magespawnaquarat: wasn't Trix[a]r_za working on/with that ?02:43
magespawnaquarat: Kilos will know, he used it quite a bit03:16
Kilosmorning all of ya06:46
magespawngood morning06:56
Kiloshi magespawn 06:57
Kilossis crying, she got a blaupunkt tablet but it aint got place for a sim card06:58
Kilosso wifi only and no 3g07:11
Kilosthat sucks07:11
magespawnyeah that does, means you now have to set up the wifi network07:17
magespawndoes she have any other android device?07:18
Kiloswhew so back to getting a wireless card for pc and making an outside aerial07:18
Kilosi got the box but writing tiny07:18
Kilosblaupunkt etab 050707:19
Kilosshe says ya it says its android07:19
Kiloshi psychicist 07:19
magespawni was thinking a like a phone 07:19
psychicisthi Kilos 07:20
psychicisthello magespawn 07:20
Kilosexplain magespawn ?07:20
magespawnhey psychicist07:22
magespawnwhat phone does she have Kilos?07:22
Kilosnokia 6111 but that does edge i think07:22
Kilosyou mean tether it?07:22
magespawnthat was thw idea, the android phone have it built in07:23
magespawnnot sure about the nokia07:24
Kiloswill try get a manual for hers and see07:25
magespawndoes not look like it according to this http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_6111-1197.php07:26
magespawnif you walk around with the wifi on in pretoria you can find all the open networks07:27
Kilosya but we west of pta07:27
Kilosim looking what hotspots there are07:28
Kilosmaybe even hartedbeestpoort dam area07:28
magespawnthere is that large wug up there07:32
Kilosya ptawug07:36
Kilosbut they dont supply internet07:36
Kiloshave you looked here07:37
Kilosmight help you with setting up a hotspot there07:37
magespawnwill check it out thanks07:41
magespawni still think i have to have a icasa licence anyway07:43
Kilosit says nothing about icasa or registering07:46
Kiloswho knows07:46
Kilosmaybe you lucky07:46
Kilosicasa step in if you wanna make an income fromm  it hey07:47
Kiloslike public networks07:47
magespawnyup and also if you are providing internet to end users07:47
magespawnthe wug do not fall under this as they do not charge and do not provide internet07:48
magespawnthis is  a pretty cool idea http://lanmsngr.sourceforge.net/07:48
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Kilosi wonder what the chances are of me asking telkom to supply wireless here by their mobile tower07:48
magespawna welks chance in a supernova07:56
magespawnactually no, that chances of you asking are good, getting it on the orther hand....07:56
Kilosall hotspots are far from us and behind mountains07:57
Kiloshi Mezenir 07:57
magespawnfound this http://nixos.org/nixos/ and this http://www.gobolinux.org/ in #climagic last night07:57
Kilosi just gotta try find where to get a wireless card then make the ext antenna and search from there07:58
Kilosmust be one i can connect with somewhere07:59
magespawnwireless cards are readily available from pc shops, i would go for a usb one with detachable antenna08:00
Kilosyou got an idea of price magespawn ?08:00
magespawnyou can also wireless ap so that the connection can be used for many pc 08:00
magespawnhold a sec08:00
Kiloswhy usb not pci card08:00
magespawnthen it will only work with a desktop usb works with both desktop and laptop08:02
magespawntry here http://www.dbg.co.za/index.php?cPath=1_55_56 and here http://www.dbg.co.za/index.php?cPath=1_55_6308:03
magespawnMaaz seen HawkiesZA08:04
Maazmagespawn: HawkiesZA was last seen 17 hours, 23 minutes and 27 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2013-06-28 07:40:40 PDT], and has been offline on freenode since 2013-06-28 07:41:24 PDT08:04
magespawnMaaz tell HawkiesZA http://znmeb.github.io/Computational-Journalism-Publishers-Workbench/ 08:05
Maazmagespawn: Got it, I'll tell HawkiesZA on freenode08:05
magespawnMaaz ty08:05
MaazYou are welcome magespawn08:05
magespawnKilos: there is a lot of options when it comes to equipment another place to look is here http://www.miro.co.za/productbrands.aspx?gclid=CKeUp9HniLgCFQbJtAodun8Acw08:08
Kilosty magespawn 08:08
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Kiloswb nlsthzn 10:18
Kilosand you others too10:18
Kilosclosest pc shop wants R250 magespawn 10:18
Kiloswill get one so sis can use my pc as its wireless connection10:19
Kilosmore than 2 months data10:19
Tonberrykilos is your international internet ok?10:35
Kilosto where Tonberry 10:36
Kilosgive a link10:36
Kilosyeah  im there10:38
Tonberrymust be something on my end tho10:38
Kilosim at the login page10:39
Kilosbut forgot who i am there10:39
Tonberryseems to be a stellenbosch issue10:41
