacjust get it04:25
asacits a great thing04:25
esigolothing *04:26
myalkboyasac: ok thanks allot04:28
asacmyalkboy: esigolo: so whats you interst in here?04:30
asacjust want to run touch or somehting else04:30
esigoloi'm a tester lol04:31
esigoloi'm just trying to test and give some feedback04:31
esigoloi have a nexus 4, galaxy s 2 and a galaxy S04:31
myalkboyasac: just ubuntu user and want to get ubuntu phone04:31
asacesigolo: just general feedback? or are u a user experience guru ? L)04:32
esigolojust general feedback04:32
esigoloas a end user04:32
asacanyway ... if you have feedback, feel free to include my nick in yor IRC messages (i might read them) :)04:32
myalkboywill I be able to install all everything on Ubuntu phone like what I install on a pc04:33
asacyou can install...04:34
asacwhether they will run, is a different story04:34
asacwe shoot for getting everythying converged for 14.0404:34
esigolothere is something really bothering me! have u tried to slide ubuntu gui using a protection cover?04:35
myalkboyasac: torrents on touch ?04:35
esigoloit gets realy hard to slide screns04:35
asacno ... i don't protect my gadgets :)04:35
asacmyalkboy: cli clients will work for sure ... transmissing UI is probably not working yet04:35
asacthats a usability wart04:36
asacdefinitely needs to be fixe04:36
esigoloi had the same problem with all models04:36
asacesigolo: if you see the same issue end of august still, please remind me04:37
asacyeah... its a glitch (partly implementation, partly design)04:37
myalkboyesigolo: you have nexus and galaxy , Samsung or nexus galaxy ? You installed ubuntu in both of them ?04:37
esigolomyalkboy: yes04:38
esigolousualy i take a cmw backup from stock rom04:39
myalkboyEsigolo: is your Galaxy Samsung or nexus ?04:39
asacfwiw, we focus on nexus devices.... all other android devices, shoulde be very easy to make work if they are supported by lets say cyanogen, but rely on community support04:39
asacgalaxy nexus == low end device -> focus for 13.1004:39
asacN4 and later == high end devices -> focus on 14.04 (not meaning they will not work well in 13.1004:40
myalkboyesigolo: is there any device only galaxy ?04:40
asacgalaxy is a samsung brand04:41
asacsamsung did a device with google04:41
asaccalled galaxy nexus04:41
asacthat was the lead device for ice cream sandwich04:41
asacall other galaxies are samsung04:41
asacwithout google04:41
esigoloi saw a phone called oppo find 504:42
asacthat brand sounds finish :)04:42
esigololooks like a very good piece of work04:42
asacwho is behi8nd that?04:43
asaca new startup?04:43
esigoloi'm thinking on buy one LOL04:43
esigolooppo is working with xda developers on the software04:43
asacany idea where they are based?04:43
esigoloi saw a video on xda tv and i think they have mentioned it there04:44
esigoloi'm not sure04:44
asacthe web site doesnt even give a hint in contacts etc.04:44
asacmaybe the yt video has hints04:45
asacbut i prefer (easily) machine parsable address infos :)04:45
esigolosorry for my poor english i'm Brazilian and here we have  no daily pratice04:45
asacno worry04:45
esigoloi saw some reviews about oppo's04:46
* asac goes for a smoke04:47
ricmmasac: yes, we will soon schedule it05:12
asacricmm: ouch ... didn't expect you to respond ... great news!!05:12
* asac drops off to bed :)05:12
asactalk to you next week!05:13
asacrock on05:13
* ricmm drops off to bed as well05:13
* snwh is away: Away05:18
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Qballquestion about 'normal' ubuntu onnexus 7? the images seems to be gone.. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nexus7/Installation#Installing_Ubuntu_13.04_on_Nexus_708:29
Qballis there a way to get a normal ubuntu desktop on nexus 7?10:26
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ogra_Qball, there is a raring desktop image for nexus710:35
Qballogra_: I tried, the link is dead..10:37
Qballthat is where I looked10:37
ogra_Qball, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/13.04/release/10:38
ogra_nobody updated the wikipage when the image was discontinued ... (feel free to do so)10:39
Qballok.. thx10:39
Qballogra_: thanks..  it is now booting11:09
xenos1984hi everybody, i just got my nexus 7, charged it and try to get it to work (with ubuntu touch, of course)11:27
xenos1984but i don't know how to make it work without wifi connection... i don't have any here and have no intentions to get any11:28
cdesaiogra_: you put a generic ubuntu initrd (for touch) up somewhere yet?11:28
ogra_cdesai, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-generic-initrd11:31
cdesaithanks ogra_11:31
ogra_we'll soon work that into the android build so running brunch will get it by default11:32
cdesaithe android part for the emulator is done and does work good11:32
cdesaiboots into recovery as well11:32
ogra_yeah, will be intresting how the flipped setup (and tenn the loop mounted setup) will work with this11:33
cdesaiogra_: the flipped images keep /system as it is, and install ubuntu rootfs to /data, and then the ubuntu initrd mounts it as /, right?11:35
ogra_right, the current implementation just flips the rootfses around (and runs android inside an lxc container)11:36
ogra_the next iteration will use img files instead of partitions11:36
ogra_(loop mounted)11:37
cdesaiI see11:37
ogra_this setup will become the default for ports where we cant repartition11:37
cdesai /system should be used more, since on current high-end devices it's really huge11:37
ogra_for devices that we can repartition there will be a next iteration that uses partitions again11:38
