waltmanpleia2: I don't blame you, I blame JonathanD!00:18
pleia2it's raining here now :( lost1 is here now!00:25
ProfessorKaos64I am hooked* on Intrusion 2 for Linux, + I have pizza rolls :)00:40
ProfessorKaos64Is there any geeknics near central Pa, or is it all in Philly?01:03
JonathanDProfessorKaos64: host one ;)01:13
JonathanDcplug is out there, some of us might come too01:13
JonathanDProfessorKaos64: we were talking about a ren faire geeknic too01:13
ProfessorKaos64My house is so small :( but I have a really nice rails to trails bike/walk area, with huge soccer fields and pavilion, or the montour perserve, I wouldnt mind hosting one if there was enough interest01:14
ProfessorKaos64Cook some burgers, obviously some mac n cheese, and hot pockets....01:15
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ProfessorKaos64morngin rmg5112:26
ProfessorKaos64Lovely humid and wet days  in cpa12:26
ProfessorKaos64JonathanD: can I turn on timestamps in IRC?  I forget how12:27
JonathanDDepends on your client.12:27
ProfessorKaos64Got it12:28
ProfessorKaos64Thanks JonathanD12:28
ProfessorKaos64Call me weird but I like em12:28
ProfessorKaos64Well, I sucessfully saved my friends iMac, thankfully it was just / corruption12:30
ProfessorKaos64Verifying the disk now12:30
JonathanDthere may be a command to turn it on too12:30
JonathanDI've not used xchat in a long time.12:31
ProfessorKaos64I think, I remember I had to strugged to find the /SET command to turn on/off part/joins12:31
ProfessorKaos64But I have them back on now lol12:31
ProfessorKaos64What do you use JonathanD ?12:31
ProfessorKaos64This was included in Mint, and it works ok, so I just kept it12:31
ProfessorKaos64ugh just spilled gatorade all over my leg and floor12:34
* waltman *yawns*12:34
ProfessorKaos64g'morning waltman12:34
ProfessorKaos64Just reviewing the lovely scarry greenhouse gas weather reports on NBC news on the Roku, scary scary :)12:35
ProfessorKaos64While I restore files with OS X's terminal on another machine12:36
waltmanI'm sipping coffee and checking my overnight email.12:37
ProfessorKaos64I finally renewed my Linux Foundation email, but I surmise it will get lilttle use haha other than contact requests from my blog12:38
ProfessorKaos64I need to make some coffee too, thanks for the reminder12:38
waltmanWell, I was settling in to watch F1 qualification, but it's tape-delayed until this afternoon.12:38
ProfessorKaos64I know :(12:40
ProfessorKaos64I won't be home :( going to my Dads cabin to celebrate the 4th early with some people12:41
ProfessorKaos64Is it broadcasting on a local network though?12:41
ProfessorKaos64I love F1 btw , I'm going to the Indycar 400 on the 7th btw waltman12:41
waltmannbc sportsnet12:53
ProfessorKaos64I think the antenna up there should pick it up? What time EST?12:54
waltmanYou realize that nbcsn is cable, right?13:08
waltmanlooks like the race tomorrow is tape-delayed too. they're showing it at 11:30 after the tour de france.13:08
ProfessorKaos64Oh :( sad13:09
ProfessorKaos64That sucks, guess I will have to watch the highlights tomorrow13:09
ProfessorKaos64When is the race then?  (the qualifying)13:09
waltmanQualifying started at 8 am and just ended. The race is 8 am tomorrow.13:11
ProfessorKaos64I should be home by mid morning13:12
ProfessorKaos64never had much luck with lirc when I tried it before14:03
ProfessorKaos64But I didn't spend too much time onit14:03
ProfessorKaos64on it*14:03
ProfessorKaos64I think it is because I didn't use a suggested remote14:04
ProfessorKaos64whoops wrong window... sorry14:07
SamuraialbaGood bacon to all!21:09
totally-new-userhello :)22:06
totally-new-userSo I'm dual booting Windows 7 ult and Ubuntu precise pangolin and was wondering if22:07