Tonberrymost of .com is inaccessible10:41
Kilosoh my10:41
Tonberrybut uk and nl work10:41
Tonberryvery strange10:41
Kiloshi psychicist 11:09
psychicisthi Kilos 11:10
magespawnKilos: that sounds about right although it is expensive11:26
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trendermaaz: ping15:06
Maaztrender: pong15:06
Kilosyou watching nlsthzn ?16:18
Kilosor working16:19
nlsthznat home...16:21
nlsthznbulls done all that is needed... now just to not get injured IMO :p16:21
nlsthznsouthern kings much better than any one would have thought16:22
Kilosyeah theyve actually done well for noobs16:22
Kilosi got a bit worried in the sharks game though16:22
nlsthznsharks played today?16:23
Kilosya before this game16:23
Kilosagainst the blues methinks16:23
nlsthznthey win?16:23
Kilosyeah with last minute try16:24
nlsthznwonder if the cheetahs can win... 16:24
nlsthznwould be good if they can16:24
Kilosthey are playing well this year too16:24
Kilossharks lost 7 inna row16:25
Kilos23 injuries this year so far and 17 needed surgery16:25
nlsthznwell the southern kings using the bulls tactics well16:25
nlsthznbulls can do it well, but if the rules don't change who can stop that maul16:26
Kilosza teams are maul masters16:26
nlsthzncheck kings win... I woudl lol16:26
Kilosthey are actually a very promising team for the future16:28
nlsthznwill see...16:29
nlsthznI hate the SA commentators16:30
Kilosausies are worse16:30
nlsthznjust a little less that the aussies yes :p16:30
Kilosmake noise just cause they got holes in the front of their faces16:31
nlsthznLoftus does what it does and it works to intimidate... nobody except bulls like playing there...16:31
nlsthzngoing to miss Steyn when he is gone :(16:32
Kiloshe is deadly16:32
nlsthznwhen he is bad he is very bad... but when he is good... phew16:34
nlsthznthe handling errors... :'(16:42
Kilosyeah all our teams this year16:43
nlsthznnot only us however... not sure what is up16:44
nlsthzneveryone except nz teams :p16:45
nlsthznthey had to get a try like that for pride :p16:46
nlsthznnow my PC feed is a slide show again :/16:46
nlsthznsilly net :p16:46
Kilossteyn kicks so well16:47
Kiloshe isnt often off16:47
nlsthznwe need him or someone like him16:47
nlsthznfor sure16:47
Kilos2 games i think in 2 years16:47
Kilospat lambie had a bad day today16:47
nlsthznwell, he needs to get his act together16:49
Kilosjust wanna go upgrade 12.04 kde16:57
nlsthznthen add kde 4.1 ppa16:57
Kilosty goes quick16:57
Kilosis the 4.1 better?16:58
Kiloshow big?16:58
Kilosnlsthzn: is the kde 4.1 a bit download?17:25
nlsthznusually... it is an update to all of KDE just about...17:25
nlsthznnot needed...17:25
nlsthznbut nicve17:25
nlsthzn4.8 is awesome (I think that is what 12.04 has)17:26
Kilosare they counting down17:26
nlsthznKDE 4.1017:26
nlsthznten :p17:27
Kiloseverything works here on 12.0417:27
Kilosmy bad17:27
Kilosi think ill stay here17:28
nlsthznI am giving my desktop to the family so daughter has a proper system so I will be on low powered laptop again... I suspect xubuntu will be used ...17:28
Kilosyou havent tried konversation yet?17:28
nlsthznI have17:28
nlsthznit is ol17:28
nlsthznxchat still my face17:29
nlsthzn*fave L/17:29
Kilosi like it. close runner up to xchat but more configurable i think17:29
nlsthznguess I don't need to configure anything that xchat doesn't default just about17:33
nlsthznbut yes, KDE all about the configuration17:33
Kiloshaha i laugh at tara we pidgin gtalk rugby matches and she is already saying pale toe17:35
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nlsthznKilos, :)18:09
Kiloshi super18:15
Kilosfly too18:15
Kilossuperfly: 18:15
superflyhi Kilos18:15
superflyKilos: you doing OK?18:15
Kilosyes ty superfly and you?18:16
superflyKilos: yes, just tired after a long day18:16
Kilosoh well rest at the pc18:16
inetprowb Kilos18:29
Kilosty inetpro hows things by you18:29
inetprogoeie more Ubuntu Suid Afrika18:29
* inetpro is back in the land of smoke and mirrors18:30
inetprohad a nice trip away from home for a change18:30
inetprobut this town is killing me here18:31
Kiloswhy now?18:31
inetproimmediately when I stepped out of the car I was sneezing and have a nose irritation18:32
Kilosdirty air18:32
inetproyep and cold here as well18:32
Kilosya very18:32
inetprohow goes things here?18:33
Kilosgood ty just cold as well18:35
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Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:02
psychicistnight Kilos 20:03
psychicistsleep well20:03
Kilosnight psychicist 20:03
Kilosty you too20:03

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