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Unit193Anyone else used to use Google Reader?  What'd you switch to?16:24
skellatUnit193: I use the aggregator tool "rawdog" which is in the repos with a cron job on a remote server that runs twice per day and gives me a single HTML file with all the RSS dump for that period to review.  Works quite well for me though the dump file can be kinda long.16:29
Unit193Ah, I see.  It seems to have the whole article in there (which indicates you read most or all of them.)  I currently use newsbeuter sync'd to Google reader, but only visit the site to mark something as unread when I accidently open it. >_>16:32
skellatUnit193: My set up only updates twice per day.  Shortly after 12 noon and shortly after 8 PM.16:41
skellatI usually read those in conjunction with Opera as it handles bookmarking better than FF16:42
skellatFF does start to gag after a few too many bookmarks are in its queue and circulating via Sync16:43
skellatI tried using Thunderbird as an RSS reader but it was too cumbersome16:43
skellatLiferea was nice when del.icio.us handled bookmarks nicely but I've not found something nice to link it up with16:46
skellatMy set up on rawdog just works for me.  It isn't the best but I've gotten used to it over time.  It has been in use for a couple years but the back-end was moved directly to the server only a few months ago.16:47
* skellat has to run for family reunion type stuff16:47
paultagUnit193: newsblur is awesome.17:24
paultagUnit193: and f/oss17:24
Unit193"https://newsvi.be" kind of looked interesting, but right now Newsbeuter just has TinyTinyRSS, and I don't plan to host my own.17:25
Unit193paultag: Think they are working on nwsblur sync, actually.17:25
paultagNewsblur is just amazing.17:26
paultagand the dudes are super cool that hack on it.17:26
paultagI ♥ newsblur17:26
Unit193That ones interface doesn't seem to be my thing, I think I'm going to forgo online RSS feeds right now.17:34
Darkwingskellat: Ping17:40
Unit193Darkwing!  Hello.17:42
DarkwingHEY Unit19317:42
DarkwingHows life?17:42
Unit193paultag: It's called "The mutt of RSS" :D17:42
Unit193Darkwing: Well, I'm still alive, but can't hear (so well) in the right side. :/17:42
DarkwingNot bad, busy with my kids, I have them this summer and busy with Uni17:43
paultagUnit193: newsblur?17:43
Unit193Nah, what I use: http://newsbeuter.org/17:44
jenni[ Introduction ] - http://j.mp/19H11o517:44
DarkwingUnit193: What happened?17:44
Unit193Darkwing: Not fully sure, but pretty sure it'll be back.17:45
Unit193Yeah, annoying as it's harder to understand people.  I'm too young for this. :P17:46
DarkwingHow many Ubuntu people normally show for OLF?17:46
Unit193I still haven't been able to go yet. :/  He's looking for someone to sign off on it.17:47
DarkwingI was thinking of an UbuCon.17:49
DarkwingI helped put together two for SCALE in LA... They were the biggest success.17:49
DarkwingWe had almost 300 people the second time.17:51
DarkwingJono Bacon told me he was going to OLF, so, I figured he might be a draw if we can get him to do a talk there.17:53
Unit193https://reps.mozilla.org/u/Saberdragon65/ or https://reps.mozilla.org/u/treed593/ are as close as it gets.19:05
jenni[ Mozilla Reps - Profile of Saberdragon65 ] - http://j.mp/11UIyf619:05
jenni[ Mozilla Reps - Profile of treed593 ] - http://j.mp/11UIyvt19:05
skellatDarkwing: PONG!23:05
skellatDarkwing: You've got mail23:18

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