totally-new-userlol hey again JonathanD22:07
JonathanD(again) :)22:07
JonathanDtotally-new-user: you'll find I am everywhere.22:07
totally-new-useris your username a Doctor Destiny reference? JonathanD22:07
JonathanDIt is not.22:07
totally-new-user"/etc/default/grub"   you say... hmm22:08
JonathanDI think so.22:08
totally-new-userthrough the file manager or terminal?22:08
JonathanDwell, you're new to ubuntu I gather, so use the gui text editor :)22:09
totally-new-useri see, what language is this grub file written in?22:10
JonathanDi's plain text.22:10
JonathanDthere should be a timeout value in it.22:10
totally-new-userGRUB_DEFAULT=0 #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true GRUB_TIMEOUT=10 GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR=`lsb_release -i -s 2> /dev/null || echo Debian` GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=""22:11
totally-new-userohh that didnt paste as expected lol22:11
totally-new-userchange "GRUB_TIMEOUT=10"  ey?22:11
totally-new-userdoes setting it to "0"  make it start instantly?22:13
JonathanDI haven't tried it22:13
totally-new-userah I'm dual booting on a 500GB  4GB Ram  somewhat old inspiron laptop22:14
totally-new-userI'll just set it to 30, more than enough time to test stuff out.  or maybe zero if i find out that means no timeout time or something22:15
totally-new-userso to anyone else here22:15
totally-new-usermy issue was just adjusting the main boot screen more to my liking22:16
JonathanDso you know, if you want to re-arrange it...22:16
JonathanDyou'll find windows is not in the list22:16
totally-new-userso it starts up and the BIOS screen goes and then the purple Ubuntu boot menu with the boot options, normal Ubuntu being at the top and Windows at the bottom22:16
totally-new-userhm why isn't the command "vbeinfo" working when I type it into the terminal line?22:18
totally-new-userdo i need to install something?22:19
totally-new-userhmm and i also can't save the grub file, says i need permission but I am the only user and the admin22:20
totally-new-userusing gedit22:20
totally-new-user*save the changes to grub file22:20
JonathanDyou need to sudo it, probably.22:21
JonathanDI don't often sudo gui things, so I'm not 100% sure how to do that properly.22:21
totally-new-useri see...  what would i need to type into terminal for sudo access to the grub?22:22
totally-new-usersomething like...    "cd /etc/default"22:22
JonathanDyou can try nano, it's a pretty user friendly CLI text editor22:23
JonathanDsudo nano /etc/default/grub22:23
totally-new-useroh wow okay22:24
totally-new-userso i've changed the 10 to 30.... now what?   exit and run "update-grub" ?22:25
totally-new-useror save it while in nano22:25
totally-new-userwhat does "^X"   mean?22:27
JonathanDctrl x22:29
totally-new-useri see, so upper left says "modified"   so i ctrl x     and then "update-grub"?22:29
totally-new-userthat's one issue down22:32
totally-new-userwhat's the best way to get help in your opinion JonathanD ?  forums?  I see a lot of idle users in here...22:33
JonathanDThis is a pretty good place but folks are off doing weekend things :)22:33
JonathanDthere is also #ubuntu22:34
totally-new-userlol this is my weekend thing xD22:34
totally-new-userwould it be safe to assume you're also in #Ubuntu?22:34
JonathanDtotally-new-user: I help run freenode, I am everywhere.22:35
JonathanDtotally-new-user: although I do in fact live in PA, which is why I'm in -nj and -pa22:36
totally-new-userah I frequent PA22:37
waltmanlazy day...22:43
jedijftotally-new-user: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:57
rmg51JonathanD: sudo gedit23:07
JonathanDgedit, yeah.23:13

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