gamerchick02howdy i was about to switch to the other computer.00:22
snap-lGood morning13:34
rick_hsnap-l: whatever do you mean :P16:02
rick_hsnap-l: just because my coffee is half milk doesn't mean anything16:03
snap-lHeh. :)16:06
snap-lI consider it a gateway drug to the real pure black-tar of good coffee. ;)16:07
rick_hwell, the big thing the frother does is heat the milk16:07
rick_hhaving lukewarm coffee out of the moka pot the last few days has been :(16:08
snap-lWe'll have to bring over the Turkish coffee set sometime16:08
rick_hand I wasn't sure about just nuking the milk before putting it in the coffee16:08
rick_hyea, that's what jodee keeps saying16:08
snap-lsince our stove goes from 0 to nuclear winter and very little inbetween16:08

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