cdesai(really huge compared to how much Ubuntu Touch's android part uses)11:38
ogra_right, it all depends on the ability to change the GPT11:38
ogra_where we can do that we will use /system (resized properly) as the ubuntu partition11:38
ogra_on devices where the GPT isnt editable the loop mount setup will have to stay (with some performance impact)11:39
cdesaiI see.11:40
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Guest8034when will be the stable version of ubuntu touch be available for download12:28
OrangerHey ! Is Jenkin working ?13:42
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m-b-oOranger: I guess not, I'm waiting for 17 hours now for a merge13:53
AskUbuntuubuntu touch can not load wifi module dhd.ko | http://askubuntu.com/q/31431213:58
esigolols -ltr14:01
esigolols -ltr14:01
Orangerm-b-o: You are not alone, thank you :)14:06
esigoloHello to all14:07
esigoloI have a doubt14:07
esigoloautopilot tests are a set of automatic test correct?14:07
esigoloit is possible to contribute only running tests developed by others?14:07
esigoloI would like to run the tests on my devices but not sure if it's possible14:07
Orangeresigolo: Yes you can :)14:08
esigoloand there is a how to or manual?14:09
Orangeresigolo: Which test do you want to try ?14:10
esigolothank you14:11
m-b-oesigolo: this is interesting too http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/06/autopilot-tests-for-ubuntu-touch-core.html14:11
esigolothanks !14:12
esigolo impossible to find python-autopilot14:15
m-b-oesigolo: have you added the ppa?14:17
m-b-oand apt-get update afterwards?14:17
esigoloi did but on the office computer14:18
esigolohttps://launchpad.net/~phablet-team/+archive/ppa right ?14:19
m-b-ono, from here http://developer.ubuntu.com/resources/tutorials/quality/how-to-write-autopilot-tests/14:19
m-b-osudo apt-add-repository ppa:autopilot/ppa14:20
m-b-osudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install libautopilot-qt python-autopilot14:20
esigolodamm i'm using precise14:23
esigolois not supported14:23
esigologoing to run it from the phone14:24
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Qballhmm touchscreen is a bit flakky14:42
kunggood evening, where do i find the root (sudo) password for the current saucy image?16:36
bjvit's    "phablet"16:39
kungthank you :)16:43
bjvmorphis: is https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/phablet-extras/ofono  the best source for current state of mobile data in Touch?16:44
morphisbjv: it's the main repository, so it should be :)16:45
bjvi'd created a nm system connection for mobile data on desktop and moved it over16:46
bjvbut it seems if I loose signal, i cannot bring the conn back up16:46
bjvdidnt see anything in syslog16:46
bjvreboot does consistently fix it, but happens like 3+ times daily in poor coverage areas (indoors)16:47
morphisbjv: why are you creating the connection on desktop?16:47
bjvsound familiar?   not certain if nm or ofono issue16:47
bjvdoes Touch now provide a UI for creating mobile data connections?16:47
bjvi created on desktop Ubuntu and adb pushed the system-connection over to /data/ubuntu/etc/NetworkManager16:48
morphisbjv: afaik not, but mobile data connections should be configured automatically based on the provider you're on16:48
bjvin the daily preinstall? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/20130629/16:48
bjv*looks for phablet-extras ppa16:49
bjvlet me try deleting my manual system-connection on the device from /etc/NetworkManager16:50
bjvand reboot, and nmcli d wifi off16:50
bjv.. and see if "the magic happens" with mobile data/provider16:50
morphisbjv: I am not that familar with the ofono integration within nm but thats the way ofono tries to provision the created context16:50
bjvthe thought is an -extra's ppa is not needed? the ofono preinstalled in Daily would provide same provider detection during provisioning?16:52
morphisI think so16:53
bjvdont see the ofono dbus api after a quick web search16:54
bjvwould python/dbus, etc. be the best way to control ofono on the Touch device?16:55
bjvor is there a purpose-built tool16:55
morphisbjv: no there is not, but you can use mdbus2 (a dbus interactive shell)16:57
morphiswith dbus introspection it offers you a great access to the ofono dbus api16:58
morphisbjv: and ofono dbus API documentation is within the source in the doc/ folder16:58
bjvi'll check it out16:58
deus_sorry about the stupid question but how to port ubuntu touche for my tablet17:13
deus_what i need17:13
deus_phablet-tools only or more tools are needed to start?17:16
sergiusensdeus_: start with a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting17:24
hopkinskongAnyone know which command loads "devices/xxx/xxx/Android.mk"?18:48
hopkinskongI can't see the include command.18:49
Qballogra_: is there a way to grow the partition? currently only uses 6 gig (of 32).. it does not seems to recognize the partition table on mmcblk0 (atleast cfdisk and I also tried gparted)19:18
Qballthey do see right total size.19:18
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tiduxdoes the Nexus 4 work with all Free drivers?20:47
tiduxif not, are there any 100% Free devices that'll work with Ubuntu Touch?20:48
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iBelievepopey: ping21:46
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looperhi there22:43
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looperis there a way to extract ubuntu-rootfs on sdcard and copy it on /data/ubuntu?23:19
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